Lake Lorna Doone Park

August 29, 2022 | Erika Klamt
Lake Lorna Doone Park

Lake Lorna Doone Park in Orlando, FL is an ideal spot for a day out with family and friends. With its lush green landscape, it’s a great place to take a picnic or go for a stroll. The park offers plenty of activities for everyone to enjoy, from kayaking and camping to fishing and swimming. There are also multiple playgrounds and covered pavilions for those who prefer to stay dry during their outing.

This park is also home to some amazing wildlife, making it perfect for bird watching enthusiasts or nature lovers alike. There are many different species of birds that can be spotted around the lake, including egrets, herons, ibises, hawks, eagles and ducks. The peaceful lake provides an ideal habitat for these creatures to thrive and is often visited by alligators, turtles and other aquatic life.

The park also features a number of amenities that make it a great spot to spend the day outdoors. Picnic areas, restrooms and covered pavilions provide ample space for visitors while they enjoy their time in nature. There are also multiple trails throughout the park, providing breathtaking views of the lake as well as opportunities to explore its natural beauty.

Lake Lorna Doone Park is a perfect spot for those looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. With its peaceful atmosphere, wonderful wildlife and range of activities available, it’s sure to be a memorable outing for everyone who visits. Whether you’re looking for a day of relaxation or an exciting adventure, this park is sure to provide the perfect day out.

Why Lake Lorna Doone Park is the best

Lake Lorna Doone Park in Orlando, FL is an amazing park that has something for everyone. The park spans over 200 acres and has plenty of recreational activities for visitors to enjoy. It features a large playground area with age-appropriate equipment, a fitness trail, basketball courts, picnic tables and grills, lighted baseball and softball fields, four soccer fields, two sand volleyball courts, and free Wi-Fi access throughout the grounds. Visitors can also rent kayaks or paddle boats to explore the lake’s shoreline. For those who like nature walks or bird watching there are numerous trails which wind through the lush woods with beautiful views of the lake.

The main attraction at Lake Lorna Doone Park is the lake itself. The lake is stocked with bass, catfish and bream for fishing enthusiasts as well as a boat ramp for those who want to take an adventure on the lake. There is also a swimming area where visitors can enjoy a refreshing dip in the cool waters.

With all that Lake Lorna Doone Park offers its no wonder why it’s one of the best parks in Orlando, FL! Whether you’re looking to relax or get active, the park has something for everyone. Not only does it have plenty of recreational activities, but visitors can also take part in educational programs such as bird watching and nature walks. With so much to offer, there’s no better place than Lake Lorna Doone Park for enjoying the great outdoors.

Thanks to its breathtaking scenery, wide selection of activities and convenient location, Lake Lorna Doone Park is certainly one of the best parks in Orlando, FL! From kayaking on the lake to sports on land, there’s something for everyone at this amazing park. Whether you’re looking to relax or get active, make sure to visit Lake Lorna Doone Park and enjoy all that it has to offer.


Lake Lorna Doone Park in Orlando, Florida is a beautiful and peaceful nature retreat. The park is located on the south side of Orlando, just off Interstate 4. It covers approximately 160 acres of land that is surrounded by lush vegetation including trees, palms and shrubs. There are also several ponds and marshes providing unique habitats for local wildlife.

The scenery at Lake Lorna Doone Park is stunning with its rolling hills, tranquil waters and abundant vegetation. A wooden boardwalk encircles the lake and provides visitors with access to some of its most scenic views. The lake’s crystal-clear waters reflect the morning sunlight as if it was made out of glass. During sunset, the lake sparkles like a million tiny diamonds. The park also offers other activities such as fishing, canoeing, kayaking and bird watching.

The surrounding vegetation is home to a wide variety of wildlife which can be observed from the safety of the lake’s boardwalk. Visitors have reported sightings of deer, otters, turtles, herons and even alligators. For those who enjoy nature photography, Lake Lorna Doone Park provides an abundance of opportunities to capture some stunning shots.

Lake Lorna Doone Park is a peaceful oasis in the heart of Orlando providing visitors with a tranquil escape from city life. It is perfect for any outdoor enthusiast or nature lover looking to explore and appreciate Florida’s natural beauty. With its diverse wildlife, stunning scenery and tranquil waters, Lake Lorna Doone Park is a must-see destination in Orlando.


Lake Lorna Doone Park in Orlando FL offers a wide variety of amenities for visitors to enjoy. The park features two pavilions with picnic areas, restrooms and grills. There is also a large playground area with swing sets, slides, and climbing structures that are great for children of all ages. For outdoor sports enthusiasts, the park has basketball courts, tennis courts, as well as sand volleyball courts.

Lake Lorna Doone Park also offers fishing opportunities in its lake and allows boats such as canoes and kayaks to be launched into the lake. Fishing equipment rental is available on site during certain hours of operation. For those who prefer other water activities, there is an Aqua Adventure Park located within the complex. This park has inflatable water slides, bouncing pillows and other games to keep visitors entertained.

The park also boasts a 1.5 mile paved walking trail and a nature trail that is approximately one mile long. The trails provide scenic views of wildlife and plant life throughout the park. Additional features include a gravel parking lot, access to public transportation, benches and restrooms located along the trails. Lake Lorna Doone Park is an ideal destination for family outings and outdoor fun with plenty of amenities to enjoy.

Things to do

Lake Lorna Doone Park in Orlando, FL provides plenty of fun for kids and families to enjoy. There are several different activities available at this family-friendly park, including playgrounds, a skate park, basketball courts and sand volleyball courts. Kids can also explore the park’s trails and take in its natural beauty.

For kids who like to climb, there is no shortage of things to do at Lake Lorna Doone Park! The main playground features two slides, monkey bars, ladders, swings and a climbing wall. The adjacent smaller playground includes several more slides and other equipment such as spinners & climbers.

If your kids love sports they will be sure to have a great time at Lake Lorna Doone Park. The skate park and basketball courts are perfect for kids to practice their tricks and perfect their shots. There is also a sand volleyball court available where teams can compete against one another.

If your family prefers the outdoors, there are plenty of trails around the park to explore. You can take in the beautiful lake views or search for wildlife like birds, turtles and other animals that call this area home. You can even bring along some fishing gear if you’d like to try your luck at catching something!


Lake Lorna Doone Park in Orlando FL is a great place to take your pets for some outdoor fun. The park features a large, open space with plenty of grassy areas and trees for shade, as well as a lake where you can take your furry friends swimming or fishing. In addition to the lake, there are several trails that make for great walking or hiking opportunities. You can even bring along your bike and explore the paved trails.

The park also offers several amenities specifically designed with pet owners in mind. There’s an agility course to challenge your pet physically and mentally, plus plenty of benches so you can relax while they play. And don’t forget about the dog-friendly beach area – your pup will love running around in the sand and splashing in the water.

There’s something for everyone at Lake Lorna Doone Park, whether you’re looking for a leisurely day with your pet or an active adventure. Bring along some snacks and water to keep your pet hydrated and energized throughout the day. And don’t forget to bring a leash – leashes are required at all times while visiting the park. With its beautiful surroundings and wide range of activities, Lake Lorna Doone Park is sure to be a favorite destination for both you and your pet!


The weather at Lake Lorna Doone Park in Orlando, Florida is typically sunny and warm throughout the year. Average temperatures range from the mid- to upper 70s in winter to the mid-90s in summer. The area also experiences frequent rainfall throughout the year, with average annual precipitation of 54 inches. During the wet season, which runs from June through October, rain showers are common and thunderstorms can occur several times a week. Winter months tend to be drier with only occasional minor rain showers or light snowfall. The park’s location near Lake Lorna Doone provides a humid subtropical climate with mild winters and hot summers that make it ideal for outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, biking, canoeing, and swimming. The park also offers plenty of shade from the sun, making it a great spot to escape Florida’s heat. Regardless of the season, visitors can always count on the warm weather at Lake Lorna Doone Park in Orlando, Florida.

Nearby Neighborhoods

The nearby College Park neighborhood is a charming, historic area that has been home to celebrities like Rod Serling, who wrote the classic Twilight Zone series here. The streets are lined with old-style homes and mature oak trees, creating an atmosphere of nostalgia. College Park also offers plenty of restaurants and shopping options along Edgewater Drive.

Just down the road from College Park is Baldwin Park, one of Orlando’s trendiest communities. This urban village was built around Lake Baldwin and includes condo complexes, townhomes, apartments and single family dwellings set among lush green spaces, trails and parks. Residents enjoy great amenities like a grocery store, fitness center, coffee shops and trendy restaurants.

The nearby Mills 50 District is renowned for its vibrant culture and community spirit. This neighborhood has been designated as an Orlando Main Street District and features cool independent boutiques, ethnic eateries and hip cafes. The lively street fairs and art shows held throughout the year give visitors a chance to experience the unique character of this area.

Finally, Lake Nona is just a short drive away from Lake Lorna Doone Park. This modern village was developed with sustainability in mind and includes green spaces, trails, stores and businesses all within walking distance of each other. Visitors can explore the recently opened Medical City complex or take part in one of the many outdoor activities available in this community.

Each of these neighborhoods near Lake Lorna Doone Park offers something different, making Orlando a great destination for anyone looking to explore the City Beautiful. Whether you’re looking to go shopping or enjoy some of Florida’s natural beauty, there’s something nearby that will appeal to everyone!

What People Are Saying

“The park is huge and has a lot of activities for the kids. It’s also very clean and well-maintained.” – Amanda B.

“I love this park! It’s always clean and there’s so much to do. My kids never get bored here.” – Sarah D.

“This is our go-to park when we want to spend a day outdoors. There’s something for everyone, from the playground to the walking trails.” – John C.

“We always have a great time when we visit Lake Lorna Doone Park. The staff is friendly and the facilities are top-notch.” – Tom S.

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