Audubon Park Orlando FL

January 9, 2023 | Yamilet Timaure
Audubon Park Orlando FL

Audubon Park is situated in the center of Orlando, Florida. It is nestled in lush groves of magnificent oak trees and vibrant exotic plants Audubon Park gives visitors an idyllic escape from the bustle and hustle of urban life. Within a few minutes of downtown Orlando, the park is accessible to visitors and residents alike.

The park is located along Lake Rowena in east Orlando at the intersection of Corrine Drive and Edgewater Drive. It’s only a few minutes from downtown Orlando, making it among the top-visited parks for tourists and locals alike. From its gentle curves all the way to its sprawling waterways, Audubon Park offers visitors numerous opportunities to wander and unwind.

The most well-known feature of the park is its peaceful strolling trail that stretches through the lush groves trees and wetlands. On the path, visitors can see birds playing through and among the treetops, turtles enjoying the sun’s rays, and fish swimming happily within Lake Rowena. In the summer guests can cool off at the park’s splash pad and relax in the water.

Audubon Park can also be the site of a variety of events that are special all through the year like the annual bird walk, and Nature photography workshops. With its easy access, stunning views, and many things to do, Audubon Park is the ideal spot for an enjoyable day in the sunshine. No matter if you’re seeking peace and quiet or a thrilling adventure, Audubon Park offers something for all.

Best Neighborhoods in Orlando - Audubon Park Orlando FL History

Audubon Park Orlando History

Audubon Park is a historic neighborhood in Orlando, Florida. It has been a part of the city since the beginning of the 20th century and is always a great area to live in. It is located close to the center of Orlando, Auduband on Park is located close to dining establishments, shops, and entertainment venues.

The story of Audubon Park began in 1915 when the area was first created. It was initially designed as a group of homes that were exclusive for wealthy and well-known families, who could appreciate its privacy and lush lawns. The early years of Audubon Park were home to beautiful houses with sprawling lawns, lush greens, and brick paths which created a distinctive style and appearance.

Over the decades, Audubon Park has experienced times of growth and change. In the 1950s, a lot of residents started to leave the park, which resulted in some residential homes becoming commercial structures. In recent years there has been an increase in emphasis on preserving the historic characteristics that are Audubon Park. Although there are some modern amenities installed, the neighborhood retains some of the original houses and streets, which gives it an authentic appearance.

Presently, Audubon Park is one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in Orlando. Its peaceful residential streets include charming, old-fashioned houses and boulevards lined with trees.

Best Neighborhoods in Orlando - Audubon Park Orlando FL Today

Audubon Park Orlando Today

The area is also where you can find many of the top stores and restaurants along with entertainment and dining venues. The accessibility to Downtown Orlando is an ideal place for those seeking an easy way to access the city’s top attractions. Audubon Park remains among the top residential neighborhoods of Orlando and its enticing location continues to draw new residents who are drawn to its historical nature.

As time goes by, Audubon Park continues to be among the most loved communities located in Orlando, Florida. It’s a location that has managed to preserve its old-fashioned beauty while offering contemporary facilities and conveniences. It’s not surprising it is Audubon Park remains one of the most popular spots to reside within the urban area.

In the end, Audubon Park is a historic area in Orlando that has been in existence since the beginning of the 20th century. It has experienced periods of change and development throughout its existence, yet has retained its original appeal and beauty. It is still one of the top places for those who want to live in the city. It’s located near many of the top stores, and restaurants along with entertainment and dining venues. The people who live in Audubon Park remain awed by its classic charm while enjoying the modern conveniences. This makes Audubon Park extremely loved by the community in Orlando.

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Cost Of Living

The area in Audubon Park in Orlando, FL is a popular area to live in due to its proximity to downtown as well as its vibrant lifestyle. The price that residents pay for their homes in the region is a reflection of the high-quality life it offers.

All in all, Audubon Park is an ideal place to reside due to the close accessibility to the city of Orlando and the affordable price of life. The cost of housing is somewhat higher than average, however, they are still affordable for numerous families. Food, utilities, and transportation are all reasonably priced too. Therefore, Audubon Park is an excellent option for people who are looking to move to the Orlando region.

Housing And Utilities

Housing prices have risen above the nation’s average, but are still affordable for numerous families. The median house value in this region is $206,356 and the median rent at $1,235. Utilities, such as electric bills and water are somewhat more expensive than the average for the country but still fairly reasonable.

In terms of grocery shopping, Audubon Park has a variety of options for residents. There are numerous supermarkets within the vicinity, such as Publix, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, and more. The prices for items here are slightly higher than what is typical for the country however they aren’t too costly.

General Goods & Services

There are plenty of establishments, restaurants, and other shops in Audubon Park. The prices for products and services here are usually more expensive, however, they are still fairly affordable when contrasted with other areas of Orlando.


Public transportation within Audubon Park is convenient and affordable. The city has a vast bus service that covers the majority of the communities in the region. It’s also easy to move about on a bike or walk through the neighborhood since the streets are maintained and safe for walking.

In the end, the lifestyle of Audubon Park is an excellent experience because it gives you a great quality of life for a reasonable price. From transportation to housing and everything else in between being a part of this Orlando community can be pleasant for families and individuals.

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Things to do

Audubon Park in Orlando, FL is an ideal spot for both outdoor and indoor activities. In the park, visitors can play sports like hockey, tennis, basketball, and baseball. There are courts for beach volleyball and pickleball which are lit in the evening for nighttime fun. If you’re looking for something less strenuous, Audubon Park also offers numerous playgrounds and picnic areas along with walking tracks.


If the weather isn’t optimal for outside activities there are plenty of indoor activities available in Audubon Park. Audubon Park has a museum, that lets visitors explore past artifacts as well as gain new knowledge on the history of the area. Nearby is an aquarium that is home to many species of reptiles, fish, and amphibians from all over the globe. There is also an auditorium where guests can take in shows or listen to an evening of live entertainment.


The park also has numerous outdoor activities like bird-watching, fishing, and golf. Audubon Park Golf Course Audubon Park Golf Course features an 18-hole golf course created by the renowned Golf architect Dick Wilson, and it offers a challenging test for all levels of golfers. The golfers can use the difficult terrain to work on their swings or play playing a game of fun. In addition, the park is the home of Lake Eola, where visitors can fish or enjoy the beautiful views of the lake for a birds-eye view.

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Local Economy

Audubon Park, Orlando FL is a vibrant neighborhood with an economy that serves both businesses and residents. The average income of households in Audubon Park is higher than the national average, which allows families to benefit from more services and resources. In addition, jobs are plentiful in the region due to its location in close proximity to major employers, such as Disney World and Universal Studios.

The business sector that is a part of Audubon Park is made up of many different industries. Opportunities for employment are plentiful because of the significant employers located in the region which include Disney World and Universal Studios and smaller enterprises like restaurants, retail stores, and banks. Additionally, there is an active real property marketplace within Audubon Park, allowing residents to reside in a desirable location and benefit from the high value of property in the area.

Job Opportunities

Major employers are a part of the region like Disney World and Universal Studios have created a wealth of employment possibilities for residents. Small businesses also help in creating a diverse and multi-faceted economy that appeals to prospective employees. Furthermore, there are a variety of specific training programs at local universities and colleges which provide students with the necessary skills that they require to thrive in the local market.

Household Income

The household income of Audubon Park is higher than the national average, placing it on the top of the wish list of locations to live in. In addition, families are able to benefit from lower taxes and lower living expenses because of the high median income of the area. Local businesses also help to maintain the local economy by offering jobs and assistance to residents.

Local Investments

Audubon Park offers a variety of investment options for those who want to build their wealth. These include investing in the stock market as well as buying real estate or establishing a business within the region. In addition, the presence of large employers has aided in bringing investors, venture capitalists, angel investors, as well as other venture capitalists from all over the world to look into potential investment opportunities within Audubon Park.

In the end, Audubon Park is an active community that has an economy that is beneficial to both businesses and residents alike. The substantial household income jobs, employment opportunities, and investment opportunities make it a desirable place to reside for potential residents and companies alike. Additionally, the presence of large employers can draw angel investors and venture capitalists who are searching for strategies to get involved in our local economy. All of these factors are a part of Audubon Park’s flourishing economy.

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Transportation Options For The Commute

Orlando, Florida is a lively city with an efficient and well-designed transportation system. In the middle of Central Florida, Orlando has been ranked as one of America’s most populated cities and offers visitors numerous options to move around. The most popular mode of transport utilized by both locals and tourists alike is taxis as well as public transit systems, bikes, cars, and walking.

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Public Transportation

Public transportation of Audubon Park, Orlando is operated through the Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority (LYNX). There are many bus routes that go through the neighborhood, offering residents and visitors quick access to nearby attractions such as SeaWorld as well as Universal Studios. LYNX also offers the service of paratransit for those with disabilities.

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Taxis can be an efficient and affordable means of transport in Orlando and there are a variety of famous companies operating in the city. Taxis are available on the street or booked via numerous applications, which makes them an efficient means of getting around town in a short time. Transit is popular across the city as well, with light rail services being offered in different locations downtown. Bus routes are available in all regions of Orlando and the fares range from $2 to $5 depending on the region.

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It the most used mode of transportation in Orlando is because they permit rapid and convenient access to all destinations. People can rent a vehicle through one of the many rental agencies that are situated throughout the city. There’s also a vast network of interstates and highways that connect all parts of Orlando and makes it possible to travel around without having to leave the town.

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Bicycles are a very popular option for those visiting Orlando which has special bike lanes and trails all over the city. Bicycles are available for rental at various locations or users are able to download bicycle-sharing applications to have access to bikes 24/7. This is a cheap and efficient method to get to and from Audubon Park, as well as other areas of Orlando.

Best Neighborhoods in Orlando - Audubon Park Orland FL Annual Average Weather

Average Annual Weather

Audubon Park in Orlando, Florida offers beautiful weather throughout the year.

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Summers are hot and humid, with temperatures that can reach 90 degrees Fahrenheit. There are also occasional afternoon thunderstorms. Temperatures remain mild throughout the night and allow for enjoyable evenings in the outdoors.

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The autumn season begins with colder temperatures, generally being as low as 85 degrees F. Rainfall is reduced to mild showers. They can be accompanied by occasional wind gusts which can be quite strong at certain times. The leaves change color as the days get smaller and cooler. The temperatures by the end of October could dip to the low 50s Fahrenheit.

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Winters are typically humid and dry with temperatures that can reach 70 degrees F. January is generally the coolest month in the entire year however snowfall in this area is extremely rare. It is common to have rainy days at this time of year, as are cold days that bring cooler weather.

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Temperatures in the spring begin to heat rapidly and afternoons are typically humid. Some thunderstorms could occur throughout the season, however, generally, temperatures are mild the majority of the time.

Whatever time of the year it is Audubon Park, Orlando FL provides a comfortable climate for outdoor activities and adventures within the region. When it comes to exploring the park or participating in an event held locally tourists can enjoy the ideal weather Orlando FL has to offer all year.

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Local Tip

Make sure you bring insect repellent when you visit Audubon Park during the summer and fall months since mosquitoes are a problem.

If you’re looking for the perfect spot to escape from it all, or for an exciting vacation spot, Orlando FL is the perfect place! With its pleasant temperatures and all-year-round sunshine, Audubon Park in Orlando FL is the ideal spot for those who are looking for outdoor adventure and peace. So, come for a trip to Orlando FL, and take advantage of the beautiful weather all year round!

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Education System Of Audubon Park Orlando FL

Orlando FL’s Orlando FL education system offers many schooling options, whether private, charter, public, or religious home-schooling choices for pupils in grades K-12.

Public Schools

In the system of public schools, you can find traditional schools and magnet schools that offer specialized curricula and advanced classes in fields like engineering, science, technology, and math (STEM).

Charter Schools

These school, that is privately funded, but run independently offer an alternative to traditional public schools and provide a range of learning methods.

Private Schools

Private schools are available in all sizes and shapes and include religion-based schools (such as Catholic as well as Jewish) as well as non-sectarian independent schools.

Religious Schools

Religious schools in Orlando FL typically focus on religious teachings. However, they may also provide some secular educational opportunities.


It is a very popular choice for families in Orlando FL, and parents are able to choose from a range of curricula and learning materials to offer their children an education that will meet the needs of their children.

Whatever school a parent chooses for their children no matter what type of school they choose, the Orlando FL education system has something for every student. With its wide range of charter, public, private, and religious, and the option of homeschooling, students are able to locate the ideal environment for their children to achieve their full potential.

In addition to the array of schools available within Orlando FL, parents should take into consideration extracurricular activities, such as music, sports, and art. These activities offer students the opportunity to pursue new areas of interest, make new friends and build essential skills that will benefit their future.

In the end, parents must spend the time to investigate and consider the options available to them when trying to find the ideal educational environment for their children to attend in Orlando FL. With its varied educational system and a wealth of opportunities for extracurricular activities, Orlando FL is an ideal location for families to look around and find the best suitable environment for the education of their children.

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Audubon Park Orlando FL Local Government And Infrastructure

Audubon Park, Orlando FL is a vibrant neighborhood with amazing people and a wonderful local government. Audubon Park is a great place to live. The city of Audubon Park is run by the Mayor and four council members along with the City Manager. The city’s staff is dedicated to providing top-quality service to the citizens of Audubon Park through libraries, fire safety departments, and schools, as well as other services that are provided by the public.

If you’re interested in furthering your education Audubon Park provides reliable access to educational facilities within its boundaries, including school libraries, public libraries as well as schools.

Police Department

Audubon Park Police Department offers 24-hour patrol and response in addition to important social outreach initiatives that concentrate on the prevention of crime. The department for fire safety is committed to protecting residents of Audubon Park from potential fires through quick response times and skilled, certified personnel. Both departments have been recognized by authorities from the State of Florida for their extraordinary service.

Fire Department

The Audubon Park Fire Department is committed to safeguarding residents in Audubon Park from the possibility of fires and fires, by offering quick response times, and skilled and trained personnel. The department is in close contact with local schools, hospitals as well as businesses, and churches to ensure that the regulations for fire safety are observed. Alongside its regular tasks, the department provides various education programs that educate on the importance of fire safety and preventive measures.


Audubon Park offers various libraries for residents to access. The library system of the city offers an array of learning opportunities and has access to magazines, books computers, Wi-Fi, and many more. The facilities are accessible to the public and may be utilized for studying or for leisure reading.


Audubon Park can be the home of a variety of outstanding public schools, which all have a commitment to providing top-quality educational opportunities for the students they teach. They offer a variety of extracurricular and academic programs which allow children to grow and develop in the most optimal possible setting. From kindergarten through the 12th year, Audubon Park schooling prepares students for the future.

Public Services

It is the City of Audubon Park is dedicated to providing top-quality infrastructure and public services which allow residents to feel secure and safe within their communities. From fire and police departments libraries, schools, and more, this area offers everything you need to live the best lifestyle in Florida.

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Restaurants In Audubon Park Orlando FL

Audubon Park located in Orlando, FL is home to three restaurants offering an array of tasty food choices.

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Bem Bom on Corrine

Bem Bom on Corrine is a popular local restaurant for its delicious and unique Portuguese food. The menu includes cuisines like Brazilian Feijoada barbecued pork ribs, cooked octopus on the grill and fried yuca cakes, and many other inventive combinations which are guaranteed to delight your taste buds. The restaurant also serves an array of craft beers and wines to go with your food. Tavern at Audubon Tavern at Audubon is the ideal place to taste classic American cuisine with a modern twist. The menu includes items such as mac and cheese fries, fish tacos, fries, sandwiches, salads, and much more.

The ambiance is relaxed and casual with outdoor seating available in the summer seasons. In addition, there’s East End Market which offers the best farm-to-table food in a market setting. You can shop for fresh, sustainable foods and distinctive items such as artisan breads homemade spreads and dips, artisan cheeses, freshly cooked dishes, and craft beer.

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Sushi Lola’s

It is a fantastic place to enjoy traditional and unique sushi cuisine. They offer a variety of sushi rolls, nigiri as well as sashimi, among other choices that will satisfy your cravings. Sushi Lola’s restaurant is renowned for the freshness of its ingredients and welcoming service. If you’re seeking an easy snack or a substantial meal, Sushi Lola’s offers something for all. The three restaurants in this area provide Audubon Park with some of the most memorable dining experiences in Orlando FL. With their distinct menus and welcoming spaces, they allow you to find something tasty whatever your taste might be. So if you’re planning to visit this region, make sure to take a look at these local favorite restaurants!

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Another great alternative is Audubon Park. There you will find the finest Ramen available in the city and various other delicious Japanese food items. The modern atmosphere and warm service make this a great place for a meal or lunch. The menu offers items such as pork belly buns along with chicken wings, seafood salad, and gyoza dumplings as well as a variety of unique bowls filled that include broth and noodles. DOMU offers a range of craft beer options to go along with your food. If you’re seeking an informal lunch or some special night out, DOMU is sure to delight you!

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Audubon Park in Orlando, Florida is an amazing outdoor space that has something for all ages. It is a natural paradise, from Lake Rowena and its hiking trails to the assortment of picnic areas, playgrounds as well as sports facilities, there’s something for everyone’s taste.

At Audubon, Park Visitors can spend their time on the beautiful lakefront walk or cycling along the 4-mile loop trail which circles Lake Rowena and connects to other parks nearby. Visitors can also avail of bird-watching opportunities at one of the two observation towers on the shores of Lake Rowena. The park also features a variety of playgrounds for youngsters and six pavilions for gatherings and picnics. Those who love sports will be happy with the soccer fields that include three with two softball diamonds as well as one court for sand volleyball.

If you’re looking to stay inside, Audubon Park offers the Harry P. Leu Gardens which is a botanical garden of 50 acres with numerous gardens and trails. The gardens house native Florida plants, in addition to exotic species from all over the globe, making it a perfect spot for studying and exploring the natural ecosystem in central Florida. The greenhouse is also available in which visitors can see exotic tropical species of plants.

Audubon Park has also been the home of cultural sites like The Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art which houses an incredible collection of art by Louis Comfort Tiffany as well as Frank Lloyd Wright. Other attractions that are cultural are The Orlando Shakespeare Theater and Loch Haven Park, where visitors can take part in live theatre performances throughout the year.

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Songbird Park

Just a few blocks away from Audubon Park is Songbird Park which is a perfect place to unwind and soak pleasure in natural beauty. The park has many miles of trails that weave through woodlands, wetlands, and agricultural zones, offering many opportunities for birdwatching and wildlife watching. Visitors can also take a stroll through the beautiful butterfly garden and see native animal species like bobcats, otters, and armadillos.

Fishing is permitted in certain areas of the lake, as in two boardwalks located at each side of the park. Songbird Park also offers several outdoor amenities to enrich the experience of visitors, such as bathrooms as well as picnic tables and grills play areas, and courts for sports. There are also outdoor classrooms that allow visitors to discover the native fauna and flora.

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Audubon Park Garden District

The Audubon Park Garden District is a lively and diverse neighborhood that is located in the center of Orlando. It is home to many eateries, shops, and other outdoor activities that make it among the most sought-after places in central Florida. Particularly noteworthy are The Ancient Olive Tree Arboretum which is home to more than 500 varieties of olive trees from around the globe, as well as Kraft Azalea Gardens, with a breathtaking display of azaleas and camellias against the background that includes oak hammocks. Visitors can also spend their time walking around Lake Eola Park or catching performances near the Dr. Phillips Center for Performing Arts.

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Beeman Park

Beeman Park is another feature of Audubon Park with something for everyone. Beeman has a playground, two softball diamonds, and plenty of open spaces to explore. Visitors can take advantage of canoeing or kayaking opportunities on Lake Rowena or spend some time fishing at one of several designated piers. Beeman is also home to two disc golf courses as well as an archery range and sand volleyball court.

Best Neighborhoods in Orlando - image 2023 01 06T172146.949

Dickson Azalea Park

Dickson Azalea Park is situated close to the junction of South Orange Avenue and Corrine Drive, Dickson Azalea Park is a serene green oasis that is located in downtown Orlando. The park is home to more than 200 types of Azaleas as well as camellias which bloom throughout the entire year, along with various species of birds including mockingbirds, cardinals, and Owls. Visitors can also benefit from a range of leisure activities such as fishing, picnicking, and playgrounds for youngsters. There is also an amphitheater, where live shows take place at times.

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Is Audubon Park Orlando FL Safe To Live In

Audubon Park in Orlando FL is a secure place to reside. The neighborhood is comprised of friendly residents and there are many parks and other activities for the kids to enjoy. The area has a low rate of crime, with the police department observing the area carefully, making it an ideal place for residents or families to feel safe.

The neighborhood is home to top-quality schools. Students attending Audubon Park Elementary, Conway Middle School as well as Boone High School consistently score higher than the average on standardized tests when in comparison to other schools in the area. This implies that there is a wealth of educational resources readily available for parents and kids who require additional support during their studies.

The city also houses numerous medical facilities, including Florida Hospital Orlando, Nemours Children’s Hospital as well as Orlando Regional Medical Center. With these hospitals in close proximity, those living in Audubon Park are able to rest at ease knowing they will be able to access quality medical treatment when they need it.

Audubon Park is a great area to live in for people who seek an environment that is safe and secure. The community is full of people who are friendly, with excellent schools, numerous parks, and a wealth of resources for medical assistance. This is the ideal location for anyone searching for peace and a comfortable residence in the middle of Florida.

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Why Should I Live Here

Audubon Park located in Orlando is a perfect neighborhood for those who want to build their home in Central Florida. The beautiful area has numerous things to do, from its beautiful botanical gardens and parks to its bustling eateries and shops. With beautiful buildings, tree-lined roads, and safe neighborhoods, Audubon Park provides an ideal location for people who wish to be in the middle of Florida nature.

The primary reason Audubon Park ought to be considered is the vast green spaces it has to offer. It is home to numerous botanical gardens and parks that are ideal for outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, biking or just enjoying an evening with your family or friends. In addition, these parks offer fantastic opportunities for exploring and relaxing.

The other reason to stay in the area of Audubon Park can be the dining and shopping opportunities. With an array of bars, restaurants, and shops as well as other activities there are plenty of options to spend time in the park. No matter if you’re seeking an intimate cafe or a more upscale eatery that is upscale, it’s all there. In addition, Audubon Park also offers many stores for you to purchase anything you want without leaving the area.

In the end, the lifestyle of Audubon Park is made more appealing due to its area close to downtown Orlando and other important cities like Tampa or St. Petersburg. This allows you to get around and enjoy all the amenities Central Florida has to offer while still being able to go home in the evening to the peace and relaxation that is Audubon Park. It also means that you have access to the many amenities in the area that include excellent schools, recreation facilities, and many more.

With its stunning botanical gardens and parks as well as a wide range of dining and shopping choices, and a convenient position near the major towns of Florida, Audubon Park is the ideal spot for those who seek a serene but active lifestyle throughout Central Florida. From relaxing days of walking through the countryside to fun nights out with family or friends, Audubon Park offers something for all. It’s not surprising that there are so many who choose to create this idyllic neighborhood as their home.

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