Central Business District Orlando FL

January 4, 2023 | Sandra Fernandez
Central Business District Orlando FL

Central Business District Orlando, FL is situated in the center of the city center Orlando near the junction between South Street and Orange Avenue. It is located between Lake Eola to the north and I-4 to the south. The CBD is, as it’s often called, home to many of Orlando’s most famous landmarks, including Orlando’s iconic landmarks such as the Amway Center and Church Street Station. It’s also where numerous companies have their headquarters or offices. There are numerous bars and restaurants in walking distance, which offer an excellent dining experience for visitors and locals alike. Furthermore, the Central Business District is just a few blocks from many of the most popular tourist attractions like Universal Studios, SeaWorld, Walt Disney World Resort, Aquatica Water Park and more. With so many things to see and do, Central Business District Orlando is the perfect spot for every trip.

Central Business District History

The Central Business District (CBD) neighborhood in Orlando, FL is a dynamic and historic neighborhood that has undergone significant changes over the past century. It is situated within the downtown area of Orlando and is just a few minutes from popular destinations like Disney World as well as Universal Studios.

The region was initially an agricultural community called Jernigan prior to becoming part of the City of Orlando around 1885. Around 1910, the towering boom started, with high-rise office buildings built across the entire district. The area was soon the home of some of Florida’s most famous commercial establishments like SunTrust Bank, Church Street Station and Barnett Bank Plaza.

At the turn of the century businesses began moving out of downtown, in preference for malls and offices in the suburbs and malls, resulting in an ongoing decline within the neighborhood up to the latter part of the 1980s.

In recent times however there has been a revival in the area due to recent construction projects and urban revitalization initiatives. The area is filled with modern high-rises, residential structures, shops, restaurants and other buildings and trendy nightclubs such as Brewstillery as well as Aloft The Downtown of Orlando. In addition, the district hosts many of the city’s most awaited events , such as Food Truck Bazaar and Orlando Fringe Festival.

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Central Business District Today:

In the present, the CBD is among Orlando’s most sought-after areas for residents and business owners alike. With its diverse history with a vibrant culture, as well as thrilling entertainment options, it’s not surprising that this area is growing. It’s an ideal area to work, live and play in the middle of Orlando. There’s a wide range of bars, restaurants and shops, as well as museums, parks and other cultural things to do which provide the central business district Central Business District an attractive place for tourists and residents alike. Furthermore, the Central Business District hosts many of the city’s most awaited events, such as Food Truck Bazaar and Orlando Fringe Festival.

It is a Central Business District that is constantly developing, with new projects coming up each year to keep up with the increasing demands for urban living. It doesn’t matter if you’re searching for an urban escape for your home, or an exciting spot to meet with your pals and family, the CBD offers something for every person. There’s never been an ideal time to explore the many things that the Central Business District has to provide.

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Cost Of Living

Living costs in the Central Business District neighborhood of Orlando, FL can vary significantly based on the facilities and options for housing you’d like to have. Living costs in the Central Business District in Orlando’s Central Business District is higher than other areas of the city because of its accessibility and proximity. However, if you’re seeking for an exciting city that is full of entertainment and culture then this could be the ideal spot for you! If you budget your money well, it’s possible to live comfortably in this area without breaking the bank.

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The median cost for an apartment with a single bedroom is about $1200, while for two-bedroom apartments, it’s around $1700. There are many rentals ranging from single family houses to condominiums that vary between $900 and $3,000 based on dimensions and the amenities.

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The public transportation system in Orlando is offered through Lymmo and LYNX that service in the Central Business District neighborhood. The cost for a single ticket costs $2.00 while monthly tickets are offered for 50 dollars per month. In addition, Uber and Lyft rides within the city limits typically begin at about $8 to $10 depending on the location you’re heading. Additionally, there are plenty of trails and bike lanes all over the city, so it’s possible to walk around without a vehicle if it’s your choice.

General Goods & Services:

The typical electric bill of Orlando FL is around $90 per month, however it can differ greatly depending on your usage. The prices for groceries within Orlando FL can be quite affordable; but it is contingent on the store you shop at since prices can differ. On average, you should expect to spend approximately $200 per month for food items.

In the end, residents living within Orlando’s Central Business District neighborhood of Orlando FL are fairly affordable in terms of the cost of housing, electric bills as well as food costs and transportation. With the various choices available, it’s possible to live in this vibrant community affordably and comfortably.

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Local Economy

The economic activity that is Central Business District Orlando FL is primarily driven by the tourism sector. Because the most popular attractions, Universal Studios as well as Walt Disney World are situated in the Central Business District Orlando, it is a magnet for a large number of visitors each year from all around the world. In the year 2018, the area saw more than 75 million people who came to Central Florida according to Visit Orlanda reports. This huge number of tourists results in a significant economic impact for Central Florida that is worth billions of dollars on dining, lodging and retail products and services.

Alongside its thriving tourism sector, Central Business District Orlando is also a major player in other sectors, including banking and finance as well as health care and technology. The downtown area of the city is home to a variety of corporate headquarters, including AdventHealth, Bank of America and Wells Fargo. These firms bring a huge number of jobs with high wages to the city which is good for Central Business District Orlando’s economy.

Job Opportunities

The economics of Central Business District (CBD) Orlando, Florida is an active and flourishing one. The district is the home of a range of businesses that range from small-scale startups to large corporations, which offer an array of jobs for individuals looking to relocate or work within the region.

Household Income

Based on The U.S. Census Bureau, about 105,000 people live in the Central Business District Orlando with an average income of about $50,000 per year. This quality of life makes it a desirable place for both families and individuals who want to begin or pursue their careers and appreciate the many facilities offered by this wonderful city.

Local Investment

In addition to offering plenty of jobs for the residents in CBD Orlando, the local government has also made significant investments in the local community. This includes the construction of public transportation systems including an electric train system, and initiatives that encourage stability and growth in the Central Business District Orlando. In addition, the City of Orlando has also invested substantial resources into the development of infrastructure that facilitates business expansion and investment. With these investments the city has now become an attractive option for businesses that want to relocate or expand their operations.

In addition, Central Business District Orlando is also home to a variety of corporate headquarters within its boundaries. These businesses offer opportunities for employment across a range of industries, including law, finance and healthcare, tourism, and many more. Alongside being a significant contributor to local job opportunities as well as earnings, CBD Orlando is an important economic center for all of Florida and the nation in general because of its central position and easy access.

All in all, Central Business District Orlando is an ideal location to live and work. Its vibrant economy, multiple employment opportunities, high-income levels, and investments made locally are a great choice for people and families who want to move into the region. With its numerous services and initiatives for development that are in place, it’s clear the reason CBD Orlando is now an attractive place to visit.

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Transportation Options For The Commute

The Central Business District of Orlando, FL has a variety of transport choices for commuters.

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Public Transportation:

There is public transportation available throughout the Central Business District. Central Business District of Orlando, FL. The city has three bus routes that go through the downtown area: LYNX (Orlando’s local bus system), SunRail (the regional commuter rail) and Citrus Connection (the countywide express bus). Each has frequent stops Downtown, making it simple to travel around the city quickly and efficiently.

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Taxis are popular for both locals and visitors alike, as they provide ease of use and speedy access to all the attractions of downtown Orlando. Taxis are available at many major hotels or taken by the street.

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Bicycles are an excellent alternative for moving around Orlando’s Central Business District of Orlando, FL. The city has put in many bicycle paths that make it simple to go from one area to the next without the hassle of the traffic, or finding a spot to park. If you’re searching for an alternative method to get around the city, biking is the best method to take!

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If you prefer to utilize their own vehicle There are a variety of garages that can be found across downtown Orlando. They provide secure and easy parking for those looking to travel to the CBD.

There are a lot of options for transportation in Central Business District. Central Business District of Orlando, FL. You can choose between taxis or public transportation, automobiles or bicycles , you are guaranteed to find something that fits your requirements and budget

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Average Annual Weather

Central Business District of Orlando, Florida has a climate that is typical of humid subtropical areas. The summers are hot, long and humid, while winters generally cool and temperatures seldom dip below freezing.

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Summer (May-August) The summer temperatures rise to an average temperature of 90degF (32degC) in the daylight and as high as 70 degrees (21 degree Celsius) in the evening. The heat waves can be experienced during the summer months because high levels of humidity can make it feel more hot than it actually is. Rain showers are common but they are short-lived.

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Winter (December-February) When it is cold, the temperatures vary between 65 degF (18degC) throughout the day, and up to 42degF (6degC) during the night. The rainfall is less in winter, and temperatures seldom dip too low.

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Fall (September-November): Fall brings cooler temperatures to Central Business District Orlando, with temperatures ranging from 75degF (24degC) during the day to 55degF (13degC) at night. The amount of rain falls increases in this time of year, as compared to the summer with more frequent and prolonged rain showers.

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Spring (March-May) brings warmth back in Central Business District Orlando with temperatures ranging from around 80degF (27degC) in the daytime up to around 60 degF (16 degrees Celsius) during the night. The rainfall is also increasing during this time, with gentle showers during the springtime. Humidity levels can be very high during the spring months, which makes it seem more hot than it actually is. Sometimes, tornadoes and thunderstorms occur during this season. The tornado season that is the most active for Central Business District Orlando runs from April to July.

All in all, Central Business District Orlando has mild winters , mild summers and a fair number of showers throughout the day. The high humidity levels make it appear warmer than it really is in summer months. It is more common to see showers in the spring and fall as winter brings a lighter rain. The possibility of tornadoes is high during springtime So, be aware when severe weather strikes.

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Local Tip:

Make sure you are protected from heat and sun by wearing light, loose clothing and applying sunscreen out in the open. Take an umbrella for rain showers during summer months. Be aware of the weather forecasts for the possibility of tornadoes or thunderstorms during the spring season.Be aware of any warnings issued from local officials in the event of extreme storms. Be alert and be secure!

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Education System Of Central Business District

The system of education that is in place within Central Business District Orlando FL Central Business District Orlando FL comprises five distinct kinds of schools that include charter Schools, Private schools religious schools, and homeschooling.

Public Schools:

The public school districts of the region are administered under the Orange County Public School System. The district comprises traditional public schools with 97 and various special programs like: Montessori; Talented/Gifted (TAG) programs; International Baccalaureate (IB); Early College High Schools and Cambridge AICE Program. Dual-language Programs; Centers for Applied Technology (CATs) and Magnet Programs that promote the teaching of science engineering, technology, as well as math (STEM). These schools are open to students from all over Orange County with no tuition fees charged to families.

Charter Schools:

Charter schools are funded by the public however they are not subject to some of the rules traditional public schools have to follow. The city of Orlando has forty charter schools that offer a range of educational options and styles of teaching. Certain charters focus on agricultural or vocational education. While others might offer Montessori-style learning, International Baccalaureate curriculum, or programs for language immersion.

Private Schools:

There’s also a broad choice of private schools located in the Central Business District Orlando FL. They include day school and boarding schools including religious and non-religious establishments as well as special needs and secular schools. The tuition for private schools varies greatly depending on the kind of school you choose.

Religious Schools:

A lot of churches in the region have affiliated schools that provide religious-based instruction. For instance, parochial elementary schools and secondary schools that are part of the Catholic Church as well as Christian Academies that provide Bible studies in addition to traditional academic classes.


The option of homeschooling is also an option for families living in the Central Business District Orlando FL. The State of Florida provides parents with the option to teach the children in their homes, according to an educational program selected by the guardian or parent. There are numerous local support groups for homeschooling along with sources like co-ops or classes offered by private education centers.

In the end, there’s a wide range of options for education for families who live in the Central Business District Orlando FL including charter and public schools to private institutions , and even homeschooling. Whatever kind of education you’re searching for there’s bound to be something that will suit your family.

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Central Business District Local Government And Infrastructure

The Central Business District (CBD) of Orlando, FL is a bustling hub for commerce and houses many hotels, restaurants, restaurants and other attractions. The district is tightly controlled by the City of Orlando and is supported by a vast infrastructure that includes fire and police departments, libraries, schools, and public services.


The security in the CBD is overseen through Orlando Police Department. Orlando Police Department (OPD). OPD offers 24-hour patrols of uniformed police officers throughout the CBD, as well as proactive strategies for preventing crime like surveillance cameras and community-policing initiatives. Additionally the CBD has a variety of private security firms operating within the CBD which have agreements with local business owners.

Fire Department

Orlando Fire Rescue provides fire protection services for every building located in the CBD. They are based at Engine Company No. 4 station within the district. They are able to respond to fires and medical emergencies in a matter of minutes. There are also fire hydrants strategically situated all over the CBD which can be utilized to rapidly put out fires.


Orange County Public Schools serves students living in the CBD and those living outside the CBD. The most highly rated school in this district is Princeton Elementary School, which provides both secondary and primary education programs for kindergarteners and students.


The city of Orlando runs a range of parks, libraries and recreation facilities in the Central Business District. In addition, the Orange County Library System operates an office located on East Robinson Street as well as an outreach van that provides additional services to neighborhoods in the vicinity.

Apart from these fundamental services in the Central Business District, there are a variety of other services offered by the public within the Central Business District. They include transportation options like Light Rail (SunRail), Bus Rapid Transit (LYMMO) and Zipline and water utility services provided by the Florida Water Management District; sanitation services provided by the City of Orlando Public Works Department as well as parks and recreation facilities provided by the City of Orlando Parks and Recreation Department. The district also is the home of several famous public places including Lake Eola Park, Dr. Phillips Center for Performing Arts as well as Camping World Stadium.

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Things To Do

Central Business District (CBD) Orlando has plenty of entertainment options both outdoors and indoors. For those who are looking for an enjoyable day in the sunshine, there are plenty of outdoor activities available. Parks are beautiful for visitors to explore like Lake Eola Park, which provides stunning views of the waterfront or take an adventure shopping at Millenia Mall. Mall in Millenia. There are numerous possibilities for water sports, such as fishing or kayaking on the nearby rivers and lakes.


To get a dose of culture and the past, visitors can go to churches such as Great Outdoors Church, art galleries such as CityArts Factory and museums like the Orange County Historical Museum. If you’re a fan of live music, you must check out Legends Lounge for Karaoke nights as well as The Social for a mix of live and DJs.


Other options for those who enjoy indoors include bowling lanes, the laser tag area, golf simulators, movie theaters , and escape rooms. For those looking to dance there are a variety of dance clubs to pick from like The Beacham Theatre & Club Firestone. If you’re looking to get away from the excitement and discover the local food and cuisine, guests can relish delicious meals at eateries such as Bites & Brews or Cafe Tu Tu Tango. There are so many activities to enjoy in the Central Business District Orlando FL there’s something for all!

Don’t forget to look around the downtown area’s vibrant nightlife scene. There are numerous bars and lounges to go to and nightclubs for those seeking an exciting night out. From the icebar that is a hit in Orlando to the lively Sippin’ Local Bar & Lounge There’s something for all to enjoy in The Central Business District. Explore the wealth of things that this vibrant city offers!

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Restaurants in Central Business District

Central Business District Orlando FL offers a variety of restaurants that will satisfy everyone’s cravings.

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Santiago’s Bodega:

The lively tapas bar is known for its Spanish-inspired cuisine with a selection of small plates like the garlic shrimp and chorizo sausage as well as patatas bravas. The restaurant also offers an extensive selection of wines for you to enjoy the food.

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Le Coq au Vin:

Like the name suggests, this French bistro is a specialist in the classic Gallic food such as the duck confit dish, steak frites along with Coq Au Vin. The diners can eat in comfortable booths or on the patio, drinking wine from the extensive wine menu.

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Pizza Bruno:

If you’re looking for a casual dinner in the Central Business District Orlando FL go to Pizza Bruno which serves delicious pies that are made from most fresh ingredients. From the classic Margherita to original creations like Pancetta and Egg or Pork Belly Bianca There’s something for all. You can also create your own pizza by using a variety of topping options.

No matter what kind of food you’re craving You’ll find it in the Central Business District Orlando FL! Goodbye!

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Central Business District of Orlando, Florida has some fantastic parks to explore. 

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Lake Eola Park:

The park is located in the heart of the city center Orlando, Lake Eola Park is among the most famous parks in the Central Business District Orlando FL. It has stunning scenery with its crystal-clear water, fountains and walking trails. In the daytime visitors can engage in various activities, including paddle boating on the lake, or enjoying a picnic under shaded trees. In the evening, it transforms into a magical spot as Magnolia Avenue lights up with bright LED balloons. It also holds numerous occasions and festivals throughout the season for both tourists and locals to take advantage of.

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Orange County Regional History Center and Heritage Square Park:

The museum is located right in Downtown Orlando and is a great chance to explore Central Florida’s culture and history. While you enjoy walking on Heritage Square Park, with its fresh air and lush, this is a wonderful park to have fun with your family and get relax. The best of this Park it’s that you can enjoy history and culture because it houses a broad range of exhibits, ranging from Native American artifacts to 19th-century weapons. It is also home to the History Center and houses the largest collection of objects from the past of Central Florida including furniture, clothes, photographs, and much more. Through its extensive educational programs as well as interactive displays it provides enjoyable experiences for everyone of all ages.

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Seneff Arts Plaza:

This open-air plaza situated inside Downtown Orlando is the venue for several annual events that are popular like art shows, concerts, and many more. The public can take in shows at the amphitheater while walking through gorgeous gardens or participating in workshops run by local artists. It is one of the only public spaces that is dedicated to the arts in downtown Orlando. The place has become a significant landmark in the city.

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Harry P Leu Gardens:

The garden is located in the east of downtown Orlando This 50-acre botanical park is an oasis from the bustle and hustle in the Central Business District of Orlando FL. People can stroll along its sloping paths, or explore the many exotic trees, plants, and flowers. They also hold various occasions during the entire year for visitors to take part in including concerts, art exhibitions, and much more. With its stunning landscape and breathtaking view of Lake Eola, it’s no reason to wonder why Leu Gardens is one of Central Business District Orlando FL’s most adored parks.

In the end, Central Business District Orlando FL offers a range of parks that are provided to everyone! From educational experiences with the Orange County Regional History Center to relaxing strolls in the Leu Gardens, visitors can find something fun to do in every part of this city. No matter if you’re seeking something exciting to do or just a peaceful spot to unwind, Central Business District Orlando FL offers it all.

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Is Central Business District Safe to Live In

Central Business District (CBD) Orlando is generally regarded as a secure neighborhood. It has undergone a lot of revitalization in recent times, thanks to the addition of CCTV cameras for surveillance, a heightened police presence, and other security measures, making it among the most secure areas within the City.

There are also a lot of local businesses that have chosen to make CBD Orlando their home, offering job opportunities and other services to the residents. Numerous bars, restaurants, shops, and other services are readily available in CBD Orlando.

The rate of unemployment in this region is considerably lower than that of nearby areas and crime rates are at a low level as well. People feel comfortable wandering around night or day in the Central Business District of Orlando.

In general, residents living in Central Business District Orlando are considered to be safe. The area is well-maintained and monitored, with security patrols that provide additional security. Furthermore, the local business brings economic growth to the area and makes it a sought-after area to live in. With all of these things being considered, Central Business District Orlando is considered to be safe for those looking for an area to be a part of their lives.

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Why Should I Live Here

Central Business District (CBD) neighborhood in the Central Business District is an ideal location for those who are seeking an exciting urban lifestyle. The CBD has plenty of attractions and amenities including great dining options, vibrant clubs and bars, and boutiques, as well as public parks, and open spaces in addition to the ease of accessing public transport.

One of the greatest benefits that come with living within the CBD is the convenience of its place. Residents are able to bike or walk wherever they want to go, without having to fret about the traffic or finding parking. This allows residents to go to school, work at a store, go shopping or visit the city’s other areas without the need of driving.

Apart from its ideal position In addition to its prime location, the CBD is also a hub for events and fun. Numerous popular bars and restaurants are located within the CBD along with museums and art galleries that provide a distinct cultural experiences. There are also plenty of parks for public use where you can enjoy a day out with your loved ones.

Central Business District Central Business District is an ideal place to live for those who are seeking an exciting lifestyle without leaving the city. Its central location and numerous amenities, activities, and entertainment this is the ideal location for people who are looking for an active lifestyle near home.

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