College Park Orlando FL

January 10, 2023 | Camila Salamanca
College Park Orlando FL

College Park is a vibrant suburban area situated inside the town of Orlando, Florida. It is located between the bigger communities that comprise Colonialtown as well as Winter Park, just north of downtown Orlando. College Park is known for its gorgeous bungalow homes, tree-lined streets, as well as numerous parks and recreation areas that offer ample space for outdoor activities. 

The area is home to a variety of well-known establishments and restaurants and also offers an easy connection to main highways. It is located close to the top central Florida attractions like Universal Studios, Walt Disney World Resort, SeaWorld Orlando, and many more. College Park is a desirable area to live in for those who are looking for a blend of urban and suburban living and is a perfect base to visit Orlando’s numerous attractions.

Best Neighborhoods in Orlando - College Park Orlando FL History edited

College Park History

It is believed that the College Park neighborhood of Orlando, FL has a long and rich history that goes from the beginning of the 19th century. It is located to the south of Downtown Orlando in the city’s center. Its vicinity to Lake Ivanhoe and other natural factors led to an agricultural community.

The 1920s were a time when College Park was known for the grand houses that were built in various styles. The area maintained its charm and character even as Orlando developed around it in the 1920s and into the 1950s. At that time, College Park had become an elite residential area filled with extravagant houses, many of which were constructed by prominent businessmen who resided in the region.


College Park Today

At present, College Park is still one of Orlando’s most sought-after communities. It has a lot of historical charm thanks to its mixture of architecture as well as vibrant commercial zones. In addition, it is home to several parks, restaurants, museums, and stores, the neighborhood is well-loved by young professionals who are looking for an urban lifestyle as well as suburban peace. College Park continues to be an active, warm neighborhood that radiates the charm of its historical past. It’s one of Orlando’s most desirable neighborhoods that is proudly celebrating its past as well as embracing the future.


Cost of Living

Living expenses within College Park, Orlando FL is fairly affordable.



The typical cost of rent for two-bedroom homes in the area is about $1300 per month. One-bedroom homes start around $1900/month. Electricity and water are usually included in this figure based on the particular property. 


The cost of transportation varies based on the vehicle you select. Public transportation routes travel through the neighborhood up to downtown Orlando but the majority of residents prefer to own a car for convenience. The general consensus is that gas prices are reasonable when compared with the other towns in Florida. 


General Goods & Services

Food items are at a reasonable cost in the many shops that sell organic and natural goods. The nearest Walmart is less than 3 miles away. Publix is less than a mile from the center of the neighborhood. 

Overall College Park’s cost to live at College Park is quite reasonable and is easily manageable by budgeting. College Park also provides a thrilling lifestyle that is filled with activities and events all through the season! If you’re thinking of moving to this lively neighborhood be sure to conduct your research before making a decision on a home.


Local Economy

College Park, Orlando FL is an incredibly thriving area for economic growth that offers a variety of job opportunities, income for households, and local investment opportunities. College Park is a thriving neighborhood that offers a wealth of investment opportunities. College Park neighborhood was recently called one of the top locations to reside in Florida.

Job Opportunities

College Park is home to a variety of employers and businesses which range from big companies such as Disney World and Universal Studios to small local businesses. The rate of unemployment in the area is quite low which makes it a great area for people looking for employment. There are also a number of schools of higher education in the area like Columbia College-Orlando and Valencia College offering students possibilities for work or internships after the completion of their studies.

Household Income

Housing Income households living in the region have an average income of $45,000. This is more than the average for the state and provides people with more money to spend.

Local Investment

Local investment College Park has seen an increase in investment in recent years, as companies are drawn to the area because of its appealing location and growing economy. There are numerous shopping malls as well as bars, restaurants as well as other places within the area that draw pedestrians from locals as well as tourists. Many people have made the decision to move from College Park for its close proximity to downtown Orlando as well as its amenities.

The overall economy of College Park is healthy and continues to grow as more investments are brought into the area. The opportunities for employment give residents a stable source of income. Meanwhile, families enjoy a comfortable median income. College Park is the perfect location to settle in and begin a new career or even start children.


Transportation Options For The Commute

College Park Orlando, FL is close to the major highways, allowing residents with quick access to all of the city’s attractions. There are numerous transportation options for tourists as well as locals.


Public Transportation

Public transportation services like Lynx buses provide an efficient service across College Park Orlando, taking people to their destinations quickly and efficiently. The buses are accessible throughout the week, and the majority of routes commence at the beginning of the morning and end in the late hours of the night. The cost of the Lynx bus is contingent on the number of zones that were traversed. The cost can be paid using the exact amount or by using a pre-paid fare card.



Taxi service is available all hours of the day at College Park Orlando, offering comfortable rides in the city and even longer distance journeys. Taxi drivers are generally well-informed about the area and will give helpful information about how to get to attractions like Universal Studios or Disney World. The price of a taxi varies on the distance it has to travel and ranges from affordable to costly fees.



Bicycles are a great option to move about College Park Orlando. There are many bike paths throughout the city that allow cyclists to safely travel without having to worry about traffic. In addition, there are a variety of bicycle rental firms that offer weekly or daily rentals at affordable prices.



If you prefer to utilize your own car, College Park Orlando is easily accessible via automobile. Interstate 4 runs through the city and offers easy connections to the major roads, including I-95. Many parking options are readily available, including private and public garages for automobiles, motorcycles, and RVs.

In the end, College Park Orlando is an excellent city for exploring and walking. Most of the tourist attractions are accessible by foot, which allows visitors to take in much more of the area and exercise during the process. The walkways that run through College Park Orlando are generally well-maintained and offer ample space for pedestrians to conduct their daily business.


Average Annual Weather

College Park Orlando FL has a subtropical climate that is all year round. 



The summer months are extremely hot and humid with temperatures that can reach the mid – to the upper 90s (Fahrenheit) and are accompanied by high humidity. It is not uncommon to see rain during the summer months, mostly during afternoon thunderstorms. 



The winters are generally mild, with temperatures that range from the 40s and 50s (Fahrenheit) in the daytime and dipping to the freezing mark at night. Snow is rare but it’s not unheard of. 



Autumn starts with cooler temperatures however, it is still mild. The rainy season slows down and the days are shorter, with temperatures dropping into the 40s (Fahrenheit). 



Spring brings mild weather, with daytime highs of around 70 degrees (Fahrenheit) and lows in the evening of 50s (Fahrenheit). The rains last for a duration of time and bring flowers of grasses and wildflowers. 


Local Tip

In general, College Park Orlando FL has a pleasant temperature all year and is a great place to visit, with the exception of the heat of summer, where temperatures can become extremely sweaty and hot. The chance of rain is prevalent all year round. So, dress lightly but always take a coat with you in case it starts raining.


Education System of College Park

It is a city in College Park, Orlando FL provides a range of education options for the residents. 

Public Schools

The public schools are managed through Orange County Public Schools (OCPS) which is among the largest and most diversifying districts within the state. It provides high-quality education, with a focus on college and career-ready students. 

Charter Schools

There are also a variety of charter schools that offer alternatives to traditional educational opportunities along with specialized education for students who have specific requirements or interests. 

Private Schools

Private schools provide more individual instruction and usually have smaller classes as compared to public schools. 

Religious Schools

Religious schools offer a religiously-based curriculum and homeschooling lets parents modify their child’s learning according to their own needs and goals. Whatever your educational preferences are, College Park has something available that will meet the needs of any family.


Homeschooling gives parents the ability to personalize the education of their children according to their own needs and goals without the need to follow the rigid curriculum that is found in charter and public schools.


College Park Local Government and Infrastructure

College Park Orlando, FL is a thriving community that is serviced by numerous local government agencies and public services. 


College Park Police Department is responsible for making sure the neighborhood is safe and responding to calls for help. They are dedicated to maintaining law and order, while also safeguarding the rights of every citizen living in the area.

Fire Department 

College Park Fire Department provides emergency medical assistance. Both the fire and police departments are staffed by highly trained staff who work to ensure that residents are protected at all times.


College Park is also home to numerous schools that include Lake Silver Elementary School and Valencia College. The district provides a wide range of options in education for students from elementary school to college-level classes. Numerous charter and private schools offer specialized education for residents of the region.


There are two libraries in the Orange County Public Library system has two libraries in College Park, providing access to magazines, books online, internet-based resources, computer classes, and other programs for adults and children. They also offer learning opportunities via lectures, exhibitions as well as onsite events, and more.

The services provided by the public at College Park are top-notch. There are a variety of parks within the area that offer recreation facilities like splash pads, playgrounds, bicycle trails, and much more. Also, Numerous non-profit organizations have been working to assist people who require help with housing, food health care, and more.


Things To Do

College Park, Orlando FL offers a variety of things to do for both outdoor and indoor fans. Whatever your interests include, College Park Orlando FL is a place for anyone! Enjoy all that this lively community offers and ensure that your stay is as enjoyable as it can be.



If you’re a fan of the outdoors, there’s a wide range of choices. The close by Lake Ivanhoe is a popular place for fishing and kayaking, as well as canoeing. If you’re a golfer looking to improve your swing there are many nearby golf courses. Think about exploring the many trails of Orlando Wetlands Park which is where you can find a wide variety of species of wildlife. There are numerous parks throughout the region with play areas and picnic spots like Dole Park and Gaston Edwards Park.


If you’re looking for things to do indoors, College Park has plenty of them too. For example, nearby, the Albin Polasek Museum and The Sculpture Gardens is an excellent spot to experience the art of local artists and discover more about their history. If you’re looking for a place to shop at one of the numerous boutiques or check out the events happening in the area and enjoy some drinks with your friends. If you’re searching for activities that are fun and exciting, there are many sporting facilities in the region where you can participate in activities such as ice skating or rock climbing.


Restaurants In College Park

Whatever kind of food you’re searching for, College Park has something for anyone! It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for classic comfort foods or pub food the restaurants listed below have everything covered. From pizza to burgers and everything in between, these eateries offer a memorable dining experience for everyone. So, come on down to College Park and enjoy a dinner in one of the wonderful eateries!


Shakers American Cafe

This is a casual restaurant located in College Park, Orland, FL. It offers traditional comfort food items like salads, sandwiches, burgers, and wings that are made from fresh ingredients. For something special, take a bite of the famous Shrimp & Grits or one of the numerous daily rotating specials. The restaurant also has an extensive bar that serves craft beers, wines, and spirits.


Ragazzi’s Pizza and Restaurant

Is an Italian restaurant in College Park, Orlando FL. You will find the finest pizzas with classic toppings such as pepperoni and mushrooms and some innovative choices like meatballs and spinach artichoke. Other options on the menu include pasta dishes, sandwiches, and Calzones. The dining atmosphere at Ragazzi’s Restaurant is relaxed and welcoming to families.


Ollie’s Public House

Is an Irish gastropub that is located in College Park, Orlando FL. There is an extensive range of ales, craft beers ciders, lagers, and classic pub menu items such as fish and chips, bangers & mash, and shepherd’s pie. Also, there are sandwiches and burgers that are prepared to order, as well as various appetizers and desserts. Ollie’s offers the perfect setting for having a chat with your family and friends while enjoying delicious beverages and food.



These are the perfect spots to run and exercise, take your dog for a walk or simply enjoy the surroundings. All three parks are full of green and nice views. 


Princeton Park

Is the largest park in College Park, Orlando, FL. It is a vast open field that offers plenty of space for running around and engaging in games. It has a play area that includes slides and swings, and also a pavilion for picnics or other gatherings. There are also paths for walking that wind through the woods and offer visitors peace from urban life. Alongside its recreational activities, Princeton Park also hosts special events like farmers ‘ markets and music events all through the season.


Albert Park

This is another popular place within College Park offering great views of close Lake Ivanhoe. The grounds have numerous walkways filled with oak trees from the past that connect to a vast lakefront where guests can take a dip, fish, or boat. There’s also a dock that is covered with seating for people to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Albert Park also has several barbecues, picnic tables, and shelters for hire to accommodate large numbers of people.


Lake Ivanhoe Park 

Is one of the largest park in College Park, Orlando FL. It is located right across Lake Ivanhoe and features beautiful trails with wooded areas and, fishing docks, kayaks, paddle boats rentals, picnic shelters, complete with grills, and a playground that includes slides and swing sets. The park also features an amphitheater for performances all through the season. There’s plenty of wildlife on the shores of the lake, like geese and ducks.


Dartmouth Park

It can be found in Central College Park near downtown Orlando. The park offers visitors a unique urban experience when they stroll along its picturesque paths that are covered with trees and bright lighting in the evening. Dartmouth Park features an outdoor amphitheater, a pond that has paddle boats for hire as well as two tennis courts, two basketball courts as well as plenty of open spaces for any other type of activity or game you can imagine. Dartmouth Park also hosts a variety of occasions throughout the year, such as movie nights and festivals. The park’s location close to Edgewater Drive makes it an excellent location for people to visit the various amenities and sights within College Park.


Is College Park Safe To Live In

College Park in Orlando, FL is a secure and comfortable living area. The crime rate in the area is below the national average, making it one of the safest areas to live in Central Florida. Edgewater Drive is also home to a variety of parks and recreation areas that are closely monitored by police officers who watch for any suspicious activities. Additionally, there are a lot of cozy restaurants and shops that line Edgewater Drive, providing residents with a variety of options for entertainment and the safety of their homes.

The residents of College Park can enjoy walking or biking through the streets in both evening and daylight hours and not be worried about being pounced upon by criminals. Local law enforcement agencies collaborate with the neighborhood and are quick to respond to complaints of criminal conduct. 

All in all, College Park in Orlando, FL is a safe location to live in. The low level of crime and an abundance of officers from police, as well as private security companies, makes College Park one of the most secure neighborhoods located in Central Florida. Residents are able to rest assured that their security is a top concern. Additionally, there are many places to go to and things that can be done in College Park without fear of being victimized by criminals or exposing yourself to risk.


Why Should I Live Here

College Park is a vibrant and diverse Orlando neighborhood that has a lot to provide. It is located centrally in the city, which makes it easy to get to all of Orlando’s other attractions. It is also home to a variety of local amenities such as restaurants, shops parks, as well as entertainment venues. The area is active in its social life with events taking place all year round which makes for an excellent opportunity to meet people, discover the city and enjoy the outdoors. College Park also features some of the top schools in Orange County – providing excellent educational opportunities for youngsters and adults via universities like the University of Central Florida (UCF) only within a couple of minutes.

In addition, College Park provides some distinct characteristics which make living there more appealing. There’s a variety of housing options that range from contemporary brand-new homes to classic single-family houses providing potential residents with a wide range of options that will satisfy their budget and needs. In addition, numerous College Park homes have been modernized and upgraded with the latest options like energy-efficient appliances and outdoor entertaining spaces that are perfect for enjoying the stunning Florida climate.

At the end living within College Park allows you to take advantage of everything Orlando can offer without having to break the bank or sacrificing your quality of living. Its convenient location is close to downtown, and plenty of opportunities for education and entertainment This delightful neighborhood is a great place for anyone who is looking for the perfect area to reside in a lively city.

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