Colonialtown North Orlando FL

January 5, 2023 | Sandra Fernandez
Colonialtown North Orlando FL

Colonialtown North Orlando FL is located in the middle of Central Florida, just minutes away from downtown Orlando and the major tourist attractions like Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld. It is situated to the south of Colonial Drive and north of Orange Avenue, a 10-minute drive from downtown Orlando and 30 minutes away from International Airport. The area has easy access to I-4 and 408 East-West Expressway along with SR 50. Dining, shopping, entertainment, and leisure activities are offered at nearby Fashion Square Mall and Lake Eola Park. Colonialtown North offers an eclectic collection of homes, including townhomes, cottages and bungalows, and mid-rise condos, making it the perfect location to live in for those who are looking for the charm of a small town. This area is perfect for people who wish to live in a city and have quick access to amenities downtown. Furthermore, Colonialtown North offers several trails, lakes, and parks for outdoor pursuits.

Colonialtown North History

Colonialtown North is a historic residential area situated in Orlando, Florida. It was established in the 1920s. Colonialtown North was initially a tiny suburb in downtown Orlando that consisted of single-family houses on a huge lot. Over time the majority of the original houses were renovated and preserved, while others were replaced by more modern, larger homes.

The area saw a huge surge in development from the 1940s and 1960s when there was an increase in young professionals wanting to live close to their work in the city of Orlando. The new influx led to an increase in demand for business, housing, and services that eventually led to more development. It was the result of a vibrant neighborhood with tree-lined streets and various architectural styles, ranging across Craftsman homes and Spanish Revival homes.

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Colonialtown North Today:

In present, Colonialtown North is still a sought-after residential area comprising mostly single-family houses and some apartment complexes. It has retained its charming small-town feel with local eateries, cafes, and boutiques that line the main road, Edgewater Drive. It also has a number of parks, including Miller Park, which serves as the central point for numerous community events such as concerts and festivals. People are pleased to be near the city of Orlando and also enjoy the conveniences of a peaceful suburban lifestyle within their backyard.

In recent times, Colonialtown North has seen an increase in young professionals attracted by its diverse history along with its lively culture and area close to downtown Orlando. With more people moving to the area The neighborhood has seen an increase in the value of the property which makes it a desirable area to live in. Although the neighborhood has experienced several changes in the past, Colonialtown North remains an iconic piece of Orlando’s past and is still an active community for younger professionals that value its culture and convenience.

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Cost of Living

The cost of living in the Colonialtown North neighborhood in Orlando, FL can vary depending on the type of lifestyle one enjoys and what they are searching for.

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The typical cost for an apartment or a house in this particular neighborhood is $1,200 to $1,800 a month. There are a few lower-cost alternatives available for as little as $900 per month. The option of owning a home is another alternative with the median cost of a house within Colonialtown North being around $242,000.

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The costs of transportation in this area depend on the type of transportation being used the most. Buses, public transportation, or shuttles are readily available but generally aren’t used in the same way as driving your own vehicle. The price of owning a car which includes insurance, gas, and maintenance may vary from $150 to $350 each month, however, it can vary greatly according to the make as well as the model vehicle. In addition, ride-sharing services such as Uber or Lyft are also options.

General Goods & Services:

Electricity bill: Based on how you utilize electricity and the dimensions of your home the cost of electricity can vary from $80 to $150 for a month. In Florida utility companies, you can get discounts like budget billing, which can prevent major fluctuations in the cost of electricity because of seasonal usage.

Food: Costs for groceries in the region are similar to the majority of Florida as well as across the US with prices that are close to average. In general, you can expect to pay between $200-$400 per month for groceries based on the size of your family and the frequency of shopping.

The overall cost of living in the Colonialtown North neighborhood in Orlando FL is fairly comparable to other areas in Florida as well as the US. The most significant factor for the majority of residents is cost for housing which can be high, however, they vary greatly based on the type of option the person is searching for. If you’re prepared it is possible to create a feasible choice for working or living.

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Local Economy

Colonialtown North Orlando FL’s economy is strong and diverse with many jobs for both businesses and residents. The region provides affordable housing and many investment opportunities for people who want to make a mark on the map of Central Florida. Because of its proximity to major economic hubs and numerous incentive programs for businesses, Colonialtown North Orlando FL is a great option for those who want to live in one of the most active communities.

Job Opportunities

Colonialtown’s economic health Colonialtown is helped by its proximity to Central Florida’s most important economic centers, and also its growing business sector. Colonialtown has numerous jobs for individuals from all backgrounds and local establishments like retail stores, restaurants as well as construction companies, and health providers provide jobs for people looking for jobs.

Household Income

Median household earnings for people living in Colonialtown North Orlando FL is estimated at about $40,000 annually. This figure reflects the predominantly middle-class residents of this area that serves as a residence for both professional and family members alike. There are also many affordable housing options in the region, making this area a sought-after location for those who are looking to settle in Central Florida.

Local Investment

Opportunities for local investment are abundant there in Colonialtown North Orlando FL, and many companies are recognizing the potential of this dynamic community’s vicinity to the major business centers. Smaller businesses like cafes and restaurants are often used as well as being popular venues for investors looking to invest as do larger establishments like bank branches, property companies as well as retail shops. There are also numerous investors who are actively looking for businesses in the region to aid in the expansion and growth of industry and culture within the region. In the end, Colonialtown North Orlando FL is an ideal area to reside, work, and play in thanks to its diverse economy that provides residents with a wide range of job opportunities and many opportunities for local investment. These elements make Colonialtown North Orlando FL an excellent place to reside.

Colonialtown North Orlando FL is also a desirable area for entrepreneurs and small-scale entrepreneurs, as its robust local economy offers numerous possibilities and rewards for those who are looking to establish the business of their choice. Orlando is a city that provides several enterprise zone designations that offer financial aid, tax relief as well as other incentives for companies that are located in designated areas. In addition, the Department of Economic Opportunity provides grants and other financing opportunities to assist small-scale business entrepreneurs starting or expanding their business in the region. There are numerous tools available from UCF’s Small Business Development Center that aid new entrepreneurs in everything from developing plans for their business to getting capital investment.

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Transportation Options For The Commute

The transportation system of Colonialtown North Orlando FL is vast and diverse.

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Public Transportation:

Public transportation is offered by LYNX the bus company for public use. a company that offers a variety of routes throughout the region. The cost of fares varies based on the amount of time you’ll need to travel for but the majority of trips cost under $3.00 for each person. Cash or credit cards through ticket vending machines are located at a number of the stops in Colonialtown North.

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Taxis are accessible 24/7, 7 days a week in the region. They provide door-to-door services and accept credit or cash payments. There are also ride-sharing companies like Uber and Lyft which offer similar services for people who prefer using their smartphones to reserve rides.

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Bicycling is an integral component in the transport system of Colonialtown North Orlando FL as well. The city is home to many bike paths and bike lanes that make it simple to explore the city with two wheels. Anyone looking to go further is able to use bike-sharing services like Lime or Ofo, which permit users to collect the bikes and return them at a variety of places all over the city.

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The ownership of a car is common in the area and there are a number of major highways and roads running close by. A lot of people prefer to drive their own cars or hire cars for short-term journeys. For those who don’t own an automobile, there are many rental firms at Colonialtown North that offer cars for both short-term and long-term rental.

Walking is the best way to get around the neighborhood. A lot of streets are accessible to pedestrians, with pedestrian crossings and sidewalks across the entire neighborhood. This makes going from one location to the next effortless and comfortable for people that prefer walking.

In the end, Colonialtown North Orlando FL is a great transportation hub that can meet a wide range of requirements. If you’re searching for an affordable taxi ride or exploring more with a bicycle or car There’s something for anyone in this vibrant community.

Best Neighborhoods in Orlando - Colonialtown North Orlando FL Annual Weather

Average Annual Weather

The weather that is typical of Colonialtown North Orlando, FL can be classified into four seasons distinct from each other: spring, winter, spring, and fall.

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The summer in Colonialtown is extremely humid and hot with temperatures that range from mid-90s temperatures to lows of the 70s throughout the year. The rainiest months are usually June and July, with scattered storms that bring relief to the humid air.

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Winter is cooler than the summer months with temperatures that range between highs of the 50s to low 40s on average. There are times when it snows, but the area typically gets a few inches of snow every year. It’s the best moment to visit all of Orlando’s attractions and parks.

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The cooler temperatures of fall vary from highs in the upper 80s to lows in the 60s. There is very little precipitation. This is an ideal time for outdoor activities like cycling or hiking because of the perfect weather conditions.

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Spring brings warmer weather, with temperatures that range from 80-degree temperatures to lows of 60 degrees and plenty of sunshine. March, and April are generally, the rainiest months, as storms occur frequently during these months.

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Local Tip:

Whatever time of the season you are in Colonialtown North Orlando there is always something to take in or visit! From the outdoors to theme park excursions, there’s truly something for anyone in this amazing city. Enjoy your stay!

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Education System Of Colonialtown North

The educational system in Colonialtown North Orlando FL is one that is committed to giving students a high-quality education. The school district has both private and public schools, in addition to the full range of services available to its students.

Public Schools:

The public schools in the region are administered through Orange County Public Schools. The district consists of around 192 schools with over 190,000 students as well as 13,000 teachers. The district provides grades K-12 and is focused on providing a high-quality education for every student regardless of their background or degree. Apart from the essential subjects like English mathematics, science, and math students in public schools may have the option of pursuing their interests by taking elective classes in music, art technology, and many more.

Charter Schools:

There are also a number of charter schools located in Colonialtown North Orlando FL that provide a different path to education. They offer an individualized education that is based on the individual strengths and interests of each student. They are typically smaller in size and have an emphasis being on teacher-student interaction.

Private Schools:

Private schools provide a different option for education for families who decide to take this option. They typically have more strict requirements for learning, higher fees for tuition, and more competitive admission requirements than charter or public schools. Students in private schools can benefit from smaller classes and more individualized instruction in addition to the ability to participate in extracurricular events, such as music and sports teams that aren’t offered in charter or public schools.

Religious Schools:

If you are looking for an education rooted in faith, there are many religious schools located in Colonialtown North Orlando FL that offer a setting that is conducive to spiritual growth. They typically offer an education that is based on the doctrines of their religion in addition to extracurricular activities like worship services, and community service initiatives.


Certain families prefer to teach the children in their homes through homeschooling. In this kind of schooling environment, parents have the full power to decide what’s taught and the manner in which instruction is provided. Students who are homeschooled can pursue specific areas of study or pursue curricula that aren’t available in schools that are private or public and may take their time to achieve maximum achievement. There are many resources readily available for homeschoolers, including lessons online and tutoring services, and educational materials available from libraries and bookshops.

Whichever choice parents make it is certain of the fact that Colonialtown North Orlando FL has many educational opportunities that will meet the needs of their kids. Through a thorough study of the different choices available, parents are able to make an informed choice about what kind of education is best for their family.

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Colonialtown North Local Government And Infrastructure

Colonialtown North Orlando FL is supported by a variety of infrastructure and government services, such as fire and police departments, libraries, and schools, as well as public service.


The Colonialtown North Police Department is the law enforcement agency that is responsible for maintaining the safety of the community. The department is a vast team of officers committed to providing trustworthy police services in the region. They have access to the most advanced technology, including the body camera and fingerprint detection systems to assist them in their investigation. Additionally, they frequently work with other local authorities to ensure that every citizen receives equal protection under the law.

Fire Department

The Fire Department of Colonialtown North offers professional firefighting services, as well as an emergency medical aid throughout the city. The firefighters are highly skilled and equipped with modern equipment for firefighting. They are tested regularly to ensure they are capable of responding efficiently and quickly during times of emergency.


The schools of Colonialtown North are part of the Orange County Public School System. The schools span from the elementary level to high school and provide a range of academic courses for students. Furthermore, they offer a variety of extracurricular activities, including teams for sports, music and art classes, drama clubs, and many more.


Colonialtown North has several libraries which include Colonialtown North Library. Colonialtown North Library is located in downtown Orlando. The library offers a wide range of resources and services like magazines, books, digital media, research assistance, and computer access. The library also has various special programs, including classes for children and community events.

The public services of Colonialtown North are provided by several local entities. They include utilities like electricity, water, and sewerage, as in public transportation options such as taxis and buses. Additionally to these, there are a variety of opportunities for recreation available to residents such as parks, museums, as well as cultural centers. All of these amenities help create Colonialtown North an enjoyable place to live for many thousands of residents who are residents of the area.

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Things To Do

Colonialtown North Orlando FL offers an array of activities for everyone of all ages both outdoors and indoors.


Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy the beautiful trails and parks within the region like Lake Druid Park and Lake Underhill Park. Visitors can take a relaxing walk or bike ride through the trails of nature and fish in any of the many ponds or participate in organized sports events such as tennis and basketball at the courts in the area. There are also a number of golf courses within the area for players who want to improve their swing.


To enjoy a day of indoor entertainment Visitors can visit any of the museums in the area or art galleries, theaters, and shopping centers. Its Mennello Museum of American Art is worth a visit due to its collection of American artwork that spans the 20th and 19th centuries. Another attraction that is well-known is the Orlando Museum of Art, with a range of exhibits ranging from classical to modern art. Naturally, no trip to Colonialtown North is complete without visiting one of the numerous stores and centers of shopping to purchase some souvenirs or an outfit that is new.

Additionally, Colonialtown North has plenty of restaurants that serve a variety of food options for every taste. From eateries that serve fries and burgers to the more formal eateries that serve gourmet meals, There’s something for all in this area. Whatever type of entertainment you’re searching for You’re bound to discover the right place at Colonialtown North Orlando FL!

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Restaurants In Colonialtown North

Colonialtown North Orlando FL offers several eateries that cater to various preferences and tastes.

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Haan Coffee:

Haan Coffee is a neighborhood cafe in Colonialtown North Orlando FL. The venue provides a cozy and inviting atmosphere, serving freshly-brewed coffee drinks and espresso-based beverages with local roasts and syrups. There is also a selection of teas available as well as an assortment of pastries, muffins, and bagels to enjoy. Plus, the cafe features regular live music events that are sure to liven up your visit.

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El Patron Mexican Grill & Pub

It offers classic Mexican dishes including tacos al pastor, fajitas de Pollo, and burritos con carne asada. It also has a broad variety of wines, beer, and drinks. Live music on weekends enhances the party ambiance.

Colonialtown North-Restaurants

Howkers Asian Street Food:

Howkers Asian Street Food is an informal eatery located in Colonialtown North Orlando FL. This restaurant specializes in a mix of Thai, Chinese, and Japanese inspired dishes. From the simple egg roll to more daring creations like Dynamite Shrimp, patrons can enjoy a variety of flavors from this restaurant. Some popular choices on the menu include Pad Thai, Karage Chicken, Bibimbap Bowls, and Takoyaki.

Whatever food you’re craving, Colonialtown North Orlando FL offers something for anyone. With its wide variety of restaurants, there’s certain to be an experience that will satisfy your cravings.

Colonialtown North-Parks


Colonialtown North Orlando, FL area is home to numerous local parks that provide visitors with a variety of outdoor activities. From picnic and playgrounds to trails for cycling, hiking and walking, there’s numerous possibilities for outdoor fun. Here are the top four parks in the region:

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Colonialtown Square

Colonialtown Square Park in Colonialtown North is a lively and peaceful park situated within the heart of Orlando, Florida. This is a multi-use park that offers a variety of recreational activities for residents and visitors alike.

The park has a variety of facilities, including two playgrounds with two tennis courts, two basketball courts two sand volleyball courts, as well as an open area that is surrounded by mature, lush trees. The playground equipment was created with safety and enjoyment in mind. It features swings, slides as well as climbing structures, and other features for children of all ages.

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Moss Park

This vast park covers more than 400 acres across Lake Mary Jane and consists of a variety of habitats, including woodlands, wetlands, and scrublands. It has numerous trails for walking and biking, in addition to canoeing, and fishing on the lake. It also has playgrounds for dogs, a dog park as well as picnic spots.

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Lake Underhill Park

The park is situated close to the Orlando Executive Airport, this park is a favorite among runners who enjoy its picturesque walking trail along Lake Underhill. Other amenities include numerous tennis courts and two play areas, and an outdoor pavilion that can be utilized to host special occasions all through the season.

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Barnett Park

This sprawling park in the suburbs offers many things for all ages, including soccer fields, baseball courts, tennis courts, volleyball courts, and an outdoor recreation area with an outdoor pool. There are numerous paths for walking and picnic spots along with a playground for youngsters.

Whatever type of recreational activity you’re interested in there’s bound to be an area located in Colonialtown North Orlando that is the perfect fit for your requirements. With so many options there’s no problem finding something exciting and enjoyable to do outside. So, get outside and explore everything this area offers!

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Is Colonialtown North Safe To Live In

Being a resident of Colonialtown North Orlando, FL is a secure and relaxing experience. Colonialtown is a safe area with very low rates of crime generally with violent crimes happening at a lower rate than the average. Crime in the property sector is slightly more than average but nevertheless, it is still relatively low.

The neighborhood itself is awash with security features that make it an appealing area to live in. It has well-lit streets, walkways, and a variety of parks in the neighborhood that are supervised by police officers on a regular basis. There are also security cameras set up around specific areas of the neighborhood to deter crime.

Colonialtown North is also home to numerous nearby restaurants and shops that bring more foot traffic to the area during the daytime hours, as well as enhance security for the people who visit these establishments from dusk until dawn. The area is also served by numerous major roads and highways that are closely controlled by local law enforcement agencies.

Overall being a resident of Colonialtown North Orlando, FL is a secure and safe environment. With its many security features and low crime rate, it’s a great place for people looking for peace and a safe space. There are also many activities nearby that will fill your day with excitement and fun!

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Why Should I Live Here

Colonialtown North is a great location to live in. Here are some of the reasons:

The location: Colonialtown North is conveniently located and offers an easy connection to downtown Orlando and everything it offers. It is possible to take advantage of a variety of dining, shopping, entertainment, nightlife, and cultural sites within walking distance, or just a quick drive away.

Security: Colonialtown North is one of the safest areas in Orlando because of its strong community spirit, active neighborhood watch program, and police presence.

In the area, there are excellent public schools, such as Lee Middle School and Boone High School, both of which are among the top in Florida. There are also a number of private schools located in the area that offer a wide range of options for parents.

Parks and Recreation: Colonialtown North is home to many parks and recreational facilities such as the stunning Lake Eola Park, which includes a walk-through path along the perimeter as well as picnic areas, playgrounds, and huge grasses for outdoors activities.

Diversity: The community is home to residents from every walk of life – families, young professionals, retirees, and so on – making the neighborhood a lively atmosphere in which everyone is welcome.

These are only a few of the reasons Colonialtown North is such an appealing place to live. Apart from these amazing features it also offers many homes that are priced at a variety of levels and you’ll be able to find something that is within your budget. If you’re looking for an easy, safe, and fun area to live in then look for no other place than Colonialtown North!


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