Colonialtown South Orlando FL

January 9, 2023 | Camila Salamanca
Colonialtown South Orlando FL

Colonialtown South is located in the middle of sunny Orlando, Florida. It’s located within Orange Avenue and Mills Avenue to the south of Downtown Orlando. It also has easy access to many stores, restaurants entertainment and entertainment venues, major highways, and public transport routes, as well as nearby attractions such as Disney World and Universal Studios. With its convenient area, distinctive style, and lively life, Colonialtown South is an ideal place to explore or call your home!

Best Neighborhoods in Orlando - Colonialtown South Orlando FL History

Colonialtown South History

Colonialtown South is a vibrant neighborhood located in the middle of Orlando, Florida. The neighborhood has experienced numerous changes throughout the years and its past is reflected in the streets and buildings.

In the early days, the area was used primarily for hunting and grazing cattle. In 1889 the land was split into parcels that were later sold to settlers who built establishments and houses. Many of the original buildings remain in place today, giving the region a distinct sense of time.

Later on, the majority of this land was urbanized thanks to more subdivisions and businesses. The area was given the name Colonialtown South and many of the new structures were constructed in the famous Art Deco style. The distinctive architectural style is present throughout the neighborhood which makes it among Orlando’s distinctive neighborhoods.

The 1950s brought more growth with shopping malls modern condominiums, and single-family homes appearing in the vicinity. A lot of these structures are still in existence and provide a fascinating mixture of modern and old designs.


Colonialtown South Today

At the present, Colonialtown South is well recognized for its small-scale restaurants, bars, galleries, and boutiques. It is now a major hub for city living in Orlando and is easy to get downtown by the public transport system or by automobile. There are parks and recreation areas throughout the neighborhood, making it a wonderful area to live in and explore. Colonialtown South is an area with a rich history that presents a wealth of possibilities for those who wish to take in the city life of Orlando. 


Cost of Living

Living expenses in the Colonialtown South neighborhood in Orlando, FL is relatively low when compared with other parts of Florida. 



The cost of housing in the region has about a median house price of $300,000 for 3 bedrooms in a house. Renters can rent 3-bedroom homes starting at around 3,000 per month. The costs of utilities such as electricity and water cost around $200 per month, with some discounts for those who select more energy-efficient options.


Transport is also reasonably priced in the region, with a variety of alternatives for transporting yourself to work, such as taxis, buses, and ride-sharing companies like Uber as well as Lyft. Additionally, Orlando International Airport is located only 20 minutes away which makes it simple to travel around the United States.


General Goods & Services

Food items are usually affordable in part due to the existence of numerous significant supermarkets that are located close by. Customers can find a range of fresh vegetables, fruits, and other essentials for a reasonable price at these stores.

All in all, Colonialtown South offers an affordable cost of living and many amenities to simplify life for the residents. This makes it a desirable choice for people who are looking to relocate into the area or go on vacation. The combination of convenience and affordability lets people enjoy everything that Orlando can offer without breaking the bank.


Local Economy

Colonialtown South Orlando FL is an economically flourishing community that offers a variety of opportunities for employment as well as household income levels and investments locally. 

Job Opportunities

There are a variety of jobs available throughout Colonialtown South Orlando FL ranging from retail shops to professional services, such as financial advisors and healthcare providers. In addition, there are numerous industries that are flourishing within the city’s boundaries, such as tourism and hospitality management, as well as technologies research and development, entertainment, and production.

Household Income

The median household income in the region is around $41,000 annually, and the median house price is in the range of $300,000, as we have mentioned.

Local Investment

Local investments have helped boost the growth that has occurred in Colonialtown South Orlando FL. Startups in the tech sector as well as local eateries as well as small retail stores were able to get aid from the city to increase their business. Furthermore, this has allowed them to create more jobs and boosted salaries for residents. Additionally, the city has enacted numerous programs to assist local businesses, including grant and tax incentive programs for entrepreneurs.

In the end, Colonialtown South Orlando FL is a rapidly growing community with an impressive economy. With jobs, income levels, and investment opportunities that help local businesses, it’s an ideal area to live and work in. The people who live there enjoy access to amenities like entertainment districts, shopping centers, parks, and museums, which make it the perfect destination for those who are looking for economic advantage and a high quality of life.


Transportation Options For The Commute

Transport is a major concern in Colonialtown South Orlando FL, and is most commonly accessible via taxi, car, or public transportation. 


Public Transportation

The public transportation system is operated by LYNX with buses that serve the entirety of downtown Orlando as well as adjacent areas.



Taxis are also offered by several businesses operating in the region and offer affordable rates for getting around town or to other nearby locations. 



Cycling is another method of transportation for traveling around because of the city’s flat terrain. There are dedicated bicycle lanes along several streets throughout the city. In addition, there are a variety of bike rental companies that offer bicycles and safety gear for people who do not own their own. 



Cars are the main mode of transport for many residents and visitors alike which allows them to move easily and quickly. 

In general, the transport system of Colonialtown South Orlando FL is created to meet the requirements of both visitors and residents with a wide range of alternatives. From taxis and cars to public transport, there’s a variety of options to travel and explore the region. Whatever method you decide to use to travel, Colonialtown South Orlando FL offers something for all.


Average Annual Weather

 the temperatures all year round within Colonialtown South Orlando FL remain pleasant, but there are seasonal fluctuations that bring cooler or warmer temperatures based on the season.



The summer In Colonialtown South Orlando FL is humid and hot. The temperature ranges from the mid-80s up to the low 90s, but there are also heat waves that can reach the upper 90s or even higher. The summer months are characterized by frequent thunderstorms, especially in the afternoon and late evening time. The high humidity levels make it feel like it’s even hotter outside.



The winter at Colonialtown South Orlando FL brings cooler temperatures and highs that range between the mid-50s and the low 70s. The lowest temperatures typically reach the 40s during the night and occasionally cold spells, which can bring temperatures to below freezing. It rains all through the season and can get quite dense at times.



The autumn In Colonialtown South Orlando FL starts out warm and then temperatures drop throughout the months of December and January. The average temperatures are typically around 70 degrees during this time of year, with temperatures ranging between 50-60 degrees in the evening. The rainfall is particularly high from October, with frequent showers and thunderstorms through the end of November, when dry conditions are beginning to set in.



The spring season of Colonialtown South Orlando FL brings an influx of warmer temperatures, with temperatures slowly increasing to the 80s between mid-April and into May. The chance of rain is again common at this time of year as storms are more frequent during springtime months. The temperatures remain moderate with the lowest temperatures typically being at or above 50 degrees according to the weather conditions.


Local Tip

Make sure to wear a light jacket or sweater to go to Colonialtown South Orlando FL to keep warm during colder nights and days. It is also recommended to wear rain gear as showers are commonplace throughout the year!


Education System of Colonialtown South

Whatever kind of education you’re searching for You can find that within Colonialtown South Orlando FL. If a charter school, public school institution, private school and religious schools, and homeschooling are the most suitable choice for the family you live with, you’re bound to find the ideal solution that fits your education needs.

Public Schools

Public schools within Colonialtown South Orlando FL run through Orange County Public Schools, which runs more than 200 elementary, middle, and high schools. The schools provide a range of programs that are designed to meet the needs of all children, not just students with learning disabilities, or special requirements. The curriculum concentrates on the essential disciplines of reading, writing mathematics, science, math, and social sciences, as well as foreign language instruction, technology, and physical education classes. Students in high school can choose from a variety of electives, including music appreciation, art history as well as computer science. Furthermore, Orange County Public Schools offers gifted programs for qualified students.

Charter Schools

Alongside conventional public school options within Colonialtown South Orlando FL, charter schools are also accessible. Charter schools are publically funded however, they are privately run which allows them to be more flexible in their approach to education. They usually have smaller classes and more specialized curriculum that focuses on particular areas or sets of skills. Many charter schools in this region also strongly emphasize STEM subjects (science engineering, technology, and mathematics).

Private Schools

Colonialtown South Orlando FL includes an array of independent middle, elementary and high schools that cater to students of all backgrounds. They typically have smaller classes than public schools and offer a broad academic curriculum starting from pre-kindergarten to twelfth grade. Private schools may also be specialized in specific areas, such as the sciences or the arts, or even science and technology.

Religious Schools

A number of religious schools are situated within Colonialtown South Orlando FL. These schools offer the education of children from pre-kindergarten to the 12th grade and usually focus on creating an environment of morality and faith and high-quality academic instruction.


The option of homeschooling is offered to families within the region. According to Florida legislation, all parents have to enroll their children in the district school or an approved homeschool program by the district prior to starting homeschooling. Parents can choose to use the curriculum offered by the local school district or by a private school, or design their own curriculum to meet the state’s standards. Some homeschools also use online classes to complement traditional education.


Colonialtown South Local Government And Infrastructure

Colonialtown South Orlando FL is serviced by the Orange County government and has an efficient infrastructure for the entire range of public services.


The police department in the area is highly experienced police officers committed to keeping residents of Colonialtown protected and safe.

Fire Department 

There are numerous fire stations strategically placed within the area that provide quick responses for any emergency situation that might occur.


In terms of the education system, Colonialtown South Orlando has several elementary schools as well as middle and high schools, that offer a high-quality education to the people of the community. 


The library in the local area provides access to books as well as other educational materials for children and adults alike.

In general, Colonialtown South Orlando is an active community that is well-served by the local government, as well as the infrastructure of police stations and libraries, fire stations schools, and other public services. Residents of Colonialtown South Orlando are proud of the amenities of their neighborhood and love belonging to this thriving community. 


Things To Do

Colonialtown South in Orlando, FL is a place that is filled with things to do both outdoors and indoors. No matter if you’re seeking an outing with family members or a day of activities, Colonialtown South has something to give all. From outdoor activities like fishing and biking to indoor entertainment options like cinemas and music venues. There are plenty of things to do in this vibrant region of Orlando.



If you’re looking to experience the great outdoors, there are numerous parks and trails offering opportunities for biking and fishing, hiking and canoeing, kayaking stand-up paddleboarding, and more. Numerous state parks provide camping spots so guests can take advantage of the outdoors without having to stay in hotels. For a fun day out with family, friends, and visitors can enjoy famous destinations such as Harry P. Leu Gardens with stunning botanical gardens with lake views and a variety of walking trails.


For those who prefer indoor entertainment, Colonialtown South is home to numerous bars, restaurants, and shopping centers such as Colonial Plaza. There are a variety of cinemas, including Regal Cinemas Waterford Lakes, which has showtimes of the most recent films and special screenings. There are numerous arcades, comedy clubs, and bowling alleys within the region for families to enjoy a day of fun for the whole family. For those who want to get lost in the music scene, there are numerous live music venues that feature a wide range of shows from local bands. To experience something unique visitors can visit the historical locations that make up Colonialtown South like the Downtown Orlando Fire Museum which is located in an older firehouse. You can also visit the Orange County Regional History Center. 


Restaurants In Colonialtown South

Whether you’re in the mood for lunch or dinner, Colonialtown South Orlando, FL offers something for every person. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for Asian-Mexican- at Tako Cheena, steaks and fish from RusTeak Thornton Park, or the traditional Japanese food at Bikkuri Sushi Noodle & Grill There’s bound to be something that will fill your stomach. Come and explore the tasty menu from Colonialtown South Orlando today!


Tako Cheena 

is a restaurant that is located at Colonialtown South Orlando, FL. It is a specialist in Asian-Mexican Fusion food and has gained a reputation for its unique interpretations of street food of both cultures. Its menu offers dishes like Korean Fried Chicken Taco with spicy Kimchi Slaw as well as Sriracha mayo Kimchi Quesadilla with Monterey Jack cheese and mango salsa, Spicy Pork Belly Ramen Noodle Bowls made with miso broth, and many more. In addition to traditional Mexican favorites like tacos burritos and quesadillas, TaKo Cheena also offers unique flavors, such as its signature Bao Sliders which are buns stuffed with various ingredients such as bulgogi beef or Shiitake mushrooms.


RusTeak Thornton Park

is another restaurant at Colonialtown South Orlando, FL. It’s a steak- and seafood restaurant that puts an emphasis on local produce and tastes. The menu offers dishes such as Brisket Fries made with home-made pimento cheese and jalapenos grilled, Seared Day Boat Scallops presented atop the bed of smoked bacon succotash fresh Seafood Ceviche made from Gulf shrimp red snapper, freshwater and citrus fruits, crisp Fried Oysters with apple slaw and many more. The meats used are all sourced from nearby farms that employ sustainable methods of farming to ensure the highest quality and freshness possible.


Bikkuri Sushi Noodle & Restaurant

Is a Japanese sushi restaurant in Colonialtown South Orlando, FL. The menu is focused on traditional Japanese dishes with a modern twist. Some of the most requested dishes include Edamame Dumplings served with spicy mayo, Tuna Pizza topped with jalapenos and avocados, Chicken Katsu Curry served with white rice that has been steamed, and many more. Bikkuri Sushi also offers a wide range of sushi rolls created with the freshest ingredients such as shrimp tempura as well as salmon, tuna, and Eels. They also offer traditional ramen soups like Tonkotsu as well as Shoyu Ramen, which are guaranteed to delight.



Whatever you’re seeking, Colonialtown South has something for all! If you’re into fishing or sports or like to spend time outdoors, there are plenty of parks available. From views of the lake to forest trails, they offer many things to do and breathtaking landscapes which will make your stay unforgettable. Come out and discover the many things Colonialtown South offers!


Lake Druid Park

Located in the middle of Colonialtown South, this popular park has an array of activities for all. With a huge lake, a variety of hiking trails, picnic areas with playgrounds, and picnic areas, it’s simple to stay for a full day there. The lake is full of bluegill, catfish, and bass for anglers. You can also hire kayaks, canoes, or paddle boats in order to discover the lakes. On land, there are courts for pick-up games and golf courses that run around the lake.


Hampton Park

Situated just to the south of Lake Druid Park sits Hampton Park. This sprawling park has several sports fields – which include two baseball diamonds as well as soccer fields, tennis courts, and an outdoor playground. There are also pathways for walking as well as picnic areas and grills for an outdoor barbecue.


Big Tree Park

Situated on Lake Underhill, this popular park is home to a number of miles of walking trails that weave through the forest-lined shoreline. There are fishing docks and three boat ramps and a picnic spot. The park is ideal for bird watching and other opportunities to observe wildlife.


Park Lake Park

This hidden gem is located inside Colonialtown South and features around eight acres with beautiful views of the lake and city and rolling hills. There are benches to sit on and trails to jog or simply enjoy a stroll. It’s a wonderful place to go to take a break in a peaceful setting.


Is Colonialtown South Safe To Live In

Residents living in Colonialtown South Orlando FL are generally regarded as secure. The neighborhood is not a high crime area and the presence of police is high. Most residents are welcoming and friendly. There are many local businesses that offer jobs or other services to people living in the area. In addition, there are many recreation, parks, and entertainment options close by for guests to enjoy.

The area also has great schools for students from elementary school to high school, giving them an outstanding education and extracurricular activities such as clubs and sports teams. There is plenty of public transportation in the city, so it’s not difficult to get around as well. People can easily reach downtown Orlando and other areas of town without traveling too far.


Why Should I Live Here

Colonialtown South has something to provide everybody. Residents have access to a range of facilities, including parks and community events, as well as dining establishments, shopping centers, and entertainment spots. There is an extremely positive sense of community among its friendly inhabitants, who are always eager to help or join together for an evening of fun. There are many choices for education, with many schools and colleges within a short distance.

Alongside its great area, Colonialtown South is also well-known for its security. Colonialtown South is frequently patrolled by police officers, and it has numerous street lights that ensure that residents are secure throughout the day. The overall experience of staying in Colonialtown South neighborhood of Orlando is the most desirable of both worlds: an upscale residential area that is easy to access urban amenities and other activities. With its warm and welcoming vibe with a secure and safe area, it’s not surprising that many choose to make this thriving area their residence.

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