Dover Shores West Orlando FL

January 5, 2023 | Sandra Fernandez
Dover Shores West Orlando FL

Dover Shores West Orlando FL is situated in the middle of Orlando, Florida. It is located from Interstate 4 and within the vicinity of Universal Studios and SeaWorld. The area is known for its accessibility to major highways, including I-4 408, 417, 408, and 528. Furthermore, it is located near the International Drive entertainment corridor and is just a short drive from the area. The residents of Dover Shores West can also have the convenience of being close to downtown Orlando as well as at the Mall at Millenia shopping mall and a wide range of eateries and bars as well as other places to visit. Apart from its location in a convenient area residents will appreciate its neighborhood as peaceful and comfortable and easily accessible to numerous amenities like parks, schools, and recreation areas.

There are numerous public transportation options within the region to travel around. Dover Shores West is an ideal location for those who are looking for an easygoing lifestyle with easy access to everything that Orlando offers. There are numerous close-by attractions like Disney World, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld. Furthermore, it’s just one short drive away from the dining and shopping possibilities that are available on International Drive and other areas located in Central Florida. It’s a great place for those who prefer the comfort of their home while enjoying easy access to Central Florida’s thrilling attractions.

Dover Shores West History

Dover Shores West neighborhood in Orlando, Florida is a historic community that has grown throughout the decades. It was named “Frog Hollow” as it was part of the first settlement of the city founded in 1812 by Calvin Smith and Mary Ann Smith in 1812.

The region was mostly urban until the 50s when it saw the growth of growth. This included commercial and residential construction, which gradually increased the number of residents living in the region. The neighborhood started to develop in this period, by building new houses to replace the old ones. They also created the street grid that was typical of suburban neighborhoods in the early years.

In the 1970s Dover Shores West had become one of Orlando’s most sought-after neighborhoods. It was a sought-after family-friendly area with excellent schools and a wide range of activities outdoors. The neighborhood was home to many famous restaurants and businesses like the Orange Bowl, which hosted numerous national championship football games in the period.


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Dover Shores West Today:

Nowadays, Dover Shores West is an attractive area to live in for many families living in Orlando. The streets are filled with lush greenery, mature trees, and plenty of paths for walking or running. There are numerous parks in the vicinity where residents can take advantage of outdoor recreation or just sit in their backyards. The schools are top-of-the-line and there are plenty of eateries and shops to visit in addition. Overall it’s still a vibrant community with a strong connection to its past.

Despite the many changes that have taken place through the decades, Dover Shores West still is one of Orlando’s top communities to live in. It is a wonderful mix of old-fashioned charm as well as modern amenities which makes it a perfect area for those seeking an enjoyable and secure area to live in. From its distinctive historical past to the present day, there is something for every person. That’s the reason why many people like the idea of calling Dover Shores West their home.

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Cost Of Living

The cost of living in the Dover Shores West neighborhood in Orlando FL is relatively low when compared with other metropolitan cities.

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The median value of a home in the area is approximately $270,000. This is significantly less than in other parts of the city. Furthermore, the housing costs are quite affordable with a monthly rent of about $1500 per month for one bedroom apartments.

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The transportation costs in the Dover Shores West neighborhood are relatively affordable with bus tickets at a cost of around $2 per journey. Walking is also an excellent alternative since the area is fairly flat and can be reached in less than 20 minutes on foot. Uber-style rides also are accessible for those who need to travel quickly. The closest airport can be found at Orlando International Airport which provides an easy connection to cities within Florida in addition to other cities. This makes the area a perfect area to live in for those who are looking to cut costs while being able to access the amenities they require.

General Goods & Services:

Electricity bills in this region are also affordable due to the abundance of wind and solar farms that are located close to them. The average electricity cost is approximately $90 per month which makes it an ideal location to live in if you’re seeking to save money on your utility bill.

Food items can be purchased at numerous local stores like Walmart and Publix Prices range from cheap to expensive based on the items you purchase. There are also organic products and other products in Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s for more expensive prices.

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Local Economy

Dover Shores West Orlando FL is located in the beautiful Orange County area of Central Florida. The economy of this area has been steadily growing over the past few years and it is now becoming a destination for businesses, entrepreneurs, and families alike. There are numerous opportunities available here such as real estate investments, office spaces, retail outlets, and other enterprises.

Dover Shores West Orlando FL boasts a diverse and dynamic economy. The business climate is friendly and inviting, with plenty of resources available to help entrepreneurs launch their businesses. There are numerous start-up companies in the area, as well as established enterprises that have seen tremendous growth over the years.

Job Opportunities

Dover Shores West is located in Orlando, Florida, and boasts impressive economic growth. It has a broad range of employment opportunities, and its top industries are technological and professional services.

Household Income

The average household income for the region is $98,502, which is considerably higher than the median national family income which is $63,179. This suggests that the region offers a variety of well-paying jobs which include those in the two major industries.

Local Investment

The investments made locally visible throughout Dover Shores West show just how much money is flowing through the community. Large corporations are investing in new developments, such as townhomes and luxury residences and retail stores are appearing throughout the region due to the demand for products for consumers in this wealthy region.

Alongside the investments, There are a variety of job opportunities available at Dover Shores West. There are a lot of medical facilities and services within the region and several professional companies including finance and legal services. The growing tech industry has also contributed to the growing need for skilled workers due to the major players like Lockheed Martin and Siemens which are based close to Lake Nona Innovation Park.

Dover Shores West Orlando FL’s economic state Dover Shores West Orlando FL is certainly booming and provides many possibilities for those who are looking to make a career change or even start an enterprise of their own. With its high-quality employment market, appealing housing choices as well as impressive investments from local investors,, it’s not surprising that there are so many people making the move to this vibrant community.

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Transportation Options For The Commute

Dover Shores West Orlando FL has a robust and reliable transportation system that gives residents efficient routes to travel. The city is serviced by LYNX The Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority. The system is a public bus service as well as paratransit services for disabled people or people who are struggling financially. These routes can be ideal for commuters heading towards the downtown area of Orlando as well as Winter Park, as well as other locations within the region. Furthermore, I-4 East/West Expressway runs through Dover Shores West Orlando FL. I-4 East/West Expressway runs through Dover Shores West Orlando FL and allows residents to easily get to other areas such as Tampa as well as Daytona Beach.

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Public Transportation:

Public transportation is another alternative for residents living in Dover Shores West Orlando FL. The Lynx bus service is available throughout the area, allowing the ability to travel to downtown Orlando as well as theme parks, malls, and other areas across Central Florida.

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Taxis are accessible throughout the region, allowing passengers to get to their destination. Uber, as well as Lyft service, are offered along with a variety of other ride-sharing services.

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Bicycles are also a well-known mode of transportation throughout Dover Shores West Orlando FL. There are a variety of designated bike lanes in the region, as well as trails that connect the most popular locations. There are also a variety of bicycle rental firms that provide affordable and easy alternatives for moving around the town.

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Cars are the most sought-after mode of transport for residents of Dover Shores West Orlando FL due to their easy position near major freeways. There are a variety of parking garages and lots all over the area which makes it simple to find a parking space near where you want to get to.

All in all, Dover Shores West Orlando FL offers a wide range of options for transportation for getting around the area and further. If you’re taking taxis, public transportation, cars, or bicycles You can be assured that you’ll arrive at your destination swiftly and securely.

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Average Annual Weather

Dover Shores West Orlando FL has a humid and hot subtropical climate. All throughout the entire year, the temperatures stay mild and warm, with occasional cold fronts that occur from December through February. The average temperature during the summer months is 88degF (31degC) and the low temperatures average generally about 72degF (23degC). The temperature in winter is a little lower, generally fluctuating between 62-75degF (17-24degC).

Dover Shores West Orlando FL is well-known for the sunshine that it offers with an average of 255 days of sunshine each year. The region also has 13 hours of sunshine in summer and 11 hours in winter, due to its location near the Equator. This is what makes Dover Shores West Orlando FL an ideal location for outdoor activities throughout the year!

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The summer at Dover Shores West Orlando FL is extremely humid and hot, with temperatures that range from the mid-80s during the daytime to the mid-70s by night. There’s usually a decent amount of rain during the summer season, however, storms can also be common. In addition to the heat and humidity, the high concentrations of UV radiation make sunscreen a must for outdoor activities.

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In wintertime at Dover Shores West Orlando FL temperatures vary from the low 60s to 40s throughout the day and may drop to the 30s at night if needed. Although snowfall is not common in this region of Florida there are occasions when light frost may occur on occasion. The frequency of rain is lower than in the summer months since it is often used as an insulator against cold fronts moving into the area from the north.

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The fall season In Dover Shores West Orlando FL offers cooler temperatures, with temperatures that range from 70-80 degrees during the day, and temperatures as low as 50 degrees at night. As autumn approaches, rainfalls and temperatures begin to drop until winter is upon us. It is the perfect season for outdoor activities before the cold winter months begin.

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The spring season at Dover Shores West Orlando FL is a lovely time of the season, with cool temperatures during the day that range from the mid-60s to the low 80s. The rainfall is increasing as the flowers begin to bloom and thunderstorms increase in frequency. The time of year also sees the rise in humidity which makes the outdoors more pleasurable.

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Local Tip:

Whatever the weather it’s an excellent idea to pack layers to visit Dover Shores West Orlando FL. The temperature can alter rapidly and suddenly, therefore being prepared is essential for an enjoyable outdoor adventure! Summer months at Dover Shores West Orlando FL are characterized by high levels of heat and UV radiation. Sun protection is vital when you’re outdoors even in the event of cloudy or overcast weather. Be sure to wear sunglasses along with a hat and sunblock when you visit the region! Be sure to drink ample amounts of water during the course of the day.

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Education System Of Dover Shores West

The educational system in Dover Shores West Orlando FL comprises both schools that are both private and public. Public schools are a component of the Orange County Public School District and private schools comprise the Montessori school, Waldorf, Christian based, and secular schools.

Public Schools:

The Orange County Public School district serves Dover Shores West Orlando FL with 45 elementary schools as well as 10 middle schools. There are also eight high schools. The schools are free for students who live within the city’s borders. Many of these campuses have modern facilities and technological features which enhance education for students.

Charter Schools:

Dover Shores West Orlando FL is also served by a variety of local charter schools, which provide an individualized method of education than traditional public schools. The charter schools within the region are open to enrollment which means that anyone can enroll if they satisfy the school’s requirements. Charter schools focus on teaching fundamental subjects including math and language arts.

Private Schools:

Private schools located in Dover Shores West Orlando FL differ greatly in terms of size, curriculum, and price. These are schools that are not funded by the public that provide alternative learning choices for parents seeking the best learning environment for the children of their household.

Religious Schools:

There are many religious schools located in Dover Shores West Orlando FL that allow students to learn from a religious perspective. A majority of them offer academic and spiritual instruction to encourage the personal development and growth of students in a secure environment. The majority of religious schools also have the highest priority on community involvement, which allows students to get more involved in their community.


Homeschooling is a popular educational option for students in Dover Shores West Orlando FL and allows parents the flexibility to offer their children an individual learning experience. Parents must fulfill state-mandated requirements in order to teach their children at home and are responsible for providing all the resources and curriculum required for their child’s education. Many homeschoolers join co-ops or other learning organizations that allow them to receive support from other families that have chosen the same path to education.

All in all, Dover Shores West Orlando FL offers a range of educational programs that will meet any family’s requirements. Whichever school you select, children are always able to develop and learn in this bustling city.

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Dover Shores West Local Government And Infrastructure

Dover Shores West is a tranquil, residential neighborhood located in the city of Orlando, Florida. The local administration and infrastructure are responsible for maintaining Dover Shores West safe and offering the necessary services for residents.


The Orlando Police Department provides police security for the neighborhood. The officers are on the lookout for the neighborhood to ensure security and respond swiftly to emergencies or reports of suspicious activity.

Fire Department:

The Orange County Fire Rescue Department provides Dover Shores West with dedicated firefighters who are always on call. The firefighters have access to the latest equipment to protect the property and lives of residents from the threat of fires and other catastrophes.


Dover Shores West is within the Orange County School District. Students in the region go to Lee Middle School and Boone High School for their secondary education requirements. Elementary students may enroll in one of the local public schools, which include Barton Elementary, Lancaster Elementary as well as Thorton Park Elementary.


Residents can take advantage of a wide selection of movies, books as well as other materials in the Orlando Public Library located just several miles away. The library has access to magazines, books, and other publications along with cultural and educational programming.

Public Services:

Residents can avail of various public services, including recycling centers, garbage collection as well as street maintenance offered through the city’s Department of Public Works. Residents also are able to access high-speed internet access via Comcast Xfinity, as well as gas and electric service offered by Progress Energy.

In general, Dover Shores West is an extremely safe and welcoming neighborhood that has access to all the government services residents require for everyday life. The local government and infrastructure provide residents security knowing that their security is being taken care of and they are able to access vital sources.

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Things To Do

Dover Shores West Orlando, FL offers a range of options for individuals of all ages and interests. You can explore the outdoors, shop until you’re full, or soak in some history and culture There are numerous activities in Dover Shores West Orlando FL to keep you entertained throughout your stay.


For those who are looking for an outdoor activity nearby, Dr. Phillips Park is an ideal place to begin. This park has plenty of opportunities for recreation, such as tennis courts, sports field courts, playgrounds, and pathways for walking. Visitors can also take a trip to the numerous lakes within the region, and fishing and canoeing in addition.

If you’re seeking for something more restful rather than active activities, head to Lake Conway Chain of Lakes Park where you can admire breathtaking views while enjoying tranquility and peace. There are many places for birdwatching and wildlife observation within the park.


If you’re seeking things to do inside, Dover Shores West offers many entertainment choices. Orlando International Airport is nearby and makes it simple to attend conventions or conferences that are taking place throughout the metropolitan area. There are plenty of cinemas, arcades, and shopping centers within a short travel distance.

Dover Shores West is home to numerous museums which include The Orange County Regional History Center where visitors can discover local history and see interesting objects from the past. It is also possible to enjoy a stroll around the various art galleries all over downtown.

Whatever kind of thing you’re seeking there’s something for all ages at Dover Shores West. With a wide range of outdoor and indoor activities to choose from there’s no shortage of activities in this lively Florida city.

If you’re seeking something special, the close-by Disney Springs is an amusement park that has entertainment and rides for all different ages. With its night skies that are illuminated and live music along with shopping centers and food and drink options, It’s definitely worth a visit! In addition, Kenneth J Myers Park is a great place for taking in nature at its finest with trails, boardwalks, and birdwatching towers. To experience a bit of culture and history mixed in, visit the Orlando Science Center where interactive exhibits bring historic facts to life. It’s Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art that will surely satisfy anyone who has a passion for art, since it has one of the largest collections of art in the United States.

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Restaurants In Dover Shores West

The great restaurants of Dover Shores West Orlando FL provide a variety of cuisine options to satisfy any appetite.

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Chubbys Family Restaurant:

This restaurant is known for serving homestyle comfort food with a modern twist. Their menu includes classics like fried chicken and waffles, macaroni and cheese, and mashed potatoes. They also offer basket meals such as the Chubby’s Platter featuring a variety of Southern favorites.

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Mango’s Tropical Cafe-Orlando:

Enjoy a tasty meal at this cozy eatery, where you can find home-style cooking and Caribbean-inspired dishes. The menu features an array of items, from sandwiches and salads to burgers and wraps. Specialties include their mango chicken wrap, jerk pork sandwich, and curry shrimp bowls. You can also enjoy a spectacular Night Show! while you taste a delicious meal, all the best in one fantastic place!

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Garibaldi Mexican Cuisine:

The local favorite serves delicious traditional Mexican meals such as tacos al pastor, tortas, and chile-Rellenos. They also serve a range of homemade salsas which are guaranteed to delight your palate. If you’re seeking something that’s a bit out of the ordinary, try one of their famous dishes such as a Fish taco bowl, or shrimp Fajitas, while you enjoy real Mariachi Bands!

Whatever you’re in the mood for, Dover Shores West Orlando FL offers something to satisfy your desires. If you’re looking for traditional Southern cuisine or a delicious Mexican meal, the eateries within the area are sure to delight. Take a look at what this place offers! You won’t be disappointed.

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Dover Shores West Orlando, FL is an ideal spot to experience the natural surroundings and have fun.

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Harry P. Leu Gardens:

The park is located in the middle of the heart of Dover Shores West Orlando FL, Harry P. Leu Gardens is a 50-acre garden that has more than 2000 species of plants and trees from all over the globe, including flowering magnolias and bamboo groves, camellia trails, and butterfly gardens. The grounds also contain a historic barn and home in addition to an orange grove that visitors can wander through.

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Lake Eola Park:

The park is famous for its famous swan-filled Lake in the heart of downtown Orlando, Lake Eola Park has a jogging path around the perimeter of the park along with pools and playgrounds for kids to play on. Alongside its stunning landscape, the park also hosts an annual farmers’ market as well as numerous occasions throughout the entire year.

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Dickson Azalea Park:

The popular park located in Dover Shores West Orlando FL provides a serene location for outdoor pursuits such as walking, biking, and jogging along its sweeping trails surrounded by lush vegetation. The park is full of Azalea bushes which bloom in vibrant colors at certain seasons which makes it a great location to snap photos or simply enjoy nature’s splendor.

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Mead Botanical Garden:

In close proximity to Winter Park, this 48-acre urban oasis is home to more than 400 species of plant life, comprising exotic flowers, native grasses as well as rare and exotic trees. Visitors can wander through the gardens or take a picnic lunch under some of the shade trees. The park also provides educational programs for those looking to know more about the unique Florida environment.

There are a handful of parks located within Dover Shores West Orlando FL that have something for all. If you’re searching for an escape from the hustle and bustle of life or an adventure that is exciting You’ll find it here! With its abundant nature and lush vegetation this region is a small piece of paradise within Central Florida. Come explore and find out why so many people enjoy visiting and living in Dover Shores West Orlando FL!

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Is Dover Shores West Safe To Live In

Dover Shores West in Orlando, Florida is a safe area to reside in. It is situated near downtown Orlando which makes it easy to get to numerous tourist places of interest, including shopping and entertainment centers. The neighborhood is well-maintained with sidewalks running through the streets and lush landscaping that appears like a tranquil resort town. The crime rate is low in the area, which makes it a perfect location for families or those seeking peace and quiet to settle down.

The area is brimming with facilities like parks, schools, and recreation facilities, making it a popular destination for family members with young children. Dover Shores West also features many eateries and shops that add its attraction. In addition, the neighborhood is situated near major highways, which means residents are connected to the other parts of Central Florida.

To ensure security and safety, Dover Shores West has an intimate community of neighbors who watch out for one another. It comes with its own security department who patrols the area regularly. There are also numerous street cameras and lighting fixtures within the neighborhood that can assist in deterring crimes.

In general, Dover Shores West in Orlando is a secure place to live, offering numerous amenities and a vibrant community spirit. If you are careful about observing the most basic safety precautions and being aware of your surroundings, residents are able to enjoy living in this tranquil community without having to worry about their security or safety.

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Why Should I Live Here

Dover Shores West is an excellent neighborhood to live in. It has a wide range of amenities, including convenient access to the beach and downtown Orlando and a wide range of restaurants and shops, and is close to major universities and employers as well as excellent parks and schools and a wide range of housing options for every budget.

It’s Dover Shores West neighborhood also offers stunning perspectives from Lake Conway as well as numerous waterfront parks that have picnic areas and boat ramps which are ideal for outdoor activities. The area surrounding Dover Shores West also has many biking trails, hiking trails and tennis courts, golf courses as well as basketball courts, baseball fields, tennis courts, playgrounds, and more.

In addition, Dover Shores West boasts many restaurants that range from informal restaurants to exquisite dining establishments. It also houses a number of convenience stores and grocery stores for convenience to meet the necessities of life and a selection of boutique shops offering distinctive items from all over the world.

In the end, Dover Shores West is an ideal neighborhood to reside in because of its convenient location, a wide array of amenities, and a wide variety of housing alternatives. It has an array of amenities for all, whether you’re searching for peace and quiet to relax or a lifestyle that is full of exploration and excitement. With its numerous attractions and amenities, Dover Shores West truly is the ideal combination of suburban living and city appeal.

Furthermore, safety is top of mind In Dover Shores West which boasts one of the lowest rates for crime across the entire city. The presence of police and vigilant neighborhood watchdogs helps in ensuring that the neighborhood remains a secure and safe location to live.

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