Florida Center Orlando FL

January 10, 2023 | Camila Salamanca
Florida Center Orlando FL

Florida Center is situated in the middle of downtown, located just near an intersection with John Young Parkway and Orange Blossom Trail. It’s an ideal place for numerous local businesses and residents, as it is located within walking distance of numerous shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues. In addition, Florida Center Orlando FL is easily accessible to major highways. There are also a number of public transportation routes, including Lynx buses as well as SunRail trains, making it simple to move around the town. Additionally, it is located near the downtown area of Orlando with a myriad of things to do like Lake Eola Park, Amway Center, Universal Studios Florida as well as SeaWorld Orlando.

Additional details on Florida Center Orlando FL include the fact that it’s home to a variety of popular stores restaurant chains, businesses, and other establishments. It also offers a wide range of entertainment options like bowling alleys, movie theaters, arcades, and others. Additionally, thanks to its proximity to Universal Studios Florida and SeaWorld Orlando There are numerous things for visitors to discover when they are in the area. Its central location right in the middle of Orlando, Florida Center Orlando FL is easy to locate the things you require without needing to travel far. No matter if you’re there for leisure or business, Florida Center Orlando FL is a great destination for those who want to explore Central Florida.

Best Neighborhoods in Orlando - Florida Center Orlando FL History

Orlando History

Florida Center is a neighborhood situated in the northeast of Orlando, FL. The neighborhood was initially constructed in the mid-1960s to draw young families due to affordable housing and close accessibility to the city of Orlando. In the latter half of the 1960s and 1970s, Florida Center’s population increased quickly as residents from surrounding towns were drawn to the region.

The area continued to expand over time and became the most desirable area for young professionals because of its low cost of living as well as its accessibility to Downtown. As the population grew and businesses grew, so did the population which led to the creation of numerous new establishments, restaurants, and entertainment venues in Florida Center.


Orlando Today:

At the present, Florida Center has become one of the most sought-after areas in central Florida because of its peaceful streets, charming homes, and a short drive to downtown. The neighborhood has become loved by young professionals as well as families due to its proximity to parks, schools, and other facilities. The neighborhood is home to a lively nightlife scene and numerous unique eateries and shops which appeal to residents as well as tourists.

In the end, Florida Center is an ideal spot for those who are looking for an unhurried but practical location to reside in Orlando. It is close to the city center, it has easy access to entertainment venues, numerous housing options, and a relaxed atmosphere there’s no reason to wonder why this area is extremely well-known!


Cost Of Living

Living costs within the Florida Center neighborhood in Orlando FL differs based on the individual’s preferences and lifestyle.



The median house value for the region is $500,000. This makes it somewhat more expensive than other towns within the city. There is a wide range of housing choices available, from single-family houses to condominiums and apartments. Renters will pay around $1250 per month for one-bedroom apartments with larger 3 or 2 bedrooms can easily go over $2,000 per month.


Public transportation area is available by buses and light rails however, most residents prefer to drive their own cars. The cost of gasoline is generally about $2.50 per gallon, while parking charges in garages or on parking lots on the surface can vary between $2 and $15 per hour based on the location. The owners of cars should take into account regular insurance costs along with regular maintenance expenses for their cars.


General Goods & Services:

The median monthly electric bill for the state is about $100. Prices vary slightly across different providers. People living in this region may pay slightly higher prices due to temperatures that are warmer. The cost of groceries tends to be less expensive in this neighborhood than in downtown Orlando where the typical basket of staples is priced at approximately $30.

In general living at Florida Center can be quite an affordable alternative for those who are looking for an urban life without spending a fortune. With numerous housing options and easy access to public transport, it’s the ideal option for people looking to settle in Orlando.


Local Economy

Florida Center is an area of the city that has experienced significant growth in its economy in the last few years. In general, Florida Center is a bustling area of activity that stands out from other communities in Orlando because of its growing economy and the strong sentiment of being part of a community. It’s not a reason to be surprised to learn that Florida Center has become one of the most desirable areas to reside in Orlando.

Job Opportunities:

With such a massive residence base, Florida Center is home to numerous firms. Numerous health and tech businesses have established their operations in the area, while other sectors of business such as service-oriented companies, retail, and hospitality are also flourishing in this area.

Household Income:

A median income for a household for residents of Florida Center is estimated to be around $54k per year, with more than the average number of people with higher degrees in college or university. This impressive rate of academic success speaks volumes about the degree of prosperity that exists in this part of Orlando.

Local Investment:

In recent times, local investments have helped ensure the long-term sustainability of Florida Center. Public and private collaborations have been forged to encourage the growth of companies and organizations through incentives such as tax credits that are offered to investors who invest in new ventures that will be beneficial for the entire community. Furthermore, the city has made significant investments in infrastructure development like upgrading sidewalks road surfaces, resurfacing roads, and building parks that have fueled further economic growth.


Transportation Options For The Commute

Florida Center Orlando is an excellent city for moving around and is easily accessible to public transportation, private car service, and rental vehicles. Whatever your preferred method of transport traveling around Florida Center is easy and easy! With its variety of transport options and gorgeous surroundings, it’s not surprising that residents love living in this area!


Public Transportation:

The public transportation system available in Florida Center includes Lynx bus service. The buses run all over the city, providing connectivity between important neighborhoods and tourist destinations. 



Taxicabs are accessible all over the city and are available to book on the internet or via phone. Ride-hailing applications like Uber and Lyft offer taxi-like services within the Orlando region and provide greater flexibility than traditional taxis.



If you’re looking to hop on a bike instead of the shuttle bus Juice Bike Share offers an easy and easy method to get around the city. The bikes are accessible for only an hour or as long as one day, and bikes are available for pickup from numerous locations throughout the town.



If you’re looking to have your own car There are plenty of rental car firms within Florida Center Orlando FL, including the major national brands like Budget, Avis, and Hertz. There are also car-sharing services like Zipcar which allows customers to hire vehicles on the hour or by the day, based on their requirements.


Average Annual Weather

Overall, Central Orlando has hot and humid summers, cool springs, and winters, with a bit of cooler weather and rainy autumns when thunderstorms are likely. The entire year is full of sunshine and mild temperatures, making Central Orlando a great place to be a tourist all year round.



The Summer In Central Orlando, Florida is hot and humid. The temperatures can vary from upper 70°F to mid 90°F with high levels of humidity. The rain is typically in short showers in the summer typically in the afternoon or late into the evening. The summer storms can be quite intense however they tend to pass quickly.



Winter temperatures generally range from 55 to 75° in Central Orlando, though occasionally there will be cold snaps that can push temperatures into the 30°F and 40°F overnight. It can get very cold in these conditions, but the cold weather seldom lasts longer than a single day. It is also common to see rain however it is not as frequent as it is in spring and summer.



The fall season of Central Orlando has warm days and cool nights. The temperature is usually between the mid-80°F and low-90°F through the fall, with more humidity in comparison to other seasons due because of its proximity to the ocean. The rain is more frequent at this time of year and storms are frequent.



The spring season of Central Orlando sees a mix of cool and warm temperatures. At this time of year, temperatures are in the upper 80°F and the humidity rises due to its proximity to the ocean. It is common to see rain again typically occurring with light showers throughout the daytime. Thunderstorms are also common during this time of the year.


Local Tip:

Be prepared for any weather conditions when you travel to Central Orlando, Florida. Take a jacket that is light in the spring and winter months and umbrellas are recommended during the summer months in order to safeguard from rainy days. The summer storms could bring lightning, so ensure you are protected when you’re outdoors.


Education System of Florida Center

No matter what type of school parents pick for their children Florida has a vast range of options for education. Each type of school has its own unique advantages and challenges to be carefully considered before a decision is taken.

 In the end, the decision is the decision of the family members and must reflect their personal needs as well as values and goals. Whichever choice they make, parents can rest easy that Florida offers something for anyone in terms of education.

Public Schools:

Public schools in Florida rank among the most extensive in the country and has more than 3.7 million students enrolled in 4000 schools. The public schools in Florida include elementary middle, high and elementary schools run in conjunction with local districts of schools or boards of education that span the county. 

Middle and elementary schools offer free education to all students until grade 8. High schools provide a wider selection of courses, including technical, vocational, and college preparation programs. Certain areas also have charter or magnet schools that focus on particular topics or techniques for teaching.

Charter Schools:

Charter Schools Florida offers more than 650 charters that provide alternative modes of instruction in addition to the traditional public education system. Charter schools have no tuition fees, however, they are privately run and typically require an application for admission. Despite they are run independently, they are subject to the same federal and state guidelines as traditional public schools.

Private Schools:

The private schools of Florida are not governed by any local or state authority and can be Montessori-based faith-based or other learning institutions of different types. They offer various services, including individualized learning plans as well as additional services that public schools usually do not have. The tuition costs vary widely based on the kind of school and the location. Some might offer scholarships for students with financial needs.

Religious Schools:

Religion-based Schools Florida hosts several religious schools starting from elementary school and continuing to college-level training. Religious organizations often offer private education programs for people who want to learn in an environment that combines spiritual and academic learning. The programs typically include instruction in scripture as well as related subjects.


Homeschooling is becoming more well-liked across Florida as parents try to gain greater influence over the course of their child’s educational needs. According to Florida law, homeschooling families are required to sign up as a state entity and adhere to specific guidelines. Parents are required to offer a proper education program for their child, as well as provide progress reports that are in line with the state’s standards. 

Certain counties also require that homeschoolers undergo an annual evaluation of academic progress and submit results to the district’s educational board for examination. Additionally, certain districts might provide additional services to support homeschoolers, such as peer tutoring or guidance counselors for students who want them.


Florida Center Local Government and Infrastructure

Florida Center is an official census-designated area located in Orange County, Florida. The local authority for Florida Center is the Orange County Board of County Commissioners which makes all the major decisions that affect the community, such as the zoning regulations as well as budgeting.


The Orlando Police Department provides police services to the city in addition to enforcing laws and investigating criminals. 

Fire Department:

Its Orlando Fire Department keeps the city safe by providing emergency services, firefighting and rescue as well as an emergency response to hazardous substances, as well as medical emergency response teams.


The public schools of Florida Center are part of the Orange County Public Schools district which includes more than 180 schools. There is a range of elementary, secondary, middle, and high schools in the neighborhood. The higher education options available in the neighborhood are Valencia College and the University of Central Florida (UCF).


The residents who reside in Florida Center have access to numerous public services offered by the Orange County Government such as parks and libraries as well as recreation centers. There are many libraries in the region which include the Orange County Public Library, offering DVDs, books as well as audiobooks, and various other materials for checkout.


Things To Do

Florida Center Orlando FL offers many activities for guests to enjoy both outdoors and indoors. From thrilling attractions such as Disney World as well as Universal Studios to lush parks and vast beaches, There’s something for everyone to enjoy in Florida Center Orlando FL!



Visit the world-famous Walt Disney World Resort, where you can find 4 theme parks, two golf courses, 2 water park theaters, shopping areas, and much more! Take a dip in these warm, inviting waters at Clearwater Beach; here you can enjoy a relaxing time on the white sand beach or take a parasailing ride for the ultimate experience.

Explore the numerous lakes around Florida Center Orlando FL by kayak or canoe; the most popular lakes are Lake Apopka, Lake Tohopekaliga, and the Winter Park Chain of Lakes. Head to Island H2O Live! Water Park for a fun-filled day filled with slides, pool rides, and other fun. Hike, bike, or go camping in any of Florida’s Central Orlando’s many nature parks, including Wekiwa Springs State Park or Blue Spring State Park.


Visit some of the best museums in the city like The Orange County Regional History Center and the Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art.  Shop till you’re full in the Mall at Millenia, featuring luxurious stores such as Louis Vuitton and Prada plus many restaurants and shops all under one roof. Catch a show at the Bob Carr Theater, home to Broadway shows as well as other live shows.

Play online games like laser tag, video games, or miniature golf with Fun Spot America Theme Parks & Attractions. If you want to experience a touch of nostalgia go to Old Town for classic rides like the wooden rollercoaster along with tea cups. Enjoy a bit of culture with an excursion to the Dr. Phillips Center for Performing Arts or wander around the unique neighborhoods of the area like Winter Park or College Park.


Restaurants In Florida Center

The three restaurants serve diverse food options that will satisfy any taste. No matter if you’re searching for American, Mexican, or Mediterranean food, these establishments offer something for anyone. Come in and have great food at one of Florida Central Orlando’s top eateries.


American Grill Restaurant and Bar

Is one of the restaurants within Florida Center Orlando FL that serves traditional American cuisine. The menu offers appetizers like loaded potatoes, prawns, steak tacos and wings are the signature of the restaurant. Menu items include steak sandwiches and smoked duck focaccia. salmon grilled and their famed slow-roasted prime rib. They also serve desserts like macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, and gravy. They offer a variety of cocktails and specialty drinks to go with the food.


Border Grill Fresh Mexican

This is a Mexican restaurant serving traditional Mexican meals made with fresh ingredients. Food items include chicken flautas, queso fundido, guacamole dip tacos, and nachos. Entrees include burritos, tacos, enchiladas, fajitas and chile rellenos. They also offer a range of sides, including black beans, refried beans, and Mexican rice.


Mythos Restaurant

This is a Mediterranean restaurant situated at Florida Center Orlando FL that serves Greek-inspired cuisine. Food items include dolmades, hummus, and grape leave stuffed with hummus. Dishes include roast lamb with moussaka, potatoes, grilled seafood skewers as well as a variety of Gyros. Desserts include tzatziki sauce French fries and couscous pudding. They also have a large choice of wines and beers to accompany the dinner.



The parks that are located within Florida Center Orlando FL are one of wonderful places to enjoy your time outside in this region. With all the options available, it is easy to discover something that meets your needs, whether it’s to enjoy a picnic lunch with your family or a fishing excursion on the weekend with your loved ones. Whatever you decide to do, be sure to take advantage of the numerous parks within this area to get outdoors to enjoy nature.


Shingle Creek Trail 

Shingle Creek Trail is the name of a two-mile walking trail located in the southern area of Orlando close to Kissimmee. The land was previously utilized for cattle pastures and citrus farms prior to its conversion into a park for recreation in the latter part of the 1970s. The trail is a continuation of Shingle Creek which is one of the major headwaters of Everglades and is awash with plants and chances for bird watching and fishing, picnicking, and walking. There are many facilities along the trail, such as benches with views bathrooms, pavilions, restrooms play areas, picnic areas as well as boat docks.


Orlo Vista Park 

Is located on South Hiawassee Road in Orlando and is a well-known spot for outdoor activities. The park has tennis courts and soccer pitches playgrounds, baseball fields, and picnic areas. It also has lakes that are suitable for fishing. There are plenty of walking trails that offer stunning views of the area.


Bill Frederick Park 

Turkey Lake is one of the top parks in Florida and has a wide range of recreational opportunities, including kayaking, canoeing and swimming, and fishing. The park is sprawling and covers more than 150 acres and includes several amenities like an Olympic-sized swimming pool two lagoons for recreational use two golf discs, and numerous nature trails that can discover the nature of this region.


Moss Park 

Is located just 25 minutes away from Downtown Orlando in the bustling City of Orlando. This park flows through lush vegetation and along picnic areas, playgrounds with exercise equipment, as well as benches for relaxing. There is also space for dog owners to enjoy free-of-leash time with their furry companions.


Is Florida Center Safe To Live In

The area of Florida Center Orlando FL is generally safe, but like any urban area, there are certain areas to avoid. The airport area has seen an increase in recent years of crime It is recommended to avoid this area whenever you can. Apart from that most areas within Florida Center Orlando FL offer an extremely low rate of crime and high-quality living. The sidewalks and streets can generally be walked on without fear during daylight hours, however, it’s important to stay alert to the surroundings.

The presence of police within Florida Center Orlando FL is robust and police officers in the area take their duties seriously. Residents are able to access emergency services 24 hours a day for extra security in the event of an emergency. All in all, Florida Center Orlando FL is a fantastic area to live in for people who wish to have access to all the amenities offered by city life without having to compromise their safety. With an active police presence as well as robust security measures and plenty of possibilities for entertainment and leisure, Florida Center Orlando FL is the ideal spot for those looking for the security of a place to live.


Why Should I Live Here

Its Florida Center neighborhood in Orlando is a wonderful balance of urban and suburban living. The neighborhood is situated close to the south of Downtown Orlando This neighborhood is easily accessible to major highways as well as top tourist attractions. Its Florida Center neighborhood has something to provide all. The parks, playgrounds along with green space are ideal for families that want to engage in outdoor activities without having to move out of the city. If you are looking to shop and eat out, there are many shops, restaurants as well as grocery stores, and other facilities within the vicinity. Furthermore, the homes in this area are priced reasonably and many of them have been constructed or renovated.

In addition to its ease of use and affordability, another advantage for residents of this Florida Center neighborhood is safety. Furthermore, the schools within this neighborhood are among the best evaluated in the entire city. There are both private and public schools to choose from and a variety of options that will satisfy everyone’s requirements.

Florida Center neighborhood is an excellent choice for those who are looking for urban-suburban harmony in Orlando. Its location near major highways and other attractions and affordable housing options and a commitment to security make it a wonderful location to live in. It doesn’t matter if you’re seeking outdoor or nightlife activities, shopping or dining out; or simply an area that is safe to raise your kids, Florida Center is the place to be! Florida Center neighborhood has everything!

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