Johnson Village Orlando FL

January 10, 2023 | Camila Salamanca
Johnson Village Orlando FL

Johnson Village Orlando FL is located in Orange County, Florida, located just off the expressways 417 and 528. It is located between Windermere in the northern part, Apopka in the West, and Pine Hills to the east along with Conway as well as Southchase in the South. The neighborhood has various single-family homes and townhouses for lease or purchase. It offers amenities like pools and playing fields, walking trails, tennis courts, and walking trails. Johnson Village Orlando FL also has a range of eateries and shops within. For public transport alternatives, Lynx buses run through the neighborhood, and Sunrail stations are located just a few miles away. Johnson Village Orlando FL is situated just an hour away from the famous beaches and theme parks of Central Florida. 

Johnson Village Orlando FL is also equipped with a variety of security measures implemented. Security cameras are situated all over the streets, and these are supervised by Orange County Sheriff’s Deputies regularly. This means that Johnson Village Orlando FL is one of the most secure areas to reside throughout Central Florida. With all the features, gorgeous views, and a convenient place of residence, it’s no wonder why so many residents choose to call Johnson Village home. It truly is the epitome of the most excellent of what Central Florida has to offer!

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Johnson Village History

The early 1900s were when Johnson Village began to expand rapidly as more and more residents relocated to the region. Numerous businesses began to open their doors on Orange Avenue, providing services like grocery stores and dry goods banks, stores as well as churches and other amenities. In the 50s, Johnson Village had become an integral element of Orlando’s economy due to its bustling commercial district catering to people from across central Florida.

The movement for civil rights in the 1960s had a profound effect on Johnson Village. African-Americans began fighting for their right to demand equality of treatment. In the 60s, laws were approved to prohibit discrimination based on color, race, religion, or origin. This enabled more people to settle in the neighborhood and own their own homes. 


Johnson Village Today:

Today, Johnson Village is still an integral part of Orlando’s past and culture. Despite declining population numbers from its peak in the 1960s, it has maintained a vibrant community in which businesses continue to flourish. Johnson Village also hosts a variety of annual community events like festivals, parades, and other events that attract crowds from across the city. Johnson Village is a great location to live in and has plenty to provide its residents in the form of history, culture, and entertainment.


Cost Of Living

Living costs in the Johnson Village neighborhood of Orlando, Florida vary depending on your personal needs and requirements. However, the most essential costs can be calculated as a reference.



The typical rental cost for an apartment or a house in this region is around 1,500 dollars per month. The utilities are usually included in this amount. Homeowners can also get good bargains on homes that cost from $175K to more than $500K depending on the size and place of residence.


The cost of transportation within Johnson Village will depend on the distance to your destination and what kind of vehicle you choose to use and how often you have to drive. The average price of gasoline for the area is between $2 and $3 per gallon. Public transportation is accessible and includes taxis, monorails, buses, Uber/Lyft services, and car-sharing companies such as Zipcar. In addition, there are bike trails in the neighborhood, and the Metrorail is a way to travel to other parts of Orlando.


General Goods & Services:

The typical electric bill for one family residence in this zip code is about $82 per month (excluding taxes). If you live in smaller condos or apartments the electric bill will probably be lower than this amount. Prices for grocery items differ depending on the place you shop and what kind of products you buy. The local Publix supermarket is a favorite and usually has competitive prices. Also, customers can save money when buying from smaller shops. 


Local Economy

Johnson Village’s economy is centered on tourism and hospitality, with the majority of jobs available in the region being tied to those sectors. Tourism has been booming in recent times, leading to a number of job opportunities as well as an increase in income for residents.

Job Opportunities

Alongside the benefits to the economy that are derived from the hospitality and tourism industry in Johnson Village, there are many other opportunities for people looking for jobs in the region. These include jobs related to education (both public schools and private universities), healthcare services, retail outlets, manufacturing, construction/building trades, technology, and other industries.

Household Income

The median family earnings for Johnson Village are estimated at $52,424 a year. The median is higher than the average state for Florida (about $51,277). Despite this modest level of income when compared with other areas of Florida, there are many job opportunities in the neighborhood thanks to its proximity to Orlando as well as other important cities in the region.

Local Investment

Johnson Village is supported by the investments of nearby companies, government agencies as well as charitable foundations. The majority of these investments go into infrastructure for tourism, including hotels restaurants, and other attractions such as theme parks. Local businesses also profit from these ventures, and a lot of small-scale businesses get grants and other rewards to aid in expanding their business.


Transportation Options For The Commute

Johnson Village Orlando FL has an extensive transportation system that includes public transportation, taxis vehicles, bicycles, and taxis. It’s simple to get all over Johnson Village Orlando FL.


Public Transportation:

The public transportation system is run through the Lynx Bus System, a fleet of buses that are operated under the Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority. The bus route covers the majority of downtown Orlando and also nearby suburbs and other attractions. Customers can pay for their tickets with exact change or purchase tickets at ticket vending machines at specific stops.



Taxis are readily available at Johnson Village Orlando FL through many companies that service the region. Taxis are available from the street or reserved for specific times of pick-up. Prices vary based on distances and usually include a fee for airport services. Uber and Lyft services are available within Johnson Village Orlando FL, making it easier for users to travel without having vehicles. Both services let customers reserve rides online and provide reasonable prices for trips to and from all destinations inside Johnson Village Orlando FL.



It is also a very popular mode of transport for residents of Johnson Village Orlando FL. There are many bicycle lanes in the city and designated bike-only routes that are used by cyclists to travel in a safe and efficient manner. Bike racks at a variety of establishments provide parking spaces for cyclists while they travel.



If you prefer traveling via automobile, there are a variety of rental companies for cars in the vicinity. Car rentals tend to be more expensive than taxis. Still, they provide greater flexibility and ease for people who travel long distances or to various places inside Johnson Village Orlando FL.


Average Annual Weather

The year-round weather in Johnson Village, Orlando FL is marked by humid and hot springs, cool winters, and extended warm autumn.



In the summer months (June through August) The average temperature ranges between 72 and 90°F (22-32°C) in humidity that ranges between 50% during the daytime to 80% overnight. The amount of rain falls varies from 2-3 inches per month and can be accompanied by occasional storms that could cause flooding in some regions of the city. Sunlight is visible for approximately 9 hours per day on average, however, it is possible to expect bright sunshine for twelve hours and more if clouds are not present.



The winter season (December to February) is characterized by moderately cooler temperatures with average temperatures of 67°F (19°C). The average rainfall is 2 inches, occasionally accompanied by severe storms that could result in wind speeds of upwards of 40mph (64km/h). It is sunny for approximately 8 hours per day on average, however, it can be obscured by fog or clouds at certain times.



The autumnal season (September through November) is a time of cooler temperatures, however, there is still plenty of sun with the average temperature hovering around 84°F (29°C). The humidity levels are generally less and rainfall typically lower than an inch each month.



The spring season (March to May) is generally the best period for outdoor activities in Johnson Village, Orlando FL. The temperatures range from 65 to 85°F (18-29°C) with more humidity and rainfall of 1-2 inches every month. On average the sun will shine for 10 hours per day but it can be covered by clouds or fog at certain times.


Local Tip:

In general, Johnson Village enjoys mild temperatures all year long and lots of sunshine, making it the ideal destination for holidaymakers of all age groups. If you’re looking to escape the winter cold months or enjoy the sun during the summer months, there are plenty of activities to enjoy and do in Orlando!


Education System of Johnson Village

Whatever educational route families select for their children, Johnson Village offers a range of choices that will satisfy any student’s needs and preferences. With its wide range of private, public, or charter school options, in addition to religious schools and programs for homeschooling, the community gives students an opportunity to receive the most effective education available.

The Public School: 

Johnson Village, Orlando FL is part of the Orange County Public School District. The district is home to more than 200 schools, which include middle, elementary, and high schools. Most of these schools are brick and mortar with teachers who are certified. Certain schools offer special programs for students who have advanced academic capabilities or particular interests in fields like performing arts or technology. There are other programs available to assist students with disabilities to get access to top-quality educational opportunities.

Charter Schools: 

Alongside conventional public schools, Johnson Village also has various charter schools for its students. Charter schools are schools that are publicly funded and offer more flexible curriculum and methods of teaching than traditional public schools and often concentrate on a specific area of study such as mathematics or science. They also receive funding from the state that helps pay for their operating expenses, however, they are not a part of schools in the conventional system.

Private Schools: 

Private Schools located in Johnson Village offer a variety of education options for students who want to take a different route from public schools. They usually have tuition costs and focus on specific subjects like music or art, as well as instruction in foreign languages. Certain private schools might also have religious affiliations dependent on the institution that runs the school.

Religious Schools: 

Religiously affiliated private schools located in Johnson Village usually cater to families that have a particular faith tradition. They may provide religious education in addition to the usual curriculum and usually adhere to a strict code of behavior that students are required to adhere to.


Homeschooling is a well-liked option for families living in Johnson Village who want a more personalized education learning experience for their children. Parents usually provide or organize the curriculum materials and teach the classes at their homes, which allows the flexibility to tailor their education to the specific needs of their children and preferences. The laws for homeschooling vary between states therefore it is essential for parents thinking about this option to study local laws before making a decision. 


Johnson Village Local Government and Infrastructure

Johnson Village Orlando FL is a great place to live. It has a wide range of local government departments as well as infrastructure that provides vital services to its residents. They include police protection, fire services libraries, schools, and a variety of public services that keep the community in good shape every day.


The Orange County Sheriff’s Office offers police assistance that includes responding to calls in emergencies investigating, as well as enforcing local and state laws. 

Fire Department

The Orange County Fire Rescue Department offers fire protection services to the region. It is equipped with ambulances, helicopters and rescue boats, and paramedic units that respond to emergencies 24 hours a day.


There are many schools in the region that offer instruction from kindergarten to 12th grade. They include a number of elementary schools like Summer Hill Elementary School, which is part of the Orange County Public Schools system as well as a number of private schools, such as St. Mary’s Catholic School.


The city houses several public libraries, which include Johnson Village Public Library. The library has a wide selection of magazines, books, and newspapers, as well as computers with internet connectivity for the public to use. 


Things To Do

Johnson Village, Orlando FL has a range of entertainment for both outdoors and indoors. 



For outdoor pursuits, Johnson Village has a lot to provide. There are numerous parks that are designed to offer numerous recreational opportunities for everyone from trails for biking to playgrounds to picnic areas. Lake Eola Park is a fantastic place for fishing or strolling through the water. There is also the Orlando Tree Trek Adventure Park another place that is popular for outdoor recreation It offers a ropes course along with zip lines, as well as other challenges in the air.

There are plenty of things to explore within Johnson Village for the more adventurous. In the vicinity, there are numerous trails to hike along where you can admire breathtaking landscapes. If adrenaline-filled activities are your thing you can always take airboat trips across the local wetlands and parasail on the lake. For something different, why not go to any of the numerous farms and pick up some fresh vegetables or fruits? It’s also possible to feed animals while you’re there!


If you prefer staying inside there are plenty of options. The town is home to an impressive range of bars, restaurants, and cafes serving delicious food, drinks, and entertainment, such as live music or Karaoke. There are plenty of galleries and museums to discover, as well as numerous movie theaters where you can watch the latest movies.

These are only some ideas from the numerous activities that Johnson Village offers. With its lively cultural scene and an array of activities to choose from there’s something for all ages in this charming city! No matter if you’re seeking an enjoyable afternoon or an adventure that will leave you wanting more, Johnson Village is the perfect spot to explore. What are you waiting for? 


Restaurants in Johnson Village

Whatever type of food you need, Johnson Village has something for all! If you’re looking for fresh seafood, traditional barbeque, or Latin-inspired food. You’re bound to find something tasty at any of these eateries. Enjoy your meal!


Seafood Bandits

This Is a popular seafood restaurant located in Johnson Village, Orlando FL. The menu features freshly caught shellfish and fish dishes made with local ingredients. From ceviche to fried calamari to the famous shrimp tacos there’s something for anyone at this seafood restaurant. Each dish is prepared and seasoned to perfection and will leave you with a delicious dining experience every time you visit. Seafood Bandits also offers a wide selection of beer and wines to accompany the food.


Boomerang BBQ and Bistro

Is a great choice to eat at on the menu in Johnson Village, Orlando FL. You can find here some of the finest barbecue options in town! Smoke up classic Southern barbeque favorites like ribs pulled pork, brisket, and even chicken. All their meats are slow-cooked for succulent, tender meat each time. Boomerang BBQ & Bistro also serves a wide selection of sides, including macaroni and cheese, Baked beans, and many more.



is a Latin American restaurant located in Johnson Village, Orlando FL. The menu includes traditional recipes that originate from Mexico with a modern twist. Enjoy flavorful dishes like tacos al pastor, tamales de elote with cream and fresh cheese, enchiladas verdes with queso panela, and chile relleno de carne molida. There is also a wide range of margaritas that you can enjoy with your dinner. Birria1983 is a great spot to experience a true Latin American experience.



The four parks in this area offer Johnson Village Orlando FL residents an abundance of outdoor recreation options to enjoy. You can have a relaxing afternoon playing sports in George Barker Park or a tranquil day at Lake Fairy Park, these parks have things for all to appreciate. If you’re searching for the best option to spend the day at Johnson Village Orlando FL, go to these parks in the area and enjoy the beauty of nature.


George Barker Park

Is located in the Johnson Village area of Orlando, FL. It provides a wide range of leisure activities like courts, fields, and playgrounds for kids. There are also picnic areas for peaceful moments with your loved ones or friends. In addition, there are hiking trails that permit visitors to take in the natural beauty of the park. Because of its space and numerous facilities, George Barker Park serves as a perfect spot for outdoor recreation and leisure activities.


Gilbert McQueen Park

Is another park in Johnson Village Orlando FL. It has a variety of activities, such as courts, nature trails, and much more. The park has plenty of green space which makes it the perfect spot for taking a stroll in the sun or for other leisure activities. It also features the possibility of a picnic area and playground which allow visitors to eat lunch while taking in the breathtaking panorama.


Lake Lorna Doone Park

Is an iconic landmark of Johnson Village Orlando FL. It has a variety of attractions such as boat docks as well as fishing spots walks, beaches, and many more. There are pavilions that provide shade from the sun on hot days and outside BBQ grills to make tasty food outside. With its tranquil ambiance and stunning views, this park is the perfect place to relax after a tiring day.


Roosevelt Martin Park

Is one of the most well-known parks located in Johnson Village Orlando FL and is an ideal spot to get away from the hustle and chaos of daily life. This park offers a wide range of recreational facilities, including playgrounds, picnic spots, and walking trails. There is also an enormous lake located within the park, where people can go enjoy the peaceful view.


Is Johnson Village Safe To Live In

The community is well-maintained with lots of green spaces and beautiful landscaping. There are numerous parks within the area, with an aquatic center as well as recreational facilities for those who want to relax. There are streets lined with walkways and trees and creating a relaxing setting to enjoy a walk or bicycle ride.

Johnson Village’s security team works to make sure that residents are safe at home, offering 24/7 security patrols and cameras in the neighborhood. Furthermore, the Police station is within a couple of blocks which means that help can be arranged immediately if needed. The schools of Johnson Village have excellent ratings and provide top-quality educational programs for kids in the community. There are many after-school activities provided, giving children the opportunity to relax after school and meet new people.


Why Should I Live Here

Johnson Village is a vibrant and diverse community located in Orlando that offers its residents a wonderful location to live. The neighborhood is filled with green spaces and outdoor recreational possibilities, making it an ideal option for people who love being outdoors. The community is also close to nearby attractions, such as Universal Studios Orlando, and allows residents to access entertainment venues and make the most of everything that the city offers. Additionally, Johnson Village is home to some of the most prestigious schools in Orlando that provide a top-quality education for kids who live in the area.

The neighborhood is situated near major highways and provides easy access to downtown Orlando as well as other areas in the town. The community is well-maintained and offers a range of eateries, cafes and shops to visit. Residents also enjoy the peace that comes with living in a suburb and yet close enough to downtown Orlando. Johnson Village also has an active community association that organizes all throughout the year, including food truck rallies as well as holiday celebrations. 

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