Kirkman South Orlando FL

January 11, 2023 | Camila Salamanca
Kirkman South Orlando FL

Kirkman South Orlando FL is located in Orange County, Florida. is bordered by several major highways, the area is only moments away from all the major attractions of Central Florida, such as Universal Studios, SeaWorld Orlando and Walt Disney World Resort. Its close proximity to these top destinations makes it an ideal place for businesses and tourists alike. Along with its proximity to all the theme parks, Kirkman South also offers easy access to shopping malls as well as restaurants, supermarkets, and more for those seeking convenience, without having to sacrifice all the amenities associated with living and working in Orlando. 

There are many distinct areas that comprise Kirkman South, each offering its own distinct personality and style. The community also offers plenty of recreational opportunities for residents to take advantage of, including parks, golf courses along with walking tracks. Overall, Kirkman South Orlando FL is a great spot for tourists looking for fun days in theme parks and an excellent option for residential living for people looking for peace and tranquility to make their home.

Best Neighborhoods in Orlando - Kirkman South Orlando FL History

Kirkman South History

Kirkman South is a neighborhood that is located in Orlando, Florida. It has been in existence since the 1950s and is among the oldest areas in the entire city. The area was initially developed as an agricultural area with several large farms which produced oranges as well as other citrus products. Since the 60s, Kirkman South underwent a significant change when developers began building one-family homes on tiny lots to accommodate the increasing number of people who were moving to Central Florida from other parts of the nation.


Kirkman South Today:

In the present day, Kirkman South continues to remain a vibrant area in Orlando’s central urban area. It is comprised of traditional single-family homes and low-rise apartment structures however, it is also experiencing rapid growth thanks to new construction projects. It includes a range of local businesses like shops, restaurants, and even a theatre.

Kirkman South is close to numerous major highways and is just minutes from the city of Orlando. This makes it a desirable location for residents and tourists alike. In addition, the region is home to many green spaces, parks for public schools, churches, and other amenities that make it a perfect place to live or visit. With its rich past and vibrant contemporary scene, Kirkman South remains one of the most sought-after places to live in Orlando.


Cost Of Living

The cost of living within the Kirkman South neighborhood in Orlando, FL is relatively low in comparison to other areas of the nation.



The median price for a home in the neighborhood is about $200,000. This is less than the average for the nation. Renters will also find affordable housing prices as well with single-bedroom units averaging at just below $1,100 per month. The cost of electricity is also acceptable here. Based on the amount of usage and time of year, most households will have electric bills that range from $75 to $125 per month.


The public transportation system available in Kirkman South is managed by the Lynx bus system. most commutes for residents are extremely affordable due to the large bus network that serves this region. One-way tickets cost about $2.50, while an all-day pass is around $4.50. There are bike paths on certain streets for those who choose cycling as their primary method of transport.

In general, the costs of living within Kirkman South are quite reasonable and offer a wide range of housing options at a variety of prices affordable groceries, utilities, and relatively low transport costs. Individuals and families with a tight budget can discover a wealth of deals that won’t cost a fortune every month.


General Goods & Services:

Food items are typically quite inexpensive In Kirkman South; a basic list of groceries for four families could cost between $150 and $200 per week, based on the preference and habits of shopping.


Local Economy

Kirkman South Orlando FL is an ideal area to work and live with a thriving economy. The city is growing with each passing day as more and more people are moving into the region for work or leisure purposes. With its varied economy and appealing facilities, Kirkman South Orlando FL is the perfect area for those who are looking to relocate or invest. 

Job Opportunities:

The region is steadily increasing in both population and opportunities for employment in the last few years, which makes it a desirable option for those who are interested in moving or starting a new business. 

Household Income:

The median household income for Kirkman South Orlando FL is around $35,761 and is somewhat less in comparison to the median income of households in Florida overall. 

Local Investment:

Kirkman South Orlando FL is an excellent location for investors due to its proximity to established companies and its affordable price of living. The real estate market in this area is robust with a number of homes selling quickly at greater rates than the average region. The area also has numerous investment opportunities including high-yield rental properties and small-scale businesses that could profit from tax incentives or other incentives offered locally through the federal government.


Transportation Options For The Commute

Kirkman South Orlando FL is a vibrant neighborhood with numerous transportation options for residents. 


Public Transportation:

Public transportation is extensively used in the region with a variety of bus routes operating all day.



Taxis are a preferred option for local transportation and are readily accessible via the various taxi services that operate in Kirkman South Orlando FL. Taxis offer trips to locations within the city as well as beyond and offer a simple method of getting to and from the city. 



Bicycles are also becoming increasingly popular within Kirkman South Orlando FL, with numerous trails and bike lanes all over the region for commuters and pleasure riders alike. There are numerous bicycle rental stores within the vicinity, which allow individuals to explore the city by bicycle. With all the options, getting through Kirkman South Orlando FL has never been simpler.



If you prefer driving your own automobile There are plenty of parking spaces in addition to streets with pay-and-display machines. 


Average Annual Weather

Kirkman South Orlando, Florida has a sunny and warm climate all year round.



The summer months (June through August) are scorching hot with temperatures that can exceed 95°F (35°C). The rain is minimal in these months, and the humidity can be very high.



The winter months (January to March) in Kirkman South Orlando tend to be pleasant with temperatures between 65 and 70°F (18-21°C). There are occasional cold snaps, but snowfall is not common. The amount of rain falls increases during winter months and averages around 2 inches each month.



The fall season (September from September to December) offers pleasant temperatures in the lower 80°F (28°C) and a rise in humidity. The average rainfall is 2-3 inches per month throughout this time of year. In addition, the area is subject to occasional tropical storms and hurricanes in the autumn and summer months.



Spring (March between March and May) is a time of warmer temperatures and higher temperatures ranging between the lower 70°F (21°C) to the mid 80°F (28°C). The rain is often but not heavy and averages 3 to 4 inches monthly.


Local Tip:

Make sure to pack an umbrella and hat in case you are planning to spend time outside during the rainy seasons! Also, dress lightly during the summer as the humidity can be intense. Enjoy your stay in stunning Kirkman South Orlando!


Education System of Kirkman South

The educational system in Kirkman South Orlando FL is composed of a variety of schools. Kirkman South Orlando FL provides a range of options for education that will satisfy the needs of families searching for the ideal suitable fit for their child. Between charter and public schooling and private schools, religious schools, and homeschooling there’s something for all. 

Public Schools:

Schools that are public are managed by local schools. They are open to all students within the community. They provide a broad program and are in compliance with the state’s requirements.

Charter Schools:

Charter schools offer an alternative choice for parents who prefer greater control over their child’s education or would like their children to be educated in environments that are more suitable for the needs of their children. Charter schools are funded by public funds but are independently run, and may offer slightly different curriculum as compared to traditional public schools.

Private Schools:

Private schools provide another alternative, families can select schools based on the school’s philosophy or religious affiliation. Private schools do not receive the government’s funding, and tuition prices vary from school to.

Religious Schools:

Religious schools teach particular religions or faiths and often focus on the teaching of values and knowledge of the academic. Many religious schools charge fees for tuition associated with attending but some might provide financial aid or scholarships for students who meet the criteria.


homeschooling is an alternative for parents who wish to have complete control over the education of their children. The laws for homeschooling vary from state to state, therefore parents must be aware of the conditions that must be met for legal homeschooling their children.


Kirkman South Local Government And Infrastructure

Kirkman South Orlando FL is an active and diverse community that is located in the middle of Central Florida. It’s home to many commercial establishments, residential areas and parks, restaurants, and other features which make it a great location for people to reside and do work. The local government is made up of different departments accountable for offering citizens services like sanitation and public safety, as well as maintenance of infrastructure.


The Police Department has jurisdiction over Kirkman South Orlando FL and is based at its headquarters downtown. The department provides 24/7 patrol services and crime prevention programs within the vicinity. 

Fire Department

The Fire Department covers a large part of the city and provides emergency medical assistance.


Kirkman South Orlando FL is covered by various school districts, including Orange County Public Schools, Osceola County Public Schools, and Polk County Public Schools. There are a number of private schools within the region in addition. Some of them include Colossus Private School, Fiorella Preparatory School, and The First Academy.


Kirkman South Orlando FL has a large library system, which has several branch libraries, each of which is located near residential areas and provides various media and books for the local community. The Libraries provide free services like computers, reference assistance as well as children’s programs.


Things To Do

Whatever kind of thing you’re searching for, Kirkman South Orlando FL is sure to be appealing to all. No matter if you’re planning a family trip or simply seeking a thrilling vacation, this lively city is full of fantastic activities!



Kirkman South Orlando FL offers many activities for everyone of all different ages. For outdoor adventures, visitors are able to visit close Universal Studios, SeaWorld, or Disney World theme parks. Other activities for recreation in the vicinity include exploring and hiking in one of the numerous nature parks. Also, there are several golf courses with stunning views and difficult play.


People who love shopping can visit all the malls nearby, which are home to a variety of boutiques that are designer and well-known stores. Art lovers will love browsing artworks from local art galleries and attending shows at the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts. There are a variety of dining options from casual eateries, to fine restaurants. Visitors can also take a stroll along the close International Drive for a variety of entertainment options. In addition, the nightlife at night in Kirkman South Orlando FL is lively and enjoyable with bars and clubs catering to all kinds of musical tastes.


Restaurants In Kirkman South

Whatever type of food you’re craving, Kirkman South Orlando FL offers something for everyone! It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for classic American food or classic dishes from Greece There is bound to be something that will please every foodie. Check out all the options for delicious food and have a memorable dining experience.


Tapa Toro

Is an award-winning Spanish restaurant that is located at Kirkman South Orlando FL. They serve a broad selection of traditional Spanish tapas as well as paella recipes which are prepared to the highest standards. The menu includes classic dishes like Patatas Bravas, Gambas Al Ajillo Croquetas of Jamon, and numerous others. There’s also a wide range of white and red wines from Spain that are perfect to accompany the food.


Krusty Burger

Krusty Burger and Bar is a good alternative within Kirkman South Orlando FL serving the best of American food, as well as innovative twists on classic dishes. The menu offers sandwiches, burgers, fries, donuts, and much more. They also have a wide selection of beers available on the tap and specialty cocktails.


Evoo Fresh Mediterranean Kitchen

They are specialists in traditional Mediterranean meals made with fresh ingredients. There are dishes like shawarmas, grilled kebab, falafel, and hummus. There are also a variety of vegetarian options for those who are looking for light meals.



These are only a few of the wonderful parks that are located in Kirkman South Orlando FL that guests can take a stroll around. If you’re looking to enjoy a relaxing stroll or take an adventure on a bicycle or simply soak up the sunshine in the pool There’s something for everyone in these parks! Take advantage of the fresh air!


Shadow Bay Park

Shadow Bay Park is located in Kirkman South Orlando FL and provides a range of facilities. It has playgrounds with picnic areas, pavilions as well as fishing docks, trails for exercise and basketball courts, as well as open fields for games like Frisbee and soccer, and two boat launch areas. The park also offers its very own access point to beaches, which makes it ideal for swimming as well as other water sports.


Bill Frederick Park

Bill Frederick Park is another well-known spot located in Kirkman South Orlando FL. The park has a variety of trails, including the 4-mile-long Turkey Lake Trail where visitors can exercise by biking or running. There are paddle boats for hire in order to cruise around the lake as well as an area for boating. There’s plenty of wildlife to see, including Ospreys, bald eagles, birds of prey, and other waterfowl.


Lake Street Park 

This park is situated in the middle of downtown Kirkman South Orlando FL and it provides a wide range of leisure activities, including courts playing fields, walking trails pet parks, and even playgrounds. The park also offers its own access to beaches, which is ideal for swimming during the scorching summer season.


Eagle Nest Park

This park provides visitors with many outdoor activities. With more than 50 acres of property, the park has cycling trails, walking trails and boardwalks, picnic spots with playgrounds for children and plenty of green areas to relax in the sun. It also offers access to the lake which makes it ideal for fishing.


Is Kirkman South Safe To Live In

The area of Kirkman South Orlando, Florida is generally regarded as a secure zone. The area has seen an increase in growth over the past 10 years with a variety of new housing and business alternatives for residents. There are numerous recreation options available in the region which include nearby parks and golf courses which offer various outdoor activities for residents to enjoy.

The rate of crime within Kirkman South Orlando is relatively lower than in other areas of Florida. Kirkman South Orlando also offers numerous resources to ensure that its residents are secure. There are many resources available to keep residents safe. Orlando Police Department has instituted an initiative for community police, that includes programs like Neighborhood Watch as well as Citizen Patrol to help keep the community secure.

There are several private security firms that patrol the neighborhood, offering security for people who live there and those visiting. In addition, there are many groups in the area including schools, churches, and community organizations that work to increase safety through education as well as awareness-raising campaigns.


Why Should I Live Here

Kirkman South is a great neighborhood to reside in, in Orlando. It is a great neighborhood with all the facilities and features that make it a great area to settle in. The neighborhood is located close to the south of International Drive, making it easy to reach all of the entertainment and attractions Orlando offers. There are numerous establishments, restaurants, and services that are within walking distance, or only a short drive away.

Kirkman South also offers plenty of outdoor activities for residents to take advantage of. Residents have access to numerous trails and parks nearby which allow bicycle rides or walks with their family and friends. Another advantage that comes with the area of Kirkman South is its safety and security. It is safe and has a low rate of crime due to the active police force that patrols the neighborhood. There are also numerous private homes in the neighborhood that provide additional safety for residents, allowing them to feel secure leaving their residences.

In the end, the lifestyle of Kirkman South offers an unbeatable combination of convenience, safety, amenities, and high quality of life. It is one of the top communities in Orlando. From its convenient access to entertainment options, and great education opportunities, to its family-friendly activities, it’s simple to understand why living in this community is a fantastic option. If you’re searching for an ideal place to be your home or a holiday location, Kirkman South has something for anyone!

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