Lake Nona Orlando Florida

January 12, 2023 | Erika Klamt
Lake Nona Orlando Florida

Lake Nona Orlando is located in the southeastern part of Orlando, Florida. It’s about twelve miles away from the city of Orlando and just a few minutes away from Orlando International Airport. The neighborhood is famous for its creative companies, outdoor activities, and excellent shopping options. It’s also fast growing into one of the more sought-after areas within Central Florida due to its proximity to major highways and attractions, and other amenities. Since it’s an integral part of Lake Nona, which is part of the Lake Nona region, it comprises several communities surrounding it including Tavistock Lakeside, Laureate Park, and Northlake Park at Lake Nona. It’s also located just to the south of Medical City which is home to a variety of UCF Health medical facilities including Nemours Children’s Hospital. Lake Nona offers residents access to numerous lakes and parks including Lake Nona itself. The close Moss Park and East Orange Conservation Area are also well-known spots for outdoor activities. Thanks to its area, a lot of the attractions in the area like Universal Studios Florida, Aquatica Orlando as well as Walt Disney World Resort can be reached within a quick driving distance of Lake Nona. With all the amenities that come with the mild climate of Orlando, it’s clear why the city’s vibrant atmosphere is fast being recognized as one of the top locations for those looking to relocate or travel to Central Florida.

Best Neighborhoods in Orlando - Lake Nona Orlando FL History

Lake Nona History

Lake Nona is a vibrant neighborhood that is situated in the southeastern part of Orlando, Florida. It was at one time an unincorporated community, that was not within the city’s boundaries. The area was mostly neglected until the latter half of the 1990s when Tavistock Group purchased over 6,000 acres of land and started construction efforts to build an urban master-planned community.

The initial stage of development comprised Lake Nona Golf & Country Club and its Tom Fazio-designed golf courses as well as villas, homes, and homes. Additionally, the recently constructed Lake Nona Medical City opened with health facilities like The Nemours Children’s Hospital, VA Hospital, and the University of Central Florida Health Science Campus.

Since then, companies have been flocking to the area, and Lake Nona has become one of the fastest-growing communities in Central Florida. The area has attracted high-tech businesses like Microsoft, KPMG, Oracle, Siemens, and Northrup Grumman to the rapidly growing business park.

Lake Nona also features retail restaurants and stores which have helped increase the appeal of the area as a desirable location to work, live and play. The area has numerous parks that offer facilities for taking part in sports as well as walking dogs and having a good time outdoors with family and friends.

Lake Nona Today:

Lake Nona today continues to be a lively community, with development occurring all around it. It is home to an ever-growing number of companies, healthcare facilities, parks, schools as well as other facilities that make it an ideal area to live. While Lake Nona continues to grow the residents are certain to profit from all the possibilities the community offers.

The neighborhood is an outstanding example of the city’s dedication to development and growth and residents within Lake Nona are proud to be part of a lively community. In the years to come, as it continues to expand, Lake Nona will continue to be among the most sought-after neighborhoods in Orlando.

Best Neighborhoods in Orlando - Lake Nona Orlando FL Local Economy 1

Cost Of Living

In the end, the cost of living in the Lake Nona neighborhood is steep however, it is manageable with cautious planning. With a few smart budgeting as well as spending patterns, it’s possible to enjoy a pleasant life that isn’t expensive or sacrifice the comfort you enjoy. In addition, the lively nightlife and numerous attractions make it a top location for people who want to take advantage of the many things Orlando can offer. It might require a bit more effort, but the lifestyle at Lake Nona is worth every cent!


Living in the Lake Nona neighborhood, located in Orlando Florida, can be very expensive. The typical cost for one-family homes is around $500,000 but can go as high as $1 million for higher-end homes. Remember these are approximate prices.


Transport can be extremely expensive because of the absence of public transportation alternatives, which is why driving a vehicle or relying on ridesharing companies such as Uber and Lyft is often a necessity. The costs of fuel and parking can quickly add up and can easily go over $100 per month.

General Goods & Services:

The cost of utilities is quite high, with an electricity bill that is about 200 dollars per month. The cost of groceries can vary based on the location you shop, but it is likely that the monthly average cost for grocery items will be between $300 to $400.

Best Neighborhoods in Orlando - Lake Nona Orlando FL Local Economy.

Local Economy

All in all, Lake Nona Orlando Florida is home to an active economy that has job opportunities for many thousands of residents. With its high income per household rate and a wealth of local investments, it’s clear why this town is among the most sought-after places to reside throughout the country. The economy is growing, and the investments are continuing to expand and will help the city’s success in the near future.

Job Opportunities:

Lake Nona Orlando Florida has an enviable economy, fueled by the numerous businesses and investments created in the region. It is the home of a number of large employers, including Siemens, the American Automobile Association (AAA) as well as the USTA National Campus. These firms provide employment opportunities for many thousands of workers and make the local economy robust and secure.

Household Income:

The median household income for households living in Lake Nona is around $75,000 annually. This is slightly more than the average for the nation, which is at just under $68,703 as of the year 2019. The per-capita income rate is also quite high at just under $45,000 per year per person. This is due to the fact that a lot of people are educated and working in fields that pay high wages. Remember these are approximate costs.

Local Investment:

Local investment has been made to boost the economy of Lake Nona. It is the Tavistock Group, an international private investment company that has financed a variety of projects in the region that include the creation of the city of medicine and creating the golf course. The result is numerous new jobs being created and also growing tourism and the value of properties. In addition, local businesses have been established that offer services such as retail stores, restaurants, and bars that further boost the local economy.

Best Neighborhoods in Orlando - Lake Nona Orlando FL Transportation Options For The Commute edited

Transportation Options For The Commute

In general, the transportation system within Lake Nona Orlando Florida is extremely diverse and extensive. There are a variety of alternatives that let people travel quickly, safely, and easily. It doesn’t matter if you travel via public transport, car, or taxi – Lake Nona has something for every person.

The city is also continuously improving its infrastructure for transportation in order to meet the increasing requirements of residents as well as tourists who come to the region. This ensures that everyone who resides in or visits Lake Nona has access to safe and efficient transportation solutions.

Best Neighborhoods in Orlando - Lake Nona Orlando FL Public Transportation

Public Transportation:

The public transportation system is also an alternative for those who can’t afford to purchase a car. There is the City of Orlando operates buses that operate frequently across the city and in the surrounding area of Lake Nona. There are numerous bus stops in this area, allowing people to easily get public transport.

Best Neighborhoods in Orlando - Lake Nona Orlando FL


Taxis are also readily accessible within Lake Nona. There are a variety of taxi services that provide services for and within the area including door-to-door delivery. This is a fantastic alternative for those who want to move quickly and do not have access to their vehicle.

Best Neighborhoods in Orlando - Lake Nona Orlando FL Bicycles


Bicycles are becoming increasingly well-known throughout Lake Nona due to their extensive roads and cycle routes. It has also designated areas for cyclists on a few major roads and bike racks that are available in the entire community. This makes it easier for individuals to ride around the city without worrying about where to store their bikes once they reach the final destination.

Best Neighborhoods in Orlando - Lake Nona Orlando FL Cars


The car is the largest and most well-known method of private transportation within Lake Nona. The community is well-connected with roads, streets, and highways, with parking all over the town. Many people prefer to drive their own vehicle or rent the vehicle from a rental service while traveling across the lake to Lake Nona.

Best Neighborhoods in Orlando - Lake Nona Orlando FL Average Annual Weather

Average Annual Weather

Every season has its own distinct beauty and experiences for guests to experience at Lake Nona Orlando Florida! From leisurely walks along lakefront trails in summer, to snowy days in winter, there’s something for anyone here, whatever season you choose to go to.

Best Neighborhoods in Orlando - Lake Nona Orlando FL Summer


The summer season at Lake Nona Orlando Florida generally starts in the latter half of May and runs through the middle of September. The temperatures during this time of the year can vary from the mid-’70s to the lower 90s and occasionally rains. The humidity can be higher during summer months, which is why it’s important to stay hydrated during outdoor activities. The average rainfall during the summer is approximately 3 inches each month. The sparkling waters of the close by Lake Tohopekaliga offer plenty of opportunities to fish and swim and stunning sunsets that linger over the lake every evening.

Best Neighborhoods in Orlando - Lake Nona Orlando FL Winter


The winter at Lake Nona Orlando Florida usually begins around mid-January and continues through the middle of March. Temperatures vary from the upper 40s to mid-70s. There are occasional rain or snow flurries during the coldest night. The average amount of precipitation at this time is 2 inches or less per month. Even with the cooler temps, there are plenty of outdoor activities for you to enjoy, including skating on ice at the Lake Nona Town Center, skating at the nearby Moss Park, and stargazing in the vicinity of the Narcoossee Lakefront Park.

Best Neighborhoods in Orlando - Lake Nona Orlando FL Fall


The fall season of the year in Lake Nona Orlando Florida usually begins before Thanksgiving and continues until the beginning of January. The temperatures range from the mid-60s to the upper 80s. There is a chance of rain falling throughout the year. The average fall precipitation is approximately 1.5 inches per month. The leaves begin changing hues too and provide stunning backdrops to the numerous outdoor activities that are available in this area, including fishing or boating, and hiking.

Best Neighborhoods in Orlando - Lake Nona Orlando FL Spring


The spring season of the year in Lake Nona Orlando Florida generally starts in late March and runs through the middle of May. The temperatures typically range from the mid-’60s to the upper 80s, with occasional rain showers. The average amount of precipitation at this time is about 2 inches per month. The mild climate here is a perfect season to take on outdoor activities like cycling, camping, and canoeing, as well as kayaking on nearby lakes and rivers. In addition, there are a variety of festivals to enjoy during spring like The Taste of Lake Nona with food and drinks from more than 20 local eateries.

Best Neighborhoods in Orlando - Lake Nona Orlando FL Local Tip

Local Tip:

1. Dress in layers: The climate at Lake Nona Orlando Florida is generally cool, but temperatures can vary greatly between day and night. Layering your clothes will keep you comfortable no matter what the temperature is. Take lightweight clothes like a cotton t-shirt or light sweater as well as a light jacket for when the chill of the evening begins to set in.

2. Prepare for rain: Lake Nona Orlando Florida is a frequent victim of rain all through the year, make sure to have a raincoat or umbrella to shield yourself from rain and storms. Making sure you have a high-quality waterproof jacket and footwear will ensure you are dry on those rainy days!

3. Sun Protection: When the sun is out, it could make an appearance at Lake Nona Orlando Florida. Be prepared for the scorching heat by packing sunglasses, sunscreen, and a wide-brimmed hat that will keep your face safe from scorching. Also, if you intend to spend a lot of time outside be sure to make sure you take frequent breaks in the shade or stay inside for cooling.

4. Be prepared for wind: wind gusts at Lake Nona Orlando Florida can occasionally be quite powerful. Be sure to pack a scarf or a light jacket to protect against these winds as you head out for the first time.

5. Bring comfortable shoes There are plenty of amazing places to explore within Lake Nona Orlando Florida, which is why it’s important to wear shoes that are comfortable. Be sure to bring a pair of running sneakers for when you plan to go out and also bring flip-flops or sandals for your trip to the beach.

If you follow these guidelines, you’ll be ready for an enjoyable summer with your family in Lake Nona Orlando Florida!

Best Neighborhoods in Orlando - Lake Nona Orlando FL Educational System

Education System Of Lake Nona

Lake Nona offers a range of education options for the residents. From charter schools, public schools, and private schools, as well as religious institutions, and homeschooling There are many opportunities for students to receive the highest quality education possible. Each choice has its own distinctive advantages and unique features therefore it is crucial for parents to study each option carefully to determine the most suitable option for the child they are raising.

Public Schools:

Lake Nona is part of the Orange County Public School District which is the biggest district of public schools in Florida. It offers a broad range of options for education for students, which include traditional K-12 classes, online instruction, and career academy programs. The schools concentrate on STEAM (science technology engineering, arts, and math) education. They also have enrichment programs including music and art classes, along with athletics and extracurricular activities.

Charter Schools:

They are public schools that do not charge tuition and offer a personalized learning experience for every pupil. A majority of the charter schools located in Lake Nona are open-enrollment with no admission requirements, except for the age requirement for kindergarten to 12th grade. The charter schools within the region provide a variety of education options, which include conventional classes as well as advanced courses and other special programs like online instruction.

Private Schools:

Apart from private schools Lake Nona is also the home of a number of private schools. They include religious and secular institutions that have diverse curriculums and different teaching styles. Certain schools offer an international education as well in standard classes for students in the preschool years to the 12th grade. Private schools generally have tuition costs, but they may provide scholarships or financial aid for eligible students.

Religious Schools:

In the vicinity of Lake Nona, there are several religious-based private schools that adhere to certain religious doctrines and practices. These schools concentrate on spiritual development in addition to academic success. Certain schools provide programs for elementary and preschool students, while some offer classes that extend to high school.


Is a popular choice for learning for children in Lake Nona. Parents who opt to educate their children at home are able to design their own curriculum and adapt it to the specific needs of every student. They also have access to numerous tools, such as learning platforms online as well as co-op classes, field trips and much more. The homeschoolers must satisfy specific state requirements to ensure their child receives an education that is appropriate for their needs.

Best Neighborhoods in Orlando - Lake Nona Orlando FL Local Government And Infrastructure

Lake Nona Local Government And Infrastructure

Lake Nona Orlando Florida is serviced through the Orange County government, with the mayor and five commissioners that are chosen by districts. These offices of the municipal government are situated at 201 South Rosalind Avenue in downtown Orlando.  The local government is working hard to ensure that everyone is able to access high-quality health care, education, and other services essential to life. In addition, there are plenty of recreation opportunities within the local community that make it an ideal place for families retired people, young professionals, and retirees alike.


Services for law enforcement within Lake Nona are provided by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, which also covers other parts that aren’t part of the County. There is one police station situated in Lake Nona — the West Precinct, located on Narcoossee Road — that provides 24-hour service to residents. In addition to the traditional patrols, this police station provides bike patrols as well as police enforcement of traffic and other community programs.

Fire Department:

Protection from fire for Lake Nona is provided by two fire stations affiliated with Orange County Fire Rescue. Station 41 is situated at 8201 Lake Nona Boulevard, and covers the eastern section of the community. Station 17 situated on 10250 Narcoossee Road, serves the west portion of the. Both stations are operational all hours of the day, with fire departments that respond to emergencies such as fires and medical emergencies within the region.


Lake Nona offers public schooling for students from pre-kindergarten to high school. In addition, the Orange County Public School System has five schools operating within the area: Lake Nona Elementary, Lake Nona Middle and High Schools, as well as South Creek Middle and High Schools. Private schools within the region are The Academy of Leadership & Technology and Laureate Preparatory International Charter School.


Libraries that are public in Lake Nona are operated by Orange County Library System and comprise two branch libraries: North Orange Branch Library located on Narcoossee Road and South Creek Branch Library on S. John Young Parkway. It also offers mobile services that can be used to connect with those who live in rural areas or those who can’t access the branch library.

Public services:

The public services that are available for Lake Nona residents include water and sewer services supplied by the town of Orlando Utilities Department (OUD). OUD regularly checks the water quality across the entire county in order to guarantee quality and safety. Furthermore, Orange County Solid Waste offers curbside pick-up for garbage collection for residential properties recycling, as well as yard waste removal. There is also a public transportation system that is available in Orange County that includes buses and shuttles, paratransit services, and a shuttle specially designed for handicapped and elderly people.

Lake Nona also has several parks and facilities for recreation that include Lake Nona South Park, which is Lake Nona South Park, located on 200 acres, which includes basketball courts, baseball fields, courts as well as soccer fields, and playgrounds for kids. There’s also an 18-hole course of golf in the community in addition to two boat ramps that are located on Lake Hart — providing access to the lake for fishing or other leisurely boating. In all, Lake Nona Orlando Florida gives its residents many amenities and services that make it an ideal area to live.

Best Neighborhoods in Orlando - Lake Nona Orlando FL Things To Do

Things To Do

Lake Nona Orlando FL is an ideal spot for families to have fun and relax. With its lush scenery with amazing sights, as well as a gorgeous lakeside settings it’s the ideal destination for your next getaway with your family or friends.

There are many outdoor activities you can take part in at Lake Nona. Enjoy a relaxing stroll along the lake, or rent canoes, kayaks or paddleboards for an adventure. The lake also has several great fishing spots, and close by Lake Nona Golf Club offers challenging courses for players of all levels. In addition to outdoor pursuits, Lake Nona is home to many fantastic shopping and dining establishments.

Whatever you’re searching for, Lake Nona has something for everybody! From outdoor activities to dining and shopping There’s always something exciting that you could do on the Orlando area’s Lake Nona. So, gather your family and friends and begin planning your next trip to this gorgeous location. You’ll be amazed!


1. Golfing is a sport that can be enjoyed by all. Lake Nona is home to four golf courses of world-class created by some of the top names in golf, such as Tom Fazio and Arnold Palmer. The golfers are able to test themselves with an afternoon of golf at any of these incredible courses.

2. Kayaking! Explore lakes like Lake Nona with a kayak or canoe rental with Canoe Escape, which provides everything you need for an exciting trip on the water, which includes lifejackets as well as paddles.

3. Bird Watching! See some native species of Florida, such as cranes, ospreys, as well as Ibises at Chaplin Park Nature Reserve. Chaplin Park Nature Reserve is located within Lake Nona’s borders.

4. Hiking! Take a hike and explore Lake Nona’s gorgeous forests, wetlands, and lakes along any of our many trails for hiking.


1. Shopping! Explore a vast variety of shops in the close Gateway Shopping Center or The Village Square at Lake Nona Town Center.

2. Movie Theater! See the latest films on AMC Disney Springs 24 located only 20 minutes away from Lake Nona.

3. Bowling Alley! Visit the Bowling Alley at Splitsville Luxury Lanes for a bowling game or for tasty drinks and food.

4. Trampoline Park! Jump off the walls of TopJump Trampoline and Extreme Arena. There are activities like dodgeball, and rock climbing along with an obstacle course.

5. Arcade! Challenge your pals to the game of air hockey or pinball at Nickelodeon Family Suites by Marriott Resort’s arcade.

6. Visiting The Museum – Orlando Science Center to explore the exhibits that focus on subjects like engineering and astronomy. You can also explore an interactive hurricane simulator, or witness live animal performances!

7. SportsCenter! Play basketball or racquetball at Nona Adventure Park, which has the latest equipment for every sport you could want.

8. Courses in Cooking! Discover to cook delicious meals in the Publix Aprons Cooking School where guests can participate in cooking classes as well as participate in special occasions such as wine tastings and demonstrations.

9. Ice Cream! Cool off with a delicious scoop of frozen ice cream at the nearby Nona Creamery. From classic flavors to distinctive designs, you’re bound to discover something that is perfect for you.

Best Neighborhoods in Orlando - Lake Nona Orlando FL Restaurants edited scaled

Restaurants In Lake Nona

Lake Nona in Orlando, Florida is where you can find some of the top dining establishments in the region with a vast selection of meals, to enjoy and have a blast with family or friends. No matter what type of food you like, Lake Nona has something for anyone. It doesn’t matter if you want a lavish meal with a posh restaurant like The Osprey Tavern, or an easy slice of pizza at Blaze Fast-Fire’d. This area is home to some of the finest eateries in the Orlando region! Here you have three wonderful examples:

Best Neighborhoods in Orlando - Lake Nona Orlando FL Restaurants 2

Tabla Indian Restaurant Lake Nona:

Tabla Indian Restaurant Lake Nona in Lake Nona Orlando FL is an energetic restaurant offering an extensive menu of contemporary and traditional Indian food. The restaurant serves an assortment of delicious meals including curries, Tandoori dishes biryanis, and Tikas. They also have vegetarian dishes like daal and paneer dishes, along with several varieties of Naan bread. The menu also includes famous Indian drinks such as mango lazi, chai tea, and sweet lassis which are traditional. In addition to the extensive menu of dishes The restaurant also provides outdoor seating for outdoor dining. To ensure a pleasurable experience for each guest The restaurant is staffed by a staff of warm and attentive servers to ensure that your experience is enjoyable and relaxing. If you’re searching for traditional Indian tastes or something more contemporary, Tabla Indian Restaurant Lake Nona located in Lake Nona Orlando FL offers something for every person. Visit today for the most memorable experience. It’s a must!

Best Neighborhoods in Orlando - Lake Nona Orlando FL Restaurants 3

Hot Taco Street Taqueria:

Hot Taco Street Taqueria Lake Nona in Lake Nona Orlando FL is a family-owned and operated taqueria serving tasty street tacos made with Mexican ingredients. The menu includes authentic tacos made from fresh, delicious ingredients like chopped onions and cilantro, grilled peppers, grilled onions as well as lime juice, and their house-made salsa. There are also burritos, quesadillas and Nachos. Desserts include the churros as well as the tres leches cake. The ambiance is laid-back and casual with music playing. They have a bar offering wine, beer cocktails, tequila shots, as well as margaritas for guests to sip. Hot Taco Street Taqueria Lake Nona is open 7 every day of the week. It also provides catering services. Enjoy an authentic Mexican-style taco in Hot Taco Street Taqueria Lake Nona located in Lake Nona Orlando FL!

Best Neighborhoods in Orlando - Lake Nona Orlando FL Restaurants 1 edited scaled

Armando’s – Lake Nona:

Armando’s Lake Nona in Lake Nona Orlando FL is a family-friendly restaurant that serves a wide range of traditional Italian dishes. The menu is filled with classics like pasta and meatballs chicken parmesan, fettuccine alfredo ravioli, Pizza, and many more. Their specialty dishes include Eggplant Parmigiana Veal Saltimbocca, Chicken Marsala, and Shrimp Fra Diavolo. Armando’s also offers a range of desserts that are special, including Tiramisu Cannoli, and their own gelato. They also have an extensive wine menu that includes Italian and domestic styles. Customers can dine in their modern dining area or take advantage of outside seating on the covered patio. There are certain evenings when they have live music that can enhance the ambiance. Armando’s is a fantastic place for families or groups who are looking for an excellent Italian dinner in a warm environment. With warm service and generous portions, Armando’s will surely satisfy.

Alongside the standard Menu, Armando’s can also provide catering for special occasions. They offer a variety of platters that are pre-made and custom menus made with local and fresh ingredients. No matter if you’re planning an event for a birthday celebration or wedding reception, or corporate gathering, Armando’s can create a menu that will meet your expectations. Its convenient position within Lake Nona, Armando’s is the ideal spot to indulge in delicious Italian food without the need to travel far. If you’re seeking an evening out with friends or something more special for an occasion Armando’s will delight you.

Best Neighborhoods in Orlando - Lake Nona Orlando FL Parks


The parks of Lake Nona Orlando Florida are absolutely delightful! You can bring your family out on an adventure outdoors or play a game of basketball, or just enjoy the peace of the natural beauty, there’s something for everyone in these gorgeous parks. Take a trip to explore the wonders of Lake Nona and create lasting memories with your loved ones and family!

Heroes Community Park:

This Park is located in the middle of Lake Nona and offers a large variety of recreational activities. The park features barbecues, picnic tables, and playground equipment with plenty of space for walking, running as well as playing tag. Basketball courts are ideal for shooting hoops or playing with friends in a match of two-on-two. There are restrooms available for your convenience for those who are spending more than one hour in the park.

Best Neighborhoods in Orlando - Lake Nona Orlando FL Ribbon Park

Ribbon Park:

This is one of the newest parks in Lake Nona and has a variety of amenities like benches and picnic tables that are ideal for sitting back and relaxing after soccer matches or any other activities. The open space is ideal for playing Frisbee around with your friends or for peaceful walks. There are also bathrooms and shelters for those who want to stay more than one or two hours.

Best Neighborhoods in Orlando - Lake Nona Orlando FL McCoy Community Park

McCoy Community Park:

This is one of Lake Nona’s top parks due to its incredible facilities like the lakefront walk as well as barbecues, picnic tables, and basketball courts, as well as playground equipment that is loved by kids of all ages. There are restrooms in the park and a sanitary location for those looking to be outdoors more often.

Best Neighborhoods in Orlando - Lake Nona Orlando FL Bomberos Field Park edited scaled

Bomberos Field Park:

This Park is located in the middle of Lake Nona and offers a range of recreation opportunities, including a tennis court, fields for baseball and soccer fields, and an open space that is suitable for playing tag and other games. The park has benches and tables that are perfect for sitting back and relaxing after a session of sports, as well as bathrooms for convenience. The park also has ample open space that is ideal for jogging or walking along the shoreline.

This park is an ideal spot to get away from the bustle and hustle of daily life and enjoy the outdoors at Lake Nona. No matter if you’re seeking some time to unwind or play a game, or simply have a blast there’s something for all ages at any of these gorgeous parks. Come out and experience the many things Lake Nona has to offer!

Best Neighborhoods in Orlando - Lake Nona Orlando FL Safe Place To Live

Is Lake Nona Safe To Live In

The area around Lake Nona Orlando Florida is generally regarded as secure. The area is supervised by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office with a specific area for Lake Nona and its neighbors, which helps in ensuring that crime is restricted to a minimal level. Additionally, the neighborhood is built with security and safety features since the beginning. Pedestrian-friendly streets and community gates with street lamps, speed bumps as well as. These all help make the neighborhood one of the safest areas you could live in.

Lake Nona is home to numerous sports and cultural centers that are designed for all to enjoy such as USTA National Campus and Boxi Park and both have taken additional security measures for an environment that is safe for visitors. In addition, at Medical City there are several hospitals and medical clinics located in the area, which help to monitor the well-being of the local population.

Lake Nona is also home to several malls that provide a wide range of restaurant entertainment options, as well as other facilities. The shopping centers are generally well-lit, and they have ample parking spaces, so customers are able to enjoy their trip without any worries about safety.

In the end, Lake Nona Orlando Florida is among the safest cities to reside in because of the numerous security measures that are designed to safeguard its inhabitants. With a variety of activities offered for anyone, living in Lake Nona provides a sense of security and ease of living. If you’re looking for an area that is safe to reside in, Lake Nona should be your first option.

Best Neighborhoods in Orlando - Lake Nona Orlando FL Why Should I Live Here

Why Should I Live Here

The Lake Nona neighborhood of Orlando is a great benefit. The area is near numerous activities and attractions, making it an ideal area to live. The position of Lake Nona allows easy access to downtown Orlando and its lively nightlife, nightlife restaurants, shopping centers, and entertainment venues. In addition, the city provides many outdoor recreational options, including water parks, swimming pools, and trails for cycling and hiking.

Lake Nona also offers excellent public transportation options, including commuter trains and buses that transport residents from the neighborhood to downtown without hassle. Another advantage to living within this neighborhood is that it’s very secure with low crime rates when compared to other communities located in Orlando and makes it a great choice for families with young children.

In addition to its central area, Lake Nona has a diverse range of housing choices ranging from condos and starter homes to luxurious estates. It also has excellent schools that provide excellent educational opportunities for learners of all different ages. There are numerous local shops and businesses which add to the appeal of the neighborhood.

In the end, the lifestyle of Lake Nona is highly beneficial because of its close proximity to major tourist destinations, top transport services with low crime rates, and appealing housing options. It’s a great choice for those looking for an exciting and safe location close to the city’s central area with lots of activities for the recreational crowd within the vicinity.

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