Lawsona/ Fern Creek Orlando FL

January 9, 2023 | Sandra Fernandez
Lawsona/ Fern Creek Orlando FL

Lawsona Fern Creek is located in the center of Orlando, Florida. It is located just north of Downtown Orlando, and north of the Mall at Millenia. Lawson also known as Fern Creek is accessible via I-4 and many other major highways that go through Orlando. The neighborhood is distinguished by its mixture of residential, retail, and entertainment choices which cater to residents and tourists alike. The neighborhood is situated near the South Orange Blossom Trail (US 441) The neighborhood is easy to access Central Florida’s many attractions, such as Lake Eola Park, Universal Studios, SeaWorld, and Walt Disney World Resort.

There are numerous restaurants within the area, ranging from casual eateries that are fast to gourmet restaurants with high-end prices. There are also several shopping centers within the vicinity including Walmart Supercenter as well as Orlando Fashion Square. In addition, public transportation is accessible in Lawsona/Fern Lake with LYNX bus routes running throughout the area. It allows people to easily reach Central Florida’s tourist attractions without having to be concerned about driving to find parking.

Best Neighborhoods in Orlando - Lawsona Fern Creek History

Lawsona/ Fern Creek History

The Lawsona/FernCreek neighborhood located in Orlando, FL has a long and fascinating story. The neighborhood was founded in the early twenty-first century by African Americans who were barred from living in other areas of the city because of segregation laws; the neighborhood was among the first neighborhoods that were predominantly black in Florida. When Orlando was growing in the middle of the 20th century as did the neighborhood a lot of new businesses were being set up to cater to the needs of its residents.

At its peak, Fern Creek was home to a lively music scene and was home to some top jazz clubs across Central Florida. Fern Creek also had a number of institutions and churches that were committed to helping the people in the community. Unfortunately, with the expansion of urban sprawl continuing to engulf the majority of the region of Central Florida during the latter decade into the second half of the 20th century, the majority of the musicians and businesses that contributed to Fern Creek’s expansion were forced to move out.

The neighborhood also plays an important part in Orlando’s culture. The historical Fern Creek Theater is a well-known venue for shows of the performing arts as well as the Lawsona/Fern Creek Historical Society preserves objects from the past of the neighborhood. Residents can also avail of community events like neighborhood clean-ups as well as block parties and other events which bring people together.

Lawsona/ Fern Creek Orlando FL-Today

Lawsona/ Fern Creek Today:

Today, Lawsona/Fern creek is among the most sought-after communities in the entire city of Orlando. It offers residents an array of housing options, ranging from old houses to new townhomes and villas. People love the convenience of being close to downtown Orlando and the easy access to amenities in the area like shopping malls as well as parks, and restaurants along with entertainment and dining venues.

Lawsona/FernCreek is a flourishing community with a rich past and a vibrant community spirit that continues to draw new residents each year. With its easy access and numerous facilities, it’s not surprising that many families have decided to call this community home. It doesn’t matter if you’re searching for an area to call home or just want to see all the attractions and music of Orlando Lawsona/Fern Lake will surely be a pleasant experience.

Lawsona/ Fern Creek Orlando FL-Cost Of Living

Cost Of Living

The Lawsona/Fern Lake neighborhood in Orlando, FL can be pleasant and affordable. The neighborhood is served by many local amenities like food courts, retail stores and parks, entertainment venues, and much more.


The cost of housing in this region differs based on the type and size of the house you choose to purchase. The median costs for a single-family house start at about $130k and go from $400K to $400K for luxurious properties. Rents are also readily available, with median costs ranging from $950 to 1500 dollars per month. Security deposits can also be required, as well as additional charges like cleaning fees or pet rent.


Moving around Lawsona/Fern Lake is simple, with plenty of transportation options. Many people commute via car and take advantage of the nearby highways that allow them to travel downtown or to other areas quickly. The public bus system is also accessible at a cost of just $2 per trip and provides access to many cities.

General Goods & Services:

In this region, utility bills are generally inexpensive. The typical electric bill is $100 to $200 per month, depending on the consumption of water and sewerage, while water services can cost as low as $50 per month.

The grocery stores in the Lawsona/Fern Creek area are easily accessible and are usually reasonably priced. The most basic items like dairy, food items and packaged items can be bought at local stores, or in big box stores that offer good prices that can be found in-store and on the internet.

In the end, staying in the Lawsona/Fern Lake neighborhood in Orlando, FL can be an enjoyable and affordable experience because of its broad selection of housing choices, reasonable energy bills, affordable food items, and transportation. With some preparation and planning, it’s possible to afford a comfortable life in this vibrant neighborhood without breaking the bank.

Lawsona/ Fern Creek Orlando FL-Local Economy

Local Economy

Lawsona/Fern Lake Orlando FL is a lively and diverse community situated in the middle of Central Florida. The region has a booming population of more than 38,000 and is the third-largest town within Orange County. It is believed to be one of the most sought-after areas to live in the Orlando-Kissimmee Metropolitan area. The economy of Lawsona/Fern Lake is powered by the local tourism sector and its closeness with Walt Disney World Resort and other tourist attractions.

Job Opportunities

This region offers a variety of job opportunities for those looking to work in the hospitality sector including construction, retail sales, and healthcare, among others.

Household Income

As per the US Census Bureau, the median household income for Lawsona Fern Creek was $58,812 at the time of the 2019 census which is slightly more than the state average of $60,407. The median house price in the region is $260,500 which is slightly more than the Orlando-Kissimmee metropolitan average of $250,000.

Local Investment

In addition, there are numerous investments in the local economy, both from private and public institutions like the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority (GOAA) that are dedicated to supporting the development of infrastructure in the region by investing in communications, transportation, and other projects. The GOAA offers loans and grants to local businesses to boost economic development in the Lawsona/Fern Creek region. There are also a number of fiscal incentives offered through the Orange County government and the City of Orlando. The city of Orlando and Orange County government, allow local entrepreneurs to get tax credits as well as other benefits when investing capital into their business.

There are also many small-scale businesses within the Lawsona/FernCreek community that offer products and services to the residents within the region. Small businesses like banks, grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants, and many more. All of them help to boost the economy of the area. In addition, these small entrepreneurs are usually patronized by locals who appreciate shopping nearby for their diverse demands.

The overall economy of Lawsona/Fern creek is growing and provides an excellent chance for people to get a job and grow their businesses or invest in the local community. With a wealth of employment opportunities and incentives for investment from both private and public sources, this region remains a thriving economic center for Orcenter

Lawsona/ Fern Creek Orlando FL-Transportation Options For The Commute

Transportation Options For The Commute

The system of transportation in the Lawsona/Fern creek Orlando FL is made up of many choices. The most well-known method to move around is to use an automobile, with taxis and public transportation being also popular.

Lawsona/ Fern Creek Orlando FL-Transportation Options For The Commute- Public T

Public Transportation:

Public transportation in Lawsona/Fern Lake Orlando FL consists of a variety of bus routes operated by Lynx that serve the whole region. They operate on fairly regular schedules and pick up passengers at designated stops across the region. They also offer restricted service during the night and on weekends.

Lawsona/ Fern Creek Orlando FL-Transportation Options For The Commute- Taxi


Taxis are readily available at all hours of the day and can be requested on the street or contacted ahead. They can provide service from door to door and are a perfect alternative for getting around fast and efficiently. Taxis are usually inexpensive, however, prices can differ based on the duration of the day and the distance traveled.

Lawsona/ Fern Creek Orlando FL-Transportation Options For The Commute- Bicycles


Bicycles are a growing method of getting around Orlando, Florida’s Lawsona/Fern Creek, and have dedicated bike roads in certain areas within the downtown. Bikes are a fantastic option to explore this area at your own speed, however, cyclists must always adhere to the regulations on the roadway for security.

Lawsona/ Fern Creek Orlando FL-Transportation Options For The Commute- Cars


Cars are the primary mode of transport in Lawsona/FernCreek Orlando, FL with the majority of residents owning their own automobiles. The region is served by a variety of highways and roads, which makes it simple to get around in an automobile. Motorists must be cautious when driving through cities since traffic may become clogged at peak times, and parking spaces are often scarce.

Overall, Lawsona/Fern Lake Orlando FL has a range of transportation options that can meet the needs of different people. If you’re looking to drive in a car, ride the bus or ride your bicycle There is a solution for you. Plan ahead and do your research prior to deciding on which mode of transportation is most suitable for you.

Lawsona/ Fern Creek Orlando FL-Annual Weather

Average Annual Weather

Lawsona in Orlando, FL enjoys moderate weather all year long, with occasional periods of freezing or heat with temporary fluctuations in temperature. Visitors must be ready for typical seasonal weather regardless of when they decide to visit Florida, as the climate can be unpredictable.

Lawsona/ Fern Creek Orlando FL-Summer


The summer months in Lawsona in Orlando provide hot and humid weather, with temperatures ranging from the mid-70s to the low 90s. The humidity is high, making it feel arider. It is common for afternoons to bring rain and storms all through the year, but this doesn’t hinder visitors from enjoying the sun during their stay.

Lawsona/ Fern Creek Orlando FL-Winter


Winter in Lawsona in Orlando, Florida is generally mild and occasionally cold, with not too frequent snow storms. The temperatures range from the mid-50s to the upper 60s, and lows can dip to the low 40s. The rainfall is usually low in winter, but tourists should be ready for the occasional light shower throughout the winter.

Lawsona/ Fern Creek Orlando FL-Fall


Autumn brings cooler temperatures as well as less precipitation than the summer months. The temperatures range from the mid-50s to the 70s as we move into winter. But don’t be too surprised when you encounter some cold fronts that have higher than average temperatures for very short durations.

Lawsona/ Fern Creek Orlando FL-Spring


Spring in Lawsona Orlando, FL could provide high levels of humidity with temperatures ranging from the mid-60s to the upper 70s. April and May are generally extremely humid months, with frequent storms and rain showers throughout the region. These storms usually bring massive rainfall, so be sure to be prepared if you’re planning to visit at this time of year.

Lawsona/ Fern Creek Orlando FL-Local Tip

Local Tip:

Whatever the season, no matter what time of year it’s recommended you apply sunscreen to your skin because the area gets plenty of sunshine throughout the year! Additionally, residents must be ready for periodic tropical or hurricane storms

Lawsona/ Fern Creek Orlando FL-Education System of Lawsona Fern Creek

Education System Of Lawsona/ Fern Creek

The educational system in Lawsona/ Fern Creek Orlando FL comprises a variety of schools.

Public Schools:

Public schools are the most popular and well-known kind of school. They provide free education to students that reside within their zone of attendance. They offer a variety of grade levels starting from kindergarten to 12th grade.

Charter Schools:

Charter schools are public institutions that operate separately from traditional districts. They are funded by the state, and are held accountable for the performance of students; however, they are also in control over the structure of their educational program and curriculum.

Private Schools:

Private schools can be alternatives to traditional charter or public schools. Private schools aren’t financed through public funds, which means families have to pay tuition to go to these schools.

Religious Schools:

The Religious School is a private institution that offers a curriculum that is based on the teachings of a specific religion.


The homeschooling option is becoming a popular option for families looking to control their child’s educational experience. Children who are homeschooled learn in an at-home environment and parents are accountable for giving instruction and supplies.

Whatever school choice you pick for your children, Lawsona/ Fern Creek Orlando FL is home to a wide range of educational options to consider. From charter schools, and public and private schools, to religious or homeschooling options, there’s something for all! With the support of parents and community involvement, children can access high-quality education programs that will aid them in reaching their full potential.

Lawsona/ Fern Creek-- Local Government and Infrastructure

Lawsona/ Fern Creek Local Government And Infrastructure

Lawsona/ Fern Creek is located in the city of Orlando, Florida, and has its own local government as well as infrastructure to provide vital services for the residents.


The City of Orlando Police Department is the police agency for Lawsona/FernCreek Orlando, Florida. The department is accountable for giving police protection to residents in the area, such as patrols, responding in response to calls for service such as burglaries and suspects conducting investigations, enforcing traffic laws, and making arrests when needed.

Fire Department

The fire protection system is offered via The Orange County Fire Rescue Department which operates Engine Company 57 in the region.


The region also houses several top-performing public schools, including Dr. Phillips High School and Corner Lake Middle School which provides students from pupils in grades K-12.


Residents can access a variety of libraries that are located in proximity which includes Orlando Public Library, Alafaya Branch Library, Edgewater Branch Library, Southeast Branch Library, and University Park Branch Library.

Public services

Lawsona/Fern Lake Orlando FL is part of the Orange County Public Schools system which runs a number of elementary, middle, and high schools within the region. Orange County Fire Rescue provides emergency services for fire protection for the region, employing personnel both professional and volunteer to respond to requests for assistance. Apart from emergency response, fire protection, ambulance transport, and hazardous material response are also offered by the department.

Lawsona/ Fern Creek-Things To Do

Things To Do

Lawsona/ Fern Creek Orlando, FL is an ideal place for anyone who wants to explore Florida. With its wide range of activities outdoors, culture, shopping, and history There’s something for all. Here are a few of the most enjoyable activities to enjoy in Lawsona Fern Creek, Orlando FL:


Camp in Camp at the Lake Hart Wilderness Area; Enjoy a day of exploring some of the state’s prettiest hidden treasures! There are numerous trails for hiking and places for fishing, camping, and much more. Kayak or Canoe on Little Econlockhatchee River. Enjoy an easy paddle along this beautiful river while enjoying everything it offers to provide. It’s a fantastic location for nature watching, fishing, and picnicking.

Go Bird Watching; Learn about the wildlife in the area that calls Lawsona/ Fern Creek in Orlando, Florida home. There are a variety of kinds of birds to watch like bald eagles, Great blue herons, and ospreys.


Explore The History Center of Central Florida Discover the fascinating past of the region with the museum. It is home to interactive exhibits, artifacts, and educational programming on the past of the region.

Discover Harry P. Leu Gardens Relax in these peaceful gardens and explore the more than 50 acres filled with lush and lush beauty. Visitors are also able to participate in horticultural workshops and other events in the gardens throughout the entire year.

Visit the Mall at Millenia and shop till you’re full at this chic mall, which has over 150 shops and restaurants. They’re all kinds of designer brands to bargain-priced alternatives.

Whatever activities you’re searching for, Lawsona/ Fern Creek Orlando FL offers something for all! From outdoor activities to shopping and culture inside There’s every day something exciting to learn about every day. Explore everything this city offers!

Lawsona/ Fern Creek-Things To Do

Restaurants In Lawsona/ Fern Creek

Lawsona/FernCreek within Orlando, FL is home to an array of distinctive and delicious eateries. From traditional American cuisine to exotic Mediterranean food, there’s something for all in this lively neighborhood. Three top-quality eateries are available within the neighborhood.

Lawsona/ Fern Creek-Restaurants

Mason Jar Provisions:

Mason Jar Provisions offers an amazing selection of classic comfort food. Their menu is filled with delicious options like mac n’ cheese, fried chicken sandwiches and handcrafted pizzas. They also have a great selection of craft beers that pair well with their dishes.

Lawsona/ Fern Creek Orlando FL-Restaurants

Mooyah Burgers, fries & Shakes:

Located in the heart of Lawsona/ Fern Creek, Mooyah Burgers, fries & Shakes is an ideal spot for anyone looking for a delicious burger. They have an impressive selection of burgers, each one made with fresh ingredients and packed with flavor. Their classic beef burgers are always a hit as well as their signature shakes perfect for washing down an amazing burger.

Lawsona/ Fern Creek Orlando FL-Restaurants

The 808:

The 808 is a great spot for anyone looking to enjoy some delicious Hawaiian inspired cuisine. They specialize in Hawaiian Poke Bowls, as well as other island favorites like their Loco Moco Burger and their famous Spam Musubi. The decor is also quite inviting and makes you feel like you’re right in the middle of the islands.

Lawsona/FernCreek located in Orlando, FL is a bustling community offering a wide range of dining choices. From traditional Italian recipes to the latest American dishes, there’s something for everyone’s palate. Bonne appetit!

Lawsona/ Fern Creek-Parks


Lawsona/ Fern Creek Orlando FL is home to four great parks that offer plenty of outdoor activities for everyone.

Lawsona/ Fern Creek-Killarney Park

Mayor Carl T. Langford Park:

Mayor Carl T. Langford Park, formerly known as Lake Denton Park, is located on Lake Denton and features a boardwalk that circles the lake. It’s the perfect spot for bird watching or just enjoying the fresh air. This park also offers fishing opportunities as well as various other amenities such as playgrounds, picnic tables, and restroom facilities.

Lawsona/ Fern Creek-Clear Lake Park

Dickson Azalea Park:

Dickson Azalea Park is a beautiful park that features a variety of native plants and trees. There is an incredible view of the lake, making it the perfect spot for sunset watching or bird watching. This park also offers playgrounds, benches, and picnic tables.

Lawsona/ Fern Creek-Mills Pond Park

Lake Lawsona Park:

Located off of Fern Creek Ave, Lake Lawsona Park is a great spot for an afternoon picnic or stroll. With plenty of shady trees and lush grass, it’s the perfect place to relax. There are also several playgrounds and amenities such as grills, picnic tables, and restroom facilities. Fishing enthusiasts can take advantage of the lake’s abundance of bass, bream, and catfish.

Lawsona/ Fern Creek-Bill Frederick Park

Little Free Library:

Little Free Library is a unique park located off of Fern Creek Ave. It features several little free libraries that are filled with books for everyone to enjoy. The park also includes plenty of seating areas and shade trees, making it the perfect spot for an afternoon read. There are also picnic tables and a playground.

These are just a few of the many incredible parks located in Lawsona/Fern Creek Orlando FL. Whether you’re looking for a place to hike, fish, boat or simply relax, these parks have something for everyone!

There are a handful of the numerous amazing parks that are located in Lawsona/Fern Lake Orlando, Florida. If you’re seeking an area to fish, hike or boat, or just to take a break, these parks have something for all!

Lawsona/ Fern Creek-Safe to Live In

Is Lawsona/ Fern Creek Safe To Live In

Living in Lawsona/FernCreek Orlando FL is an enjoyable and safe experience. The area is governed by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office (OCSO) which has maintained a constant security level within the area over many years. There are several private security firms that routinely check the area, giving an additional layer of security. In addition, there are many surveillance cameras in the area which makes it much easier to prevent crimes.

Lawsona/Fern Creek has several parks, restaurants, and shopping centers that allow for lots of fun activities without needing to go far from your home. The area is well-lit in the evening, which helps people feel safe walking around the neighborhood at night. Because of its location in downtown Orlando Lawsona/Fern creek is also convenient for easy access to numerous attractions of the city.

In the end, living in the Lawsona/Fern creek Orlando FL is an enjoyable and safe experience when you take the proper security measures. Its close access to the city of Orlando and its well-lit streets, and its regular security patrols, it’s evident why so many residents call this area their home.

Lawsona/ Fern Creek-Why Should I Live Here

Why Should I Live Here

Lawsona/ Fern Creek is a beautiful and lively neighborhood located in the center of Orlando, Florida. It’s located close to several tourist attractions like the downtown area of Orlando, Winter Park, Universal Studios, SeaWorld, and Disney World theme parks. The neighborhood is filled with numerous eating establishments, shopping, and leisure facilities, making it a perfect place to reside.

Living in Lawsona Fern Creek has its perks. The location is convenient, which means every entertainment, education, and employment opportunity you can ever want are within reach. If it’s shopping stimulation at Mall at Millenia or catching the latest news at the library branch that is located nearby There’s always something to do in the vicinity.

Lawsona Fern Creek also boasts excellent security and safety. The area is monitored by the police, who frequently hold neighborhood watch and crime prevention workshops. The residents of the area are warm and friendly which creates a sense of belonging to the community’s diverse inhabitants.

The options for housing available in Lawsona/ Fern Creek offer something for all. From single-family homes to apartments or condos. You’ll find an extensive range of homes that will fit all budgets, making it a reasonable area to live in for numerous people. If you’re looking at investing in property, the area is filled with potential since prices for the property continue to rise each year.

In the simplest terms, Lawsona/ Fern Creek is a great location to live in. It has everything you could require or desire while living in a lively community that offers many amenities and security. With its convenient area, affordable housing options, and the friendly community it’s a perfect place to establish roots.

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