North Orange Orlando FL

January 11, 2023 | Camila Salamanca
North Orange Orlando FL

North Orange Orlando FL is located in central Florida. It is situated close to Downtown Orlando, with the University of Central Florida to the east and Interstate 4 to the west. North Orange is bounded by Semoran Boulevard to the north and Goldenrod Road to the south along with several smaller roads connecting the area. There are numerous stores, restaurants parks, and entertainment venues.

There are also a number of large companies within North Orange such as Universal Studios, Lockheed Martin, and Siemens. Additionally, there are hospitals close by. The area has easy access to major highways for commuters to easily access downtown Orlando or the beaches. North Orange is a great location for professional families and students seeking the ease of living in close proximity to all the amenities Orlando offers.

Best Neighborhoods in Orlando - North Orange Orlando FL History

North Orange History

It is believed that the North Orange neighborhood in Orlando, FL has a long and interesting story. When people began moving in the vicinity, several settlements were constructed and are now part of the northern border of this region. The time saw an influx of new settlers and businesses into the region, particularly through the railroads, which linked north orange with the rest of the city.

The area experienced significant growth after World War II as people from across Florida came to the region for its gorgeous climate and affordable price of housing. At the same time, major corporations established offices in Orlando which brought numerous job opportunities to the area. At Also, there was a rapid growth in suburbanization with hundreds of new homes being constructed across North Orange.


North Orange Today:

At the present, North Orange is one of the most sought-after areas to reside within Central Florida due to its close proximity to downtown Orlando and the established neighborhoods. North Orange is famous for its streets lined with trees with excellent schools, as well as lively cultural activities. The area is also home to many parks and recreational places where residents can take part in activities like fishing, biking, and much more. North Orange continues to be an energetic community that celebrates its rich heritage while offering residents access to the latest facilities of urban living.


Cost Of Living

The cost of living in the North Orange neighborhood in Orlando, FL may vary depending on the individual’s needs. 



Housing is among the most crucial factors when evaluating any place and ranges in price from renting apartments or buying an entire house. Renting a furnished 1-bedroom unit within North Orange can cost anywhere from $800 to upwards of $1,200 per month. The cost of buying a single-family house can cost anything from $200,000 to over $500,000 based on the size and amenities.


Costs for transportation within North Orange may vary depending on the amount of travel to be accomplished. The cost of a bus pass is typically between $25 and $35 per month while parking costs can range between free and over $100 per month based on the location. Taxis and Ubers charge according to distance and can vary between $5 and $30 for small excursions within the region.


General Goods & Services:

The amount that is charged for electricity depends on the amount used and the time of year, but typically falls between $100 and $170 each month. Food items at North Orange are generally more expensive than the average for the nation. The approximate price for one week’s worth of groceries for one person can range from $80-$100 based on the place you shop and what you spend. The majority of stores offer discounts for purchasing in bulk, which can save you money.   


Local Economy

North Orange Orlando FL is a flourishing suburban area situated in the heart of Central Florida. With easy access to major highways and a close nearness to both the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, North Orange Orlando FL gives its residents numerous possibilities for work, recreation, and leisure.

Job Opportunities

The city is home to a vibrant economy, with a variety of job opportunities across a variety of sectors. The top employers in the region are Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Studios Orlando, SeaWorld Orlando, Lockheed Martin Corporation, Orange County Public Schools, and Siemens Building Technologies Inc. Tourism-related businesses account for a large portion of the economy here in addition to hotels, restaurants, and other tourist attractions.

Household Income

The average household income is around $50.000 per year, while the cost of housing remains affordable when relative to other parts of Florida. Transportation services in North Orange Orlando FL are effective and quick and make it simple for residents to travel to and from their homes.

Local Investment

Local investment is growing in the area because new businesses are opening each year. Alongside tourism-related developments, there’s been an increase in start-ups in high-tech industries which have created North Orange Orlando FL an attractive location where you can live, work and play. A variety of parks and nature preserves, and wildlife parks offer many outdoor recreation opportunities in addition. With a thriving economy and excellent living conditions, North Orange Orlando FL is a popular location for those who want to move or travel to the Sunshine State.


Transportation Options For The Commute

North Orange Orlando FL’s transportation network North Orange Orlando FL is extremely extensive and diverse that allows people to move across the city.

Public Transportation:

There’s a variety of public transportation options like trolleys, buses, and even ferry services that connect North Orange to other parts of the city.  


Taxis are a common choice for getting around the city, offering ease of use and affordable prices.


In addition, cyclists will discover a variety of bike paths and paths that can be explored in the city. All of these options make moving to and from North Orange easy and convenient! Alongside traditional methods of transportation, there’ve recently been efforts to improve accessibility to alternative options such as electric scooters or bicycles. The services have been met with praise from people who are satisfied with the ease they provide.


If you’re who are looking for greater flexibility, there are rental car services that are available throughout the region. 


Average Annual Weather

North Orange/Orlando FL is well-known for its pleasant and mild temperatures all year round. 



The summers in North Orange are usually hot and humid with temperatures that are typically between the mid and high 90°F in summer months from June to September. Alongside the hot temperatures, the typical summertime thunderstorms can provide relief from the heat.



The winters in North Orange generally remain cool compared to other regions of the country because of the moderate temperature in Florida. However, the lows can reach the upper 40°F during winter evenings. January is typically thought to be the winter’s coldest month with average temperatures of 61-73°F. 



The fall in North Orange is typically pleasant, with temperatures that range from high 70°F to the mid 80°F. October is usually the wettest month due to regular cold fronts that pass through.



The springtime in North Orange is characterized by mild, pleasant weather, with daily temperatures ranging from low 70°F to low 80°F. In May and April, brief afternoon thunderstorms are typical.


Local Tip:

The early spring and the end of autumn are the best time to visit North Orange Orlando when temperatures are not too hot nor too cold. Look out for local festivals like Orlando Fringe Festival for unforgettable experiences. 


Education System of North Orange

It is said that the North Orange Orlando area is well-known for the excellent educational opportunities it offers and a variety of options for parents looking to offer their children the highest quality education they can get. With charter schools, private schools, religious schools, and homeschooling all readily available in the area, parents can decide which is the most suitable for their children and themselves.

Public Schools:

Schools that are public offer students the possibility to get a high-quality education at a cost that is affordable. Many public school systems offer various programs designed to cater to the needs of diverse students, including gifted and talented classes as well as Special Education services. These programs are funded by local property taxes that provide students with no-cost or reduced-cost access to materials and resources that they would not have access to otherwise. 

Charter Schools:

Charter schools are publically funded but have much more autonomy than traditional public schools. They are typically founded by parents or educators who believe they can offer a better educational experience for students within their region. They generally concentrate on a particular approach to education or curriculum, which means they might not be appropriate for each student. But, they do offer additional resources or services to meet the requirements of various learners.

Private Schools:

They are tuition-based establishments that are run by private entities or individuals, rather than receiving state funding. Private schools typically are more academically rigorous than public schools in addition to smaller classes and more individual attention. The price of tuition could differ widely based on the school’s curriculum and offerings, so parents must be aware of their options prior to making a decision.

Religious Schools:

Religious schools are associated with various religious organizations or denominations and provide students with a curriculum that is based on specific values or beliefs. Schools may also provide additional services, such as spiritual guidance and counseling that can be helpful for those who are struggling. But, parents should keep in mind that these schools might not always offer a full education since they tend to concentrate on religious-based educational programs.


Homeschooling lets parents offer their children an education that is tailored to their specific desires and needs in the comfort of their own homes. It can offer greater flexibility and control over both the curriculum and the schedule, which allows parents to personalize their child’s education according to how they prefer. However, it is also possible for homeschooling to be more expensive than other options for education due to the requirement for materials and other resources.


North Orange Local Government And Infrastructure

North Orange Orlando, FL is served by a range of local infrastructure and government agencies as well as local government.


The NOPD strives to ensure the public’s security and safety within the city limits by preventing crime and investigating criminal activity as well as enforcing laws and community involvement programs. 

Fire Department:

The fire protection services are offered through the North Orange Fire Department, comprised of an experienced team of paramedics, firefighters, and ambulance technicians in emergency situations.


Regarding the educational opportunities In terms of educational opportunities in North Orange Orlando, there are numerous primary schools as well as high schools in the city. There are also several private educational institutions, such as universities. 


There are also numerous libraries for residents to get access to periodicals, books, and other media resources.


Things To Do

North Orange Orlando, FL is the perfect spot for people to take part in various activities both outdoors and indoors. 



Outdoor activities are easily accessible throughout North Orange Orlando. With numerous park options, guests can take in breathtaking views, participate in leisure activities like fishing or camping or simply wander through the diverse Flora and fauna of Florida’s natural preserves. Without mentioning the beautiful beaches this city has to offer, imagine heading to the beach after a long day or having a trip with friends and family for a relaxing weekend. All of this just by driving a couple of miles sounds like a dream!


You can visit the Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art which has a permanent collection along with rotating exhibits all through the year. The museum also offers art classes with expert instructors as well as opportunities to be involved in activities for community outreach.

For those who are looking for more activities that are physically demanding, North Orange Orlando has plenty to provide. From skating halls to bowling alleys, there are plenty of entertainment options for all different ages. For instance, at Astro Skate of Orlando, a roller-skating rink, customers can spend endless hours of fun for the whole family as they listen to live music or enjoy arcade games.  


Restaurants In North Orange

North Orange Orlando FL is where you can find a myriad of eateries that offer distinctive and unique dining experiences. Three of them should be tried by anyone interested in food and drink in the region:


Häos on Church

Häos on Church restaurant offers up-to-date ways to enjoy American comfort food with an innovative twist and an emphasis on ingredients that are seasonal and that are sourced from local farms whenever they can. You can enjoy amazing live performances while eating and spending time with friends or family.


White Wolf Cafe

White Wolf Cafe is located in North Orange Orlando, FL and serves a wide range of tasty menu items. The restaurant is famous for gourmet soups, sandwiches and salads which are prepared daily with the freshest ingredients available. They also offer a selection of paninis made from scratch, including white wolf chicken which includes grilled chicken, bacon, onions your cheese of choice.


Hawkers Asian Street Fare 

Enjoy the flavors of authentic Asian street food in this lively and casual eatery, offering food items such as Peking duck rolls, beef rendang, and Udon noodles stir-fry among the most popular dishes.



From the lush scenery that surrounds Spring Lake Park to the clear, crystal-clear water that flows through Lake Highland Park, there’s something for all visitors to this beautiful region of Florida. In addition, with all the options for activities and entertainment in these parks, they are great locations for an afternoon trip or a weekend getaway!


Spring Lake Park 

Located in North Orange Orlando, Florida, Spring Lake Park is one of the most popular destinations for residents and tourists alike. It has picnic tables with fishing docks, playgrounds, and many trails to walk. The park also boasts an enormous lake that is home to abundant wildlife. With its lush surroundings and crystal clear water It’s the ideal place to unwind and relax.


Don Dudley Park

Don Dudley Park is another excellent alternative for people who want to explore North Orange Orlando. The park offers ample open space for picnicking, or simply enjoying a stroll around the natural surroundings. The park also has a variety of options for activities such as fishing, camping, canoeing, kayaking, and many more.


Guernsey Park 

Located just several miles far from Don Dudley Park, Guernsey Park is another alternative for outdoors activities within North Orange Orlando. It has many things for all ages with the nature trail, play areas, tennis courts, and much much more. 


Lake Highland Park

Lake Highland Park is one of the most visited spots located in North Orange Orlando. The lake has a wide range of water activities, such as sailing, fishing and a multitude of trails for hiking that weave through the forest and provide stunning views. Along the shoreline is plenty of sandy beaches for relaxing and swimming. There are also several places to picnic for families to enjoy a day out.


Is North Orange Safe To Live In

The area of North Orange Orlando FL is an ideal and secure area to live in. The rate of crime in this neighborhood is significantly smaller than national norms, which makes it a great area for people looking for security. Additionally, the police department in the area employs proactive measures to ensure security within the neighborhood by regularly patrolling and responding swiftly to complaints of suspicious or criminal activities. 

There are many parks and other recreational activities close by, providing residents with easy access to the outdoors for recreation and exercise. Additionally, there are a variety of eateries, cafes, stores, and entertainment venues in the vicinity that offer plenty of opportunities for having fun with loved ones and friends. In all, North Orange Orlando FL is an ideal choice for those who seek peace and security.

Alongside security and safety, North Orange Orlando FL provides a variety of amenities as well as opportunities for residents. There is an active nightlife scene, with a wide range of clubs, bars, and music clubs. There are numerous cultural events like regular farmers’ markets, art exhibits as well as festivals. With everything you can take part in there are plenty of activities to enjoy within North Orange Orlando FL.


Why Should I Live Here

North Orange is close to downtown and offers easy access to restaurants, businesses, parks, shopping centers, schools, and entertainment places. It is also rich in background dating into the 18th century, which is when numerous African Americans chose to settle there.

North Orange neighborhood features beautiful picturesque landscapes of Lake Eola Park and is a convenient location to the city’s most popular cultural sites such as The Orlando Science Center and Loch Haven Park. Residents can take advantage of the peaceful ambiance in nearby Baldwin Park or take advantage of the convenience of major highways nearby, like I-4 for quick and easy travel throughout the city. In addition, the majority of roads are packed with trees that make for an idyllic and peaceful living space.

The neighborhood also houses some of the top schools, such as Orlando Science High School, Edgewater High School, and Jones High School. In addition to the many educational opportunities there are many recreational opportunities available in the neighborhood, such as playing golf or exploring the nearby nature trails. 

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