Orwin Manor Orlando FL

January 12, 2023 | Camila Salamanca
Orwin Manor Orlando FL

Orwin Manor is situated in Orlando, Florida. It is located just from Interstate 4 and minutes away from the most popular tourist destinations like Universal Studios, Sea World, and Walt Disney World. The neighborhood is located close to the center of Orlando which provides easy access to the city’s numerous bars, restaurants, shops cafes, and entertainment venues. Orwin Manor has also been found a home to countless recreational opportunities outdoors, including tennis courts, golf course parks, lakes, and trails for nature. In addition, it offers easy access to medical facilities and hospitals nearby for people who require medical care. The community offers a wonderful blend of suburban life as well as urban comfort for those who are looking for an alternative home to call their own located in Central Florida.

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Orwin Manor History

Orwin Manor is a historic neighborhood located in Orlando, FL. It was founded in 1924 and is now the oldest remaining subdivision within Orange County. The name “Orwin” comes by combining Orlando and winter park. The first few days in the history of Orwin Manor were defined by small-scale developments like single-family homes as well as massive estates that belonged to several of the most wealthy families of Central Florida. While Orwin Manor was mostly residential, however, there were a variety of companies that operated within its borders. The mid-20th century saw most of the neighborhood’s original style lost when many older houses were replaced by bigger contemporary buildings. However, Orwin Manor still has the charm of its past. 


Orwin Manor Today:

In the present, Orwin Manor is a delightful and diverse community that is comprised predominantly of single-family homes as well as a few multi-family homes. The people living in Orwin Manor are quite diverse and include people from every walk of life and different cultures opting to reside in this lively neighborhood. 

There are numerous services to be found for residents, including parks as well as different stores, and restaurants. The close-by Lake Davis Park is one of the places that provide ample possibility for outdoor activities like fishing and picnics. Orwin Manor has proved to be an ideal area to settle in because of its proximity to downtown Orlando and its accessibility to major expressways and highways. It is a gorgeous residential area that attracts new residents every year who are enticed by its rich history and appealing amenities. 


Cost Of Living

The cost of living within the Orwin Manor neighborhood in Orlando, FL is relatively affordable. There are a variety of housing options available in the neighborhood. be anything from affordable apartment units to single-family houses and townhomes. 



The median cost for a house in Orwin Manor is approximately $663,000 which is considered balanced taking into count that the median home value in Orlando is close to $400,000.

Utilities like electricity are fairly inexpensive when compared with other areas in Orlando as well as Florida. A typical electric bill for an average-sized household could be around $80 per month.


The public transportation system in the area is cheap and efficient, with many alternatives, including those offered by the LYNX bus system and its SunRail commuter train and Uber/Lyft service for rideshare. 


General Goods & Services:

Costs for groceries are based on the kind of food you like and the amount you spend. Costs for groceries are usually lower than the national average.

The overall experience of living in the Orwin Manor neighborhood in Orlando is very affordable and economical with most costs being less than the average for all of America. With its central location and excellent amenities, it’s not surprising why so many decisions make this fantastic community their home!


Local Economy

The economic activity that is based in Orwin Manor is largely driven by the tourism industry since it’s situated near well-known attractions like Universal Studios Orlando and SeaWorld. In addition, a number of luxurious resorts are located within the community, which allows for an increase in economic activity due to tourists.

Job Opportunities

The job opportunities in the area are plentiful, from service and hospitality positions to administrative and engineering jobs. Many high-tech firms are also located in the region because of its proximity to the major theme parks and attractions. 

Household Income

The median household earnings for Orwin Manor inhabitants is about $43,000 per year.

Local Investment

Local investments play a crucial contribution in maintaining the economic health of Orwin Manor. Additionally, there are many small-scale businesses within the community that employs locals as well as bring tourists to the area. These investments are essential to keep the local economy strong and expanding.

The economic activity in Orwin Manor is an important element of the Orlando region’s overall development and growth. With its ample job opportunities, a high median household income, and targeted investments in the local area. It’s a vibrant community that is showing no signs of slowing down any time soon.


Transportation Options For The Commute

Orwin Manor Orlando FL is a bustling city with an efficient transportation system. Whatever your preferences, there’s something for you in the city! With many transport options, Orwin Manor Orlando FL is the perfect spot for exploring. It doesn’t matter if you want to use a taxi service or rent a vehicle, travel on a bicycle or bus, or stroll through the city, there’s always an option that meets your requirements. 


Public Transportation:

Public transportation is another option, and it includes buses from LYNX as well as SunRail. 



Taxis make it easy for tourists to travel to their destinations, as there are several Ubers, Lyfts, and Yellow Cabs available. 



Cycling is becoming more popular in the city, and the city’s growing number of trails and bike lanes make it easy for cyclists to travel in a safe manner. Also, pedestrians are able to use the sidewalks all over the city, and also the trails for walking that lead to the nearby attractions. 



Cars are very well-liked within Orwin Manor Orlando FL, with rental car firms such as Enterprise, Budget, Avis, Hertz, etc. with great rates on cars for people who want to explore the area thoroughly.


Average Annual Weather

The year-round weather of Orwin Manor Orlando FL is generally sunny and warm all year and mild in winter. 



Summer usually brings temperatures in the mid – to upper 90°F, with lows in 70°F. The highest temperatures typically occur in July and August however, it is rare to reach temperatures of 100°F. 



The winters are milder, but they aren’t always warm. The average high temperatures vary between the mid-50°F and mid-60°F. Lows range into 40°F or 30°F at times. Rainfall can be spread through all the time, the majority of months getting between 3 and 4 inches of rain per month.



Autumn is very warm, with average temperatures of mid-80°Fand lows of 60°F. 



The warmer weather of spring is accompanied by an average temperature of 65°F as well as an average temperature of 81°F.


Local Tip:

Pack a light jacket or a sweater for the occasional cool night. Be aware of the possibility of storms approaching and review the local weather forecast before venturing out. Be secure and enjoy your time at Orwin Manor Orlando FL!


Education System of Orwin Manor

Orwin Manor Orlando FL is the home of a variety of educational choices for its residents. Charter schools, public schools, private schools, private schools for religious purposes, and even homeschooling are all offered within the vicinity.

Public Schools:

The public schools within Orwin Manor primarily fall under Orange County Public Schools (OCPS) however there are some exceptions. OCPS provides more than 200,000 students across 180 middle, elementary, and high school campuses across the county. The district offers a diverse array of educational programs that include Advanced Placement classes, career, and technical education programs, and additional support services like bilingual education and English Language Learner programs.

Charter Schools:

Charter Schools offer an option to supplement traditional schools in Florida and are available all over Orwin Manor. These private schools that are independent provide pupils with distinctive learning experiences as well as access to specific objectives in education. Charter schools are funded by the public but they usually operate independently of the district system, offering families many options for education.

Private Schools:

Private schools in the region offer a variety of religious and non-religious beliefs as well as focus on diverse subjects of study. Private schools usually provide higher levels of personalized attention and instruction than public schools provide. These tuition-based schools are also known to have smaller classes that can allow students to develop more intimate relations with their teachers and classmates.

Religious Schools:

Religious Schools can also be an alternative for Orwin Manor households looking for an education based on faith for their children. A lot of Christian religious groups offer the option of private schools for elementary high school and middle school children. These schools can provide a greater amount of religious education than those located in traditional private or public schools. 


Homeschooling is an alternative for families that reside within Orwin Manor. It is a popular option for people who want to teach their children from their homes and on their own schedule and with the aid of online courses or tutors. The homeschoolers must adhere to specific rules that are set in the State of Florida like subject requirements and assessments. However, they can still enjoy plenty of freedom in the way they educate their children.


Orwin Manor Local Government and Infrastructure

Orwin Manor can be found in Orlando, Florida. The local government is comprised of a mayor as well as four commissioners, who are on a basis of election. The government offers a variety of services for residents like public works, fire safety, parks, libraries, schools, and additional public services.


The City of Orlando Police Department (COPD) is accountable for police enforcement in Orwin Manor. COPD employs more than 1,000 officers and civilians who are committed to the security of the community. They offer emergency assistance and proactive crime prevention strategies to guard citizens against criminals.

Fire Department:

The Orlando Fire Department (OFD) offers emergency medical care in Orwin Manor. The OFD is comprised of around 800 employees and is split into 17 stations. They are outfitted with the most modern technology and resources to be able to respond quickly and efficiently to any kind of emergency fire.


Orwin Manor is serviced by Orange County Public Schools which manages over 180 schools within the area, which includes Princeton Elementary School and Baldwin Park Elementary School which are located very near Orwin Manor. In addition, the area has a variety of charter and private schools in the area.


The library system of Orwin Manor’s public libraries is comprised of six branches across the city. They offer magazines, books, newspapers audio-visual media, and computer access, as well as programs for adults and children and a range of different services.


Things To Do

Orwin Manor Orlando FL has many things to do outdoors and indoors that anyone can take advantage of. 



To enjoy outdoor activities, guests can stroll through Orwin Manor Park which offers pathways with benches, and picnic spots with gazebos for families to relax. There’s also a playground where kids can have fun and enjoy the day outside, running around, or playing with friends or family. If you’re looking for more vigorous activities, there are a number of sporting complexes in the vicinity. You can find some professional-grade softball fields, as well as a lacrosse/soccer field with as well as basketball courts. 


Inside, guests can visit the museums, which have a wide array of objects such as furniture, art, photographs, and other artifacts. Furthermore, Orwin Manor offers plenty of shopping options. The village’s central area is filled with local boutiques and shops which offer unique products ranging from clothing, and rare vintage items. Also, visitors can find various restaurants that range from cafes that are casual to more formal dining experiences.


Restaurants In Orwin Manor

Whatever type of food you need, Orwin Manor has the right restaurant for your preferences. If you’re searching for comfort foods or more adventurous cuisine, these restaurants in the area are sure to please. Visit and indulge in some of the finest food Orlando offers! 


Welch Cafeteria

Located in Orwin Manor in Orlando, FL, Welch Cafeteria is an eatery run by a family that serves traditional Southern food items. Some of the most requested items include fried chicken, macaroni, and cheese. There are also delicious sides like collard leaves, mashed potato, cornbread, and green beans that are topped with bits of bacon. For dessert, guests can pick from a variety of cakes, pies, and cobblers.


4Roots Cafeis 

A casual restaurant that serves a menu of farm-to-table food made from locally-sourced ingredients. The menu includes inventive salads, sandwiches, and burgers, as well as special dishes like pan-seared shrimp or pan-seared redfish skewers, served with roasted veggies. The restaurant also offers a large range of craft beer and wines to accompany the food.



Caboose is a restaurant that offers gourmet Mexican food. The menu offers tacos burritos and fajitas, as well as quesadillas stuffed with various ingredients like cheese, meats, and vegetables. There are also salsas made by the house for extra flavor. For a perfect finish to your meal, take a bite of churros, or a classic tres leches dessert. To drink, you can enjoy an icy margarita or a cup of ice-cold beer.



Orwin Manor Park, Lake Estelle Park as well as Mathews Park all provide distinctive local experiences at an easy location within the Orwin Manor area of Orlando. If you’re seeking the perfect spot to enjoy an outdoor picnic or play sports with your friends the parks are certain to have something suitable for anyone! Why not go to the parks in your area today? You’ll not be disappointed!


Orwin Manor Park

Is a 5.5-acre neighborhood park that is located in the middle of Orlando’s Orwin Manor area near Lake Estelle and Lake Rowena. It is a wonderful chance for people from the community to come together and exercise, have fun and meet up. 

The park has playground equipment, including slides, swings, picnic tables, an indoor basketball court, charcoal grills, as well as plenty of room for children to play catch or tag using frisbees, or other smaller balls. There are benches all over the park that offer a place to unwind and take in the beauty of nature. The park has lights so that visitors can enjoy it all night long!


Lake Estelle Park 

It is a 6-acre park in the neighborhood that has ample space for children to run and play. The lake itself offers opportunities for fishing as well as other water sports like kayaking or canoeing. With the many trails the park has, you can enjoy a stroll while enjoying the view of the lake and the fauna placed in the area. 


Mathews Park 

This is a 17-acre neighborhood park located 1.2 miles away from Orlando’s Orwin Manor area. The park is home to 2 massive playgrounds, with slides and swings, basketball courts, picnic tables, and large open areas for exercising and having fun with benches to sit and enjoy the outdoors. 


Loch Haven Park 

Is a 34-acre park in the middle of Orwin Manor Orlando FL. The park has everything for all ages with its lush, green lawns, surrounding lakes, and hiking trails. Alongside its natural beauties, Loch Haven Park also has a play area that is perfect for youngsters and their families. There are vast spaces for children to play and run, and you can also bring your pets with you. In addition, Loch Haven Park is where you can find the Orlando Science Center and the Mennello Museum of American Art providing visitors with endless hours of fun and education.


Is Orwin Manor Safe To Live In

Orwin Manor Orlando FL is an extremely safe place to reside. The neighborhood has seen a decrease in crime rates over the last few years. A neighborhood watch system is in operation and residents are often able to collaborate with each other in notifying any suspicious activity or people they might encounter when out and about. There are also many public services to choose from like police stations, fire stations, and libraries that all cooperate to ensure the safety of the community.

The roads around Orwin Manor Orlando FL are well maintained and feature street lights for additional security at night hours. There’s also ample parking, which means that people can be confident about visiting relatives or friends living in the neighborhood. The area is also renowned for its warm, friendly environment, and the area is home to a variety of green spaces and parks that are used as playgrounds as well as picnic areas.

All in all, Orwin Manor Orlando FL is a safe and secure place to have your family. If you take the proper precautions you can be confident that you’re secure in this neighborhood. There are many local amenities and, with effective security safeguards implemented, you can be comfortable in this serene community without worrying about crimes or other risks.


Why Should I Live Here

Orwin Manor is a wonderful neighborhood in Orlando with numerous amenities and tourist attractions. From its proximity to downtown, and the gorgeous parks and recreational amenities, Orwin Manor has everything.

The neighborhood is charming and diverse and has beautiful houses that range from traditional bungalows to contemporary townhomes. Streets are lined by trees, creating peace and tranquility, while the landscape is attractive and lush. Is home to a wide range of outdoor fun for all ages, including tennis courts, ball pools, playgrounds, and much more. There are also many excellent restaurants that are close by that have an array of dishes for every taste.

The lifestyle of Orwin Manor also offers access to Orlando’s top attractions, including Universal Studios, SeaWorld, and Disney World. There are numerous art and museum galleries to visit as also entertainment and shopping centers and cultural events all through the season. There are also a number of exceptional schools in the area with a long-standing history of excellence. In the end, Orwin Manor offers a perfect blend of convenience and luxury for anyone who wants to move into Orlando. With its top amenities, a great central location near downtown, and a wide range of nearby attractions, it’s the perfect place to live in.

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