Wadeview Park Orlando Florida 

January 13, 2023 | Miguel Coronado
Wadeview Park Orlando Florida 

Wadeview Park is located in the heart of Orlando, Florida. It is situated between South Semoran Boulevard and North Lane Avenue, just south of the popular shopping center at Millenia. The park can be easily accessed by car or public transportation such as Metrobus and LYNX buses that travel along South Semoran Boulevard and North Lane Avenue. It is conveniently located close to major attractions such as Universal Studios, SeaWorld, and the Orlando International Airport. The park’s central location also provides easy access to downtown Orlando, where visitors can find a variety of restaurants, entertainment venues, museums, and other points of interest. Wadeview Park features a beautiful lake with walking trails and picnic areas, two playgrounds for children, outdoor basketball courts, a baseball field, and a skate park. The park also hosts events throughout the year such as art festivals, music performances, and farmers markets. Additionally, visitors can take advantage of the free Wi-Fi available throughout its grounds. Wadeview Park is open from sunrise to sunset and is a great place for families to enjoy quality time outdoors.

In summary, Wadeview Park is conveniently located near major attractions and downtown Orlando in the heart of Orlando, Florida. It features a lake with walking trails and picnic areas, playgrounds for children, outdoor basketball courts, a baseball field, a skate park, free Wi-Fi, and hosts various events throughout the year. The park is open from sunrise to sunset, making it a great place for families to enjoy quality time outdoors.

Wadeview Park

Wadeview Park Orlando History

Wadeview Park is a historic neighborhood in Orlando, Florida. The area was first settled by John Wade, who had purchased land from the U.S. government in 1873 and built his home there that same year. After Wade’s death, other individuals and families began to move in and settle the area including Joseph Bumby and his family. The Bumby’s were citrus farmers and owned a large amount of land in the area, making them one of the prominent families of Wadeview Park.

In 1928, Orlando annexed the neighborhood and during this period many homes were built and lots opened up for development. Throughout the 1930s and 40s, more homes began to be built, and the area experienced rapid growth. By 1950, Wadeview Park was well established and had a population of over 1,000 people.

The neighborhood is now considered one of the most desirable in Orlando. It is an eclectic mix of old and new housing styles with a diverse array of restaurants, shopping centers, parks, schools, and other amenities. The area is well connected by public transportation and has plenty of green space for outdoor activities.

Wadeview Park neighborhood today is still as vibrant and diverse as it was when it was first established over 150 years ago. It is a safe and friendly place to live, work, and play with plenty of opportunities for recreation and entertainment. The area is well known for its welcoming atmosphere and sense of community, making it an ideal place to live for families and young professionals alike. It continues to be a popular destination for those looking for the perfect combination of city convenience with a relaxed suburban lifestyle.

Wadeview Park Orlando Today

While it has kept its historic charm, the area has become increasingly modernized with new restaurants, stores, and other amenities popping up every year. The neighborhood remains well-connected by public transportation and boasts plenty of recreational activities for residents to enjoy. Orlando today remains a hub of culture and entertainment with plenty to offer those who live there.

The area continues to be an ideal destination for families, young professionals, and retirees alike with its mix of modern amenities and historic charm. The diversity of the neighborhood offers something for everyone, making it one of the best places to live in Orlando.

Wadeview Park is a great place to call home and will surely continue to remain an ideal destination for years to come. With its welcoming atmosphere, strong sense of community, and plenty of opportunities for recreation and entertainment, it’s no wonder why so many people choose Wadeview Park as their home.

Wadeview Park-cost-of-living

Cost of Living

Wadeview Park is a vibrant neighborhood located in Orlando, Florida. The cost of living in Wadeview Park is considered relatively affordable compared to other major cities in the United States.

Housing and Utilities

Wadeview Park is an affordable neighborhood in Orlando, Florida. Rent prices vary depending on the size of the home and its amenities, but most homes in Wadeview are priced at around $900 to $1,200 per month. Apartments and townhomes are also available for rent at similarly affordable prices. Utilities such as electricity typically cost around $100 per month depending on usage.


Wadeview Park is well connected with major highways, so getting around the neighborhood is usually very convenient. The neighborhood also has an extensive public transportation system, including buses and light rail. The cost of a single fare on the bus or train ranges from $1 to $2.25, depending on the route. There are also a number of ride-sharing services such as Uber and Lyft that have become increasingly popular in recent years. The cost of these services can vary, but they tend to be fairly affordable.

General Goods & Services

The cost of general goods and services in Wadeview Park is also affordable. There are a number of retail stores in the area, including discount stores like Dollar Tree and Family Dollar. Prices for most items such as clothing, electronics, furniture, home goods, etc., tend to be lower than the national average. In addition, there are several medical clinics and pharmacies in the area that offer affordable healthcare services.

Grocery shopping in Wadeview Park is also very affordable. The neighborhood has a number of grocery store chains including Publix and Wal-Mart, as well as local independent stores. Prices for groceries are usually lower than the national average, and it is easy to find discounted items.

There are also a number of restaurants, cafes, and bars in the neighborhood where prices tend to be more reasonable compared to other parts of Orlando. Overall, Wadeview Park is an affordable place to live with a wide range of amenities at reasonably low costs. The neighborhood is a great option for people who want to experience the vibrancy of Orlando without breaking the bank.

Wadeview Park-local-economy

Local Economy

Wadeview Park is home to a growing and diverse economy. The neighborhood has seen an increase in businesses such as retail stores, restaurants, cafes, and bars. In addition, many of the area’s residents work at nearby hospitals or universities. There are also plenty of job opportunities for those interested in technology, tourism, or other industries.

Job Opportunities

Wadeview Park Orlando, FL is a vibrant and diverse community with many job opportunities. The city of Orlando offers a wide range of employment options from small businesses to large companies. Major employers in the area include Universal Studios, Disney World, SeaWorld, Orange County Public Schools, and Florida Hospital. Other local businesses that offer job opportunities include retail stores, restaurants, financial institutions, professional services, and healthcare centers.

Household Income in Wadeview Park

Wadeview Park has a median household income of about $44,876 according to the latest census data. This is slightly lower than the statewide average for Florida which is around $51,000. Most households in Wadeview Park are made up of two adults and one or two children. The average household size is 2.6 people and the median age of residents is 37 years old.

Local Investments in Wadeview Park

The city of Orlando has invested heavily in infrastructure improvements, public safety initiatives, and economic development projects in Wadeview Park. The city is home to two major highways, I-4 and the Florida Turnpike, as well as numerous public transportation systems. Additionally, there are multiple parks and recreational facilities located throughout the area. Local businesses have also been heavily investing in the community by providing jobs and services that help boost the local economy. The city also offers incentives for new businesses to move into Wadeview Park and offers tax breaks for existing businesses.

Wadeview Park is a great place to live, work, and invest in. With its diverse job opportunities and strong household income, the area has much to offer potential residents. Additionally, the local investments made by the city of Orlando have helped to create a vibrant and prosperous community. With its excellent quality of life, Wadeview Park is an ideal place to call home.

Wadeview Park-Transportation-Options-For-The-Commute

Transportation Options For The Commute

Wadeview Park offers a variety of transportation options for visitors to enjoy during their visit. Visitors can choose between walking, biking, or taking public transit to explore the city.

Wadeview Park-Public-Transportatiom

Public Transportation

Wadeview Park is served by both the LYNX and SunRail public transportation systems. The LYNX system provides bus routes throughout the Orlando area, while SunRail offers commuter rail service to many of the nearby cities in Central Florida. Both options provide convenient access to Wadeview Park for those without their own vehicle.

Wadeview Park-Taxis


Taxi services are abundant in Wadeview Park, offering travelers a convenient and comfortable way to get around the area. Taxi services provide door-to-door pick-up and drop-off service as well as hourly rates for longer trips. There are also many ride share companies that offer budget friendly rates.

Wadeview Park-Cars


Driving a car is the most common form of transportation in Wadeview Park. The area is served by many major highways and interstates, making it easy to travel to nearby destinations as well as more distant cities and towns. Parking spots can be found throughout the neighborhood, both on-street and off-street.

Wadeview Park-Bicycles


Wadeview Park is also a great place for getting around by bike. Many of the area’s streets feature dedicated bicycle lanes, and there are plenty of places to safely store bikes when not in use. The city also offers bike-sharing programs that allow people to rent bicycles for short-term use. This is a great option for those looking for an economical and environmentally-friendly way to explore the area.

Overall, Wadeview Park offers a variety of transportation options to suit the needs and budget of any traveler. From public transit to taxis to personal vehicles, there is something for everyone in this vibrant Orlando neighborhood.


Average Annual Weather

Wadeview Park in Orlando, Florida enjoys warm and sunny weather year-round. Temperatures during the summer months average around 90°F during the day and low 70s at night. Winters are mild with temperatures ranging from the high 60s to mid-70s during the day and lows in the 50s at night. The area receives an average of 8 inches of rain per month with most precipitation taking place in June, July, and August when afternoon thunderstorms occur almost daily. Let’s see the weather for each season.



Wadeview Park summers can be hot and humid, with temperatures ranging from the mid-70s to the upper 90s. June through September are typically the hottest months, with July being the most oppressive due to high humidity levels. Thunderstorms often occur during this time of year, particularly in the afternoons when a sea breeze brings moisture inland from the Atlantic. Although residents of Wadeview Park may enjoy the warm weather, it is important to be aware of potential dangers such as heat exhaustion and sunburns due to prolonged exposure to sunlight.



Wadeview Park winters are generally mild, with temperatures ranging between the mid-50s and mid-70s. Although the temperatures are mild, there is still a risk of frost and hard freezes in February and early March due to the city’s proximity to northern parts of Florida. Residents of Wadeview Park may experience some winter snow or sleet during these months, although it usually melts quickly away.



Wadeview Park springs are often a welcome relief from the winter cold. Temperatures can range from the low 50s during evening hours to the mid-80s during the day. The risk of frost begins to disappear in late March and April, allowing for outdoor activities such as picnics or jogging. Residents of Wadeview Park may experience occasional thunderstorms during this time of year, which can bring some much needed rain to the area.



Fall in Wadeview Park is usually characterized by mild temperatures in the mid to low 70s and decreased humidity levels. October and November may bring occasional showers, but not nearly as many storms as seen in summer months. Residents of Wadeview Park can take advantage of the cooler weather by visiting nearby parks or enjoying outdoor activities like biking and swimming. The fall foliage in the area is also quite beautiful, with leaves beginning to change color by late October.


Local Tip

Be sure to check the weather forecast before planning any outdoor activities in Wadeview Park or Orlando. The climate can be unpredictable and thunderstorms are common during certain times of year. It is also important to wear protective clothing such as hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen when spending time outdoors in order to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays. Heat exhaustion can be a real risk in the summer months, so it is important to stay hydrated and take frequent breaks when participating in physical activity.

Overall, Orlando’s weather can be unpredictable but generally remains pleasant throughout the year. Residents of Wadeview Park may enjoy the mild temperatures and occasional rain showers in all seasons. With a little planning and preparation, residents can make the most of their time outdoors no matter what the season brings.


Education System of Wadeview Park

Wadeview Park Orlando FL offers a variety of educational options for students, including traditional public schools, charter schools, private schools, religious schools, and homeschooling. Each of these options provides its own unique benefits, allowing students to get the most out of their education. Whether they choose a traditional school or an alternative approach, Wadeview Park students have access to many resources and opportunities for learning.

Public Schools

Wadeview Park Orlando FL is part of the Orange County School Board and offers a variety of public elementary, middle, and high schools. Public schools in Wadeview Park have access to state-funded programs such as Title I, which provides extra resources for students who are academically behind or otherwise disadvantaged. The public school curriculum meets the Florida State Standards and provides a comprehensive education experience. Public schools in Wadeview Park are also known for their focus on the arts, with many of them offering art, music, and theatre classes. Additionally, public schools strive to provide a safe learning environment as well as promote respect among all students.

Charter Schools

Charter schools are often described as public schools that provide education tailored to the needs of their community. In Wadeview Park, there are 2 charter schools: The Academy at Tangelo Park and The City of Orlando Charter High School. Both of these schools offer high-quality education, emphasizing skills such as collaboration, leadership, creativity, and problem-solving. The curriculums are designed to prepare students for college and career, with a focus on core subjects and real-world skills. Both charter schools also offer a variety of extracurricular activities such as robotics, debate, drama, visual arts, and more.

Private Schools

Private schools in Wadeview Park are often independent and not affiliated with any public school district. Some private schools specialize in a certain type of education, such as religious studies or fine arts. Private schools have the flexibility to design their own curriculum and programs, providing students with an individualized educational experience. Many private schools also provide more specialized attention to students, allowing them to excel academically and socially.

Religious Schools

Religious schools in Wadeview Park provide a faith-based education for students. These schools are often affiliated with churches or other religious organizations and may cover topics such as scripture, theology, prayer, and morality. Religion is often integrated into the curriculum, providing learning opportunities for students to understand their faith and explore its history. Additionally, religious schools in Wadeview Park often have a strong emphasis on community service, equipping students with knowledge and skills to be active members of their local communities.


Wadeview Park offers families the option of homeschooling their students. Homeschooling is a type of education in which parents or guardians provide instruction to their children at home, rather than sending them to school. Parents can design their own curriculum and decide what topics are covered and how they will be covered. Additionally, some homeschooling programs may also include field trips, online classes, and other activities. Homeschooling provides a more individualized approach to learning, allowing children to explore topics of interest in greater depth.


Wadeview Park Local Government and Infrastructure

Wadeview Park is served by a variety of local government and infrastructure services that keep the area safe and connected. These services provide an important foundation for maintaining a thriving community. From police and fire protection to libraries and schools, these resources help make Wadeview Park a great place to live.

The City of Orlando also provides additional resources and services, such as sports leagues, recreational activities and cultural events. These activities help bring together residents and connect the community even more. With so much to offer, Wadeview Park continues to be one of the most sought-after places in Orlando to call


The Orlando Police Department is responsible for the safety of Wadeview Park and its residents. They provide around-the-clock protection to the area, responding to emergencies and enforcing laws. The department also provides crime prevention advice, as well as educational programs on drugs and violence within the community. The police force consists of officers trained in different disciplines, such as traffic, K-9, and SWAT.

Fire Department

The Orlando Fire Department is responsible for protecting Wadeview Park from the threat of fire. They provide emergency medical services, respond to fires and natural disasters, and offer specialized rescue operations. The department also provides educational programs on safety in the home and workplace, as well as public outreach services. The fire department is staffed by highly trained personnel and the latest in firefighting equipment.


The Orange County Library System operates several branches in Wadeview Park, including the East Orlando Public Library, South Creek Community Center Library, and University of Central Florida Library-Oviedo. These libraries offer a variety of books, magazines and other media for public use. The library system also provides computers with internet access, as well as free educational programs and activities.


Wadeview Park is served by two public schools: University High School and Wadeview Elementary School. Both are accredited by the Florida Department of Education and provide a quality education for students of all ages. The schools also offer after-school activities, such as sports teams and clubs, to help engage students in the community.

Public Services

Wadeview Park is home to several public services, including a post office, parks department and community center. The parks department operates several local parks and recreational areas, as well as maintains public spaces. The community center provides resources to residents, including job counseling services, a food pantry, financial assistance and more. The post office offers mail delivery and pickup services throughout the area. Finally, the city also has a variety of transportation options, such as buses and taxis. These services help connect Wadeview Park residents to the rest of Orlando.


Things To Do

Wadeview Park in Orlando, FL is a great place for anyone looking to enjoy the outdoors. The park has plenty of activities to keep visitors busy and entertained. Here are some of the top things to do at Wadeview Park:


Wadeview Park in Orlando, FL offers a wide variety of outdoor activities for visitors. This popular park offers a paved walking trail that circles around the water feature and is complete with benches and views of the lake. Wadeview Park also offers playgrounds, picnic areas, basketball courts, a dog park, and fishing spots along the lake. For those looking for a more adventurous outdoor experience, the park also offers kayaking and paddle-boarding rentals. There is also a disc golf course with 18 holes that are ideal for all levels of players.


In addition to the outdoor activities, Wadeview Park in Orlando, FL also has several indoor activities for visitors. The park has a community center that is complete with meeting and event spaces, as well as amenities like free Wi-Fi. There are also several arcade games throughout the park for those looking for some fun indoors. For those looking to stay active, Wadeview Park also offers fitness classes such as yoga and Zumba, and a rock climbing wall. There is also an indoor pool and hot tub for visitors to enjoy. Finally, Wadeview Park has several restaurants and cafes nearby that offer a wide variety of dining options to choose from.


Restaurants in Wadeview Park

Wadeview Park in Orlando, Florida is home to some outstanding restaurants that offer a variety of delicious meals. Whether you’re looking for classic homestyle cooking or something more exotic, Wadeview Park has it all.


Johnny’s Fillin’ Station

Johnny’s Fillin’ Station is a rustic diner serving classic American comfort food. They specialize in breakfast dishes like pancakes and omelets, as well as lunch sandwiches and burgers. The restaurant also offers daily specials for its dinner menu featuring items such as grilled pork chops and steak tips. Johnny’s Fillin’ Station is popular for its milkshakes and hand-made desserts.


Numero Uno Cuban Restaurant

Numero Uno Cuban Restaurant is a family-owned eatery serving authentic Cuban dishes. From traditional favorites like Ropa Vieja to classic sandwiches like the Medianoche, there’s something for everyone at this restaurant. They also have a wide selection of sides and appetizers such as Tostones, Empanadas, and Yuca Frita.


Vicky’s Latin Food Restaurant & Catering Services

Vicky’s Latin Food Restaurant & Catering Services specializes in traditional Mexican fare with a Latin twist. They offer tacos, burritos, enchiladas and tostadas as well as dishes such as Chile Relleno, Pollo Asado and Arroz con Pollo. Vicky’s also offers catering services for large events and special occasions with a selection of platters, buffets, and appetizers.

No matter what you’re in the mood for, Wadeview Park, Orlando FL has something to satisfy your cravings. From home-style cooking to international flavors, there is an eatery that can provide the perfect meal. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or an elaborate dinner, the restaurants in Wadeview Park Orlando FL have something for everyone. Bon appetite!



Wadeview Park in Orlando, FL is an ideal spot for outdoor recreation. This 17-acre park features a variety of amenities that make it the perfect place for a picnic or just some fresh air and exercise. The main attraction at Wadeview Park is its lakefront setting with several nature trails winding around the lake. Visitors can take a leisurely stroll or jog around the lake, enjoying amazing views of downtown Orlando, the nearby theme parks, and gorgeous sunsets.


Wadeview Park

Located in the heart of Orlando, Florida, Wadeview Park is a popular destination for outdoor activities. The park has an array of facilities, including two large pavilions with grills and picnic tables, an open field perfect for sports or games, several shaded playgrounds with play equipment, restrooms, and plenty of open green space. Wadeview Park also features a large pond with a fishing dock and gazebo, as well as two walking trails and a nature trail, perfect for taking in the beauty of Florida’s natural landscape. The park also offers educational programs throughout the year, such as tree walks, birdhouse building activities, native plant tours, and more.


Hourglass Park

This two-acre park is located in the southwest corner of Orlando and is home to a variety of outdoor activities. The park has plenty of open green space perfect for sports and games, as well as a playground with play equipment, picnic tables, grills, and restrooms. There’s also a walking path around the park and a pond, making it a great spot for fishing or just enjoying nature.


Lake Lancaster Park

Located in east Orlando, this park has plenty of activities for all ages. The park features two large pavilions with grills and picnic tables, an open field perfect for sports or games, several shaded playgrounds with play equipment, restrooms, and plenty of open green space. Lake Lancaster Park also has two fishing docks, a walk-in boat ramp, and two walking trails that offer stunning views of the lake and the surrounding area. Additionally, there’s a nature boardwalk perfect for taking in the beauty of Florida’s natural landscape. The park also hosts educational programs throughout the year, such as tree walks and birdhouse building activities.


Dickson Azalea Park

the city. It’s a great spot for picnics, bird watching, running, walking, and just relaxing among the trees and blooming azaleas. The park features an array of activities from fishing to cycling and jogging trails along with playgrounds and open spaces for everyone to enjoy. You can also find plenty of benches scattered throughout the park so you can take a break from your walk or just relax and take in the beauty around you. Be sure to watch out for alligators as they make their home here too!

These are just a few of the many local parks in Orlando, Florida. Whether you’re looking for a place to enjoy outdoor activities or just want to take in some beautiful sights, these parks offer something for everyone. So come explore and enjoy the outdoors in Orlando, Florida!


Is Wadeview Park Safe To Live In

Living in Wadeview Park Orlando FL is generally considered safe. The neighborhood features low crime rates, good public transportation links, and access to some of the best schools, parks, and recreational areas in the city. The streets are well-lit at night, so you don’t need to worry about walking around after dark. The security presence in the area is also quite good, with police officers regularly patrolling the streets.

The local community is friendly and welcoming to newcomers, and there are plenty of activities for you to take part in. Whether you’re looking to join a sports team or attend a community event, there will be something for everyone. The area also has some excellent public transport links, with buses, trains, and trams all easily accessible. This makes it easy to get around without needing to rely on your car.

Overall, Wadeview Park Orlando FL is a safe place to live that offers a great range of amenities and activities. You’ll feel secure in the knowledge that you’re living in a safe neighborhood with plenty of amenities close by. The friendly community atmosphere means you’ll be able to make friends quickly and settle into your new home. If you’re looking for a safe place to live, Wadeview Park Orlando FL is an excellent choice.


Why Should I Live Here

Living in the Wadeview Park neighborhood in Orlando is an ideal choice for those seeking a peaceful and modern living experience. Located near world-famous theme parks, this area offers a family-friendly atmosphere with plenty of recreational activities. The nearby Universal Studios park provides endless entertainment while Lake Eola Park boasts stunning views and allows you to enjoy some outdoor time.

At Wadeview Park, there are plenty of things to do for all ages. The local shopping centers, restaurants and bars offer endless ways to explore the area’s culture and nightlife. You can also enjoy outdoor activities like biking or running along the scenic sidewalks in this neighborhood.

For those looking for a safe and quiet place to live, Wadeview Park is a perfect choice. The community boasts low crime rates and a tight-knit neighborhood bond that makes for a secure environment. Whether you’re looking for a home or an apartment, there are plenty of options in this area that fit your budget and lifestyle.

Wadeview Park also offers excellent schools for your children. With top-of-the-line education and well-rounded curriculums, the schools in this neighborhood are an ideal choice for families with children.

From its modern homes to its vibrant local attractions, Wadeview Park is a perfect place to call home. It offers everything you need to feel content while living in a safe and peaceful environment. There is no better place to live than in this neighborhood, so come check it out today!

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