Stage Stop Campground

August 29, 2022 | Erika Klamt
Stage Stop Campground

Stage Stop Campground in Orlando FL is the ideal spot for camping trips. It is located just minutes away from stunning beaches, world-class attractions, and a wide array of shops. The Stage Stop Campground provides campers a variety of amenities and activities that make it the perfect spot to set up a tent or park an RV. One of the main reasons to camp in the Stage Stop Campground is its easy access. It is just a few minutes from all the major attractions in Orlando which include Walt Disney World, Universal Studios Florida, SeaWorld Orlando and many more. This allows you to take a trip to see all this area offers without the need to stay in the hotel.

Another good reason to go to camp in the Stage Stop Campground is its numerous camping alternatives. The campground offers a variety of RV and tent sites to select from, allowing campers to select the right one for their requirements. All sites are fully connected which include water, electricity and cable TV and an outdoor kitchen area that includes a fire ring for cooking delicious food. The campground is also home to many amenities that make it a great place for families to have entertainment. There’s a pool, a hot tub, as well as numerous sports courts and playgrounds that kids can enjoy throughout the day. The on-site store stocks everything you require for camping excursions, including drinks, snacks as well as ice cream and fishing equipment. Additionally, there are many outdoor activities available, such as golfing close by or exploring the trails within the conservation areas.

Alongside the easy access and recreation facilities Campers will enjoy the friendly staff of Stage Stop Campground and secure environment. The staff is available to answer your questions or provide assistance with any issue you may have while you are there. The camp has a strict security policy, and you can be sure that your family will be secure while enjoying their outdoor pursuits.

Why Stage Stop Campground Is The Best

Stage Stop Campground in Orlando, Florida is one of the most popular camping destinations for family getaways. The campground is situated on the edge of Shingle Creek Regional Park, Stage Stop offers a tranquil location surrounded by tranquil nature. The campground lies on its banks along Shingle Creek, making it the perfect spot for paddling and canoeing. There are many outdoor activities at the campground such as the fishing area, trails for hiking in woodlands biking trails, as well as swimming spots. The campground offers spacious campsites for tents and RV camping sites that have full hookups. There is also a selection of cabins which can be rented out to guests who prefer to relax in a comfortable environment.

For those who want to take their own camping gear There are a number of rental shops close by. The Stage Stop campground is recognized for its helpful and friendly staff, and its clean showers and bathrooms. They also have a full-service shop where you can buy beverages, food along with firewood, and other necessities. There’s also a playground at the site that can provide endless hours of entertainment for youngsters of all age groups. The campsite’s proximity to Orlando’s most popular attractions, including Disney World and Universal Studios is what makes Stage Stop an ideal destination for family getaways. With their stunning location, tranquil surroundings and a variety of activities to choose from, Stage Stop Campground in Orlando FL is definitely one of the top camping spots in the world!


Stage Stop Campground is located in the beautiful city of Orlando, Florida. The campground provides a wide range of facilities to make your camping experience pleasant and unforgettable.

The campground is home to more than 140 campsites with RV facilities and pull-through and back-in sites are accessible. All sites have 20/30/50amp electric service as well as water, sewer as well as cable TV as well as picnic tables. Other facilities include two pools (one that has a slide slide! ) Three hot tubs. There is also a play space for the children as well as nature trails throughout the grounds and a fitness center and an outdoor cinema and more! If you are looking for additional entertainment while staying on Stage Stop Campground can also participate in the various activities available. They include nature walks with entertainment, live performances, an outdoor market, art and craft classes, movies, and many more! There are also special events throughout the year such as the Fourth of July BBQ or celebrations for the holidays.

The campground also provides the laundry facility along with showers, bathrooms, and restrooms with hot water, as in addition to ice machines for the convenience of guests. WiFi is accessible throughout the park so that you are able to remain connected even while you are away. Stage Stop Campground located in Orlando, Florida has everything you require for unbeatable camping experiences! Visit the campground to see why it’s considered one of the top spots to stay within Central Florida!. The day passes available are for those who wish to have a relaxing time at the campground. You can take a dip within the water, have fun in the park, or lounge in any of the spas as you take in the tranquility of the great outdoors. If you’re searching for an unforgettable camping experience in the middle of Orlando, Stage Stop Campground is where you should go! With its amazing amenities and beautiful setting, it’s no wonder there are so many who choose to spend their summer at this amazing campsite.


Stage Stop Campground in Orlando FL gives visitors a relaxing and relaxing camping experience. The campsite is surrounded by lush green forest, with trees offering shade and shade from the scorching Florida sun. The campgrounds are large and well-maintained, with many amenities such as barbecues, picnic tables, or barbecue pits for guests to enjoy. There’s also a huge lake that is nearby to enjoy a relaxing swim or fishing. Additionally, there are numerous trails for cycling or hiking through the natural surroundings. The view from Stage Stop Campground offers many amazing panoramas of nature and wildlife.

Birds chatter out of the trees, while butterflies fly around in the colorful wildflowers. At night , you can take in the sky, which is dotted with stars, and look at the brilliant moonlight reflecting on the water’s surface. If you’re adventurous and aren’t afraid to get their feet immersed in water, there are numerous creeks that run through the camp which can be explored. Stage Stop Campground provides guests with a memorable camping experience in the midst of the beauty of nature. No matter if you’re seeking for an unwinding getaway or an adventure-filled trip This campground offers something for all!.


Stage Stop Campground in Orlando, FL offers a variety of accommodation options that will fit every budget. There are campsites available that vary from basic tent sites, to extravagant RV sites and cabins. Tent sites start at $25 per night, and come with access to Stage Stop bathrooms and showers. A typical RV site costs $50 per night, and includes electricity water, sewer 50 amp service as well as Wi-Fi. If you’re seeking something a bit more luxurious when camping, they have luxurious Cabins equipped with full kitchens that start at $70 for a night.

All accommodations include access to the pool throughout your stay along with entry to our arcade room as well as game rental onsite. There are also fire pits, picnic tables as well as a playground for children. Every campsite has access to restrooms, showers as well as laundry facilities. There are many things to do in the vicinity, including fishing, kayaking and paddling, and much more. Stage Stop Campground is the ideal spot for an inexpensive and enjoyable family getaway! For more information about rates or reservations, go to their site.

Things To Consider

Before you decide to camp at the Stage Stop Campground in Orlando, FL, it is crucial to take into consideration the following points. In the first place, guests need to prepare ahead and ensure they have all the required items for the duration of their trip. It includes items for food like canning goods, fresh food items and snacks, along with camping equipment, such as RVs or tents as well as sleeping bags, chairs and flashlights or lanterns. It is also essential to bring all personal items that could be required during camping like sunblock or toiletries. Also, campers should look up the forecast for weather before they arrive so that they can be prepared with the proper type of clothes and protective gear in case they need it. Since the climate in Florida can be unstable at times, it’s ideal to be ready for both warm and cold conditions.

Last but not least, campers must make a point of familiarizing them with all the regulations and rules for the camp prior to their arrival. This can include everything from safety guidelines for general use to pet policy and the hours of quiet. Campers must also be sure to take note of the facilities offered on the Stage Stop Campground, such as showers and restrooms, laundry facilities, swimming pools and other activities such as hiking trails or fishing. By knowing these issues prior to their arrival campers can make sure they enjoy a pleasant and secure camping experience in Orlando.

Things To Do

Stage Stop Campground in Orlando FL is the perfect place for families for an enjoyable outdoor adventure. With many activities and entertainment to keep children amused, Stage Stop Campground is guaranteed to be a memorable trip.

One of the major points of interest of the Stage Stop Campground is its range of water sports as well as recreational activities, such as fishing, canoeing, kayaking, and paddleboarding. The lake itself provides plenty of opportunities for anglers to catch catfish, bass and crappie. It is also possible to rent one of the paddleboards that are available for an enjoyable day on the lake , without needing to bring the equipment. If you’re looking for something more challenging the campground also offers jet ski rentals too. The campground also has playgrounds where children can play in slides and swings and also play basketball and volleyball on the courts nearby. There’s also an outdoor cinema with family-friendly movies for guests to enjoy in the evening under the starlight. If you’re seeking for something more relaxed there are many trails suitable for nature walks and bird watching.

Stage Stop Campground also offers numerous other amenities like barbecue areas, picnic areas, grills, laundry facilities, an onsite store and RV hookups that permit guests to remain at ease while camping. With all the activities offered on the Stage Stop Campground in Orlando FL It is bound to be a fun adventure for families with children!


Stage Stop Campground in Orlando, FL is a pet-friendly park that has many activities for guests and their furry companions. If your dog enjoys playing fetch or likes to lounge in the sun and sand, they’ll enjoy their time in this park. The first step is to take advantage of Stage Stop’s nature trails! The park has miles of trails for you to explore with your pet at your side. Keep your eyes open for interesting animals when you wander through the woods. So long as your pet is secured and in control and under control, they’ll be able to be part of the excitement.

Then, you can hop aboard one of the canoes and kayaks available for rental. Relax and enjoy a relaxing day of paddling along the lake, enjoying the breathtaking surroundings. Make sure your dog is safe and ensure they’re wearing an appropriate life vest for security. The campground has many open fields where you can play a game of fetch with your pet or let them run free. There are several designated swimming areas within the park so that your pet can cool down on hot days. Bring along your dog’s favorite toys and snacks to keep them busy!

Last but not least, don’t forget to avail the pet-friendly Stage Stop Campground cabins! These comfortable cabins offer an enjoyable break from the open air but still keep you in proximity to all the happenings. You’ll relax in the conveniences of home with your dog close by. Whatever you choose to do during your visit to Stage Stop Campground, you and your pet are bound to have fun. With a variety of activities to select from, the pet-friendly park is the ideal place for spending quality time with your pet!

What People Are Saying

“The staff at Stage Stop Campground in Orlando FL was very friendly and helpful. The campground was clean and well kept. We enjoyed our stay and would recommend it to others.” -Google Reviewer

“Stage Stop Campground in Orlando FL is a great place to camp! The staff is friendly and the campground is always clean. We have stayed here several times and will continue to do so in the future.” -Google Reviewer

“We had a great time camping at Stage Stop Campground in Orlando FL. The staff was super friendly and helpful, and the campground was clean and well-maintained. We definitely recommend it to others!” -Google Reviewer

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