Orlando Health Foundation

August 29, 2022 | Laura Torrealba
Orlando Health Foundation

Orlando Health Foundation in Orlando, FL is the best hospital in the area for a variety of reasons. The first is their commitment to providing top-notch patient care. They are dedicated to providing a high level of service that puts patients’ needs first and foremost. This includes diagnosing quickly and accurately, keeping up with the most current treatments and therapies, and providing a comfortable environment for healing. Their staff is highly trained and dedicated to their work, offering compassionate care in an efficient and effective manner.

The second reason why Orlando Health Foundation is the best hospital in the area is their commitment to research. They are constantly working on innovative treatment protocols that can provide better outcomes for their patients. They strive to stay at the cutting edge of medical technology and are always striving to improve their patient care delivery methods.

Finally, Orlando Health Foundation is committed to providing an exceptional level of service for their community. They offer a variety of outreach initiatives, such as free health screenings and immunizations, as well as educational programs designed to help patients better understand their condition and make informed decisions about their health care. They also run many fundraising campaigns to help support the hospital and its programs, ensuring that it remains a vital resource for the community.

Overall, Orlando Health Foundation is a top-notch choice when looking for quality healthcare in Florida. Their dedication to patient care, research, and community outreach sets them apart from other hospitals in the area. With their commitment to these important principles, they continue to provide excellent service and outstanding medical care.


Orlando Health Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Orlando Health, has been serving Central Florida since 1905. Founded as Orange General Hospital in the Lake Como neighborhood of Orlando, the hospital served a small community of just over 500 people in its early years. During this time, it was known for providing quality healthcare to underserved populations.

Over the years, the hospital has grown to become one of the largest healthcare providers in Central Florida. It now operates six hospitals, a network of primary care offices and specialty centers offering care from more than 800 physicians and specialists. In 2015, it was designated a Magnet-recognized hospital for nursing excellence.

In 1994, Orlando Health created the Foundation to serve as a vehicle for philanthropy and community support. Since its inception, the Foundation has provided more than $60 million in grants to help fund programs that provide health education, screenings, wellness activities and other services designed to meet the needs of Central Florida’s most vulnerable citizens.

The Foundation also supports research initiatives that help advance medicine and promote medical breakthroughs. It has contributed more than $5 million to research projects in cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity and mental health.

In addition to its philanthropic efforts, the Foundation participates in local fundraising events such as the Annual Festival of Trees and Celebration of Giving Gala that provide much needed financial support to the hospital and its affiliates.

Today, Orlando Health Foundation is the recognized leader in philanthropy for Central Florida. It has established itself as a strong partner in the community by supporting programs that help improve the health of underserved communities and promote medical research that can lead to improved patient care. Through its efforts, it helps build a healthier future for all Central Floridians.


Orlando Health Foundation in Orlando, FL is a world-class healthcare facility offering the latest medical treatments and technologies. Located in the heart of Central Florida, the hospital features a variety of amenities designed to provide patients with quality care. The main campus houses an Emergency Room, operating rooms, intensive care units, imaging technology and more. Outpatient centers are also available, as well as a Women’s Services Unit.

The foundation offers state of the art imaging technology including MRI and CT scanners. This allows doctors to quickly make accurate diagnoses and begin treatment sooner. The hospital is equipped with over 120 beds for inpatient care and 10 operating rooms for surgery. In addition, there are eight intensive care units, including four specialized neonatal ICUs.

The hospital also has a dedicated Women’s Services Unit. Men and women are offered private rooms with Jacuzzi tubs and complimentary spa services such as massage therapy and hand treatments. The unit is staffed by experienced OB/GYNs, midwives, nurses and other healthcare professionals.

The Orlando Health Foundation also offers a variety of other services and amenities to ensure patients receive the best care possible. For convenience, there is a full-service pharmacy located onsite to fill prescriptions quickly. The hospital also provides over 80 specialty clinics, including cardiology, dermatology and sleep studies. Finally, there are several dining options available for patients and visitors, including a variety of cafes and restaurants.

The Orlando Health Foundation is committed to providing the highest quality care and service to its patients. The hospital offers advanced medical treatments and technologies to ensure each patient receives the best possible care. With its wide range of amenities, the hospital provides everything families need to make their stay as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

Patient Focus

Orlando Health Foundation in Orlando, FL has had great success in treating their patients. They have achieved positive outcomes for many of their patients due to their comprehensive medical services, experienced staff, and modern facilities. Patients who come to the foundation often leave with improved overall health and well-being. The center’s team of physicians and specialists

Our staff is highly trained, knowledgeable and compassionate. We work closely with each patient to provide individualized care and support while they are under our care. Our team is dedicated to helping patients take control of their health by creating personalized treatment plans and providing ongoing education about preventive health measures.

The foundation’s state-of-the-art facilities offer the latest technology, including advanced imaging equipment and an array of diagnostic tests. This allows us to diagnose and treat a variety of conditions quickly and accurately. We also provide a wide range of therapeutic services to help patients achieve optimal health and well-being.

At Orlando Health Foundation, our commitment to providing excellent care is backed by positive patient outcomes. Through our comprehensive treatments and dedicated team, we are able to make a difference in our patients’ lives. We take pride in providing quality care that leads to improved overall health and well-being. Our commitment to excellence is evident through the positive outcomes achieved by our patients.  We strive to make each patient’s experience as comfortable and stress-free as possible.  We are proud to be able to make a positive impact on the lives of those we serve.  This is what makes Orlando Health Foundation such an exceptional healthcare provider.


The Orlando Health Foundation staff strives to provide the highest quality service and care to the community, with a team of individuals dedicated to making a difference in the lives of those they serve. The professional and experienced staff is led by President & CEO Eric A. Silberstein, who has been instrumental in transforming Orlando Health into one of the largest, most respected and successful health systems in the country since joining it in 2014.

Also on staff is Executive Director of Philanthropy and External Relations, Brandy Barnes. She has been with Orlando Health for over 15 years, managing the development initiatives, fundraising operations and planned giving programs.

The team includes Associate Vice President of Development Tanya Washington, Director of Annual Giving Stephanie Vickers and Development Manager Ryan Walker. They all work together to create a successful fundraising program while keeping the mission in focus — raising money to benefit patients throughout Orlando Health.

The team also includes four Philanthropy Specialists: Marie-Claire Dubois, Nicole Ashford, Lissette Morales, and Tico Rodriguez, who are responsible for cultivating relationships with supporters, researching major gift prospects, and providing administrative support in gift processing.

The Orlando Health Foundation also has an experienced team of administrative personnel to handle the daily operations involved in fundraising. This includes Administrative Assistant Jennifer Nelson, Database Specialist Alejandra Avila-Gomez, and Financial Analyst Deborah Elder.

Commute From Downtown Orlando

Commuting from Downtown Orlando to Orlando Health Foundation is relatively straightforward. The drive typically takes around 20 minutes in light traffic and begins by taking I-4 west onto Colonial Drive/SR50. As you pass through the downtown area, you will see several large buildings, including the Amway Center, home of the NBA’s Orlando Magic. Shortly after crossing Orange Blossom Trail, you will take the exit for SR50/Colonial Drive and follow it all the way until it merges with Maguire Road. From here, you can turn right onto Lancaster Road and follow it to the Orlando Health Foundation. This will be located on your left after passing through a residential area.

You can park in the Orlando Health Foundation parking lot, or take advantage of the bus services provided by LYNX. Buses from downtown to this area typically run every 15 minutes during peak hours, so you can plan your trip accordingly. Once you arrive at your destination, there are plenty of restaurants and cafes to explore nearby for a quick bite before heading back.

With its close proximity to downtown Orlando, the Orlando Health Foundation is a great place for those looking for an easy commute with plenty of options. Whether you drive or take public transportation, the journey should be relatively stress-free and pleasant. So hop in your car or catch the bus and enjoy a quick ride to this wonderful destination!

Nearby Neighborhoods

The Orlando Health Foundation is located in the heart of Downtown Orlando, close to a variety of vibrant neighborhoods.

Parramore is one such neighborhood; it has been home to many generations of residents and features historic sites like the Wells Built Museum, which aims to preserve African American history. This culturally rich community has experienced gentrification in recent years, with new shops and restaurants popping up alongside the existing ones.

The Milk District is another area close to the foundation. This trendy spot features an array of bars, eateries, and shops that attract both locals and visitors alike. Located near some of Orlando’s most popular nightlife spots, The Milk District is a great place to grab a bite to eat or grab a drink.

The Baldwin Park neighborhood is located in the city’s northeast corner and is part of the Winter Park area. With its tree-lined streets, lakeside views, and parks, it has become one of the most desirable places to live in Central Florida. It also offers a variety of restaurants and boutiques, as well as access to the nearby University of Central Florida.

The Mills 50 district is another popular area close to the foundation. This vibrant district features a multitude of coffee shops, cafes, bars, bakeries and retail stores for visitors to explore. It is also home to several unique art galleries, making it an ideal destination for those looking to experience Orlando’s art scene.

Finally, Ivanhoe Village is a historic district located just north of the foundation and is known for its unique architecture and lively atmosphere. This area features vintage shops, popular restaurants, and breweries that are sure to appeal to any visitor. Its proximity to Lake Ivanhoe and the many parks located nearby make it an ideal spot to spend a leisurely afternoon.

What People Are Saying

“Orlando Health has been a great help to our family. We were in a car accident and they went above and beyond to make sure we got the care we needed. Thank you Orlando Health!” – A grateful patient’s family member

“Orlando Health is amazing! They have helped me through some tough times and I am so grateful for their care.” – A happy patients

“Orlando Health is simply the best hospital in Central Florida. The staff is wonderful, the facilities are top-notch, and the care is exemplary. I wouldn’t trust my family’s health to anyone else.” -A local doctor

“Orlando Health is a great hospital! The staff is amazing and they really do care about their patients. I would definitely recommend this hospital to anyone.” – A satisfied patient

“Orlando Health has been nothing short of amazing. They have helped me through some tough times and I cannot thank them enough.” – A grateful patient

Address: 3160 Southgate Commerce Blvd Suite 50 Orlando FL 32806

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