Boggy Creek Airboat Adventures

September 7, 2022 | Camila Salamanca
Boggy Creek Airboat Adventures

Boggy Creek Airboat Adventures in Orlando, Florida offers an unforgettable and thrilling adventure for people who are looking for adventure. It is located just 30 minutes away from the main attractions in downtown Orlando the family-owned business gives a full-on look at the incredible beauty of the natural world and the wildlife of Central Florida. Visitors can participate in airboat excursions that offer an exciting ride through wetlands and marshes that are awash with exotic wildlife, including alligators as well as Bald eagles. Captains with experience have years of experience in navigating the waters and will provide informative commentary throughout the journey.

Alongside traditional airboat excursions, Boggy Creek Airboat Adventures also offers eco-tours on a private basis specifically tailored to your preferences, like photography or bird-watching tours. The guided tours also focus on local history, culture, and ecological aspects. These tours offer a unique opportunity to gain knowledge about the ecology of the region and its culture while taking in the breathtaking nature that Central Florida’s ecosystems provide.

If you are looking for an immersive experience in nature Boggy Creek Airboat Adventure offers an educational program for families and school groups. Participants will learn about the ecology of wetlands as well as fish biology and patterns of migration for birds while exploring the marshlands in person. The guides are knowledgeable and provide specific instructions on how to stay safe when dealing with wildlife in its natural environment.

Boggy Creek Airboat Adventures provides people of all ages with an unforgettable experience that is certain to make lasting memories. With its variety of activities as well as thrilling airboat rides, it is the ideal destination for those who want to discover the treasures hidden in Central Florida’s ecosystem of wetlands.

Why Boggy Creek Airboat Adventures Is The Best

Boggy Creek Airboat Adventures in Orlando, FL is the most ideal destination for those who love the outdoors. With stunning landscapes of Florida’s swampy landscape and numerous wildlife species, Boggy Creek provides an unforgettable experience that will be enjoyed by all. The excursions offered by Boggy Creek Airboat Adventure are among the most popular in the region offering professional guides with a deep understanding of the surrounding ecosystem as well as thrilling trips through the wetlands of Florida.

The airboats in Boggy Creek are of the highest quality and offer a smooth and comfortable ride through their guided tour. They also have modern safety equipment that ensures that you have a pleasant and safe time at sea. When visitors embark on their excursion, they’ll enjoy stunning pictures of the wildlife of Florida diverse. Captains with experience and knowledge guides will enhance the experience and make it more enjoyable since they will provide important information regarding the area and the inhabitants.

Boggy Creek also has an array of opportunities for visitors. From guided walks through the searching for gators, to thrilling airboat rides there’s something for everyone. If you’re looking to join an educational trip or simply sit back and relax on the boat, Boggy Creek has something for you. In addition, if you’re searching for some excitement The airboats are able to go 30 miles or more per hour!

If you’re seeking an experience in the outdoors that is different from your typical holiday, Boggy Creek is the ideal local getaway. With its amazing landscapes of Florida’s wetlands as well as an abundance of wildlife, high-end airboats, expert guides, and a variety of activities, there’s something for all ages at Boggy Creek Airboat Adventures in Orlando, FL. For families looking to explore or outdoor enthusiasts looking for adventures, Boggy Creek is the ideal place to make memories that last for a lifetime.


Boggy Creek Airboat Adventures in Orlando, Florida, offers visitors a unique chance to discover the Everglades and its numerous marvels. The facility is situated on Lake Tohopekaliga, one of the largest lakes in Central Florida. The establishment offers boats with air for guests to travel through the marshlands and experience the beauty of nature close up. With expert guides, guests can gain knowledge about the wildlife that lives in the area while they cruise through the wetlands and rivers of this enchanting region.

The airboat tours are offered in the morning or at dusk, during the peak of animal activity offering guests the most optimal experience of viewing. Customers can also choose private tours, which offer smaller-scale experiences, as well as exclusive access to particular areas of the lake that aren’t available on regular tours. In addition to airboat rides, Boggy Creek Airboat Adventures offers kayak and pontoon rentals for those who prefer for exploring Lake Boggy on their own.

In Boggy Creek Airboat Adventures guests can take part in photography of wildlife and birdwatching while they observe alligators, turtles, otters, and an assortment of species of birds that live in the wetland. After their excursion, visitors can have a delicious meal or drinks from The Lighthouse Restaurant & Bar located within the. The restaurant has a wide selection of seafood and barbeque dishes, and sandwiches.

Boggy Lake Airboat Adventures is one of Orlando’s top secrets. It is a unique experience for those looking to experience the peace of Florida’s wetlands and enjoy stunning nature views. Visitors will leave with unforgettable memories that they’ll treasure for many years to follow.


Boggy Creek Airboat Adventures in Orlando, FL offers visitors a unique opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty and observe wildlife close up. Just minutes away from the city, Boggy Creek Airboat is located on more than 200 acres of marshlands which are a great habitat for various species of reptiles, birds, and mammals. In a tour, guests are taken into the marshlands, and then glide across tranquil waters, the lush vegetation surrounding them, and vibrant wildlife.

The airboats at Boggy Creek are equipped with large, powerful motors that permit them to traverse shallow waters with ease. The airboats offer an open-air environment so that guests can enjoy an excellent view of the surrounding area as they cruise along the shoreline. As the boat travels the water, passengers are able to look for different kinds of wildlife, including fish, birds, and alligators. Alligator sightings are very common in the area since marshlands are a perfect habitat for them to thrive.

The view at Boggy Creek is truly stunning with its huge wetlands and abundant wildlife. Airboat tours take visitors to the narrow channels that open up to stunning open water and private shorelines. The guests can soak in the beauty of nature’s landscape and enjoy the peace of the waters. When they travel it, they’ll be able to observe the wildflowers, cypress trees swathed in Spanish moss, as well as various other indigenous plants which decorate the beautiful setting.

Boggy Creek Airboat Adventures is a great location for those who wish to enjoy a day spent in the natural world. The trips offer a unique opportunity to explore the marshlands and take in the abundance of wildlife and the peaceful beauty of the wetland. Visitors can enjoy the stunning landscape and spend some peaceful moments in the midst of the natural beauty.

Things To Do

Boggy creek Airboat Cruises Orlando, FL is a perfect way to enjoy time with children. Families can go on an airboat cruise and glide across the lake, searching for alligators and other creatures in their natural surroundings. The knowledgeable captains will take passengers through the waters in East Lake Tohopekaliga, a part of the Everglades which is the home of a wide diverse array of wildlife. Children will be amazed by the native Florida wildlife, including black bears, bald eagles as well as herons, and otters. After the tour visitors are able to stop at Gator World to find out more about these animals by talking to knowledgeable staff members.

If you don’t want to be too close to animals, there’s a variety of other options on offer at Boggy the Creek Airboat Adventures. Visitors can take a walk through the nature trails, which are brimming with native species or enjoy a guided boat ride via the pontoon. Canoe and kayak rentals are also available for those looking to get from a distance. The area also hosts many birds So pay attention to moving species such as roseate spoonbills, eagles, and Ospreys.

Families that visit Boggy Creek Airboat Adventures will have ample opportunities to shop and eat throughout their time there. The gift shop sells airboat t-shirts, hats, and other items which make wonderful keepsakes of the time you spent enjoying Florida’s natural beauty. There are many restaurants that serve traditional southern cuisines such as gator tail nuggets, and seafood platters for lunch or dinner.

Boggy Creek Airboat Adventures is a great spot for an unforgettable family vacation. With breathtaking landscapes and opportunities to get close to nature, it will be the highlight of the next Florida vacation. Make a reservation today and prepare for an adventure that’s guaranteed to leave memories that last for a lifetime!


Boggy Creek Airboat Adventures, located in Orlando FL, offers a range of airboat tours and excursions to discover the stunning Central Florida wetlands. Prices start at just $25 per person for 30 minutes of an airboat ride, with discounts for youngsters under 12 years old of age and seniors over 65 years old. If you’re looking to experience more of the undisturbed natural beauty that is special to this region, Boggy Creek offers longer rides, such as their popular ride called the Wild Ride ($45 $45 per rider) or an exclusive two-hour personal excursion ($250).

To ensure that guests enjoy a great time aboard their airboats Boggy Creek limits each boat’s capacity to just six passengers. It also includes security equipment, including life jackets, ear protection, and even a compass. Boggy Creek also offers a range of packages that include admission to Gatorland Gatorland along with meals making sure that you do not be left out of the many exciting things Central Florida has to offer when you visit.

Apart from airboat excursions, Boggy Creek offers various special events throughout the year, such as Haunted Airboat Tours with spooky tales of the region for the Halloween season and Christmas Light tours for those seeking an unforgettable experience to enjoy the Christmas spirit. Prices differ based on the particular event selected however, they generally range between $40 to $100 per person.

If you are traveling with a large party or just want to spend some time on the water without the airboat, Boggy Creek also rents kayaks, canoes, and boats. Rentals for boats start as low as $45 for the duration of two hours. There are discounts offered for customers who hire the boats over a period of time or buy a complete day package.

Whatever type of adventure you’re searching for, Boggy Creek Airboat Adventures offers something for anyone in Central Florida. With affordable rates and a wide range of activities along gorgeous waterways, It’s a unique experience to discover the region!

They also provide free transport from hotels throughout the region to ensure guests have quick access to their excursions. If you’re looking to spend time in nature with your family or friends, and don’t need to worry about getting there

Things To Consider

The visitors visiting Boggy the Creek Airboat Experiences near Orlando, Florida are sure to be awed by the experience. The airboat excursions offer close-up views of the area’s wetlands as well as wildlife, which makes it an ideal option to get out and explore nature. Before embarking on a tour there are crucial things that visitors need to be aware of.

The first step is to be sure to dress appropriately for their trip in an airboat. Although it can be hot in summer in Orlando guests must wear a light jacket or sweater since it’s likely to get cold on the water, with all the wind that is rushing by! Also, closed-toed shoes are advised when embarking on an airboat trip to ensure that you don’t get your feet getting wet.

Second, guests should pay attention to sound levels. The airboat’s engine is noisy and could easily disturb conversations, or even scare animals away before you’ve had a chance to take in the sights. This is why it’s essential to wear an earplug if you’re a sensitive nose.

Also, it is important for guests to bring lots of bug spray and sunscreen when they plan to spend long periods outside. Florida is a hot spot for sunshine and mosquitoes that can be quite a nuisance! It’s important to carry a couple of bottles of water to ensure you don’t go dehydrated when you’re out in the water enjoying all the beauty that nature offers!

What People Are Saying

“I had an incredible time!” The staff was friendly and very helpful. This is a place I would recommend to everyone. -Amber H.

“Boggy Creek is the best!” It is a great place to visit. It’s always a pleasure to visit here. -Will S.

“We had a wonderful time!” We saw many alligators and the tour was informative. This tour is highly recommended. -Jessica W.

“This was my first experience on an airboat. It was great fun!” It was so much fun to learn about alligators and see them up close. Boggy Creek is my favorite! -Sarah S.

Address: 2001 E. Southport Rd. Kissimmee, FL 34746
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