The Coca-Cola Store

September 14, 2022 | Ashtin Kepsel
The Coca-Cola Store

The Coca-Cola Store in Orlando, FL offers visitors a unique experience that cannot be found anywhere else. Located within the Disney Springs shopping complex, this two-story store is a mecca for soda enthusiasts. Here you can find exclusive and limited edition items only available at The Coca-Cola Store, as well as larger-than-life pieces of memorabilia, interactive experiences and more – all celebrating the world’s most famous soft drink.

At The Coca-Cola Store in Orlando there are several must see attractions to check out while visiting. On the first floor there’s an interactive wall featuring over 100 Coke products from around the globe – perfect for sampling different drinks or grabbing a souvenir to take home. The store also features a Coca-Cola tasting bar, where visitors can choose from over 100 different flavors of Coke to sample. Additionally, the store boasts a gigantic freestyle fountain machine with more than 100 beverages to choose from – great for finding your favorite flavor or trying something new.

On the second floor you can find an array of collectibles and souvenirs from decades gone by – perfect for fans of old school soda pop culture. The store also has its own cinema which plays classic Coca-Cola advertisements throughout the day – a must see for die hard fans! In addition, there’s even an area dedicated to taking pictures with life-sized bottles and crates adorned with famous Coke logos.

The Coca-Cola Store in Orlando is an absolute must visit for any soda lover. With a wide selection of products, interactive experiences and exclusive items – it’s the perfect place to grab a souvenir or find that special something to take home with you. So if you’re in the area, be sure to add The Coca-Cola Store in Orlando to your list of must see attractions!

Why The Coca-Cola Store is the best

The Coca-Cola Store in Orlando FL is the best local destination for those who love all things Coca-Cola. Located within walking distance of Disney World and Universal Studios, it provides an ideal location to experience both after a day of fun. Here, you can find exclusive merchandise, apparel and memorabilia that capture the spirit of the iconic brand. You can also sample some of their signature drinks such as Coke Zero or Cherry Coke Slushies. There’s even a section dedicated to creating your own custom label glass! Plus, there are interactive experiences like virtual reality games and trivia challenges so everyone can find something to do while they’re visiting the store. Additionally, it’s home to one of only four “Blending Rooms” in the world, where you can create and enjoy a custom soda blend. If you’re looking for an enjoyable experience that truly encapsulates the essence of Coca-Cola, The Coca-Cola Store in Orlando FL is definitely the place to be!


The Coca-Cola Store in Orlando, FL offers visitors an immersive experience that celebrates the world’s favorite soft drink. The store features a variety of souvenirs and gifts, apparel, and exclusive items only available at the flagship location. Guests can shop around for vintage posters, vinyl records featuring classic Coca-Cola jingles, and even a life-size polar bear ice sculpture!

Guests also have access to interactive experiences like the “Coke Mix It Up” Bar where they can customize their own beverage by mixing flavors from several countries around the world. There’s also a unique touch screen game called “Chill Out with Friends” where visitors must beat the clock to win prizes.

The store also features a soda fountain that makes fresh Coca-Cola drinks with one of the 18 syrups available. Guests can even personalize their cup with vinyl stickers from the “My Coke” wall.

On top of all this, The Coca-Cola Store in Orlando offers unique photo opportunities including a replica of the original 1916 wooden delivery cart and vintage delivery truck. There’s also an area dedicated to showcasing the world’s largest collection of Coca-Cola memorabilia.

At The Coca-Cola Store, visitors can celebrate their love for the beloved soft drink while exploring interactive experiences, shopping for exclusive items, and learning about its history. It is truly one of Orlando’s must-see attractions.

The Coca-Cola Store in Orlando is open Monday through Saturday from 10am to 9pm and Sunday from 11am to 8pm. Last admission is one hour prior to closing time. Admission is free, but visitors do have the option of purchasing an annual pass for a discounted rate. The store also offers group tours, which must be booked in advance. The store offers complimentary WiFi, wheelchair rental services and gift cards are available as well. Parking is available at the retail area of Disney Springs and there are several nearby parking garages, including Lime Garage and Orange Garage located right next door to the store. Additionally, The Coca-Cola Store accepts most major credit cards for payment.


The Coca-Cola Store in Orlando FL is a must-visit for any lover of sugary soft drinks. Located near the popular Disney Springs, this store features an inviting atmosphere that will make you feel like you are stepping into a world of adventure and fun. The walls feature life-sized images of classic Coke products and characters, while the counters display various merchandise featuring iconic Coke logos. There are also several interactive activities to enjoy, such as trivia games and a giant floor piano where people can create their own musical masterpiece. A highlight of the store is the World of Coca-Cola Mural which depicts all countries around the world enjoying Coca-Cola beverages together in unity and harmony. This mural is truly stunning with its vibrant colors and detailed artwork. Outside the store, you’ll find a colorful garden full of vibrant plants and trees as well as a replica of the iconic Coca-Cola sign that stands tall over Walt Disney World. The Coca-Cola Store in Orlando FL is definitely an experience to remember!

Things to do

The Coca-Cola Store in Orlando, FL offers a variety of fun activities for kids. One of the main attractions is the Coca-Cola Freestyle Experience where children can mix and match over 100 different drinks to create their own unique beverage. The store also has an interactive vending machine theatre which showcases how the famous Coca-Cola vending machines work and make sure that you get your fresh drink every time. There is an interactive photo booth so that visitors can take home a special memory from their visit to the store. Kids will love playing “Coke & Mentos” in the Fountain Room, as well as exploring different flavours from around the world with sample tasting events throughout the day. There are even movies shown on a big screen during certain days of the week. The store also has special events such as karaoke nights, trivia games and more that are perfect for a family outing. And don’t forget to grab a souvenir from their gift shop before you leave! The Coca-Cola Store in Orlando is an exciting place where children can learn, explore and have lots of fun.


The Coca-Cola Store in Orlando, FL has a wide range of pricing options to suit every budget and occasion. The store offers souvenirs such as t-shirts, mugs, hats, keychains and more at varying price points. Prices for apparel start at around $14.99 and go up depending on the product. For drinks, the store offers a variety of Coke classics like regular Coke or Diet Coke, as well as special edition flavors like Vanilla or Cherry Coke Zero. You can purchase these by the bottle or case starting at around $3.00 each. Additionally, you can find coffees from The Coca-Cola Company’s new line of Atlanta Coffee Roasters that start at about $10.99 for 12oz. For larger items, the store offers collectible glassware starting at around $14.99 and going up depending on the item. Lastly, it has a wide variety of food items like popcorn and candy starting around $1 each. With something for everyone and every budget, The Coca-Cola Store in Orlando is sure to be a winner!

Things to Consider

The first thing is to make sure the store is open. The store hours can vary depending on the time of year and special events that may be taking place, so it’s important to check ahead of time. Additionally, some safety protocols may be in effect due to COVID-19, including capacity limits, modified hours, or special requirements for visitors.

Secondly, it’s important to know what type of payment methods are accepted at the store. Different stores may offer different payment options, such as cash, credit cards, and even digital payments like Apple Pay or Google Wallet. If an alternative form of payment is needed (like Apple Pay or Google Wallet), it’s best to check ahead of time what options are available.

Lastly, visitors should also take into account any special discounts or promotions that may be offered at The Coca-Cola Store. From time to time, the store offers great deals and promo codes for specific items or collections. It’s important to review these beforehand, if possible, so that visitors can make sure they are taking advantage of any savings that may be available.

What People Are Saying…

“This is a fun store. The top floor offers a variety of coca cola related drinks, for both adults and family. We’ve tried the float flat. Highly recommended. Also the store is wheelchair friendly. Appreciate that!” – S.L.

“We loved hanging out in the sky bar! The views were spectacular and the flight tastings were delish. Especially loved the spiked chocolate peanut butter coffee!” – Hildy E.

“How nuts is it that a soda company branding store would be so cool. The clothes are actually really decent. Just have to have a tolerance for walking around advertising Coke. I got a nice button-down shirt that is very subdued and tasteful (pun intended). But the gem is the soda bar on the third floor. Very cool!!” – Dave D.

“What an amazing experience. My husband and I went to the rooftop and ordered “The taste of the world” the combo, 16 different cokes and 8 floats. Some tastes are horrible 🙈.. but this is taste.. the experience was amazing and would definitely do it again. The store is beautiful and the view to Disney spring is amazing. Would definitely recommend to try…” – Eduarda D

Located at: 1512 E Buena Vista Dr, Orlando, FL 32830

Monday 10AM–11PM
Tuesday 10AM–11PM
Wednesday 10AM–11PM
Thursday 10AM–11PM
Friday 10AM–11:30PM
Saturday 10AM–11:30PM
Sunday 10AM–11PM

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