Harry P. Leu Gardens

September 7, 2022 | Camila Salamanca
Harry P. Leu Gardens

Harry P. Leu Gardens in Orlando, FL is one of the most stunning public parks in the area. Not only does it feature over 50 acres of lush tropical gardens and landscaping, but it also has historical significance for both visitors and locals alike.

One reason to visit Harry P. Leu Gardens is its beautiful grounds. The grounds are full of stunning tropical plants, flowers and trees from around the world. There are also several lakes and fountains as well as a demonstration garden that showcases native Florida plants. Walkways meander through the gardens for visitors to explore, many of which have benches for rest or contemplation.

Another reason to visit is its variety of educational programs. The gardens offer classes and workshops on botanical topics as well as guided educational walks, seasonal events and other activities. There is also a Discovery Center that houses permanent exhibitions on the history of Central Florida’s nature and environment.

The third reason to visit Harry P. Leu Gardens is its historical significance. Established in 1936, the gardens are named after Harry P. Leu and his wife Mary Jane, who donated their homestead to the City of Orlando in 1961. The land was then converted into a public garden that houses many historical artifacts from the Leus’ family estate as well as a museum of rare tropical plants.

Why Harry P. Leu Gardens is the Best

Harry P. Leu Gardens located in Orlando, FL is the best local destination for an array of reasons. The gardens feature over 50 acres of lush foliage and inviting paths that are perfect for strolling, biking, or exploring on foot. From tropical plants to vibrant colors and delicate blooms, visitors will be enchanted by the beauty of the gardens. The gardens also feature a gorgeous butterfly garden, with many species of butterflies flitting around the flowers and plants.

Another unique aspect of Harry P. Leu Gardens is its historic structures and buildings, including a 3-story house that was built in 1883 by Charles Rogers. Inside this house visitors can get an up-close look at how Florida homes used to be decorated and furnished. The gardens also have a large collection of camellias and azaleas, along with an extensive herb garden, which are sure to delight any visitor.

In addition, the Harry P. Leu Gardens host a wide range of events throughout the year that visitors can take part in – from educational classes and workshops to holiday events and live music performances. There are also regular art shows, where visitors can take in the works of local artisans.

The gardens are also very affordable; they offer free admission on the first Monday of each month and discounts for students, seniors, and military personnel. With all these features, it’s no wonder why Harry P. Leu Gardens is the best local destination in Orlando, FL!


Harry P. Leu Gardens in Orlando, FL is a 50 acre botanical garden that features a variety of different plants, trees and flowers from all over the world. The gardens are divided into several themed areas to explore, including: the Palm Garden, the Camellia Collection, the Butterfly Garden and the Rose Garden.

The Palm Garden features a wide variety of palms, cycads and other tropical plants. It is home to the largest public collection of camellias in the United States, as well as an impressive array of trees, shrubs and flowers. The Butterfly Garden is a paradise for butterfly watchers with its abundance of flowers that attract many different species of the delicate insects. It also features a butterfly house, where visitors can observe and learn more about the fascinating creatures. The Rose Garden contains over 250 varieties of roses in all shapes and colors, providing stunning backdrops for photos or simply peaceful places to sit and enjoy nature’s beauty.

The gardens also offer educational programs such as master gardener classes and workshops, as well as guided tours. There are also rental spaces available for special events such as weddings, corporate events and parties. The gardens are open to the public 365 days a year and admission is free with donation encouraged. Visitors can also take advantage of the café at Harry P. Leu Gardens, which serves light refreshments and snacks.

The tranquil and serene atmosphere of Harry P. Leu Gardens provides visitors with an opportunity to connect with nature and experience the beauty that it has to offer. Whether you are a first time visitor or experienced botan


Harry P. Leu Gardens in Orlando, FL is a stunning oasis of natural beauty and it offers an array of breathtaking views. The tropical flowers and foliage create a lush, vibrant atmosphere that is sure to delight all visitors. As you enter the gardens, you’ll be greeted by sweeping beds of multi-colored blooms that provide a vivid display of natural beauty. There are numerous winding paths that take you through the gardens, allowing you to stroll around and explore its many delights.

One of the most impressive sights at Harry P. Leu Gardens is a series of cascading fountains that create a unique sound as they splash into tranquil pools below. As you wander through the gardens, you’ll also find a variety of flowering trees that provide shade and beauty as they bloom throughout the year. You can even take a break from your stroll to sit beneath one of these canopy’s and soak in the tranquil atmosphere.

In addition to the beautiful flowers and foliage, Harry P. Leu Gardens is home to a variety of wildlife. Many species of birds call the gardens home, as do lizards, turtles, and butterflies that can often be spotted fluttering around in the lush foliage. The gardens also offer a number of educational opportunities like classes, tours, and special events throughout the year to help visitors learn more about this natural paradise.

Harry P. Leu Gardens is an unforgettable experience for all who visit and it offers a wealth of natural beauty that will leave you with lasting memories. From its stunning flowers and foliage to the tranquil fountains, this garden paradise is sure to delight any visitor.

Things to do

Harry P. Leu Gardens in Orlando, FL offers a variety of fun and educational activities for children.

The 50 acres of gardens offer plenty of space to explore and learn about the area’s plants and wildlife. The Children’s Garden offers interactive exhibits featuring Florida’s natural habitats and the animals that live there. There is also a butterfly garden and an educational greenhouse, which allows kids to learn about the botanical world. Kids can also take part in a scavenger hunt throughout the gardens.

The Leu House Museum is also available for exploring and discovering treasures from the past. The museum has interactive displays that allow children to explore 19th-century home life.

For more active children, the gardens offer a variety of outdoor activities like fishing, paddle-boating on Lake Rowena, and nature walks. Kids can also go geocaching in search of hidden gems throughout the gardens.

Harry P. Leu Gardens also offers special programs for children including summer camp and after-school classes that teach about the area’s plants, wildlife and history. These classes offer hands-on experiences that can help children develop an appreciation for nature and the outdoors.

Whether kids are interested in exploring nature, discovering artifacts from the past, or taking part in outdoor activities, Harry P. Leu Gardens offers something for everyone to enjoy!


Harry P. Leu Gardens in Orlando, FL is a beautiful 50-acre botanical garden offering visitors a chance to explore dozens of gardens and natural areas. Admission to the Gardens is free for children under 3, $7 for adults (ages 18-64) and $5 for seniors (ages 65+). Active duty military personnel receive free admission with valid I.D.

The gardens also offer a variety of special events and programs throughout the year, including lectures, workshops, classes, festivals and more. Prices vary depending on the event; fees may include admission to the Gardens as well as additional activities or materials provided.

The Gardens’ rental facilities are available for private events, such as weddings and corporate meetings. Fees start at $500 for a four-hour rental of the Garden House, which includes tables and chairs, an outdoor patio with benches and picnic tables, electricity, and setup/cleanup services. Additional fees may apply for special requests or extended event hours.

Harry P. Leu Gardens in Orlando, FL offers a unique and beautiful setting for guests of all ages to explore and learn about the natural world. With free or low-cost admission and rental rates, it’s an affordable way to enjoy nature without breaking the bank.

Things to Consider

Before visiting the Harry P. Leu Gardens in Orlando, FL, there are several important considerations visitors should make.

First and foremost is safety: all visitors should be aware of their surroundings and practice social distancing while inside the gardens due to COVID-19. In addition, it’s recommended that all guests wear a face covering while in the gardens.

Visitors should also research the hours of operation before making a trip there. Generally, the garden is open from 9 am to 5 pm Tuesday through Sunday, and it’s closed on Mondays. However, times may vary depending on the season and holidays so it’s best to check the website or call ahead to confirm.

It’s important for visitors to remember that the gardens are a living, breathing ecosystem and should be treated with respect. This means no picking of flowers or other plants, as well as disposing of all trash in its designated areas. Guests should also avoid feeding wildlife while in the gardens so as not to disturb the natural balance of the environment.

Finally, visitors should also be aware that certain areas of the garden may require an admission fee and some dates may require a special event ticket for entry. All fees should be paid in advance online or through phone reservations in order to guarantee entry into the gardens on those days.

What People Are Saying

“Harry P. Leu Gardens was a wonderful place to visit! The staff were extremely friendly and helpful. The gardens were also beautiful.!”-TripAdvisor user ‘julieh441’

“It was a beautiful place. It was a lovely place with friendly staff. The gardens were beautiful. We recommend it highly!”-TripAdvisor user ‘kimberlydavis’

“We had a wonderful afternoon at Harry P. Leu Gardens with our husband. The staff were extremely helpful and friendly, and the gardens themselves were stunning. We recommend it highly!”-TripAdvisor user ‘beckyb37’

Address: 1920 N. Forest Avenue Orlando, Florida 32803


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Sunday: 9 AM – 5 PM

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