House Of Blues

September 14, 2022 | Ashtin Kepsel
House Of Blues

The House of Blues in Orlando, FL is a premier location for entertainment and music. The restaurant is full, as well as the bar, and nightclub, the venue is a must for anyone looking for an unforgettable evening. There are four reasons for visiting the House of Blues in Orlando is a must. House of Blues in Orlando is an absolute must-do:

The House Of Blues hosts some of the most popular live music performers all over the world. From legendary headliners like Tom Petty and The Black Keys and Tom Petty to upcoming folk musicians nearing stardom The guests will receive the best shows every night. Additionally, their well-known Gospel Brunch showcases some truly amazing gospel singers, choirs, and ensembles who create a positive atmosphere.

The House of Blues is more than just a venue for music. It’s also among the most popular places for live music in Orlando. With its cozy ambiance with a dance floor and a lively bar, it’s the ideal spot for those looking to get loose after a tiring day. Additionally, since the restaurant is open late into the night, customers can indulge in delicious meals such as jambalaya and gumbo as they soak up all these unique spot offers.

Thirdly, guests will be amazed at the amount of talent displayed in the House of Blues. Local artists are often asked to design unique artworks and murals which are displayed on the walls of the venue, giving patrons an additional sense of the culture that they experience with each visit.

Why House Of Blues Is The Best

The House of Blues in Orlando, Florida is the perfect location for a night out with your friends. It is located at Disney Springs, this vibrant live music venue provides an experience unlike any other that cannot be found elsewhere. If you’re looking to party the night away or take a break and relax while enjoying some delicious local food The House of Blues offers something for all.

At the House of Blues, visitors are sure to enjoy amazing live shows that showcase diverse musical styles, including reggae, blues, and rock. It also plays host to well-known national touring artists all through the year, offering the audience access to the best performers of today. In addition, every show is followed by delicious menus of food and drinks at their well-known bar and restaurant.

The restaurant located at House of Blues is an excellent spot to eat prior to the performance. The menu includes Cajun-inspired food as well as sandwiches and burgers that are created with local ingredients. If you’re looking for something extra distinctive, there’s an extensive variety of specialty beers and craft cocktails.

If you want to stay on after the show is over The venue has many alternatives for entertainment, too. Customers can enjoy the pool or arcade games in the Funky Blues Shack game room or shop in their extensive gift shop, which includes everything from clothes to jewelry. With so many options there’s no reason to wonder why House of Blues in Orlando is among the best local spots around.

Whatever kind of experience you’re searching for The House of Blues in Orlando is sure to satisfy anyone. From an unforgettable night out with your loved ones to a fantastic evening of live music This vibrant venue will guarantee an unforgettable night each time. With outstanding food and drink options, a variety of entertainment options, and top performances from national artists all year long There’s no better place to go visit than the House of Blues in Orlando.


The House of Blues in Orlando, Florida is the perfect venue to enjoy live music and delicious food. The venue is situated on International Drive, the venue has a unique setting that celebrates African-American culture through colorful decor and art. The main space can hold up to 1,550 people for performances and concerts, in addition to special events such as weddings. There’s an additional outdoor terrace on which guests can sip cocktails while enjoying a stunning panorama of the city of Orlando.

The auditorium has state-of-the-art audio equipment, which includes two JBL VerTec Line arrays for excellent audio all throughout the auditorium. The stage is multi-tiered, which provides good visibility for everyone in the audience regardless of seating position. The audience can purchase items from the retail store located on-site, and also use free Wi-Fi throughout the space. The venue also has an all-inclusive restaurant where patrons can indulge in traditional southern dishes either before or after a show.

House of Blues Orlando is where you can catch some of the most exciting live shows that you can find in Central Florida. From comedians to rock groups or even Broadway productions there’s something for every person who visits this legendary venue. Additionally, the venue hosts themed nights, such as Gospel Brunch and Family Matinees. The shows are open to anyone aged 21 and over unless stated otherwise through their website, or the ticket information page.

The House of Blues Orlando venue is also home to the Foundation Room and The VIP Club which has its very own bar with a private lounge and balcony seating with views of the main concert hall. Membership provides access to exclusive events and private events, along with free hors d’oeuvres, and live entertainment every evening. Additionally, members can enjoy a private access point for ease of entry to performances. With its unique ambiance and wide range of entertainment choices, The House of Blues in Orlando is a must-see destination for amazing music, food, and entertainment!


The House of Blues in Orlando, Florida is an incredible place for entertainment and live music. The vibe at the venue is electric. With the iconic wooden décor, huge stage, and large dance floor, you will feel as if you’re part of something greater than you. Once you step into the club the first thing that hits you is the overwhelming influence of the blues in the venue. Each corner has historical artifacts and photographs of various blues musicians, creating an impression of the past whenever you visit.

In the main part of the venue, you will observe a vast open space that is surrounded by two balconies that overlook the stage, where musicians perform all styles. The balcony on the top offers an excellent view of the stage and it’s a perfect location to enjoy a night drinking with friends while listening to live music playing in the background. The bar is situated on the upper balcony and is a great area to relax from dancing and allow your feet a break.

When you walk down into the dancing You are surrounded by the energy and excitement Everybody is shaking their hips or engaging in something exciting including singing a favorite track. No matter what kind of music you prefer there’s something for all. From reggae and rock to blues and funk This club has everything! It’s a bit crowded in peak times, but it just enhances the vibe.

In the House of Blues in Orlando, you can enjoy an incredibly unique and thrilling musical experience. The wood-paneled decor, the large stage, and the large dance floor offer a memorable musical experience live that cannot be found elsewhere. No matter if you’re looking for a chance to dance or simply take in some great music The House of Blues is sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone who comes to.

Things To Do

House of Blues in Orlando, Florida is a great location for families seeking to experience entertainment and live music. The venue provides a wide range of fun activities for kids that are sure to make your excursion at the House of Blues an enjoyable one.

The music experiences at House of Blues are perfect for children who are passionate about music. Visitors can select from a wide range of interactive musical activities, such as “Drum Alongs” where children are able to master basic drum beats and participate in improvised group exercises and “Sing Out Loud!” which allows kids to join in with their favorite songs live with the live band. Kids’ Korner Kids’ Korner provides an assortment of instruments made by hand that kids can play with and compose songs of their own.

The House of Blues also offers an array of activities for kids within The “Playhouse” area. The Playhouse is full of games like ping-pong air hockey, and foosball. It also has an Interactive Wall that can be used by children of all different ages. There are also art and craft areas where children can make their own artwork using paint and other supplies provided by the facility.

If you’re looking for live entertainment at a live venue, the House of Blues has something for every person. The guests can enjoy performances by famous national acts or partake in their numerous themed dance nights featuring well-known DJs spinning house and hip-hop music. Also, The House of Blues is an ideal spot to enjoy classic Disney films with your entire family.


The House of Blues in Orlando, Florida, is a famous tourist attraction that provides food and entertainment for all age groups. The price of admission to the venue is contingent on the kind of event that is being staged. Tickets for general admission begin at $10 to $20 per person and can go from $50 to more according to the event. For larger events like shows and concerts, tickets can cost by $50 to $ 100 plus per person.

The prices for food in the House of Blues are also very reasonable. Starters start at $6-$15. meals range between $15 and $30, and desserts run around $7 to $9 each. There’s also a wide choice of local and craft beers that cost around $4-7 for one pint. The specialty cocktails also are on the market at around $10 each.

If you’re looking to cut costs If you’re looking to save money, the House of Blues offers several fantastic discount offers throughout the entire year. Discounts vary from buy one, get one free ticket to reduced food and drink costs during specific performances or occasions. In addition, those who are members who are members of the House of Blues Music Forward Foundation could get up to 20 percent discount on tickets for specific shows as well as other benefits throughout the year.

The cost for a visit to the House of Blues in Orlando will vary based on the kind of event organized and the number of drinks and food that will be bought. But, with affordable prices for general admission and various discounts available, it’s not difficult to find a reasonable method to experience this House of Blues experience. If you’re searching for an evening out with your family or friends there’s bound to be something that will suit your budget and preferences.

If you’re visiting Orlando and are looking for the perfect spot to make unforgettable memories then the House of Blues is definitely worth a visit! With its unique setting with delicious food and drinks as well as fun events, it’s guaranteed to provide plenty of entertainment. Whatever your budget is there are many ways to experience everything The House of Blues has to provide. This is an experience that won’t ever be lost!

Things to Consider

Before visiting The House of Blues in Orlando, FL, there are some things to think about. The first and most important is the price. Tickets range from quite affordable for general admission, and more costly seats closer to the stage. There are also additional costs associated with buying tickets on the internet or through specific retailers. It is important to know what kind of event is scheduled prior to buy tickets, as some events may not be suitable for all.

Another aspect that has to be taken into consideration will be the dress code. While many shows permit attendees to wear casual attire but some require strict dress codes according to the performer or show that will be performing that night. Make sure to check prior to the show and dress accordingly, if required.

Thirdly, it’s crucial that you are aware of security rules for the House of Blues in Orlando, FL. Every guest must pass through an electronic detector as well as have their bag scanned. The prohibited items are weapons and outside beverages or food items. In addition, there could be age restrictions based on the event, which have to be considered when making plans to attend an event.

Also, you should take into consideration the transportation options you have when traveling to the House of Blues in Orlando, FL. The venue is accessible via car, but parking spaces is often a problem when there are many events happening and ticket holders might have to wait for the space to be available. In addition, there are many Uber as well as Lyft services that operate from downtown Orlando as well as other areas nearby. In addition, there are numerous bus stops close to the venue for people who wish to take public transport. Incorporating these factors will ensure that your night spent at the House of Blues in Orlando, FL is both enjoyable and stress-free.

What People Are Saying

My friend and I ate here for Brunch the other day and it was AMAZING!!! The food was so good and they have bottomless mimosas which are always great… I definitely recommend trying their brunch here.” – Lauren

“Fun and funky atmosphere with top quality music, service, and food. So good, we went twice in two days.” – Brooks from Google

“I usually don’t write reviews however the other night we made a reservation, got seated early, and had outstanding service by John I believe. He was so upbeat and timely that it made our experience so enjoyable. The food was awesome and the atmosphere was so fun! Definitely, a stop if you’re in Disney Springs!” – Gina from Facebook

Locate at: 1490 E Buena Vista Dr, Orlando, FL 32830

Hours: not available

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