The LEGO Store

September 14, 2022 | Ashtin Kepsel
The LEGO Store

The LEGO Store in Orlando, FL is the ideal destination for all brick-building enthusiasts. From interactive, hands-on experiences to unique shopping opportunities, this shop is sure to entertain you for hours and surprises at every turn. Here are few of the reasons why you should go to the LEGO Store on your next visit to Orlando:

STEM-related activities STEM Activities: Not only is the LEGO Store packed with exciting items It also offers various activities that are intended to inspire imagination and develop problem-solving abilities in adults and kids alike. Take part in Team Challenges where you collaborate to create amazing designs or participate in workshops to teach engineering principles by construction projects.Unique opportunities to shop Unique Shopping Opportunities: The Lego Store features exclusive sets that you can’t get elsewhere. There’s even the option of shopping for rare items and collectibles that will make any LEGO fan jealous. Additionally, there are exclusive deals and discounts you don’t want to not take advantage of.

Interactive Displays: Walking around LEGO’s store can be an adventure unlike any other because there are always interesting displays to discover. From life-size versions of your favorite characters to intricately crafted versions of iconic scenes. These interactive exhibits can bring anyone further into the realm of LEGO like never before. Events and Meet-Ups There are meet-ups and events at the Lego Store regularly hosts special events , such as mini build classes or meetings for those who love a specific theme like Star Wars or superheroes. There’s something to do all the time, so make sure to check their schedule prior to your visit!

If you’re a lover of LEGO and are looking for a place to play, then the Lego Store in Orlando, FL is the right spot for you. With an array of interactive games, exciting options for shopping and stunning exhibits, this store has something for anyone – regardless of the age. Don’t let yourself be a victim of the excitement and make sure to visit now!

Why The LEGO Store Is The Best

The LEGO Store in Orlando FL is the perfect local attraction for people who are passionate about LEGO. The store is awe-inspiring and filled with lively displays and interactive experiences that are guaranteed to delight visitors. The store offers a variety of bricks, sets, and accessories from the classic themes like City, Friends, Creator, Ninjago, and Duplo. The knowledgeable staff can assist customers locate exactly what they’re searching for or design an individual set for the set. There are also two pick-a-brick areas which allow you to buy the individual pieces at a discount. In addition to the huge range of merchandise available within the store LEGO Store also offers a variety of events. The LEGO Store also has various events throughout the year, such as Bricktacular holidays, master building classes and LEGO Movie evenings. These special events include exclusive sets and games for everyone to take part in.

It’s also a fantastic location for adults seeking for some creative outlets or just to escape from the rush and bustle. You can relax in the comfy lounge and enjoy a cup of coffee in the cafe, or browse books that are inspired by LEGO themes like Star Wars and Harry Potter. If you’re seeking for an exciting location which will surely make your day more enjoyable the Lego Store in Orlando FL is sure to have something for everyone! From its huge range of merchandise to the special events and relaxing spaces for relaxing, it’s easy to see why this store is among the top cities in America. So, whether you’re a LEGO lover or are searching for something to do over weekends, The LEGO Store is definitely the spot to be!


The LEGO Store in Orlando, FL is a dream for LEGO fans! The store is stocked with the latest models and items from LEGO and the exclusive products that are only located at this store. As soon as you enter the store, you’ll be surrounded by a stunning assortment of vibrant blocks and bricks. Alongside these traditional toys, there’s plenty of interactive games to play including virtual builds and build-related challenges. The Build Zone section in the shop, shoppers are able to participate in interactive building experiences like racing boats and race cars and even create their own mini figures with unique pieces from various sets, and participate in building competitions together with fellow customers. This is a fantastic way for skilled builders to showcase their talents as well as for novice builders to gain knowledge about the art of the building process using LEGO.

The store also holds a range of events all through the year like themed birthday celebrations, competitions for brick-building as well as master building classes. If you are looking to buy LEGO sets, there’s an extensive range of the latest items along with rare and rare pieces. Additionally, customers can be part of the store’s VIP Club which grants exclusive discounts and access to exclusive edition items. Whatever your age or ability is, the LEGO Store in Orlando has an activity for anyone! It’s a fantastic spot for both adults and kids to explore their imagination as they discover new ways to build using LEGO bricks.


The LEGO Store in Orlando, Florida is a dream for people of all age groups. The bright colors and huge displays immediately make you want to visit. The walls are covered with massive LEGO designs, while they are coated with many LEGO bricks. There are also a variety of activities in the store that offer an engaging experience for both adults and children alike. There are themed areas for different themes, including Star Wars, Marvel Universe and Disney Princesses. Alongside offering an enjoyable shopping experience, the store also has construction stations that allow customers to make their own models using real pieces of actual sets. The staff of the store are always ready to assist customers whenever they need help which makes it easy to build something unique by using your hands.

Things To Do

The LEGO Store in Orlando, FL is an ideal place for families with children of all age groups. With a variety of activities There’s something for every person!

The kids can browse the huge assortment of LEGO figurines and bricks while parents peruse the assortment of books and instructional videos. The store also has special events such as Build and Test Nights in which kids can create their own designs using LEGOs before testing them out on a special track that replicates the real world driving environment. For those who want to take home a unique piece of memorabilia the store has exclusive products exclusive to this location like miniature figurines that are collectible, keychains, and much more. Visitors can also make their own mini-figures using clothes and accessories to create a unique souvenir. A well-known place to visit is the Pick-A-Brick Wall which features hundreds of different pieces and bricks in a myriad of colors which allows kids to select the exact pieces they require for the next task. The store also features a variety of games that are interactive, like building challenges that educate the basics of engineering as well as LEGO robotics.


The LEGO Store located in Orlando, Florida is a fantastic spot to look for LEGO models and other products. The store has a range of prices on its merchandise including budget-friendly models to expensive collectibles. For the most basic items and sets typically, the store sells the items at a regular price (MSRP). That means the prices tend to be the same or slightly higher than the prices you will find on the internet or at other retailers. For items that are more exclusive like limited edition sets or special limited editions, prices could be significantly different from the prices you can find elsewhere. Also, if you’re searching for something exclusive and unique and unique, then the LEGO Store in Orlando is certainly the best place to look! Apart from their toys, The LEGO Store in Orlando also has a large selection of building supplies and accessories including plates, pieces, minifigures, and other items. If you’re looking for official LEGO apparel , or other products like mugs, keychains, and other items and other items, The LEGO Store in Orlando offers various choices. Overall, the LEGO Store in Orlando is the ideal place to shop for various LEGO sets and merchandise at a reasonable price.

Things To Consider

Before you visit the LEGO Store in Orlando, FL there are some things to remember.

Most important is security. Go to your local store in the company of someone who you can trust and be sure to follow the safety precautions outlined by staff members or displayed on the signage. A mask on your face is advised for the health of everyone’s well being.Secondly it is essential to know what kind of LEGO items you’re looking for prior to arriving at the store , so that you can narrow your time browsing more effectively. Write down the items that you’re interested in to help you stay on top of your shopping. It’s important to note that the LEGO Store is a popular location and is often packed. To maximize your visit, prepare for your visit and head there at a time that is early or in the evening, when there’s less chance of being so packed. Also, keep in mind your budget! LEGO products can be anything from tiny and affordable items to larger and expensive sets. Being aware of the amount you’re willing (and capable) to spend prior to shopping can help you to ensure that you don’t spend too much. If you keep these guidelines in mind, you’ll be certain to enjoy yourself at the LEGO Store in Orlando, FL!

What People Are Saying

“My kids loved this store! They built their own Lego figures and got to see some amazing Lego builds. There was one set my son wanted but was out of stock so an employee gave me a free shipping card so that I can order it online. There is a line to get into this store but that’s a good thing since it is not crowded inside. The line also moved fairly quickly. A great stop at Disney Springs!” – Cathy A.

“Fantastic Lego place on Disney Springs. A world of fantasy for kids and those adults that also love legos. The line was not too long. They have a large star war section, disney section, sport car section, harry potter section, batman section, iron man and the duplos. Dont miss this one.” – D.R.

“Huge store!! Tons of LEGOS!! Lots of docs to build creations!! My kids absolutely love this place!!! Interactive things as well!! If you are at Disney springs and you have a Lego lover, then this place should be on your short list!” – Erica D.

Located at: 1672 E Buena Vista Dr, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830.

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