Orange County Regional History Center

September 7, 2022 | Camila Salamanca
Orange County Regional History Center

It is the Orange County Regional History Center located in Orlando, Florida is a must-see place for those interested in the region’s past. The museum is housed in a beautiful 1927 courthouse that gives visitors the opportunity to travel back in time. The interactive exhibits highlight the more than 12,000-year history of Central Floridian history and culture.

One of the most popular attraction at one of the main attractions at Orange County Regional History Center is the permanent exhibits that contain a range of exhibits that are interactive artifacts. Visitors can look through fossils from the past, prehistoric collections, and old photos, as well as objects from the early days of Spanish exploration and also objects that date back to World War II. The museum also offers interactive kiosks that let visitors gain knowledge about the history of Central Florida in a fascinating way.

Visitors to the center for history can also enjoy its educational programs and events all throughout all year. From talks on historical topics to hands-on classes for children and adults alike, there’s something for all ages at the museum. Furthermore, at certain times of the year, certain exhibitions are focused on particular people’s locations, events, and places that have been influential in the development of Central Florida’s rich history.

Alongside its ongoing exhibitions and educational programs, it also offers educational programming and permanent exhibits. Orange County Regional History Center offers additional amenities, including an online shop that has things for purchase and research facilities for those looking to research their family’s genealogy as well as guided tours of the museum and a restaurant on site. These amenities make this museum a perfect location for exploring the history of Central Florida. From field trips for school to family time with family or with friends, there’s something for all ages.

Why Orange County Regional History Center Is The Best

The Orange County Regional History Center is among the top museum that you can visit in Orlando, Florida. It has a collection of artifacts that reveal the history of Central Florida’s past beginning with the first settlers and continuing through the modern era. The museum, situated in the heart of downtown Orlando is a must-see for anyone who wants complete information about the culture and history of the region. The permanent exhibits provide an overview of events in the area like land development and citrus farming via interactive exhibits and photos. Visitors can also access a library, which contains more than 22,000 volumes of regional the history of the region.

The museum also has educational programs for all ages, which highlight Central Florida’s unique contribution to American heritage and culture. The programs range from talks on specific subjects like Seminole tribal traditions or African American oral histories to engaging learning experiences that draw youngsters. The museum also hosts several special exhibits which focus on various areas of Central Floridian’s culture and history like its Native Americans who lived in the region before Europeans came to the area.

In addition to its regular exhibits and educational programming in addition to its exhibits programs for education, in addition to its permanent exhibits and educational programs, the Orange County Regional History Center is the home of an extensive collection of historical items that are found in this region. The collection contains artifacts from the early settlers, indigenous Floridians, and various other societies that have left their marks on the history of Central Floridians. The museum’s visitors can look through these objects by engaging in exhibits as well as participating in hands-on experiences which allow them to experience a close encounter with some most unusual pieces of The museum’s exhibits.

The Orange County Regional History Center is an excellent opportunity to explore Central Florida’s history. Its exhibits, educational programming, and artifacts collection provide visitors with the chance to discover the past of the area in a fascinating and enjoyable manner. If you’re in Orlando for reasons of pleasure or business this museum should be one of your things to do. Come visit and see the reasons it’s the top museum located in Orlando, Florida!


The Orange County Regional History Center located in Orlando, Florida is a vibrant place for studying the past of Central and North Florida. The facility is state-of-the-art and has two floors of interactive exhibits that recount the history of the region as it has grown out of Native American settlements to what it is present day. From a cozy theatre to a vast gallery visitors can discover the rich history of the region through captivating exhibits and activities.

A prime places visitors see when arriving in the History Center is an intimate 30-seat theater that tells stories of local history in the loop of a video. A few steps away, a collection of interactive components help kids to learn more about their surroundings and the impact it has on the nature surrounding them. For instance the hands-on activities allow guests to discover the many species of animals throughout Central Florida and how they interact with one another.

On the second level of the Orange County Regional History Center is home to more traditional museum exhibits that offer an in-depth look into local past from prehistory through contemporary times. A time line stretches for miles, displaying important dates from the past of the region while interactive exhibits allow visitors to look at artifacts in a close-up. Additionally, a set of cases showcase photos and documents that to bring the stories and images of the past to life for the visitors.

The center also has large galleries in which special exhibits are frequently presented. These exhibitions rotate regularly and provide the occasion for visitors to discover particular elements related to Central as well as North Florida’s past like The Seminole Wars or the citrus industry. Every exhibition is created to draw attention and inform visitors in a fun and engaging manner.


The Orange County Regional History Center located in Orlando, Florida, is an institution that is dedicated to the preservation of the rich history of the county. It covers greater than 3000 square feet, and four floors of exhibits, this museum showcases unique artifacts and documents from every era of Central Florida’s past. The structure itself is an example of preservation and historical significance. It was constructed in 1922 to serve as an Orange County courthouse. for Orange County.

The most well-known attractions of one of the most popular attractions at Orange County Regional History Center is the collection of artifacts that span centuries. Visitors can browse through hundreds of objects ranging from Seminole Indian pottery to space antiquity collectibles. There are numerous interactive exhibits that allow visitors to take a closer examination of historical documents and objects while discovering their significance to the local cultural. The museum also offers an array of temporary and permanent exhibitions that focus on themes like early settlers, agriculture, music, industry and many more.

The Orange County Regional History Center offers a variety of educational programs for adults as well as children. Visitors can register for special events, such as walks or lectures, as well as workshops and family-oriented activities. Lectures are typically given by experts or historians in areas that are related to the museum’s collections. Past speakers include politicians, authors and scientists. Participants can also engage in interactive activities such as making ice cream made from old-fashioned ingredients or candle-dipping.

Alongside its exhibitions and educational programs In addition to its exhibits and educational programs, in addition to its educational programs and exhibits, the Orange County Regional History Center offers a cafe that serves light food which is ideal for lunch or a snack during the afternoon. The cafe also serves as the venue of events that are held all through the year, including concerts and wine tastings. shows. Visitors can also make use of the gift shop at the center that sells books, postcards , and other items connected to Central Florida’s history and past. Its Orange County Regional History Center is a fascinating peek into the past for people of all ages.


The Orange County Regional History Center located in Orlando, Florida offers a array of activities and exhibits for visitors to discover. The permanent exhibit located on the first floor concentrates on the story of Orange County from its earliest inhabitants to its present-day residents. Visitors can browse through collections that range from pre-Columbian artifacts , to documents of the 19th century. It also features an interactive kiosk that gives more information on the people and places that are featured in the exhibition.

On the second floor, guests are able to engage in a variety of educational activities. These include workshops, seminars or lectures as well as screenings of films on issues like the local economy, culture or art historical. There are occasions that are held throughout the year, including readings by authors excursions, field trips, and family days that include art activities and crafts demonstrations.

Third floor in the Orange County Regional History Center is dedicated to Florida’s history and present. The visitors are able to explore Florida’s natural beauty with the mounts of animals as well as marine specimens and interactive exhibits on environmental issues. The museum also has exhibits that focus on the past of Native American tribes in Florida and their impact on the development of the region.

In addition, there’s an exhibit on the fourth floor at the Orange County Regional History Center in which visitors can see an array of rotating exhibits that concentrate on regional issues or specific issues like Civil rights or immigration. These exhibits include artwork photos, artifacts, and other materials which have been gathered through time by local historians, museums and researchers. Alongside visiting the museum, guests are able to benefit from the library of the center, which includes documents pertaining with Orange County and its surrounding regions.


The Orange County Regional History Center located in Orlando, Florida is home to a group of enthusiastic and skilled staff members. Every member brings their own expertise for ensuring that the institution provides an enriching experience for people of all age groups.

At the center’s helm is Curator of Collections, Jennifer Jeter-Lavergne.Jennifer earned her Master’s in Library Science and Archives Management, giving her an appreciation of the importance of preserving historical artifacts and documents. Her expertise is in curation, collection management and preservation via digital technology. She is also a active member of various professional associations, including The Society of Florida Archivists.

The museum’s Education Manager Jocelyn Morgen, has extensive experience in the development and delivery of interactive education experience for students. She is enthusiastic about increasing the reach of the museum and creating a more welcoming setting for visitors from all backgrounds and ages. She is also a engaged member of the Association of Science Technology Centers which she is mentor for new members.

the curator for exhibitions Katherine Sylvester, is an experienced specialist in design for exhibitions and development. She has been working tirelessly to create immersive and engaging experiences for visitors to museums. The efforts she has put into it have been lauded by her peers, and she received with the Florida Association of Museums Exhibit Design Award in 2018.

Three experts are the main driver for this institution, the Orange County Regional History Center. Their knowledge and commitment will ensure that visitors have an enriching experience every occasion they go to. Together they create an environment of discovery and learning for all who walk through the doors of the center.


The Orange County Regional History Center located in Orlando, Florida offers many educational advantages, making it an excellent location to go to. The center has 2 floors of exhibits that are permanent as well as rotating special exhibits which provide an overview of the development of Central Florida from prehistoric times to the present. Visitors can travel back in time by exploring more than 12,000 artifacts, photos along with documents. There are interactive exhibits as well as replicated artifacts, as well as educational programming.

The permanent exhibits offer an in-depth understanding of Central Florida’s past through topics like Native Americans, African-Americans, the Spanish colonization of Florida and the early growth of industry and transportation in Orlando and beyond. Through these exhibits, visitors gain an understanding of how the distinct geographical and environmental features in Central Florida have shaped the area’s history throughout the years.

Alongside those with permanent collection, guests can take a look at rotating special exhibits which include a range of subjects associated with the area in various times throughout the year. The exhibits typically include interactive activities or activities to engage the visitors and improve their learning experience.

The Center also provides various educational opportunities for pupils of all age groups. Through the Educational Outreach program, the Center lets history come to life through workshops, presentations, and excursions that connect Central Florida’s history with contemporary issues. The Center also provides seminars and interactive lectures on subjects from the past. They are designed to entertain visitors of all ages , and offer an extensive education about the past of Central Florida.


The Orange County Regional History Center located in Orlando, Florida is a excellent place to discover the rich history of the region. It provides a wide range of activities and exhibits for visitors to enjoy. The price for entry to the Orange County Regional History Center is low and allows visitors to gain access to a full day of fun.

The general admission fee to the center costs between $5 to $10 per person dependent on age and the status of membership. Senior citizens (65or older) get discounted rates of $8, while children five and under are free when paying for adult admission. Certain events may incur additional costs but they also include exciting additional features like special lectures and culinary experiences or interactive events that bring history to life.

There are ticket packages that provide accessibility to the museum’s the stores as well as the cafe. Its three hour ticket package costs $19 for a person. It includes everything mentioned above, plus the complimentary drink from the cafe.

The center also provides numerous educational opportunities for students and families. Tours for groups with no initial cost begin at just $6 per person for up to 10 persons however, prices can rise depending on the number of people in the group and the type of activities required. Other on-site programs like live history or workshops are accompanied by additional costs. these, which range between $25-75 per event.

In the end going to The Orange County Regional History Center in Orlando, Florida is an cost-effective way to study local history and have an enjoyable time. There are a variety of tickets packages and educational options which make it simple to discover something for every member of the family. With so many activities, exhibits, and activities, there’s never a boring experience at Orange County Regional History Center!

What People Are Saying

“I have been to many museums, and the Orange County Regional History Center is one of the best. The staff are very knowledgeable and passionate about the exhibits. The museum is very clean and well maintained. I highly recommend this museum to anyone who is interested in history.” -Diane B.

“The Orange County Regional History Center is a great place to learn about the history of Central Florida. The museum is well organized and the staff is very friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend this museum to anyone who is interested in learning about the area’s history.” -John D.

“This is a must see for anyone visiting Orlando. The history center does an excellent job of covering all aspects of Central Florida’s past, from the Native Americans who first lived here to the pioneers who settled the land, to the businesses and attractions that have made Orlando a world-famous destination. I would highly recommend this museum to anyone interested in learning about the area’s rich history.” -Mike P.

Address: 65 E. Central Blvd. Orlando, Florida 32801

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Friday: 10 AM – 5 PM
Saturday: 10 AM – 5 PM
Sunday: 12 PM – 5 PM

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