Gilbert McQueen Park

September 7, 2022 | Erika Klamt
Gilbert McQueen Park

Gilbert McQueen Park in Orlando FL is a great place to visit for outdoor recreation. Located near downtown, the park offers plenty of activities and attractions for visitors to enjoy.

The park boasts a large lake, perfect for swimming or fishing. There are also picnic tables, grills, and playgrounds scattered throughout the grounds for families to use. Gilbert McQueen Park is also home to two basketball courts, tennis courts and baseball fields that are open year-round. The facilities at the park make it an excellent spot for hosting birthday parties, family reunions or other events.

For those who love nature walks and hiking, Gilbert McQueen Park has miles of trails winding around its borders as well as through its center. The trails are well groomed and offer a peaceful place to explore the park. Bird watching is another popular activity at the park, as there are many birds that call it home. Additionally, visitors can take in spectacular views of downtown Orlando from the top of some of the hills in the area.

Gilbert McQueen Park also offers educational programs for children on weekends, including nature hikes, bird watching classes and other activities. These programs make it easy for kids to learn about their environment while having fun! Finally, Gilbert McQueen Park has plenty of parking available making it an easy destination for those looking for a fun day outside in Orlando FL. With so much to do and see in such a beautiful setting, Gilbert McQueen Park is a great spot for a day of outdoor fun.

Overall, Gilbert McQueen Park in Orlando FL is an excellent destination for those looking for a variety of activities to enjoy. From swimming and fishing in the lake to playing on one of the basketball courts, there’s something for everyone at this park. Visitors can also enjoy nature walks and bird watching or take educational classes on weekends. Plus, parking is plentiful so it’s easy to access the park whether you’re coming from downtown or elsewhere in Florida. With all that it has to offer, Gilbert McQueen Park is an ideal spot to spend time outdoors with family and friends!

Why Gilbert McQueen Park is the best

Gilbert McQueen Park in Orlando, Florida is one of the best parks in the area for numerous reasons. It features a wide variety of amenities that make it the perfect spot for families and individuals to spend time outdoors. The park includes a 7-acre lake, 3 miles of walking trails, 10 lighted tennis courts, 2 playgrounds, an outdoor fitness court, 3 shaded picnic pavilions with charcoal grills, and 6 sports fields suitable for soccer or flag football. It also offers a full-service concession stand and restroom facilities.

The park’s natural beauty makes it a great place to enjoy nature while still taking advantage of convenient amenities. There are numerous mature trees that offer plenty of shade to escape the Florida sunshine. There is also an abundance of wildlife that can be seen, including fish in the lake, ducks, and various species of birds.

The park’s amenities make it ideal for a variety of outdoor activities. Visitors can enjoy swimming, fishing, walking or jogging along the trails, playing tennis on lighted courts, or just relaxing surrounded by nature. Gilbert McQueen Park also hosts many special events throughout the year such as music festivals and fireworks shows.

Overall, Gilbert McQueen Park in Orlando FL is one of the best parks in the area due to its wide range of amenities and natural beauty that make it an idyllic spot for any type of outdoor activity. Its convenient location makes it easily accessible for everyone, especially families and individuals looking for a great place to spend time outdoors. It’s the perfect spot for anyone who wants to enjoy nature while also taking advantage of fun recreational activities.


Gilbert McQueen Park in Orlando FL is picturesque and serene. It is a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, as it is surrounded by lush green trees and shrubs. A winding path meanders through the park, lined with benches for visitors to sit and relax. The lake in the center of the park boasts crystal clear waters that reflect the surrounding foliage like a mirror. Ducks, geese, and other waterfowl can be seen swimming around lazily or basking in the sun on its banks. Birds flit amongst the trees, their joyful chirps adding to the tranquil atmosphere. Wildflowers dot the landscape, giving off an array of vibrant colors that brighten up even dull days. On days with clear skies, the sun casts a golden light over the park, making it an ideal spot for a picnic or a leisurely stroll. Those who visit Gilbert McQueen Park are sure to be enchanted by its beauty.


Gilbert McQueen Park in Orlando, FL offers a variety of amenities for visitors to enjoy. The park features scenic walking trails, two tennis courts, a basketball court, three sand volleyball courts, an open-air amphitheater, and several picnic pavilions with grills and tables. Other facilities include restrooms and water fountains for convenience.

The park also has a playground area for children with swings, slides, climbing structures and various other play elements. A splash pad is located near the playground so kids can cool off on hot days. Additionally, Gilbert McQueen Park hosts special events throughout the year including concerts, festivals and movie screenings in their outdoor amphitheater.

For those looking to relax or take in some outdoor activities, the park also features a lake with fishing opportunities and paddleboat rentals. Bird watching is also popular at Gilbert McQueen Park, with many species of birds visiting the area year round.

Overall, Gilbert McQueen Park offers something for everyone, and provides a great way to spend a day outdoors. Whether it’s exploring nature trails, playing sports or taking part in special events, this park has something unique to offer visitors.

Things to do

Gilbert McQueen Park in Orlando FL offers a wide variety of fun activities for kids. The park has a playground, Splash Pad, walking trails, basketball courts, and much more.

The playground is one of the main attractions at Gilbert McQueen Park. It features swings, slides, climbing structures, tunnels and other exciting play equipment. It’s perfect for younger children to explore and enjoy hours of imaginative playtime.

The Splash Pad is another popular spot at the park – it’s great for cooling off on hot summer days or just having some wet and wild fun! It’s equipped with spraying fountains that create an obstacle course of water jets and interactive panels.

For those looking for outdoor exercise, Gilbert McQueen Park has several walking trails scattered throughout. These trails are perfect for leisurely strolls with the family or a brisk jog.

The park also features two basketball courts, so kids can practice their shooting and dribbling skills or play pick-up games in the afternoon.

If you’re looking to host a picnic, there are plenty of tables and grills available at Gilbert McQueen Park. And there’s an amphitheater where you can bring some chairs and sit down to enjoy live music performances.

Overall, Gilbert McQueen Park is a great place for families to spend quality time together having fun! So pack up your picnic basket and head over to Gilbert McQueen Park for a day of outdoor fun!


Gilbert McQueen Park in Orlando, FL is the perfect place to take your pet for a day of fun and exploring. The park features a large lake, several trails for walking or running, and plenty of open spaces for playing. There are also areas dedicated to different types of activities such as an aquatic playground and disc golf course.

One of the best things you can do with your pet at Gilbert McQueen Park is explore all the trails around the lake. The winding paths give you great views of the lake while allowing your pet to sniff around and explore nature up close. You can also bring along a fishing pole and see if you can catch some fish in the lake or take part in one of the educational programs offered by the park.

Another great thing to do with your pet at Gilbert McQueen Park is visit the aquatic playground. This area has slides and tunnels for your pet to explore, as well as plenty of water features like spraying fountains and bubblers that they can splash around in.

The disc golf course is also a great place to take your pet. Your furry friend can watch you play while enjoying the outdoors. There are also picnic areas where you can relax with your pet after a long day of playing or exploring the trails.

Lastly, if you’re looking for an adventure with your four-legged pal, make sure to check out the dog-friendly kayak tours offered by Adventure Kayak Orlando. These tours will let you and your pet paddle through the waters of Lake Toho, giving your pup a chance to explore nature from the water.

No matter how you choose to spend your time at Gilbert McQueen Park in Orlando, FL, you’re sure to have lots of fun with your pet. With trails to explore, an aquatic playground to play in, disc golf course for some friendly competition, and kayak tours to take on the lake – there’s something for everyone at this amazing park. So grab your leash and head over to Gilbert McQueen Park today!


Gilbert McQueen Park in Orlando, Florida offers a subtropical climate with hot, humid summers and mild winters. During the summer months of June to September the temperature averages between 85°F – 90°F, with occasional thunderstorms and rain showers. The humidity levels tend to be higher due to its close proximity to the Gulf of Mexico. Winters are much milder and temperatures will typically range from 65-75°F during this time. Rainfall is also more frequent throughout December, January and February with average annual precipitation of over 50 inches per year. Gilbert McQueen Park experiences an abundance of sunshine throughout the year; so visitors can expect plenty of sunny days no matter when they visit! As for wind speeds, they generally range from 5-15 mph. In short, the weather at Gilbert McQueen Park in Orlando, Florida offers a pleasant and inviting atmosphere year round.

Nearby Neighborhoods

Gilbert McQueen Park is located in the heart of Orlando, Florida. The surrounding neighborhoods offer a variety of housing options to fit all lifestyles.

The neighborhood immediately adjacent to Gilbert McQueen Park is CollegePark South. This area features single-family homes and townhouses, as well as many recreational opportunities like jogging trails and swimming pools. Nearby attractions include Valencia College West Campus and Universal Studios Orlando.

Just east of CollegePark South lies Lake Mann Estates. This residential area offers homes ranging from one-story bungalows to two-story family dwellings. It also provides access to several lakes for fishing, canoeing, and kayaking activities, as well as numerous parks with playgrounds, basketball courts, and picnic areas.

Heading north from Gilbert McQueen Park, you’ll find the Lake Nona neighborhood. This area has become a hot spot for homebuyers due to its proximity to Orlando International Airport, Nemours Children’s Hospital, and the USTA National Campus. In addition, many new businesses have sprouted in and around this area as well as luxury apartments and condos.

Finally, located just south of Gilbert McQueen Park is Colonialtown North. This residential community features more affordable housing options such as townhomes and condos perfect for young professionals or those looking to downsize their living space. Nearby attractions include Meyer Amphitheater Park and the Harry P. Leu Gardens., which offer plenty of outdoor activities, like walking trails and gardens.

Overall, Gilbert McQueen Park’s central location offers easy access to all the neighborhoods surrounding it, making it a great place for those looking for a variety of options when selecting their next home. Whether you want the convenience of an apartment or condo near Lake Nona or the privacy of a single-family home in CollegePark South, there are plenty of opportunities close by. Regardless of your unique needs and lifestyle, Gilbert McQueen Park provides endless possibilities for exploration and discovery!

What People Are Saying

“The park is very big with a lot of different areas to explore. My kids loved the playground and the splash pad.” -AJ

“We had a great time at the park! The playground was a hit with my daughter, and she loved the splash pad.” -Sarah

“My family had a blast at Gilbert McQueen Park! There’s so much to do and see, we didn’t even know where to begin. We’ll definitely be back!” -John

“This park is huge and has something for everyone! My kids loved the playground and I enjoyed the walking trails. We will definitely be back!” -Jenn

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