Columbia College-Orlando

August 29, 2022 | Yamilet Timaure
Columbia College-Orlando

Columbia College-Orlando located in Orlando FL is a great option for people who want to pursue higher education. It has a wide range of degree options and programs as well as friendly faculty and staff, as well as an active campus. At Columbia College Orlando, students are able to choose between more than 30 Associate and Bachelor’s degree programs that include criminal justice, business administration information technology, criminal justice, along with liberal and arts. 

Every program is designed to equip students with the information abilities, skills, and education required for the success they desire in the field they choose to study. College also provides a wide range of online classes that students can complete at home from their couches. Support services for students are offered such as free tutoring and counseling for career development library resources and much much more.

The staff and faculty at Columbia College Orlando are committed to helping students excel. The college offers a supportive environment that encourages learning and helps students’ achievement. Faculty members are experienced in their respective fields and provide supervision, guidance, and guidance so that they can ensure students get the tools they require to meet their academic goals.

Columbia College-Orlando has a lively campus environment and offers many opportunities for social events and networking. It hosts a range of student-run clubs, organizations, and other events throughout the entire year. The college also aims to build strong bonds between students and the community through volunteer projects and internships. With these opportunities and more Columbia College-Orlando is the ideal option for students who want a comprehensive college experience.


Columbia College-Orlando located in Orlando, Florida, is a private liberal arts school that has been offering education and training programs since. It was founded through the Columbia School of Broadcasting Columbia School of Broadcasting, the school was created to prepare students for jobs in television and radio broadcasting. In the past Columbia College-Orlando has widened its curriculum to include additional fields including music, art, design production, film and video production, as well as business administration. Today, it has more than 4500 students.

It was originally called The Columbia School of Broadcasting when it opened its doors The college changed its name back to Columbia College of Orlando by the year 1977. It was at this time that the college began offering more diverse programs such as management and production of digital media. In 1981, the school established its first off-campus campus located in West Palm Beach, Florida that offered classes on radio broadcasting and television.

In 1983, the school was recognized by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and began to offer the Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. Then came expanding into other fields such as animation, photography graphics design, and music production. In 1999, the college switched its name from Columbia College Orlando to its current structure underneath the Columbia College System banner.

Through the years, Columbia College-Orlando has seen many modifications, yet it is still thriving in the present as one of Orlando’s most prestigious private liberal arts schools. With more than 40 majors and minors designed to meet the needs of students and a committed faculty Columbia College-Orlando is committed to giving students an extensive education. Columbia College-Orlando is a pioneer in its field and has incredibly strong community support.

In 2009, Columbia College-Orlando has celebrated its 35th anniversary being a significant moment in its long history being one of the city’s leading education institutions. In the pursuit of helping students reach their goals, Columbia College-Orlando has been helping thousands of students succeed in their fields of study for more than four decades. As it continues to move to the future Columbia College-Orlando will continue to discover new and creative methods to help students achieve their professional and academic goals.

Columbia College-Orlando today is a flourishing private liberal arts school that gives its students more than 40 different majors and minors across fields like business administration and digital media production, photography, and art & design, and much more. With a remarkable dedication to the community and an incredibly dedicated faculty who work to ensure the success of students Columbia College-Orlando has been at the forefront of excellence in education in Orlando. As it continues to expand and grow the institution will remain an institution of learning for generations to be.

Why Columbia College-Orlando Is The Best

Columbia College-Orlando located in Orlando FL is the perfect school for students seeking an excellent education. It is located in a bustling city it gives students access to a variety of great options and facilities. The Columbia College-Orlando faculty are committed to helping students achieve academic success in their personal lives, as well as providing them with the tools to help make their college experience memorable and enjoyable.

Students at Columbia College-Orlando will benefit from the high-quality classes provided. With more than 60 majors, minors, certificates, programs, associate’s degree programs, and master’s and bachelor’s degrees offered, there’s something for all. Additionally, the classes are designed to test students while giving them real-world information that they can apply in their future careers.

Columbia College Orlando is an excellent option for students who are looking for an experience that is well-rounded. With a broad array of extracurricular clubs, activities, and organizations offered by the college, students are able to discover something they enjoy and meet new friends through it all. In addition, Columbia College-Orlando provides internships with local companies and organizations which give students hands-on experiences in their area of study.

Additionally, not only does Columbia College Orlando provide students with an amazing educational experience, but it also boasts an outstanding campus community. It is regarded as one of the most secure campuses in Florida and has security guards on a 24/7 basis and medical staff and counselors available to help students. With a variety of students as well as faculty members, Columbia College-Orlando offers an inclusive environment where everyone in the school can feel welcome and valued.

In the end, for any student looking for an outstanding education, Columbia College-Orlando is the best choice. With outstanding academics, extracurricular activities the campus community, and internships It’s no wonder Columbia College is among the top colleges in Florida. If you’re looking for the ideal college for the child in your life, you should look no further than Columbia College-Orlando located in Orlando FL!


Columbia College-Orlando located in Orlando FL provides a broad variety of facilities to ensure that students enjoy the best possible experience. The campus of Columbia College-Orlando is comprised of five buildings, and it includes two libraries, lots of parking spaces, lounges for students’ computers, lounges, and classrooms equipped with the latest technology like Whiteboards with LCDs as well as interactive LCDs. This makes for an exciting learning environment that encourages collaboration between students.

The college is home to several laboratories with a physics laboratory where students can conduct experiments on electronics and optics as well as a biology lab for studying the basics of biology and its related processes, a chemical lab equipped with apparatus for conducting quantitative analyses of chemical compounds, as well as an engineering lab for research in robotics. The Columbia College-Orlando campus located in Orlando FL is home to three computer labs equipped with the most recent technology and software available. Students have access to a range of software, providing them with the chance to explore their passions for computing and other technologies.

Columbia College-Orlando also houses an art gallery in which student artwork is showcased all through the entire year. Students can make use of the gallery space by displaying their work or using its professional printing facilities. The college also offers various recreational opportunities like basketball courts, tennis courts beach volleyball courts, and fitness facilities that allow students to stay active.

The college also offers other amenities to make sure students are provided with everything they require during their time on campus. There is a cafeteria that is fully serviced serving hot meals throughout lunchtime and the Starbucks cafe for refreshments and coffee. There’s also a bookstore available for students to purchase school supplies, as well as other items that are related to their studies. Columbia College-Orlando also provides study areas in which students can work as a group or work on their own with no interruption.

With its many amenities and facilities, Columbia College-Orlando located is located in Orlando FL provides an excellent learning environment for both incoming and current students. From the state-of-the-art computer labs to the state-of-the-art gallery and the recreational activities offered the college makes sure that students have everything they require to be successful academically. With this extensive set of tools, available students will have a fun educational experience during their time at the college.


Columbia College-Orlando located in Orlando FL offers a variety of degree programs that accommodate the requirements of students from all different walks of life. The college offers undergraduate and graduate courses designed to help students reach their goals in their professional and personal lives. Within its academic program, Columbia College-Orlando offers classes in general education in the sciences and liberal arts and social sciences, as well as computing technology, business administration health management, as well as legal studies. Each of these subjects is available at different levels that range from associate’s degrees to doctoral degrees.

In addition to the standard degree options, Columbia College-Orlando also offers special programs like The Doctor of Education (EdD), Master of Science in Computer Science (MSCS), and the Certificate in Cybersecurity. The programs are all designed to help students prepare for job opportunities in their specific fields, and equip them with the necessary tools they require to succeed. In addition to its emphasis on practical learning, this institution also offers externships, internships, and opportunities to study abroad that enable students to gain practical experience and build professional abilities.

Columbia College-Orlando offers an extensive selection of online courses, which offer flexible scheduling options as well as convenient access. Courses can be taken anytime, in any location using a laptop or a mobile device. Students are able to learn at their own pace without the need to attend classes regularly which makes it more convenient for people who are busy and are juggling other obligations such as family or work obligations.

Alongside its numerous degrees, Columbia College-Orlando has an active student life that includes groups and clubs that promote involvement among the students. The college organizes a range of activities, including sports tournaments art and science fairs as well as cultural celebrations, and opportunities for volunteers. These events provide students with opportunities to make connections and make lasting memories. With its broad program and lively college life for students, Columbia College Orlando is a great place for students to fulfill their academic aspirations within Orlando FL.


The Columbia College-Orlando faculty are committed to giving the highest quality education and to helping each student achieve their goals. Each faculty member has been selected for their skills, knowledge, and knowledge in their specific fields. Faculty members are specialists in a wide range of disciplines like education, Business Administration, Criminal Justice, Computer Science, and many more. With more than 150 years of combined teaching experience, You can be assured that your requirements are met with the utmost care by skilled instructors who are aware of what is needed to achieve success.

The Columbia College-Orlando administration team College Orlando is dedicated to making sure that students make the most value from their college experiences. The staff works tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that classes are run efficiently and smoothly and offer students a wide array of options. From registration and admissions to financial aid, the team is committed to providing every student with assistance at each stage of their college experience.

Columbia College-Orlando offers an array of extracurricular activities and activities for students to be involved in. If it’s joining a club or participating in intramural sports there are numerous opportunities for students to discover their place at Columbia College. Columbia College family. Additionally, the staff is ready to guide students in becoming an active part of the community.

The administration, faculty, and extracurricular activities provided by Columbia College-Orlando will provide every student with the resources they require to ensure that their college experience is to be a success. Combining real-world experiences with the latest knowledge and experience, students can rest assured that their educational journey is among the most beneficial investments they’ll make.

Student Outcomes

Columbia College-Orlando located in Orlando, Florida offers affordable and high-quality education. The cost of tuition for Columbia College-Orlando is comparable to other similar institutions in the region. The fees for tuition vary based on the course that students select to pursue. If a student is full-time, they will spend around $7,500 per term for an Associate’s degree or Bachelor’s degree program. Students who study part-time will discover that their expenses are less since fewer credits are required each semester.

Alongside the fees for tuition, There are also associated costs including technology fees library access fees, and tuition for distance learning. All fees have to be paid by the start of each academic year in order for students to gain access to the facilities and services required for success in their studies. Students must also purchase textbooks as well as any other equipment required, which could be as high as $1000 per semester, depending on the course chosen.

Financial aid is offered for those who meet the requirements at Columbia College Orlando in Orlando, Florida. The college provides loans, grants, and scholarships which can help lower overall expenses. Students may also apply for work through the college’s student employment services office in order to earn money while studying. The money earned can be put to pay tuition or other expenses, like technology or books.

Columbia College-Orlando located in Orlando, Florida is an affordable choice for students who want to pursue an academic degree. With affordable tuition costs and financial aid available, it provides students with the chance to get a top-quality education. By ensuring that budgets are well-thought-out and planned it is feasible for students at Columbia College-Orlando located in Orlando, Florida to get the degree they want for a reasonable price.

Nearby Neighborhoods

The Mills 50 neighborhood near Columbia College-Orlando is an eclectic neighborhood that is family-friendly and full of stores and restaurants. It is home to a number of locally owned restaurants, this area has something for all. If you’re looking for Mexican food or sushi, or Ethiopian food, there are numerous options to choose from. There are shops that sell vintage clothing along with modern boutiques and everything else in between. There are also wonderful parks in which residents can unwind or engage in outdoor activities such as biking or running.

A beautiful Curry Ford West neighborhood located just to the east of Columbia University-Orlando is a tranquil refuge from the bustle and hustle in downtown Orlando. The community that is family-friendly has a number of single-family homes, tiny condos, and apartment complexes. Residents can easily access local restaurants, shopping centers, and numerous outdoor recreational facilities. In addition, the neighborhood is renowned for its relaxed vibe as well as its friendly residents who regularly visit local parks for picnics or to chill.

It is located in the Lake Nona area of Orlando a rapidly growing neighborhood located to the south of Columbia College-Orlando. The neighborhood is booming and offers residents an array of high-end facilities like luxurious townhomes and condos that are surrounded by lush vegetation and breathtaking lakeside views. Even though it is still in its early stages there are already stylish bars, restaurants, and other establishments appearing in the area that provide something special to both residents and visitors. In addition, Lake Nona also has many recreational opportunities like tennis courts, golf courses as well as nature trails.

The Thornton Park neighborhood is one of the most sought-after areas located in Orlando for new professionals because of its access to Columbia University-Orlando. It is among the city’s most storied neighborhoods, Thornton Park provides a blend of old-fashioned beauty and modern-day ease of use. There are shops and boutiques along the streets, while trendy eateries offer a range of dishes from all over the globe.

There are plenty of nightlife options with clubs, and bars with live bands that are open until late at late into the night. In addition, residents have access to Lake Eola where they can engage in paddling or fishing. Overall these four neighborhoods close to Columbia College-Orlando have something for anyone and are certain to give you a wonderful living experience.

What People Are Saying

“The professors at Columbia College-Orlando are amazing. They really care about their students and want to see them succeed.” -Amber B.

“I love the small class sizes at Columbia College-Orlando. It makes learning so much easier and more personal.” -John D.

“The tuition at Columbia College-Orlando is very affordable. I am so glad I chose this school!” -Mary K.” I would definitely recommend Columbia College-Orlando to anyone looking for a great education at an affordable price.” -Brian S.

Address: 2600 Technology Dr #100 Orlando FL 32804

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Friday: 9AM–4PM
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