Herzing University – Orlando

September 7, 2022 | Yamilet Timaure
Herzing University – Orlando

Herzing University – Orlando in Orlando, Florida can offer students top-quality education and opportunities for career advancement. The university is situated in one of the main cities of business and tourism, Herzing University – Orlando gives students the chance to obtain a world-class educational experience and enjoy the numerous advantages that come with living in a bustling city.

At Herzing University – Orlando, students have access to various degree programs that place the focus on healthcare, technology, and business. It offers associate’s degree programs that focus on Health Care Management or Computer Networking Technologies in addition to bachelor’s degree programs with a focus on Human Resources or Criminal Justice Administration. With online courses that are flexible and on-campus programs that are available for all courses, Herzing University – Orlando ensures that each student can make the most of their educational opportunities.

Alongside offering students a top educational experience, Herzing University – Orlando offers a wide range of resources and services to aid them to succeed in their academic journey and beyond. The school has a career center that offers assistance with the job search as well as resume writing and various other areas of professional growth. There are numerous student clubs and activities that offer great opportunities for students to participate in the surrounding community and meet new people.

Herzing University – Orlando is the perfect spot for those seeking an enriching learning experience in a lively city. With its variety of degree options, adaptable learning opportunities, and resources that are focused on career and student activities Herzing University Orlando is certain to be the perfect choice for those looking to improve their education and career goals.


Herzing University – Orlando, situated in the downtown region in Orlando, Florida is an accredited university that was founded around 1965, through Henry Herzing and Suzanne Herzing. It is among the many campuses of the Herzing University franchise, which comprises campuses throughout all of the United States as well as Canada. The first students graduated in within a year of the time it began with only the enrollment of 12 students, along with a few faculty members.

In the years that followed, Herzing University – Orlando began to expand its scope and offer more courses, including accounting, nursing, engineering technology, and the business management degree. The school’s primary focus was offering quality training for employed adults, the institution was very well-liked by those who couldn’t go to a traditional college because of their job and other commitments.

Since 2000 Herzing University – Orlando was granted accreditation with the Higher Learning Commission, which allowed students to get federal financial aid as well as transfers of credits to other accredited institutions. In 2003, it received approval from the Florida State Board of Education to offer degree programs online.

In the present, Herzing University – Orlando provides more than 25 graduate and undergraduate degrees across a range of fields via classes on campus and online learning platform. With its central location in the heart of downtown Orlando and flexible classes created for professionals working in the field, Herzing University – Orlando remains a leading institution in providing high-quality education for students who are unable to be able to attend traditional college classes. It’s committed to creating students with an environment that allows them to achieve their goals and reach their potential.

Why Herzing University – Orlando Is The Best

Herzing University – Orlando in Orlando FL is an excellent option for the child you love to further their education. With its dedication to provide outstanding academics as well as opportunities for expansion, Herzing University – Orlando provides the ideal environment for kids who wish to excel academically.

First of all, Herzing University – Orlando offers a range in programs for students to select from, so that every student can find the program that is most suitable to their interests and objectives. The university also has some of the latest technology and equipment in the marketplace in the present, providing students with access to the tools they require to be successful at the classroom. Additionally the teachers are at Herzing University – Orlando are dedicated to their teaching, and providing students with a positive learning environment that allows them to be determined for success.

Furthermore, the school’s commitment to providing enriching experiences for students outside from the school is one of the things that distinguishes Herzing University – Orlando apart from other universities. Through clubs and associations like those of Student Government Association and Sorority & Fraternity Life Students are able to be engaged in activities that are meaningful as they learn essential leadership abilities. Furthermore, with a variety of occasions throughout the year, such as Homecoming Week, students can create memories and establish friendships with their classmates which last for the years to come.

Additionally, Herzing University – Orlando provides a range of services and activities that are specifically designed for parents. Starting with to the Parent Resource Center which provides useful tips for navigating college life, to the weekly parent-teacher conferences Parents are encouraged to remain involved in their child’s educational journey. The school also holds a Parents’ and Family Appreciation Day every semester, which provides parents and their families the chance to gather and connect with members of the Herzing University – Orlando community.

All in all, Herzing University – Orlando provides a safe and supportive atmosphere that helps students attain their potential to the fullest extent. With its wide range of programs, modern materials, enriching activities that are not part from the school, as well as the services for parents Herzing University – Orlando is the ideal location for children to begin on their path to success.


Herzing University – Orlando in Orlando, FL offers students numerous amenities to enrich the learning experience. It is located in Lake Destiny Drive, the school is easy to access close restaurants and shopping malls.

The main building of Herzing University – Orlando is equipped with state-of-the-art classes that use the latest technology for teaching. The campus also has an extensive library that includes newspapers, digital resources magazines, books and other publications and computer labs for students’ use. In addition, there is an open study space for study groups or for individual studies.

In addition to the educational facilities Herzing University – Orlando offers a variety of recreational opportunities for students, including tennis courts, a soccer field, and a pool. There are two eateries located on campus, which offer a wide range of meals.

To ensure that students are properly provided with the best support, Herzing University – Orlando also offers support for students like guidance on career planning, financial aid, and tutoring. The campus is also home to the health center, where medical experts can offer guidance and treatment for any mental or physical health issues. In addition Student Life Office Student Life Office organizes activities and activities for students to take part in throughout their time at university.

Herzing University – Orlando has everything necessary to offer an engaging learning environment. With top-of-the line facilities and friendly staff, it is no doubt why many students love studying at Herzing University.


Herzing University – Orlando, located in Orlando, Florida, provides an extensive educational experience for students. The curriculum provides a range of certificate and degree programs that impart the expertise, knowledge and competencies to enable students to be prepared for work in their field of study. The program is designed to be adaptable to meet the requirements of people with a variety of educational backgrounds that want to enhance their understanding or pursue a career goal. Students can take part in either graduate or undergraduate degree programs, or choose specialization in their curriculum of study.

The curriculum is comprised of classes like communications and social science fundamentals basic science concepts as well as problem-solving strategies as well as information technology applications and critical thinking methods. These courses give the foundational knowledge needed to prepare students for advanced studies in their field of study. Alongside the basic course, students can also opt for specialized elective classes which focus on subjects like business management, engineering, health care administration, finance or criminal justice.

Herzing University – Orlando offers various online certificate and degree programs in addition. They include the fields of applied science, healthcare technology and technology Social research methods and digital marketing through media. Students are able to choose these areas to pursue their career on the go while using Herzing’s complete Faculty Support System.

For those who are already employed and looking to improve their skills or acquire industry specific expertise, Herzing University – Orlando offers continuing education classes. These classes offer a chance for professionals to keep up-to-date with the latest trends and technology and also gain expertise in their field of specialization.

Herzing University – Orlando provides students the opportunity to obtain a broad education that will prepare them for the workforce. The program is specifically designed to meet the requirements of students from different backgrounds, and includes basic classes along with specialized elective courses as well as ongoing education courses. With its extensive variety of degree and certificate courses, Herzing University – Orlando assists students in preparing them for successful careers in their chosen field of study.


The personnel of Herzing University – Orlando in Orlando, FL, is comprised of a diverse professional group whose dedication in achieving excellence have earned the university its standing to be one of the best education providers in the area. The faculty includes academic advisors and administrators who are committed to helping students attain their goals. They offer guidance and assistance throughout the entire learning process starting with enrollment and ending at graduation.

The team of administrators of Herzing University – Orlando comprises several key staff members who are experts in student services and recruitment financial aid counseling enrollment processing, budget management and recruitment. The entire team work together to ensure that every student gets the best treatment during their college years.

The faculty at Herzing University – Orlando, instructors are enthusiastic about their field of study and aim to encourage students to learn through hands-on experience. The methods they teach are typically creative, and incorporate the most recent technology into their courses. A majority of faculty are able to obtain terminal degrees in their fields and ensure that students receive the best education.

The team is at Herzing University – Orlando also includes technical support staff who assist with computer services, library services and other technology solutions. The staff members who work in the Learning Resource Center offer tutoring and other educational tools to aid students in their academic pursuits. The campus also has professionals who are on hand to help students navigate college life with ease.

Student Outcomes

Herzing University – Orlando in Orlando FL is a private institution that provides educational courses for students at both the undergraduate or graduate degrees. The cost of tuition for undergrad students studying on Herzing University – Orlando in Orlando FL covers fees and tuition. It could range from $14,634 up to $26,374 a year, based upon the study program. The average cost for graduate-level courses is $420 per credit hour however some special programs might be subject to additional charges.

In addition to the tuition and fees in addition to fees and tuition, there are other costs that are associated with college including books and equipment and housing expenses and dining costs transportation and parking fees and other costs associated with attending university. The majority of students at Herzing University in Orlando choose to live away from campus or travel to work In this scenario, they’ll be accountable for all transportation expenses. Materials and books cost about $1,400 per year , while living expenses are estimated to be about $7,000 annually.

Herzing University – Orlando also provides a variety of discounted rates and aid programs to make college affordable. Students who are eligible for Federal or State financial aid can be eligible for loans or grants which may cover a portion of their tuition. In addition, Herzing University – Orlando offers discounts on tuition for those who qualify for aid from the military, as in addition to veterans and their families.

If you’re who are interested in attending Herzing University – Orlando, the cost of attendance is contingent on the student’s course of study, as well as personal expenses, such as accommodation and transport. Scholarships and tuition reductions are available to students who qualify that can ease part of the cost burden that comes to attending college. If you are careful with your budget and research other resources, students could be able to determine the Herzing University – Orlando is an affordable choice for their education goals.

Nearby Neighborhoods

The areas around Herzing University – Orlando in Orlando, FL are vibrant and alive. Within a short distance is Colonial TownPark which is home for some of the top restaurants, shops and entertainment venues in the region. The renowned Lake Eola Park is located near by and offers residents a gorgeous lakefront area for picnics as well as various outdoor pursuits. There is an amphitheater that hosts regularly scheduled events, weekly farmer markets, walking trails as well as a swan boat rental service.

A few minutes away from downtown Orlando just minutes from downtown Orlando Thornton Park District filled with fashionable restaurants and boutiques. The neighborhood has something for all ages with cozy coffee bars stylish clothing stores, art galleries, and much more! This charming area is also home to special events such as a weekly Sunday gathering for residents and friends to get together.

The Conway neighborhood is situated in the middle of Orlando and has been well-known for its rich culture lively nightlife, as well as distinct dining choices. Along with renowned eateries the Conway area also houses special shops that sell everything from antique items to hand-crafted items. Residents can participate in a range of entertainment options, including music spaces, art galleries and outdoor areas for recreation like Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens. Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens.

If you’re looking to get away from the bustle and hustle of city life The you can find Dr. Phillips Park is only a couple of miles of Herzing University – Orlando. This park has plenty of outdoor pursuits, such as cycling trails, fishing spots as well as hiking trails and playgrounds. Residents are also able to enjoy regular events such as that of the Taste of Dr Phillips, which is a festival of food featuring local restaurants, local chefs and vendors.

The areas around Herzing University – Orlando offer an array of activities for everyone to take pleasure in. In addition to Lake Eola Park to Thornton Park District and Conway’s diverse culture There’s no shortage of attractions to discover within this part of Florida. If you’re searching for an outdoor adventure or a lively entertainment, Orlando has it all!

What People Are Saying

“I am a student at Herzing University – Orlando and I have to say that it has been one of the best decisions I have made. The staff and faculty have been so helpful and accommodating. I would recommend this school to anyone!” – Stephanie J.

“I am currently attending Herzing University – Orlando for my Bachelors in Nursing and I love it! The Orlando campus is small and intimate which makes for a great learning environment. I have had nothing but great experiences with the staff and faculty here.” – Sarah K.

“I started my Herzing University – Orlando experience at the Winter Park campus and recently transferred to the Orlando campus. I am so happy that I did! The staff and faculty here are amazing and they really care about their students.” – Emily G.

“I graduated from zing with my BSN in December 2016. I enjoyed going to school here and found staff and faculty to be very helpful along the way. I would recommend Herzing to others seeking a career in nursing.” – Jennifer W.

Address: 1865 FL-436 Winter Park FL 32792
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