Southern Technical College Orlando

September 7, 2022 | Yamilet Timaure
Southern Technical College Orlando

Southern Technical College Orlando in Orlando FL is an excellent option for students looking to enhance their education and future career. The school offers a broad selection of courses to provide you with the abilities and expertise required to be successful in the current competitive job market. The campus is home to students who enjoy friendly surroundings with modern facilities and equipment and knowledgeable faculty who are committed to helping students attain their goals.

The college offers courses across a range of fields, such as accounting, medical business administration, computer technology design engineering technology, nursing, criminal justice, and automotive technologies, among others. Each program provides you with the necessary academic foundation to prepare for success in your job after the completion of your course. With small class sizes and individual attention from the instructors, Southern Technical College Orlando is committed to helping students get the most value from their studies.

Southern Technical College Orlando also offers a variety of extracurricular activities and student groups which provide additional possibilities for students to gain knowledge on how to network, interact, and experiment in a variety of techniques. Students are able to participate in campus-wide events like film nights, art shows, or movie nights as well as take part in intramural sports such as volleyball and basketball. In addition, the school offers career services to assist students to locate job opportunities upon the completion of their studies.

In the end, Southern Technical College Orlando is a great option for people who seek the best learning experience as well as excellent job opportunities after completing their studies. With its extensive program, knowledgeable faculty students’ activities, and welcoming surroundings, this school will provide you with the resources required to be successful in the world of work. Students will surely reach their goals and be successful in the classroom at Southern Technical College Orlando in Orlando, FL.


Southern Technical College Orlando has an extensive and rich tradition of offering educational opportunities for residents of the Orlando region. The college was established in the year 1986, as Florida Vocational Institute, Inc. was founded in the name of the late Dr. Charles W. Hester, Jr. who sought to offer high-quality vocational training to assist individuals to start successful career paths. Over time the college has grown and changed, providing an array of master’s, bachelor’s, and associate degree programs. The present-day Southern Technical College Orlando is an accredited school with three campuses within the Orlando region and offers various educational choices to help students prepare for success.

In the area of workforce development and career education, Southern Technical College Orlando provides high-quality educational programs that incorporate hands-on learning with classroom teaching to help students prepare for career success. The focus is on providing affordable and quality education the college provides certificates and degrees in diverse fields which include business, healthcare computer technology, and criminal justice, as well as culinary arts. The college also offers specific education options such as apprenticeships or Certificate of Applied Science (CAS) programs.

Southern Technical College’s dedication to helping students achieve their academic goals goes over the course of study. The college offers numerous student support services that aid students in balancing their academic obligations with their lives at home. They include counseling and guidance for career planning as well as assistance with job-searching with internships, financial aid, and other services.

In more than 30 years of serving the Orlando local community Southern Technical College Orlando has offered career-focused education for thousands of students and assisted countless people in establishing successful careers. In its commitment to providing high-quality education and support for student services, the college is able to continue its mission of helping students to achieve their goals and realize their goals for the future.

Why Southern Technical College Orlando Is The Best

Southern Technical College Orlando in Orlando FL is a great school for students who are looking for an outstanding education. It offers a wide range of degree options, such as Certificate programs and Associate’s degrees in fields like Medical Assisting, Business Administration, and Information Technology. Students can choose from over 30 fields of study that fit their personal needs.

The school values student achievement over all else and provides students with the support they require to succeed. They offer small classes that permit individualized instruction, and experienced instructors who are dedicated to ensuring that each student is achieving their maximum potential. tutoring services on site if necessary. Additionally, Southern Technical College has highly skilled advisors who assist students with the process of registering and help them to build the path to a rewarding career.

The college is equipped with a superb student support program that assists students to adapt to college life and ensures that all inquiries are addressed promptly. Southern Technical College also provides students with online courses and other tools, making it simpler for students to incorporate learning into their busy lives. Additionally, they have a library on campus that provides a wide range of books and other resources to help students build their understanding.

Southern Technical College is an inexpensive school. The cost of tuition is significantly lower than the average for all schools, making it possible for anyone with a budget to pay for a college education. Financial aid is available for those who qualify to ensure that every student gets the highest quality education available. The college also provides a wide range of student clubs and activities for students to participate in, giving them an all-inclusive educational experience.


Southern Technical College Orlando is located in the center of Orlando, Florida. The college has a wide range of facilities that support the career and educational objectives of students. The main campus is home to laboratories, and classrooms, as well as an auditorium for large-scale events like seminars and lectures.

The library is outfitted with cutting-edge technology that facilitates the research process. It houses books as well as other materials for reference that is associated with the college’s curriculum along with computers with access to a large number of online sources. In addition, audio-visual equipment is accessible both inside the library and across the campus.

The Student Center has all of the facilities needed for students to live on campus. There are study rooms with meeting rooms, study areas with air hockey, pool tables, and other options for entertainment. In addition, the center offers various food and beverage services to meet the needs of students.

In the end, Southern Technical College Orlando is home to a state-of-the-art Fitness Center with exercise equipment for both strength and cardiovascular training. The facility is run by certified experts who can provide advice on the proper use and training. They also organize individual training sessions as well as fitness classes, such as Yoga and Zumba. In general, Southern Technical College Orlando provides a variety of facilities to aid students in reaching the academic targets they have set while providing a pleasant campus experience.


Southern Technical College Orlando in Orlando, FL offers a wide range of degree and diploma programs that are designed to meet the demands of professionals today. The school has been accredited through ACICS, the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS) and offers associate degree programs that cover Business Administration, Healthcare Management, Information Technology, Criminal Justice, Cosmetology, Electromechanical Technology, and many more areas.

The course of study of Southern Technical College emphasizes hands-on learning that helps students prepare for the success they will enjoy in their chosen field of study. Each program is designed to provide students with the skills they require to succeed upon graduation. In addition to the core subjects like mathematics and sciences, students can also pursue specializations like database management or computer programming. Some programs also provide opportunities for internships in local businesses in order for students to get hands-on experiences.

Additionally, the college offers Diplomas or certificates as well as programs like Medical billing and massage therapies. These programs provide the instruction needed to be successful in the field they’ve selected. Students can also take part in workshops and seminars on career development provided through Southern Technical College Orlando, which are designed to help students develop their skills and achieve success after graduation.

Southern Technical College Orlando is committed to providing an excellent education that focuses on job readiness. The college provides a safe educational environment where faculty assist students throughout their education process and offer advice for their future careers. With its variety of curricula, highly experienced faculty, and flexible scheduling, Southern Technical College Orlando is committed to helping students prepare for what’s to come in the near future.


Southern Technical College Orlando in Orlando, FL has a committed staff of experienced professionals. The faculty is made up of knowledgeable educators who are dedicated to giving students the best education possible. Each instructor is specialized in the field that they are experts in and knowledgeable in their subject. They are extra careful to ensure that every student achieves.

The administrative staff of Southern Technical College Orlando provides extensive guidance and support throughout the process of learning. Admissions counselors work closely with students who are considering the school to assist them in determining which course is best for their needs and also provide advice on the best way to go about pursuing their chosen area of study. The office of financial aid is dedicated to working with families and students to help secure funding options so that no one has to delay their education due to a lack of money.

Students’ services at Southern Technical College Orlando are dedicated to providing the most satisfying experience for every student. Staff members are knowledgeable in resolving any issue that arises, from minor issues to bigger issues that require more attention. They are also readily ready to assist with any questions and assist whenever needed.

Southern Technical College Orlando understands that quality education must begin with excellent customer service. The staff utilizes every opportunity to make sure that the students enjoy an enjoyable learning environment in which they feel at ease and confident about their studies. With the assistance of committed faculty, administration, and student service team, Southern Technical College Orlando is now one of the top educational institutions located in Orlando, FL, offering complete programs and programs designed to assist students to achieve.

Student Outcomes

Southern Technical College Orlando in Orlando, Florida offers a vast array of education programs and services for an affordable cost. The college is committed to providing high-quality education and training to prepare students for career success in their fields of choice. Tuition is charged to students for classes or programs, along with other charges like materials, books, an access pass as well as student support fees and student activity fees, and parking permits. The tuition is based on the program chosen; however, students can count on reasonable rates in comparison to other private institutions within the region.

Costs for tuition also differ based on whether the student is taking either an associate or a certificate program. Associate degrees can be two-year degrees and certificate programs typically require a shorter time to finish. If you are looking to earn an associate’s degree, tuition costs vary from $7,837 up to $12,721 for the entire course. The certificates of completion are generally less expensive and typically cost between $3,666 to $5,892 for an all-year course.

In addition to tuition fees, Southern Technical College Orlando also provides a variety of financial aid options that aid students in tackling their costs. This includes scholarships, grants, and loans that are offered by state or federal programs, as and private companies. With these grants, college students might be able to pay for a part or all fees for tuition, based on their financial situation.

Southern Technical College Orlando is an excellent option for people seeking for top-quality education at a low cost. With tuition costs that are competitive and financial aid options and a wide range of services and programs, it will provide students with the resources that they need to reach their academic goals. With affordable tuition rates and payment plans for students who are eligible, it’s clear the reasons Southern Technical College Orlando is an ideal choice for those looking for quality educational opportunities in Florida.

Nearby Neighborhoods

Southern Technical College Orlando, located in the middle of Orlando FL, offers students an array of learning opportunities and experiences. Its central location means that students have access to the numerous neighborhoods which offer a wide range of leisure options and facilities.

One of the more affluent communities near Southern Technical College is Colonialtown North. This peaceful residential area has numerous parks, restaurants, and cafes along with many shopping choices. Its College Park Historic District is located nearby and has old-fashioned homes and gardens to discover as well as distinct eateries and shops along the main street of this neighborhood.

Another excellent alternative for those who want to be near Southern Technical College is Audubon Park Garden District. You’ll find a blend of both old and modern and a variety of eateries shops, salons, boutiques, and galleries. The nearby park is host to numerous performances and other events during the entire year which makes it the perfect spot for students who are looking for entertainment options nearby.

In the end, Lake Eola Heights is situated just south of Southern Technical College. The historic district provides residents with an unhurried atmosphere and plenty of paths for cycling or walking along Lake Eola’s shoreline. In this area, you’ll find a wide variety of trees that shade from the scorching Florida sun, as well as welcoming cafes and restaurants.

The neighborhoods around Southern Technical College Orlando offer students access to a variety of facilities, entertainment choices, and activities just minutes from the campus. If you’re looking to explore a historical district, take a stroll in the park, or look for interesting items, there are numerous options in the vicinity to explore. Because of its central location, Southern Technical College ensures that students get the most benefit from both. An outstanding educational experience, with ease of access to all sorts of facilities and attractions. 

Wherever you choose to live close to campus, you’ll have plenty of activities and places to visit. It doesn’t matter if you’re exploring the many neighborhoods of the area or taking sessions at Southern Technical College Orlando, there’s something for all who live nearby.

What People Are Saying

“I took the PCT program at Southern Technical College in Orlando, and I absolutely loved it! The instructors were great and really cared about our success. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone considering a career in the medical field.” -Amber S.

“STC was a great experience for me. I learned so much and had so much fun doing it. The instructors are amazing, and I would recommend this school to anyone.” -Brandon H.

“Southern Technical College was the best decision I’ve ever made. I loved my experience here, and I would recommend this school to anyone!” -Courtney P.

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