Valencia College, West Campus

August 29, 2022 | Yamilet Timaure
Valencia College, West Campus

Valencia College, West Campus in Orlando FL is a prestigious education institution offering outstanding chances for students to meet their professional and academic goals. It is rated by the top colleges in the state of Florida by U.S. News & World Report and has more than 200 degrees or certificate courses that offer students an advantage for achievement after the completion of their studies.

Valencia College’s West Campus offers small class sizes and individual attention to make sure that students are able to get the most out of their learning experience. The school is also known for its top faculty and staff, who have years of experience in their areas and are able to provide valuable advice to students. In addition, the college offers various student services to make sure students have all the tools they require to excel like tutoring and counseling.

The Valencia The college’s West Campus also offers a lively campus with a variety of clubs, and organizations along with other opportunities for students to be involved in. They include academic clubs as well as honor societies that provide students with the chance to participate in leadership and scholarship and recreation clubs and sports teams that provide an excellent opportunity for students to keep active and enjoy themselves.


Valencia College, West Campus of Orlando FL is a public college established in 1967 under the name Valencia Junior College. This was the very first university to be established within Orange County, Florida and it was initially located situated on East Colonial Drive. In 1971, the college moved to its present site located at 1800 South Kirkman Road, and changed its name to Valencia Community College. Valencia Community College offers Associate Degrees and Certificate Programs that include more than 100 different areas of study that include Sciences and Sciences, Business Technology as well as Nursing as well as health Science as well as Education. 

In addition, The Institute of Public Safety provides police education and training for local police forces as well as other related agencies throughout Central Florida. The heart of Valencia’s mission is teaching excellence and fostering student engagement. A variety of student support services are available to assist students to excel. Additionally, the college offers a variety of clubs and organizations that provide cultural and social events for students. They also offer a range of athletics teams, which include basketball, baseball softball, and soccer teams that compete within NCAA Division II.

Valencia College is recognized nationally as an Achieving the Dream top institution with outstanding student outcomes. The year 2012 was the most successful for Valencia. U.S. News & World Report placed Valencia as the top choice among all two-year public colleges in Florida and 16th nationwide among community colleges.

Presently, Valencia College West Campus is home to over 20,000 students from diverse backgrounds. With its lively campus life and fantastic academic offerings, It is one of Central FL’s top colleges of higher learning. Valencia College West Campus is listed in the Top 10 Colleges and Universities in Florida by and was listed as one of the top Value Schools in 2021 in Forbes Magazine. Students who attend this college are guaranteed to get a top education, plenty of opportunities for advancement and growth as well as a full college experience. It is truly a wonderful location to study higher education!

Why Valencia College, West Campus Is The Best

Valencia College, West Campus located in Orlando FL is the perfect school for students of all ages. The college offers a wide selection of academic and career-oriented programs for students. Valencia College provides an excellent learning environment that offers a variety of learning opportunities offered by the highly educated faculty and state-of-the-art facilities. The school also offers great extracurricular activities, such as clubs, sports, and associations that create an engaging and enjoyable environment for students to discover their interests outside of school.

Additionally, Valencia College’s College Preparatory curriculum assists students in preparing them for future university studies. It allows them to go in higher learning without having to spend additional time or money on classes that aren’t required by colleges or universities. Additionally, it provides the option of transferring credits so that credits earned at Valencia can be transferred to other institutions.

For students who are looking for career-focused courses, Valencia College offers a broad range of programs that range from health and medical sciences to business and management. This allows students to consider career options that are appealing to them while striving to achieve their academic ambitions. This also lets them get hands-on knowledge of their chosen field prior to making the decision to pursue further education or work.

Additionally, Valencia College provides excellent opportunities for financial aid for those who fulfill certain requirements. Through scholarships, grants, and the loan program, Valencia College can help many students pay for their tuition fees without having to take on excessive debt. With the many options offered at this college, it’s simple to understand the reasons Valencia College is the perfect option for students of all ages.


Valencia College, West Campus located in Orlando, Florida offers a variety of facilities and amenities to faculty, students and staff. The campus is situated on a vast 240-acre property located just off Kirkman Road. The students here are able to access all the resources they require to be successful both academically as well as professionally.

The library located at Valencia College West Campus is one of the biggest college libraries within the State of Florida. It houses more than 400000 volumes of print material and also the ability to access online libraries such as ebooks as well as streaming videos, databases, and databases. Students can make use of computers for research, or borrow laptops at our front desk. There are also study group rooms for collaboration on assignments or writing papers.

On the Valencia College West Campus, there are numerous dining choices. Students can grab a snack from the vending machines or settle down for dinner in the cafeteria. There’s also a convenience store as well as an on-site Starbucks for refreshments and coffee.

Valencia College West Campus features various recreational facilities too. This includes an Olympic-sized pool tennis courts, basketball courts soccer fields, and a fitness center that includes free exercise equipment and weights. The campus also houses an art gallery, which exhibits artwork by students throughout the entire year. In addition, there are numerous venues that are available for club gatherings, special events, or theatre performances.


Valencia College West Campus in Orlando, FL is a full-service institution offering a broad selection of courses and programs. The program includes undergraduate and graduate degree programs in Arts and Sciences, Engineering, Health Sciences, Business Administration, Education, and Human Services. Students are able to choose from a wide range of fields such as marketing, accounting, finance and economics, computer science psychology, sociology, psychology, and education.

Alongside traditional classes in the classroom in the classroom at Valencia College West Campus students can take online classes and also educational opportunities that involve hands-on learning, like internships or studying abroad opportunities. The faculty is committed to providing high-quality instruction in a learning environment that encourages the development of those who are accountable for their own achievement. The college provides a vast library as well as its own Research Center for students to advance their education.

Valencia College West Campus also offers a variety of student services. These include academic counseling, career counseling, and tutoring centers as well as study groups. Furthermore, the college provides an array of extracurricular activities like student groups, sports teams, and cultural activities. They are designed to provide students the chance to form connections with faculty and peers as they explore their interests outside of the classroom.

Every every year Valencia College West Campus hosts various special events on campus which bring together students, faculty, and other people from the community. They include guest speakers who discuss current social issues in films, movie screenings, arts shows theatre performances as well as concerts. These activities give students the chance to gain various perspectives. They also gain knowledge and build their social abilities.


The Valencia The Valencia College’s West Campus in Orlando, FL is run by experienced and skilled personnel. The faculty is comprised of highly skilled professionals who are enthusiastic about teaching. They have extensive experience in many academic fields, including engineering, mathematics, science, and nursing, as well as humanities, business, and arts. They are also active in their fields of expertise and frequently attend seminars and conferences to keep abreast of the most current trends in their field of study.

The advisors offer students specific guidance in choosing courses to ensure students experience an enjoyable educational experience at Valencia College’s West Campus. In addition to recommending courses based on individual requirements, the advisors assist in developing career plans specifically for every student, in line with their personal preferences and objectives. Additionally, advisors are there to answer your questions and provide assistance.

The administration staff at Valencia College’s West Campus provides essential services to ensure the smooth running of the institution. The staff is trained in providing details on how to register and the college procedure which is essential for an academically successful experience. In addition, they oversee the financial affairs of the institution and oversee how budgets are made to assure transparency and accountability.

Additionally, Valencia The College’s West Campus also has a committed team of support specialists that can help with many concerns, including health care for students housing, counseling, housing as well as access to resources like computer labs and libraries. They have a vast understanding of campus life and act as a link between faculty members and students. They foster understanding between the two by helping students adapt to college life and create an environment for learning that is healthy.

Student Outcomes

Valencia College, West Campus located in Orlando FL is an affordable educational institution for students who are seeking post-secondary education. Prices for tuition vary based upon the status of the student’s residency as well as the course load and plan of studies. When register for classes on West Campus will cost Florida residents $108.36 per credit hour, plus fees that include a 30 Technology fee, as well as additional charges like transportation or access fees. Non-residents should expect to be charged $346.27 per hour of credit, plus charges.

Opportunities for financial aid are accessible at Valencia College, West Campus in Orlando FL to help offset the tuition costs for those who qualify. Students are able to apply for grants or loans, scholarships, and work-study scholarships via FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). These programs are based on the need for academic accomplishment and other specific criteria.

In addition to the tuition fees, Valencia College, West Campus in Orlando FL also charges for meals, housing on campus along with books and other materials. Students who live in dormitories are required to pay a cost for housing of $2620 per semester. This includes an RA fee of $100. Meal plan prices range between $1,400 and $3,110 per semester, depending on the plan. The cost of books and other supplies aren’t the same, but they average approximately $900 for each semester.

The Valencia College’s West Campus in Orlando FL is dedicated to making post secondary education available to as many students as they can by offering low-cost options for fees and tuition and financial aid options. The total cost of going to Valencia College must be taken into consideration when planning for costs for college. With meticulous planning and dedication, students can achieve their dream of receiving a college education into a reality.

Nearby Neighborhoods

Valencia College West Campus, located in Orlando FL, is surrounded by many lively neighborhoods. A few miles from the school is Pine Hills, a largely residential area that is renowned for affordable housing and numerous cultural sites. There are numerous eateries cafés, convenience stores, and cafes catering to the needs of the students who live nearby.

There are also numerous parks, recreation centers, and sports complexes for the residents to take advantage of.

Another excellent neighborhood close to Valencia College West Campus is Millenia an affluent residential area that is known for its high-end shopping centers as well as luxurious cultural destinations. Millenia offers a range of housing options that range from small apartments to luxurious mansions. Millenia Mall Millenia Mall offers various entertainment choices, from department stores to eateries and specialty shops.

A couple of blocks away is Parramore located in a fast-growing urban community with a vibrant nightlife. The Parramore neighborhood has seen huge growth over the last decade since new businesses have popped on the streets. The Parramore neighborhood is also home to a variety of tourist attractions, such as The Orlando City Soccer Stadium and the Amway Center.

In the final, and just to the west of Valencia’s West Campus is I-Drive/Universal area A thriving area that is well-known for its shops as well as entertainment options. The area is home to the most well-known Orlando places of interest like Universal Studios, Wet n Wild, and Sea World. The I-Drive area is full of bars, restaurants, and nightclubs for students who are looking for entertainment in the town.

What People Are Saying

“Valencia College, West Campus is an excellent school! The professors are very knowledgeable and the classes are small, so you get a lot of individual attention. I highly recommend Valencia College!” -Abby P.

“Valencia College, West Campus has been an amazing experience for me! The staff and faculty are always willing to help and the campus is beautiful. I would definitely recommend Valencia College to others!” -Brandon K.

“Valencia College, West Campus is an excellent choice for higher education! The campus is beautiful and welcoming, the staff is attentive and helpful, and the classes are small enough that you can get the individual help you need from professors. Overall, I highly recommend Valencia College!” -Kayla D

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