Hillcrest Elementary School

September 7, 2022 | Yamilet Timaure
Hillcrest Elementary School

Hillcrest Elementary School located in Orlando FL is an exceptional location for your kid to be educated. It provides a safe and welcoming environment that encourages academic excellence. The school’s highly trained and committed teachers provide outstanding instruction, with a focus on the individual needs of each student as well as differentiated instruction and the latest technologies. Hillcrest offers a variety of extracurricular activities, including the choir, band and athletics, clubs and opportunities for community service. These activities enhance the students’ learning experiences as well as their social development. The grounds of the school are meticulously maintained and are easily accessible from every part of town. There is plenty of parking for families looking to pick up or drop off their children quickly. The classrooms are large and are equipped with the required technology to help students learn more easily. They have hallways decorated with vibrant murals and artwork by students that add to the school pride.

Hillcrest Elementary School is dedicated to providing its students with an outstanding education in a safe and comfortable environment that allows everyone to be successful. With top-quality staff and teachers It’s no wonder that Hillcrest is consistently ranked as one of the top elementary schools located in Orlando FL. If you’re searching for an outstanding education for your child take a look at Hillcrest Elementary School! The goal of Hillcrest Elementary School is to offer every child an excellent educational experience by providing them with the highest academic standards, ingenuous methods of instruction, and caring and nurturing support from the faculty and staff. The school’s primary goal is to ensure that all students achieve their potential to become lifelong learners and become responsible citizens. Their commitment to excellence and devotion to the development that their children achieve, Hillcrest Elementary School is the ideal option for anyone seeking high-quality education.

Hillcrest Elementary School provides various support services to make sure that every child succeeds. This includes gifted and special education classes as well as language aid programs, professional development for teachers as well as after-school activities and clubs as well as counseling services for families that require assistance, and programs for community outreach. The parents are encouraged to be involved through attending parent meetings as well as taking part in school activities or in the classrooms. The students at Hillcrest Elementary School your child will be challenged academically and being encouraged to take part in extracurricular activities, and build long-lasting relationships with their classmates and teachers. It is a top school for academics with a security and the strong sense of community there’s no better spot for your kid to be educated in than Hillcrest Elementary School located in Orlando FL.


Hillcrest Elementary School located in Orlando, FL has a long and rich history. It was established in 1965, with the aim to ensure access to education and high-quality education for each student it served. For over fifty many years Hillcrest Elementary School has been a vital component in the Greater Orlando community by serving as the foundation of high-quality education. The school’s first building was built in 1965 and was used for kindergarten to sixth grade. The school was designed to be innovative, using the latest technology and cutting-edge teaching techniques to satisfy the needs of its students. In the following decades the school was expanded with classes, centers for resource and computer labs in order to keep up with the changing trends and growing enrollment.

In 1995 Hillcrest was undergoing extensive improvements which resulted in new classrooms, libraries, multi-purpose space, as well as a media center. The improvements included the installation of cooling throughout the school. The improvements offered better education opportunities for students and were an illustration that Hillcrest was keeping abreast of the latest technological developments. In 2004 Hillcrest Elementary School became a magnet school, offering special classes within its curriculum to make students more challenging at every level. This further increased student enrollment and also brought more facilities to the school.

The present day Hillcrest Elementary School is continuing to provide a high-quality education for its students through numerous programs and activities, like afterschool care, extracurricular activities, and community outreach programs. The school has seen a significant increase in size in the past few decades and continues to strive to meet the ever-changing needs that its children have. Hillcrest Elementary School has become an excellent example of what a quality educational institution can become when it is working hard to support the community. They are proud of their past and are looking forward to keeping its reputation of excellence in the field of education for many years to come.

Why Hillcrest Elementary School Is The Best

Hillcrest Elementary School located in Orlando, FL offers a unique educational environment for students. The school has a significant concentration on multilingual education for multilingual and focuses on Spanish along with English in their program. Students are also exposed to different languages, including Mandarin Chinese, German, French and Italian. These help students become conscious of the world and more culturally aware. Hillcrest offers a variety of extracurricular activities that encourage imagination and curiosity, such as arts, music, and robotics. Hillcrest also has numerous teams in sports that aid children in developing athletic skills and learn how to function together as a team. Safety of the students is taken seriously at Hillcrest with security guards patrolling the campus in the school daytime hours. Parents can be confident knowing your child’s properly looked after in and out of the classroom.

Hillcrest Elementary School is committed to give back to their local community by taking part in a variety of charitable causes. Through the Global Learning Initiative, Hillcrest cooperates with other schools across Florida as well as around the globe to foster the concept of global awareness between students. Hillcrest also hosts monthly assemblies in which faculty members meet to discuss key subjects like human rights and environmental protection and animal welfare. The teachers at Hillcrest are committed to helping students reach their highest potential academically as well as socially. They provide a safe environment for acceptance for every student, regardless of their backgrounds or abilities. Smaller classes mean that teachers can give individual attention to each pupil and guide them to learn at their own speed in the way that is most suitable for their needs.


Hillcrest Elementary School located in Orlando FL offers a variety of recreational and educational facilities for the students. The school boasts a vast playground with play structures, sports courts structures, and lots of green space. Students can also make use of the library at school, which houses more than 10,000 publications and periodicals. The school has a computer lab that is equipped with 20 computers and internet access to aid students keep up to date with the most current curriculum. The school has multiple classrooms that are designed according to age groups to meet the unique demands of each child’s learning. Every class is equipped with modern technology, such as Interactive whiteboards, projectors and interactive boards making it possible for teachers to create learning environments that are engaging for the students. In addition to these basic classrooms, Hillcrest Elementary also has special classrooms like music, art as well as physical and health education.

The school is dedicated to the security of both staff and students and has a rigorous surveillance system. The building is equipped with security cameras as well as security alarms that are able to be set by school staff at any time. In addition, Hillcrest Elementary has implemented various programs, including bullying prevention classes in character education, and social-emotional learning lessons to create a secure education atmosphere for every student. Hillcrest Elementary offers plenty of opportunities for students to be involved beyond the classroom. Many after-school clubs are offered which include robotics, sports teams, groups, drama clubs and much more. Students can also take part in field excursions throughout the year, which gives them the chance to travel to new places and expand their perspectives.

With a range of recreational and educational facilities, Hillcrest Elementary School in Orlando FL provides an outstanding learning environment for its students. From the playground to libraries, classrooms, computer lab, and other special classrooms, the staff at Hillcrest works to ensure that each student has access to the tools needed for academic attainment. In addition, by focusing on safety, and other extracurricular events, the school provides an overall education for every student.


Hillcrest Elementary School located in Orlando, FL is committed to providing an excellent education for each student. The school has a wide program that includes core disciplines like math, language arts sciences, and social studies. Alongside these core courses, Hillcrest also provides enrichment courses that incorporate music, physical education and art, as well as drama. The curriculum in language arts at Hillcrest consists of reading comprehension strategies; writing assignments that include narrative fiction and non-fiction books Grammar instruction focusing on the parts of speech and sentences; spell instruction and activities for building vocabulary. Math classes are designed to teach basic mathematical concepts like the place value operation using complete numbers, decimals, fractions and percentages Geometry measurement problem-solving estimation, data analysis, probability algebraic reasoning, and much more.

The science classes at Hillcrest teach topics such as space and earth physical science, life science research in the field of chemistry, energy and motion. Social studies courses concentrate on geography, civics and history, as well as other subjects related to them. Alongside the standard syllabus, Hillcrest also offers enrichment classes for students who are looking for the most challenging educational experience. They offer music education, which concentrates on the learning of instruments, learning musical notation as well as performing solo and in groups; classes in art that teach drawing, painting, sculpting and photography pottery design and digital media.


Staff at Hillcrest Elementary School located in Orlando, FL is a committed group of educators who are committed to seeing their students excel. The school has an outstanding faculty that has an array of knowledge and experience in teaching. For instance, the Principal has been at the school for more than 15 years. He has led numerous creative initiatives to increase students’ outcomes and engagement, as well as develop programs and curriculum that are tailored to the requirements of each student. Additionally, he works closely with the community organizations in order to ensure that his students have access to distinct career opportunities that assist them in preparing for the future beyond high school. Hillcrest’s team is composed of experienced teachers, others who have been at Hillcrest since the beginning. They offer their students the best education possible and an environment that is safe and nurturing. In collaboration, the teachers develop exciting lesson plans that are tailored to every grade level, which encourage the development of critical thinking and problem-solving abilities that are essential for the future.

Student Outcomes

Hillcrest Elementary School located in Orlando FL is an elementary school within Orange County, Florida. It caters to students from grades PreK-5th grade. The school provides a range of education programs and services to satisfy the needs of every learner such as English language learners and students with special needs, as well as gifted students. The cost for the school is Hillcrest Elementary School determined by an escalating fee scale that is dependent on the size of the family as well as income. Families pay anywhere from $0 to $650 per child based on their personal situation. Additionally, there are fees for things like textbooks, uniforms, uniforms, technology usage charges and activities after school. If a family doesn’t meet the requirements for discounted or free lunch at the school , then they must make tuition payments in full. It is crucial to remember that tuition assistance is offered for students who meet the criteria and a range of payment plans are available.

Hillcrest Elementary School provides an array of extracurricular activities like clubs, sports teams after school programs, as well as field excursions. There are additional fees that are associated with these programs based on the type of program. For instance, sports group fees could include registration costs along with equipment purchase, as well as travel costs. Field trip fees are generally paid by the child or their family directly to the location of the trip or the activity provider. Overall, going to Hillcrest elementary school in Orlando FL can be a cost-effective option for families who reside in the Orange County area. With the option of a sliding fee scale and financial aid options as well as many payment options that are available, attending Hillcrest Elementary School could be an affordable option to provide students with the high-quality education they need.

Nearby Neighborhoods

Hillcrest Elementary School located in Orlando FL is located in the city’s Metro West area. The area is dotted with green streets and amenities for families that make it an ideal area for families to learn and live.

The adjacent Millenia neighborhood provides a wide range of housing options , from single-family homes, townhomes and condos, all within walking distance to Hillcrest elementary school. This area also features food courts, shopping centers and parks as well as recreation facilities, making it an ideal option for people searching for easy access to entertainment.

The Lee Vista area near Hillcrest Elementary School is home to Apartment complexes as well as other rentals at affordable prices. It’s an excellent option for those looking for easy access to the region’s major roads and thoroughfares.

The close-by Vista East neighborhood is an ideal option for those who are looking for bigger homes that offer more privacy. The neighborhood also offers food establishments, grocery stores and other shops and the ability to access nearby parks for outdoor play.

In the end, the MetroWest Golf Course community has luxurious homes built to order that come with numerous amenities like golf courses, pools, tennis courts, playgrounds and many more. This is the perfect area for families looking for an area that is safe and has plenty of activities to enjoy within their backyard.

In the end, Hillcrest Elementary School in Orlando FL offers families an assortment of neighborhoods to select from that offer access to a high-quality education as well as lots of entertainment alternatives. If you’re seeking for homes near Hillcrest Elementary School, or a community that is easy to access major thoroughfares and highways, or a home that has plenty of amenities, there’s an area in which is suited to your requirements.

What People Are Saying

“Hillcrest Elementary School is a great school. The teachers are very caring and the environment is very welcoming.” – A parent

“My son has been attending Hillcrest for two years now and we have been very happy with the education he has received.” – A parent

“I have had two children attend Hillcrest Elementary School and have been very impressed with the quality of education they have received.” – A parent

“Hillcrest is a great school! The teachers are so caring and the environment is very welcoming. I would highly recommend this school to anyone.” – A parent

Located at: 1010 E Concord St Orlando FL 32803


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Friday: 8:25AM–4PM
Saturday: Closed
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