Palmetto Elementary School

September 6, 2022 | Yamilet Timaure
Palmetto Elementary School

Palmetto Elementary School located in Orlando, FL is an excellent choice for education for every child living located in the area. The school offers a vast array of academic and extracurricular options for students, providing a safe and supportive environment that helps children to realize their full potential.

One of the reasons Palmetto Elementary School’s performance is outstanding is due to its outstanding faculty. They are highly trained professionals who pay individualized care for each student’s individual needs and ensure that every student is successful academically. In addition, the staff take very strict measures to ensure the safety of students, complying with safety procedures such as regular fire drills and locking down procedures.

In Palmetto Primary School students have the opportunity to engage in various interests and activities to enhance their academic growth. The school offers a wide range of extracurricular activities like music, sports, and art classes which allow students to experience different artistic disciplines and discover new abilities. The guidance counselors can assist students to plan college visits and guide students through their studies.

The school offers a great environment for learning, with modern facilities like well-equipped classrooms and computer labs, libraries as well as modern science labs along with playgrounds for outdoor play. This creates a stimulating environment that encourages youngsters to think creatively and express themselves in a free manner. In addition, the school provides nutritious meals cooked by on-site chefs that are healthy and tasty for the overall development of children.


Palmetto Elementary School located in Orlando, FL has a long and distinguished tradition. It was established in 1925 and the school has been providing high-quality education to the community for over 100 years. It began as a four-room school that had 155 students Palmetto Elementary has grown into an award-winning institution that is recognized for its high standards both nationally and locally.

Over time, Palmetto Elementary has undergone numerous changes to accommodate the needs of children and parents. Within the first few years following its opening, a number of improvements were made to the existing structure to accommodate the growing enrollment. The year 1956 saw a brand new brick structure constructed on the exact site which remains in place to this day. The building was equipped with modern libraries, and classrooms, as well as an auditorium that was well-loved for school assemblies and events.

Since the beginning of 1956 Palmetto Elementary has continually taken on new ways of teaching. The school today features interactive classrooms that incorporate modern technology and an emphasis on learning through hands-on experiences, the use of field trips as well as outdoor activities, as well as a strong focus on the involvement of communities among the faculty and students. Apart from the school’s student body of more than 600 kids from a variety of backgrounds, Palmetto Elementary also offers educational activities for local adults too.

In the year 2019, Palmetto Elementary School officially opened a STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) center that is designed to students prepare for their future in the constantly changing technology. The center offers complete instruction in these subjects and is equipped with the most up-to-date tools and software.

While Palmetto Elementary School looks towards the future the school is looking to honor its past achievements. Since its inception over a century ago the school has been committed to providing students with top-quality education and training students for the success they will have in careers, college, and throughout life. This commitment will serve as the primary source of light for Palmetto Primary School for the years that are in the future.

Why Palmetto Elementary School Is The Best

Palmetto Elementary School located in Orlando, FL is an excellent option for your child’s education. It is located in a safe and secure area The school is staffed by an amiable and attentive staff who are committed to providing high-quality education for every student. The curriculum is broad and focuses on writing, reading, and math, as well as science and history, art as well as physical education, and health. The class sizes are kept small to ensure that every student receives individual attention from their teacher.

The school also provides many extracurricular activities like band, sports teams, robotics clubs, and choirs, as well as other academic clubs that allow students to pursue their interests and develop connections with their peers beyond the school. These activities foster collaboration and creativity among students and assist them in developing social abilities.

The teachers at Palmetto Elementary School are committed to providing a secure and comfortable environment for every student. They work to create a space where every child feels safe and appreciated regardless of their background or religious beliefs. The school also provides counseling services for those who require extra help with emotional or personal anxiety.

All in all, Palmetto Elementary School is an excellent choice for your child’s academic career. It has a warm and welcoming environment with a high-quality education, as well as a variety of other activities for children, it is an ideal environment for children to develop both academically and socially. The staff is highly educated professionals who are truly committed to their student’s progress and will do all they can to ensure that every pupil is able to reach their maximum potential. If you’re searching for an educational institution that can provide an excellent education and a secure atmosphere that is nurturing and safe, nurturing environment, you’ll find that Palmetto Elementary School is the ideal option for your kid.


Palmetto Elementary School located in Orlando, Florida offers its students a wide range of facilities to enhance the learning experience. The building is two stories tall and has 28 classrooms as well as two science laboratories. Every classroom has Wi-Fi, Smart Boards as well as interactive projections. Alongside the standard facilities for education, Palmetto Elementary also provides its teachers and students with a variety of recreational facilities.

The school offers two playgrounds. One is located on the east of the building, and one is within the courtyard. These two playgrounds are spacious for physical exercise and also provide an ideal setting for youngsters to build their social skills through structured games. The school also offers an amphitheater outside which can hold up to 100 persons. This gives students the opportunity to be part of theatrical shows, concerts, and other performances throughout the year.

Palmetto Elementary also provides its students with a wealth of tools for creative expression as well as personal development. The art room is stocked with a variety of materials and supplies for different activities, including weaving, painting, ceramics as well as jewelry-making. The school also provides an extensive library, which houses an array of books for both leisure and academic reading.

The cafeteria at the school is fitted with a salad bar and hot food stations. The cafeteria is staffed by chefs who prepare fresh-cooked meals each day. There are vending machines that are located in the cafeteria as well as throughout the school, which offer beverages and snacks at reasonable costs. Palmetto Elementary also has a modern gymnasium equipped with the latest sporting equipment. Here, students can participate in volleyball, basketball as well as other sports on a team.

These structures are intended to give students a healthy, safe, and enjoyable learning environment. In providing their students with these facilities, Palmetto Elementary School ensures that every child gets the chance to grow their social, emotional, and physical abilities. This makes the school an ideal location for children to grow, and learn as they explore and grow.


Palmetto Elementary School located in Orlando FL offers an academically challenging and extensive program for students from grades PreK-5. The school aims to meet the needs of each diverse student population by providing challenges and enrichment programs and differentiated instruction.

At Palmetto children are taught the fundamentals of reading science, math, and social studies to make sure that every student is meeting the academic standards of the district. In the core subjects, the students are often using the latest technology, including the iPad and Chromebooks for interactive learning experiences. Students also have the opportunity to take part in physical classes as well as music, art, and drama classes that help to develop their creativity and critical thinking abilities.

Palmetto Elementary School acknowledges the importance of developing character. The school has put in place various initiatives that promote positive behavior, including bullying prevention programs, as well as classes that emphasize respect, responsibility, cooperation as well as good citizenship.

In addition to the core classes, students are able to participate in various extracurricular activities provided through Palmetto elementary school. They include academic clubs and sports teams to performing arts clubs. The school also provides numerous enrichment activities that allow students to discover their interests, including excursions and guest speakers, as well as school-based programs and after-school activities. Through these activities, Palmetto Elementary School helps students acquire the skills and knowledge they require for academic success and beyond.


Palmetto Elementary School located in Orlando, FL is well recognized for its excellent faculty of teachers and staff. Principal Ms. Marisol Torres, has been the head of the school’s students since the year 2017. Her mission is to provide an environment of safety and security that allows students to reach the academic targets they set for themselves. She is determined to create a culture of cooperation and creativity that encourages students to become the most successful they are. Her commitment to providing a high-quality education has brought her numerous honors from the district as well as the local communities.

The teachers who of Palmetto Elementary are passionate about their student’s progress and are dedicated to ensuring that all children receive an all-encompassing education. The teachers take an individual method of teaching which is geared to the specific needs of each student. The teachers are highly educated in their respective fields and constantly looking for innovative methods to inspire their students with relevant learning experiences.

The staff of Palmetto Elementary School comprises a broad group of experts who are committed to providing high-quality education. They range from guidance counselors literacy teachers with special education and literacy coaches to cafeteria workers and librarians every employee has a significant role to play in the education of their students. They’re always there for additional assistance and support whenever needed.

The staff in the office of Palmetto Elementary can be crucial to the overall success of the entire school. In the front office, they are accountable for various things, including the enrollment process of students as well as processing documents. The staff is accommodating, friendly and well-versed in the school’s policies and procedures. They will always go above and beyond for their families and students.

In general, Palmetto Elementary School in Orlando, FL has a fantastic faculty and staff who help to make it a fantastic place for learning. From teaching and leadership to support, every employee helps to ensure the overall success of the school. Their enthusiasm for the education of children is evident each moment here at Palmetto Elementary. Students can get a high-quality education due to these committed staff members. With their dedication, they make sure that every student is equipped with the knowledge and skills required for academic success.

Student Outcomes

Palmetto Elementary School located in Orlando, Florida is a school with a high academic performance that offers the best education for students. The cost to attend Palmetto Elementary School can be in line with other schools that are established in the area, and extremely affordable when you consider the degree of academic excellence that is offered at the school.

The tuition total for the year 2020-2021 at Palmetto Elementary was $6,815 for each student. The tuition includes a one-time non-refundable application fee of $100 and all associated educational costs, such as the cost of technology and supplies. Other costs could be charged for extracurricular activities like field trips and after-school activities.

Parents, in addition to the tuition fee, will have to pay an annual registration cost of $150. This fee is used to pay for the cost of books and student IDs as well as school yearbooks. In addition, there is a tech cost of $45 per child that includes computer use as well as other technology resources within the classroom.

The final thing to be mentioned is an optional lunch program, which costs an additional amount of $400 for students who want to be a part of the program. The lunch program gives students nutritious meals throughout the day which are cooked by experienced kitchen staff. All fees must be paid in advance of the beginning of each school year for students to continue their education at Palmetto Elementary School.

In the end, Palmetto Elementary School offers an excellent education for affordable tuition costs which makes it among some of the easiest-to-afford schools located in the Orlando region. The tuition is designed to cover a range of educational costs, to allow students to enjoy a high-quality education, without spending a fortune. Parents should think about Palmetto Elementary if they are seeking an academically high-performing school with a low budget.

In the end, with its low tuition costs and a high standard of educational excellence Palmetto Elementary School makes an excellent choice for families living in the Orlando region who are searching for high-quality education that doesn’t exceed their budget. With reasonable registration and tech fees, as well as the lunch program parents can be confident that their child is getting the most excellent education at a reasonable cost.

Nearby Neighborhoods

Palmetto Elementary School located in Orlando, Florida is surrounded by a variety of distinct neighborhoods. There is the Winter Park neighborhood lies just to the east of the school and has stunning Spanish-style homes that have beautiful landscaping and lots of green spaces. The area is a bustling downtown that offers many dining, shopping, and entertainment choices. 

The neighboring College Park neighborhood is known for its midcentury bungalows as well as modern townhouses and condos. An accessible residential neighborhood, College Park offers many charming restaurants, shops cafes, parks, and trails for you to explore.

Just to the west of Palmetto Elementary lies located the Lake Copeland neighborhood. With shaded streets lined with single-family homes, This peaceful neighborhood offers residents an array of outdoor activities along the lakefront. Residents are also able to take advantage of the recreation center in the area and enjoy a wide range of facilities like courts for basketball, tennis courts, and playgrounds.

To the south is the Conway neighborhood which has become more popular with young professionals over the last few times. It is home to trendy eateries lively bars and clubs as well as artists’ galleries, farmers’ markets as well as numerous trails and parks – it’s not surprising that the neighborhood attracts many people. The students attending Palmetto Elementary will have no shortage of activities to enjoy in their spare time.

The Azalea Park neighborhood is located just to the west of Palmetto elementary school. The area is famous for the tree-lined streets dotted with single-family homes, as also townhouses and condos. It also has two parks for neighborhood residents as well as a pool for the community, and a variety of lakes that are perfect for fish and water sports. Its prime location is close to Palmetto elementary school, Azalea Park could be the ideal location for families seeking an urban lifestyle that has the convenience of the schools as well as downtown Orlando.

The varied neighborhoods of Palmetto Elementary give pupils at Palmetto Elementary numerous possibilities for an active life in one of Florida’s most loved cities. With its wide array of recreational activities such as eating places, shopping centers cafés, bars, and clubs, there’s plenty to do in the school district that is vibrant. Whatever interests you might have, living close to Palmetto Elementary gives you unlimited opportunities to experience the many things Orlando offers.

What People Are Saying

“Best school in the area! The teachers are amazing and care so much about each student. Parent involvement is huge at this school. There are many programs and activities for families to get involved with. I highly recommend this school!” -A grateful parent

“We have been very pleased with Palmetto Elementary! The teachers, staff, and administration are exceptional. They truly have the best interest of the children at heart. We love the school and highly recommend it to other families.”- Another grateful parent

“Palmetto Elementary is a great school! The Teachers and Staff are amazing and they really care about each student. Parent involvement is huge at this school, and there are many programs and activities for families to get involved with. I highly recommend this school!”- A third grateful parent

Address: 2015 Duskin Ave Orlando FL 32839
Monday: 8:15AM–5:15PM
Tuesday: 8:15AM–5:15PM
Wednesday: 8:15AM–5:15PM
Thursday: 8:15AM–5:15PM
Friday: 8:15AM–5:15PM
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

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