Princeton Elementary School

August 29, 2022 | Yamilet Timaure
Princeton Elementary School

Princeton Elementary School located in Orlando, FL is an exceptional educational institution providing students with the best education opportunities. The school’s purpose is to create a secure and supportive learning environment that inspires students to be independent thinkers as well as responsible global citizens. The school’s mission is to foster a sense of community and responsibility. Princeton Elementary School committed teachers are committed to creating exciting lessons through creative teaching techniques. Students receive individualized instruction and are encouraged to cooperate with their classmates. Utilizing technology, teachers are able to offer students real-world experiences and assist them in developing 21st century skills like problem-solving as well as critical thinking.

The school also provides an array of extracurricular activities to suit the individual interests of students and promote positive social interaction between students. From art and music to sports and drama these activities allow students to discover their passions as they develop crucial abilities. The school also encourages parent participation in the learning process. Meetings with teachers regularly ensure that parents are aware about their child’s progress. They also give them the opportunity for them to give suggestions and feedback.


Princeton Elementary School located in Orlando, FL has a long and rich tradition. In 1928, the school was initially situated at Princeton Street in what is today The Colonial town neighborhood. The principal at the time of the college was. W.C. Roberts who established a long-standing academic tradition that continues until today. The school’s early days were a time of great growth. Princeton Elementary served as an important place for learning for local families. However the school soon moved locations to accommodate a growing number of students. In 1945, the school relocated to its present location on Edgewater Drive where it continues to teach students from kindergarten to fifth grade.

Through the time, Princeton Elementary has seen many changes, however the one thing that has remained constant is its dedication for excellence in the field of education. From its determination to provide the best quality education and its emphasis on creating a safe and secure educational environment Princeton Elementary has always been committed to giving every child the chance for the best in life. Princeton Elementary has gained a reputation for excellence in the past few years. It is among the most highly rated primary schools within Orlando that consistently earns A+ marks from the state’s education officials. Alongside its academic achievements, Princeton Elementary remains a part of the community. From hosting family-friendly events every week like ice cream socials or film nights to actively helping local charitable organizations, the teachers and staff at Princeton Elementary are committed to giving back.

Why Princeton Elementary School Is The Best

Princeton Elementary School located in Orlando FL is an ideal school for your child. It offers a secure and safe learning atmosphere, the school helps students to realize their full potential academically, socially and emotionally. The school is staffed by a committed team of teachers who strive to ensure that every student receives the best instruction. They also work to create a space that makes every student feel valued and respected for their unique qualities. The course at Princeton is based on the Florida requirements for elementary education. The curriculum emphasizes the development of the necessary academic skills like writing, reading mathematics, science, math and sociology. In addition to these essential disciplines, Princeton provides enrichment activities like art classes, music lessons as well as library visits and after-school activities that develop creativity and critical thinking.

Princeton Elementary School provides an array of extracurricular opportunities. From basketball and soccer teams to robotics and drama clubs The schools encourage pupils to pursue their interests outside the classroom. Apart from these, Princeton also has a range of student-run groups including Student Council and National Honor Society in which students are able to build the leadership qualities they need through organizing events or by helping fellow students. Additionally there is a place for parents to be involved with the students at Princeton Elementary School, parents are encouraged to be engaged in their children’s learning. The school offers many chances for parents to take part in events in parent/teacher conferences, helping in classrooms, or attending events that are specifically for their children.


Princeton Elementary School located in Orlando FL offers a pleasant modern learning atmosphere for students. The main structure has spacious classrooms that are well lit and comfortable seating so that students have the opportunity to learn in a comfortable and stimulating environment. Every classroom is equipped with the most modern technology for interactive learning including computers, smart boards and projectors. Alongside these contemporary facilities, Princeton Elementary School also gives access to art education facilities that are equipped with advanced audio/visual technology for immersive multimedia experiences.The school is also outfitted with cutting-edge science labs, where pupils can experience the wonders of the ever-changing world, and find their own innovative solutions to all sorts of issues. Libraries on campus offer a broad collection of books and other media-related materials, and an on-site media center gives access to the latest digital media resources.

Princeton Elementary School has an updated, recently renovated cafeteria serving nutritious meals throughout the day. The cafeteria has hot and cold choices in addition to traditional meals such as tacos, burgers sub sandwiches, and pizza. Apart from providing nutritious food options for employees and students, the school has an outdoor seating space for students to enjoy their lunch breaks in a comfortable atmosphere. The playgrounds on site provide ample space for outdoor activities like soccer and kickball games, or playing hide-and-seek and tag. The hallways at Princeton Elementary are lined with original artworks created by local Orlando artists that further enrich the learning experience. In addition, the school offers an environment that is safe and secure through a range of security features, such as security cameras, intruder alarms and keyless access systems.

The school also holds regular occasions for parents and students to foster community spirit and inspire participation in the school’s many initiatives and activities. This makes sure that Princeton Elementary School remains an active learning environment in which students can achieve academic excellence while having fun in the process. In the end, Princeton Elementary School is dedicated to providing an excellent education to students with modern facilities and exciting activities.


Princeton Elementary School located in Orlando, Florida offers a complete education program for students from kindergarten to 5th grade. The curriculum emphasizes both the fundamental knowledge and the development of higher-order thinking abilities. It’s created to give students the best education possible that will prepare students for the success they will encounter in their future academic pursuits. Teachers in the classroom employ an integrated method of teaching that combines instructive and project-based experiences. This allows students to become active learners, not passive users of information. STEM (Science Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) programs are integrated into the curriculum. They provide the opportunity to learn hands-on within these subject areas.

The school’s emphasis on literacy is centered around phonemic awareness in addition to vocabulary building exercises as well as the instruction of reading guides. The math program focuses on developing fundamental skills, including problem-solving, and fundamental computation. The school also offers enrichment classes that concentrate on music, art and drama, as well as physical education. In exposing students to a variety of learning possibilities, Princeton Elementary School in Orlando is determined to promote both academic excellence and growth of social awareness within every child who comes through its school’s doors. By utilizing this method the school seeks to assist all students in reaching their maximum potential.


Princeton Elementary School located in Orlando, FL is home to a group of committed and compassionate teachers. The staff includes administrators, teachers counselors, administrators, and other support staff working together to deliver the best educational experience for each student. The instructors at Princeton are among the most knowledgeable educators in the country. They average 15 years of teaching experience. They have a range of educational backgrounds and routes. The diverse staff creates an environment that allows students to investigate diverse subject areas and benefit from one another. The teachers of Princeton Elementary are also supported by other staff members, such as the library media specialist, the cafeteria manager, the attendance clerk, nurses, custodians, and other staff members who ensure that the school is running smoothly. The entire team strives to provide an excellent education experience for every student.

Student Outcomes

Princeton Elementary School located in Orlando FL is a public elementary school offering education for students in the PreK to the 6th grade. The price for students attending this school differs depending on the location of the student as well as other variables. If you reside within Orange County, the annual tuition cost is approximately $2,599 for students in the PreK-6th grade. But, students who live beyond Orange County pay an additional Surtax Fee every year. There are also costs for technology that are associated with Princeton Elementary School. These fees comprise a one-time fee when you register. Alongside these fees there are many additional charges, including the cost of textbooks and lunches. There could also be additional costs for after-school programs as well as extracurricular activities, such as music, sports, art etc. Furthermore every student is obliged to dress in uniforms that can be bought at the school or on the internet for an additional fee. Additionally there are field excursions for students who might also need specific costs like tickets for transportation or admission which may incur additional costs. Parents are advised to inquire at the school regarding the cost of any additional expenses prior to participating in the field trip.

Nearby Neighborhoods

Its Princeton Elementary School area covers the entire area within Orlando, FL near the intersection of Silver Star Road and Princeton Street. The neighborhood comprises homes for residential use, small-scale businesses, and parks that provide lots for residents to take advantage of. Residents can easily access local stores, including Walmart Supercenter and Publix supermarkets. There are numerous restaurants within the vicinity, such as McDonald’s, Burger King, Subway and Pizzeria Uno. The library in the local area located on Timber Shadow Lane provides an excellent space for researching and studying.

The neighborhood houses numerous parks that offer diverse facilities. Lake Ellen Park offers playgrounds as well as basketball courts, pavilions and playgrounds which can be used for celebrations like birthday parties, family picnics or even weddings. There’s also an area of nature and walking trails. The close by Princeton Field features an outdoor track with soccer fields, softball and track diamonds. Meanwhile, the Bill Frederick Park at Turkey Lake has boat rentals, fishing zones with mountain biking trails, and more.Overall it is a great place to live. Princeton elementary school neighborhood offers residents with plenty of options for entertainment and easy access to local stores and eateries. With its many parks and recreation facilities this neighborhood is ideal for families who are looking for an area that is safe to reside in Orlando.

What People Are Saying

“This is a great school. The Teachers and Staff are amazing. They really care about the students and their success.” – Stephanie, Parent”My child has been attending Princeton Elementary for two years now and we absolutely love it! The teachers are amazing and they have been able to help my child succeed.” – Christina, Parent

“Princeton Elementary School is a great school! The teachers are amazing and they really care about the students.” – Sarah, Parent

“I absolutely love Princeton Elementary! The teachers are great and they really care about the students.” – Emily, Parent

“My child has been attending Princeton Elementary for two years now and we absolutely love it! The teachers are amazing and they have been able to help my child succeed.” – Christina, Parent

“Princeton Elementary is a great school! The teachers are amazing and they really care about the students.” – Sarah, Parent

Located at: 311 W Princeton St Orlando FL 32804

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