Sun Blaze Elementary School

August 29, 2022 | Yamilet Timaure
Sun Blaze Elementary School

Sun Blaze Elementary School in Orlando, Florida is the ideal place for students to receive an excellent education. With smaller class sizes and individual care from the staff members, this school is able to ensure that every student has the best learning experience possible. The wide range of extracurricular and curriculum activities offered by Sun Blaze Elementary can help students identify their strengths and passions as well as gain valuable expertise and knowledge in areas such as math and science as well as music, social studies, physical education, art, and much more.

From its modern facilities and knowledgeable staff, Sun Blaze Elementary provides an environment that is inviting and where children are safe and at ease while they study. The classrooms are all equipped with the latest technology that aids in the teaching process that is fun and interactive. The school also features media and library facilities for additional tools for students and a range of extracurriculars and clubs that are available after school hours.

In addition to the excellent academic program at Sun Blaze Elementary, the school has a strong commitment to providing its students with ample opportunities for emotional and social growth. The staff includes counselors who assist children in a private setting to classes in groups that concentrate on teaching skills for social interaction, Sun Blaze Elementary goes way beyond the call of duty to ensure that every student’s mental well-being is taken into consideration throughout their time at school.


Sun Blaze Elementary School in Orlando, Florida has a fascinating and rich story to tell. It was founded in the year 1953, as the county’s first ever public school for students who have disabilities. It quickly became a major element of the local educational system, serving children from kindergarten to 8th grade. It offers both special and general education classes. Through the decades, Sun Blaze has remained dedicated to providing a superior education for every student.

Since it was first opened, Sun Blaze Elementary School has adapted to evolving times by adapting its curriculum to help students learn new skills and focus on the modern learning standards of the 21st century. Through its many initiatives, like the arts and technology enrichment program or integration with technology The school provides a variety of possibilities for students to discover their interests while receiving an excellent education. Sun Blaze also hosts a number of different events such as career days and parent night to events and fun days in order to keep the community tight-knit and involved.

Alongside its academic programs, Sun Blaze Elementary School is well-known for its positive spirit of inclusivity and acceptance. It has been a refuge for students from diverse backgrounds, backgrounds, talents and beliefs. It’s this diversities that make it an ideal environment for students to grow and learn. In the present, Sun Blaze Elementary School remains an integral component of Central Florida’s education landscape. As more families relocate to the region, Sun Blaze is growing as well and has grown into a center for people looking for an excellent learning in Orlando and surrounding regions. 

Since its beginnings in the form of an institution for children with disabilities , to its present status as an inclusive learning environment, Sun Blaze Elementary School has definitely made a significant leap forward, but it’s far from over! In its continuous efforts to provide enriching learning experiences that promote acceptance of students of all ages, Sun Blaze Elementary is bound to be a vital component of Central Florida’s education future for the foreseeable future.

Why Sun Blaze Elementary School Is The Best

Sun Blaze Elementary School in Orlando, FL offers an perfect educational environment for students to grow and flourish. It is located in a secure neighborhood of Orlando the facility is equipped state of the cutting-edge technological equipment, state-of-the art classrooms as well as a diverse student body. Sun Blaze provides an education that is based on the highest expectations for academic excellence as well as personal growth.

Sun Blaze Elementary School focuses on the development of the whole child by offering an unique curriculum that includes mathematics, language arts and science and physical education, social studies and health, in addition to music, art and character-building exercises. With knowledgeable teachers who are aware of the individual needs of each child and their wants, Sun Blaze offers students the chance to achieve academic excellence as well as having fun during their early years. Sun Blaze’s dedication to providing comprehensive education that is focused on the development of critical thinking abilities and building character skills will help students prepare for the future with success.

The school also provides various extracurricular activities to promote physical, mental and social development. They include robotics clubs, drama groups, teams of athletes Chess tournaments, and outdoor opportunities for learning. Furthermore, Sun Blaze Elementary School has been named one of the top-rated schools in Florida due to its highly regarded advanced placement programs, as well as courses in international studies.


Sun Blaze Elementary School in Orlando FL offers a wide array of facilities for students to aid in their personal and academic development. The school boasts a vast air-conditioned library that permits students to read a variety of themes and books in a pleasant setting. There is also the computer lab, which gives access to internet-based resources and opportunities for students to keep current with the latest technology developments.

Equally important are the physical fitness facilities offered through Sun Blaze Primary School. The school has two playgrounds outdoors with two basketball courts and a soccer pitch where youngsters can improve their fitness levels at recess time or after school sports like team sports organized or casual playtime. In addition, the school has an indoor gym that includes a basketball court that is fully stocked as well as a rock wall and bat cage for an even more diverse exercise experience.

Alongside the physical and academic facilities offered through Sun Blaze Elementary School, students can also take advantage of cooking classes at the cafeteria at the school as well as art spaces that are equipped with plenty of supplies as well as multimedia tools. The school also has music classrooms equipped with instruments like guitars and pianos, so that students can build their musical abilities while learning in an engaging setting.

Sun Blaze Elementary School provides the most comprehensive facilities to ensure that every child has the chance to make the most of every opportunity to be successful in both academics and socially and have enjoyable at the same time. It is this commitment to fostering creativity and curiosity that distinguishes Sun Blaze Elementary School apart from other schools and makes it a wonderful learning environment.

All in all, Sun Blaze Elementary School has a range of facilities to ensure their students the highest quality education experience they can get. From the computer lab and library as well as the cooking and physical education facilities, the school has everything needed for every student’s personal and academic growth. With such a wide range of facilities, Sun Blaze Elementary truly is an exceptional education facility located in Orlando FL.


Sun Blaze Elementary School in Orlando, FL is dedicated to providing high-quality education for students of all different ages. The curriculum of the school concentrates on developing solid math and literacy skills while stimulating creativity and curiosity about the world that surrounds the students.

The primary curriculum includes math, language arts science, as well as social studies. In classes in language arts students learn to write and read effortlessly while studying a range different literary works. Students are provided with opportunities to improve their listening and speaking abilities through class presentations and discussions. Math classes are focused on strategies for solving problems and also introduce more sophisticated mathematical concepts , such as algebraic equations. Science classes cover topics ranging from biology to chemistry, with the emphasis on hands-on learning opportunities such as labs or field trips. Social studies classes expose students to the past of their country and the world that surrounds them.

Sun Blaze Elementary School offers an array of other activities for the students. They are able to participate in teams of sports, like soccer and basketball or take part in one of the numerous student-led groups. Students are encouraged to discover their talents in the arts through theatre, music, and visual art classes. Furthermore, Sun Blaze provides after school tutoring and enrichment classes to ensure each student can realize their maximum potential.

Its curriculum for Sun Blaze Elementary School in Orlando, FL is designed to equip students with the fundamental skills they require to succeed in their academic journey. The primary curriculum includes math, language arts science, social studies classes that are supplemented with extracurricular activities like students-led teams, sports teams and a variety of art programs. After-school tutoring as well as enrichment classes are offered to ensure that each pupil receives the highest education they can get. Through its holistic method of teaching


Sun Blaze Elementary School in Orlando, FL is staffed by an outstanding group of teachers committed to providing the most high-quality education available. The school’s principal is Mrs. Maria Ochoa, a enthusiastic and skilled educator with more than twenty-five years experience in leading effective schools throughout all of Florida. Under her direction, Sun Blaze has become very well-known for its academic quality.

The staff of teachers at Sun Blaze is impressive, each teacher has vast knowledge of their fields of expertise and a dedication to helping students achieve. They provide differentiated instruction that is that is tailored to each student’s unique learning style. They also establish clearly defined expectations for behaviour that allows for optimal learning opportunities. They also work in a group to devise new methods for the teaching process and for learning. They also help ensure that every one of the Sun Blaze students meet their academic targets.

Sun Blaze is also supported by a skilled team of teachers in the fields of special education English Language Learners (ELL) in addition to gifted education. The counselors at the school are highly skilled experts who offer advice on issues of emotional and social wellbeing as well as exploring careers. They assist students in developing the abilities needed to succeed both academically as well as socially.

Staff at Sun Blaze Elementary School is committed to providing a top-quality education for all students enrolled in the school. Their dedication to excellence has produced an environment of safety and a nurturing learning environment that allows every student can achieve their potential to the fullest. This dedication is what makes Sun Blaze an outstanding school where students can learn and grow.

Student Outcomes

Sun Blaze Elementary school in Orlando, FL is a high-quality educational institution that gives its students a broad education. The cost for attending the prestigious school could differ based on the needs and needs of the family.

The first step in determine the price of tuition for Sun Blaze Elementary School is to take into consideration the fees related to the application process. It includes a non-refundable application fee of $100, and the tuition deposit of $1000. The fees are usually paid prior to beginning in the academic year. The fees are deducted from the total tuition costs.

Once these initial costs have been paidby families, they need to decide on the type of school their children will be participating in. Sun Blaze Elementary School offers two tuition plans: which are the Standard Plan and the Extended Day Plan. Standard Plan: The Standard Plan is a full-time program that covers all the classes that are required to be taught by state law. The plan also offers Spanish language instruction as well as extracurricular activities, such as physical education, music as well as health and fitness classes. The cost for Standard Plan is Standard Plan is $7,000 per year.

The Extended Day Plan is a more intense program that provides students with a variety of educational opportunities and activities. The program includes after-school activities like courses in language and specialized academic instruction, along with extracurricular activities like robotics and chess clubs. The price of the plan is $10,500 for the year.

Nearby Neighborhoods

Sun Blaze Elementary School is situated in the center of Orlando, Florida. It’s surrounded with vibrant and diverse communities that provide many activities for families, singles and retirees as well. Just beyond Sun Blaze Elementary is the neighborhood of College Park. The area is distinguished by its trees-lined streets as well as charming bungalows that are a blend of modern and classic styles. Families will love the range of outdoor activities like trips close to Lake Adair for the kids to play in the water or having a picnic in Edgewater Drive Park. College Park is also walkable and bike-friendly, and has plenty of bars, restaurants, and stores within easy reach.

The northwestern part to the north of Sun Blaze Elementary is the neighborhood of Winter Park. The area is more luxurious feel that is characterized by large houses and well-maintained lawns, in addition to its own charming series of lakes. Cultural attractions like The Winter Park Playhouse and Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art offer lots to see and do within the vicinity. Shoppers can browse the galleries and boutiques of Park Avenue, while nature fans will enjoy the wealth of parks that are lush, including Mead Garden and Kraft Azalea Gardens.

Finally, to the to the east from Sun Blaze Elementary lies the neighborhood of Lake Copeland. The residential area is located on the shores of a lake, and offers numerous outdoor activities for fishing and kayaking. It also has an increasing business scene on Orange Avenue, providing plenty of entertainment and dining choices. Furthermore the amphitheater that is located outdoors in the nearby Loch Haven Park is a perfect spot to watch shows on a warm summer evening.

The three distinct neighborhoods around Sun Blaze Elementary each provide something unique for their residents and guests alike. This makes it simple to find something appealing to all. No matter if you’re searching for activities in the great outdoors or cultural activities or simply a tranquil area to settle in Sun Blaze Elementary’s surround areas will provide the things you want.

What People Are Saying

“My child has been attending Sun Blaze Elementary School for two years now and we absolutely love it! The teachers are amazing and truly care about each and every student. The principal is also very involved in the school and can be seen interacting with the students on a daily basis. Overall, we could not be happier with our decision to send our child to Sun Blaze Elementary!” – Parent

“Sun Blaze Elementary School is an amazing school! The teachers are so caring and truly want what’s best for their students. My son has learned so much since starting at Sun Blaze and we are so grateful to have found such a wonderful school!” – Parent

“The school is clean, the staff is friendly and the curriculum is excellent.” – Parent

Address: 9101 Randal Park Blvd Orlando FL 32832
Monday: 7:30AM–4PM
Tuesday: 7:30AM–4PM
Wednesday: 7:30AM–4PM
Thursday: 7:30AM–4PM
Friday: 7:30AM–4PM
Saturday Closed
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