Westpointe Elementary School

September 7, 2022 | Yamilet Timaure
Westpointe Elementary School

Westpointe Elementary School located in Orlando FL is an excellent option for families searching for an excellent education. The school provides a broad variety of opportunities for learning including traditional elementary classes , to gifted or gifted programs. The staff and teachers at Westpointe will provide students with the highest quality learning environment. The school provides students with top-quality education and resources that are suited to their specific needs. To ensure that every student attains their full potential, teachers employ diverse instructional techniques like differentiated instruction, cooperative learning groups and interactive technology, hands-on exercises and much more. Westpointe is also focused on the development of social emotional skills by providing regular guidance sessions in the classroom which focus on areas like problems solving, awareness of oneself, communicating skills and the resolution of conflicts.

Westpointe Elementary School offers an array of activities for students to participate in, ranging from after-school clubs to teams of sports. The school also provides programs like student council drama club, languages classes, art classes and music classes. These programs allow students to develop friendships with their classmates as well as the teachers at the school as well as enriching their education in general. The commitment of Westpointe to creating a space that is secure and welcoming makes it a fantastic option for families who are looking for the best schooling for their children. The school has a number of security policies that ensure the safety of their students. These include daily security inspections and emergency preparation drills.


Westpointe Elementary School located in Orlando, Florida has a long and rich background. Established as a school in the year 1991 under the Orange County Public Schools system, Westpointe has been providing excellent education to the students of the area for more than 30 years. Since then the school has grown from having 425 students its initial year, to more than 800 students today. In addition to the increase in size Westpointe Elementary School provides a range of unique programs to address a range of requirements in education. They include the International Baccalaureate (IB) program created by the world’s most renowned IB experts and educators and the Montessori program for preschool through 5th grade and an Arabic Immersion Program that provides language instruction in the classroom as well as at home; and many other interesting programs, including AVID, Chess Club, Drama Club and Music Appreciation.

In order to ensure Westpointe students receive the best possible education The school has worked hard to establish a positive connection with its community. Through community involvement as well as collaborations with local organizations and businesses as well as events such as Family Night Out and the annual Westpointe Talent Show, the school is determined to create an environment where everyone is welcome and has the opportunity to share their skills. Westpointe Elementary School has been proudly a part of the Orange County Public Schools system, providing excellent educational experiences for students since 1991. With its wide range of excellent educational options and its commitment to building close relationships with parents and the community at large, Westpointe Elementary School is an expert in providing a rich education for everyone.

Why Westpointe Elementary School Is The Best

Westpointe Elementary School located in Orlando FL is an ideal school for your child. The school offers a stimulating and exciting learning environment that inspires students to push themselves for the highest academic standards. The highly skilled staff at Westpointe will ensure that every pupil’s unique needs are met with the most attentive focus. At Westpointe teachers employ innovative methods to deliver an engaging and enriching educational experience. Students have access to technological tools like tablets and Smart Boards that allow them to study by engaging in hands-on activities instead of traditional lectures or textbooks. This helps them gain a better understanding of the subject and allows them to retain the information better.

The school provides a range of extracurricular activities like art classes, sports teams as well as after-school clubs. These activities give students the opportunity to explore their interests and build social skills. Westpointe also offers field excursions throughout the year providing students with the chance to explore different areas of Florida while studying math, history, science as well as other subjects for education. Westpointe Elementary is committed to providing a safe and secure atmosphere for every student. The school has an enlightened anti-bullying policy, which is implemented by staff and teachers members. The school also offers various counseling services for people who require assistance facing difficult issues like peer pressure or family conflict.

Parents who wish their children to benefit from an education that is stimulating within a supportive environment that encourages personal development, Westpointe Elementary School in Orlando FL is an excellent option. The enthusiastic staff and a stimulating learning environment offer the perfect environment for students to improve the academic, social and emotional capabilities. When you enroll with Westpointe Elementary School your child will be provided with an excellent education that will prepare them for the success they will experience within and outside the classroom. The school’s commitment to helping every student realize their full potential is what differentiates it among other schools in the region. The investment you make in your child’s education by enrolling in Westpointe is sure to be worthwhile in the end.


Westpointe Elementary School located in Orlando, FL is an outstanding school that has state-of-the-art facilities. Students can avail numerous amenities that make learning fun and effective. The school is equipped with newly renovated classrooms that have advanced learning technology, such as interactive whiteboards as well as computers. Each classroom has an air conditioning system to ensure that students are comfortable in the scorching Florida days. Additionally, the school has a library that is packed with magazines, books and other sources for students’ study or leisure time reading. The school also offers students recreation activities that include playing fields and playgrounds for basketball as well as soccer and kickball. There are also spaces for students to engage in fun indoor activities such as arts and crafts or board games as well as other activities that require creativity.

The school also provides special facilities like the cafeteria, which provides healthy meals as well as a clinic that is staffed with qualified medical staff as well as after-school programs that help students with their academics as well as an auditorium for performance and assembly. Additionally the school has security procedures put in place to ensure students are secure while they are in Westpointe elementary school. Security surveillance is available 24/7 that includes video cameras on the campus as well as dedicated staff members who supervise the activities of the campus continuously.


Westpointe Elementary School located in Orlando FL offers a comprehensive curriculum for students in Kindergarten to Grade 5. The curriculum emphasizes the integration of learning, with the core subjects like Reading Math, Science, and Social Studies that are taught daily. Students are taught according to curriculum based upon the Common Core State Standards and other curricula that are mandated by states, equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed for the college experience and job-ready. Apart from the essential disciplines, Westpointe also offers electives like Music, Art PE, Technology & Engineering and Spanish Language Learning. The classes are designed to build the whole child through engaging them in new areas that can spark enthusiasm or spark imagination.

The school also has extra-curricular activities, such as clubs and other extracurricular organizations. This includes a range of student government, sports teams and theater/dance classes including chess club, robotics and chess teams. These activities are designed to allow students to expand their capabilities beyond what they can learn in the classroom , and be well-rounded people. Westpointe Elementary School promotes the environment for learning and positive reinforcement for every student. The school sets high standards for students’ achievement and strives to maximize their potential by creating a space that makes them feel secure and loved. Teachers employ strategies based on research to help students develop higher order thinking abilities to help them be successful in the future in academic pursuits.


Westpointe Elementary School located in Orlando FL is staffed by an experienced, highly committed and experienced team. The administrative staff is composed of the principal and assistant principals, as well as counselors, and the support staff. Every member has a crucial part in ensuring an environment of safety for students and making sure the students’ academic requirements are being met. The Westpointe Elementary teaching staff is made up of master teachers who hold a variety of degrees, including Master’s Degrees, Bachelors Degrees, as well as Doctorates earned from accredited colleges and universities. They bring an abundance of wisdom and experience into the classroom every day. Apart from teaching conventional subjects like reading, math and science the teachers at our school offer specialized classes like arts, music, or physical education.

Westpointe’s faculty has instructional coaches who offer training and support for teachers. These coaches make sure that all educators are up to speed with the standards of the school’s curriculum, and aiding their students in reaching their objectives. Westpointe Elementary also has the benefit of being equipped with an excellent support staff, such as paraprofessionals, library media specialists and custodians as well as other experts who help provide an environment that is safe and nurturing for every child that is able to thrive.

Student Outcomes

Westpointe Elementary School located in Orlando FL is an elementary school for Pre-Kindergarten up to Fifth grade students. The school provides a range of services and programs to give students an exceptional education experience. The price for the school’s programs and services Westpointe Elementary School located in Orlando FL depends on the kind of program selected by the family of the student. For prekindergarten, the cost of tuition is about $3,875 for the year. Kindergarten and the First Grade are charged a tuition cost of $5,770 annually. The Second Grade up to the Fifth Grade is charged a tuition cost of $7,665 a year. Alongside these fees there is also an activity fee per year that is between $25 and $50 based on the grade. The school also provides several payment options, including monthly tuition, prepaid tuition plans and scholarships. Monthly payments can be made in 10 installments throughout the duration during the school year. Plans for tuition that are prepaid can be offered for kindergarten through fifth-grade students of Westpointe Elementary School located in Orlando FL, offering flexibility for families that want to pay for tuition in advance.

Nearby Neighborhoods

Westpointe Elementary School situated inside the Hunter’s Creek neighborhood of Orlando, Florida. The area is well-known for its outstanding schools and a family-friendly environment. It is conveniently located near major highways, including I-4 or SR-417 as well as the SR-528. This makes it easy to access numerous attractions like Disney World, Universal Studios, SeaWorld Orlando, Aquatica Waterpark, International Drive Shopping Center and many more! Additionally, it is close to these amazing destinations for entertainment and fun, there are numerous amenities in the vicinity for all family requirements. Shopping is close by, including Super Target and the Millenia Mall. Restaurants vary from casual eateries such as Chick fil A or Panera Bread to more upscale choices like Ruth’s Chris Steak House or the Yard House. Other activities nearby comprise golf courses, parks for public use as well as fitness centers. The area also houses various housing options , from single-family homes, apartments, and condominiums.

The neighborhoods closest to Westpointe Elementary include Hunter’s Creek, Vista Lakes, Southchase, and Lake Nona. Hunter’s Creek is a premier community that is located just minutes away from Disney World and provides residents with many amenities like tennis courts, swimming pools as well as tennis courts, play areas, slides and swing sets and picnic areas that have grills, and a range of trails. Vista Lakes is an upscale residential area that has access to the lake of the community. Residents are able to enjoy miles of cycling and walking pathways, playgrounds, lush open areas, as well as golf courses and parks. Southchase is a gated community situated near major highways, which provide an easy connection to downtown Orlando and theme parks, shops, malls and much more! Additionally, Lake Nona is home to world-class health facilities, including Nemours Children’s Hospital, University of Central Florida Medical School, Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute and the world-renowned USTA National Campus.

What People Are Saying

“Best school in Orlando!”-A parent

“My son has been attending Westpointe Elementary School for two years now, and we absolutely love it! The Teachers and Staff are amazing and truly care about each and every student. My son has thrived academically, socially, and emotionally since starting at Westpointe. We are so grateful to have found such an amazing school!”-A parent

“Westpointe Elementary is an excellent school! The teachers are top-notch and go above and beyond to make sure each student succeeds. My son has been attending Westpointe for three years now and he has loved every minute of it. I highly recommend Westpointe Elementary!”-A parent

“We absolutely love Westpointe Elementary! The Teachers and Staff are amazing and truly care about each and every student. My son has thrived academically, socially, and emotionally since starting at Westpointe. We are so grateful to have found such an amazing school!” -A parent

Located at: 7525 Westpointe Blvd Orlando FL 32835

Monday: 7:30AM–4:30PM
Tuesday: 7:30AM–4:30PM
Wednesday: 7:30AM–4:30PM
Thursday: 7:30AM–4:30PM
Friday: 7:30AM–4:30PM
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

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