Chancery Charter High School

August 29, 2022 | Laura Torrealba
Chancery Charter High School

Chancery Charter High School in Orlando, FL provides a variety of learning opportunities. The school provides a challenging and exciting curriculum designed to prepare pupils for the college experience and even beyond. The school has a great academic record, with students scoring well on standardized tests and pursuing success in their careers. The staff at Chancery is committed to providing high-quality instruction in all fields that range from science and mathematics to social studies and language arts. Teachers are enthusiastic about their profession and provide individualized assistance for students with unique learning requirements. Small classes ensure that every student receives the attention they require to be successful.

In addition to academics The school also provides many extracurricular activities, including music and robotics clubs and sporting teams.Chancery Charter High School offers an array of support services for students who require extra assistance in their studies or who are struggling with personal challenges. The school has counselors, mentors, as well as tutoring services to help anyone who requires extra support. Chancery also provides a safe and welcoming environment at Chancery which encourages the development of students and respect among everyone who attends.


Chancery Charter High School in Orlando, FL is a public charter school that has served the requirements of students since it began its operations in the year 2011. The school was established by an organization that is committed to providing a high-quality education for all children, regardless of their financial circumstances or academic ability. Chancery is focused on teaching students in communities with low access to education and offers a personalized method of learning. The goal of Chancery is to satisfy students’ demands through a reimagined curriculum, rigorous instruction and a dedication to excellence. The school offers courses like English Math, Science, and Social Studies as well as additional electives like Music, Art Technology, Physical Education, and Health. Chancery additionally offers Advanced Placement (AP) courses for students who plan to attend college.

Chancery Charter High School is an accredited school and is an “Highly Qualified” school by the Florida Department of Education. The school also provides numerous extracurricular activities, including student teams, clubs, and opportunities for volunteers. Chancery also provides programs like College Prep 101 which provides students with advice on how to apply to colleges as well as financial aid training. The premise that drives Chancery Charter High School is that all students has the right to access a quality education, regardless of educational background or socioeconomic status. This dedication to equal education is still in place today in the present day as Chancery seeks for the highest standards and prepares students for their future success. Chancery Charter High School is an excellent illustration of the power of education to change lives and inspire students.

Why Chancery Charter High School Is The Best

Chancery Charter High School in Orlando FL offers an exemplary education which is specifically tailored to the individual requirements of every student. The curriculum is focused on enhancing academic abilities while offering various additional curricular opportunities and enrichment options. Students can benefit from the latest technologies, rigorous courses and engaging teaching methods. Students are encouraged to explore their interests and gain an interest for learning. The school’s environment is one of respect and collaboration among staff, teachers and parents as well as students. Chancery is a secure, comfortable environment that allows everyone to feel valued and accepted regardless of race or background. The entire community works to build strong bonds among students and encourage understanding and acceptance among different cultures.

In addition to its well-rounded curriculum for academics, Chancery provides a variety of other extracurricular activities , including sporting teams as well as performing arts organizations, students’ clubs and other organizations. These programs encourage students to pursue their interests and develop friendships. It also features a lively parent-teacher group that helps to promote the school’s goals and foster an atmosphere of belonging within families. Chancery Charter High School is committed to preparing every pupil for successful school or work. The school’s staff offers individualized instruction and support to ensure that every student is able to reach their maximum potential. Additionally, they have solid connections with local companies, which provide students with mentoring opportunities and internships. This method, Chancery, helps develop well-rounded individuals who are able to face the world confidently.


Chancery Charter High School in Orlando FL offers a plethora of facilities for its students. The school is a large space with spacious classrooms that are equipped with chairs and desks, whiteboards, audio-visual equipment like Smart Boards and LCD projectors. Chancery Charter High School also offers several computer labs within the school, which are outfitted with the latest technology for education. The school also has two modern science labs which allow students to study the various concepts of science in greater depth. In addition, the library allows students to have access to books covering various subjects. In addition, Chancery Charter High School is proud of its sports fields. They have the indoor court for basketball as well as the football field outside. They also have an outdoor track that students can utilize to stay healthy and have fun.

Chancery Charter High School seeks to create a pleasant learning environment. They have made a lot of effort to make sure that the facilities are well-maintained and up-to-date. The school also stresses that extracurricular activity is important, and offers numerous activities and organizations for their students. From student governments to robotics groups there’s always something for all students on the campus of Chancery Charter High School in Orlando FL. Additionally, the school provides numerous facilities like an outdoor cafeteria, seating areas, and recreation spaces. Cafeterias serve hot food and snack options throughout the day and provide students with healthy choices. There are many outdoor activities where students can take a break in the sunlight on the beautiful gardens.


Chancery Charter High School (CCHS) located in Orlando, FL offers an extensive and rigorous program which prepares students for college and career-ready. The school has the benefits of a blended learning environment that has traditional and virtual classrooms. This ensures that students get access to the most recent technology as well as top-quality instruction. The courses that are required at CCHS comprise English Language Arts, Math Science and Social Studies, World Languages, Health & Physical Education and Fine Arts. The electives offered range between Business & Technology to Digital Design & Media Production. Alongside the standard courses, CCHS also offers Advanced Placement (AP) classes for students who plan to go to college and are interested in pushing themselves academically. Dual enrollment is available via Valencia College where qualified juniors and seniors can earn college credits when they earn graduation from high school.

CCHS also provides a range of athletics and extracurricular activities for students to be involved in , such as the chorus, band drama, debate robotics, and many more. Students can take on other schools in teams in sports like football, basketball, baseball/softball, soccer and more. Additionally, CCHS has an extensive ROTC program that promotes participation in civic and leadership. The staff at CCHS are dedicated to providing students with an all-inclusive education that equips them with the understanding and skills that are essential for successful the college system and in life beyond. Their aim is to provide an environment of learning that is safe and secure where all students are loved by our committed staff and faculty and can reach their maximum potential.


Staff of Chancery Charter High School in Orlando, FL is dedicated to providing an excellent education and a safe atmosphere for the students. The school is home to more than 50 administrators and teachers, who are dedicated to helping students realize their full potential. The faculty comprises experienced teachers who have advanced qualifications in the subjects they teach as well-being specialized teachers who possess unique skills that help students engage and grow. Chancery Charter High School also employs a range of professionals from different disciplines, including special educational specialists as well as librarians, guidance counselors, technology coordinators, media specialist’s health professionals, custodians and health professionals. Everyone in the staff strives to build strong relations with parents, students and the local community. Alongside having an open door policy for visitors The school also offers an advising program that assists students with their personal and academic development.

Student Outcomes

Chancery Charter High School in Orlando FL offers a tuition-free school that is a public one for families in the district. The cost for the tuition at Chancery Charter High School is divided into two main categories: annual tuition and fees and other costs. Family members who pay annual tuition and fees have to contribute an annual cost of approximately $50 per student. This money helps pay for school supplies, such as books, workbooks, calculators as well as other materials that are required. Additionally, to pay this fee parents must pay an annual device/technology fee that is $20 for the child. The school does not charge any fees for athletics or other extracurricular activities however, it charges a small amount for any lost or damaged items. Chancery Charter High School also offers a wide range of extracurricular educational opportunities for students, such as summer camps and after-school programs. The tuition fees for these programs range between $50 and $150, depending on the duration and nature of the program in addition to any additional equipment required. Overall, Chancery Charter High School is an affordable option for families who live within the district. With no tuition costs and no hidden charges it’s clear the reason the school is becoming increasingly sought-after within Orlando FL.

Nearby Neighborhoods

The areas around Chancery Charter High School in Orlando, Florida offer a wide range of options for living for students. The downtown area near Orlando hosts a variety of famous restaurants, nightclubs along with entertainment and nightlife venues. It also has a variety of lakes, parks and recreation areas that are ideal for outdoor pursuits. The residents of the area can make use of the nearby shopping malls like The Mall at Millenia or the Festival Bay Mall at International Drive. Both of these malls are ideal for buying quality clothes and merchandise, as well as to meet up with your people after school. Within a short distance from the campus is College Park, the perfect mix of suburban convenience and urban charm. This lively neighborhood has numerous cafés, boutiques, restaurants, galleries, and much more. Famous eateries like Graffiti Junktion as well as The Ravenous Pig have made College Park their home, and the Enzian Theater offers a perfect location to watch a film or live show.

It is also located near the City of Ocoee is also close by, offering plenty of opportunities for residents to take advantage of. From shopping centers such as the Marketplace at Ocoee Center to outdoor activities such as Starke Lake Park, visitors can enjoy hours of exploring the many attractions in the area. With a variety of golf courses in the vicinity too, this community is ideal for people who want to unwind and unwind. No matter if you’re seeking for urban adventure or tranquility in the suburbs the areas around Chancery Charter High School in Orlando provide something for all. With lots of dining, shopping entertainment, as well as recreational activities to enjoy there’s never a shortage of activities to enjoy in this lively area.

What People Are Saying

“The teachers at Chancery Charter High School are amazing! They genuinely care about each and every student and their success. The school provides a great education, and the staff is always willing to help out.” – A.W.

“Chancery Charter High School is an excellent school! The teachers are very dedicated to their students and go above and beyond to help them succeed. The curriculum is challenging and prepares students well for college. I highly recommend this school!” – K.M.

“Chancery Charter High School is a great school! The teachers are very dedicated to their students’ success and provide a great education. I would highly recommend this school to anyone looking for a great charter high school in Orlando.” – J.C.

“Chancery Charter High School is an excellent school! The teachers are amazing and truly care about each and every student. They are always willing to help out, and the curriculum is very challenging. I would highly recommend this school to anyone!” – A.S.

Located at: 7001 S Orange Blossom Trl, Orlando, FL 32809

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