Edgewater High School

September 7, 2022 | Laura Torrealba
Edgewater High School

Edgewater High School in Orlando, FL offers an outstanding education for students. With highly skilled teachers and a broad curriculum for special programs as well as other extracurricular events, Edgewater High School strives to ensure that every child gets the best possible education.

The school focuses on academic excellence across all subjects offering challenging courses that include high-quality college preparatory options as well as innovative electives. The school’s dedicated teachers strive to assist every student in reaching their full potential by encouraging the development of critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration by providing practical learning experiences. Additionally, the school’s emphasis on technology integration is a great way to inspire students to take an enthusiasm for STEM subjects and equips students with practical skills.

Alongside academics, Edgewater High School has a large variety of activities and clubs for students to take part in. From robotics and models UN to dancing and drama, there’s something for every student. The school also has a variety of sports teams, which gives students who are interested in sports the to take part in competitive interscholastic contests.

Additionally, Edgewater High School fosters an incredibly strong sense of community within its students. Teachers, staff members as well as administrators, and parents ensure that all students feel welcome and respected while working to ensure that every pupil receives the best training within Edgewater High School. For these reasons and other reasons, Edgewater High School in Orlando FL is the perfect school for students who value academics and is looking to join a vibrant learning community.


Edgewater High School in Orlando, FL has a long and rich story. It was founded in 1949. Edgewater is among the older high schools located in the region and has been a vital element of community life for many years. The first school was situated at Curry Ford Road and quickly became a reference point for excellence in education. Through the years Edgewater’s enrollment increased rapidly and numerous additions were made to accommodate the growing student population until it relocated to its present location on Lake Underhill Road in 1974.

This new facility was constructed that had different wings for the academic building, the career center, and the physical education department as well as an auditorium/theater complex, and a swimming pool. The facilities offered ample space for students’ activities, competitive teams in sports, and an opportunity to take part in a range of different extra-curricular events. The colors of the school, grey and blue were chosen to honor the colors used by Edgewater’s initial construction situated on Curry Ford Road.

The year 1995 was the first time that Edgewater received recognition as an official National Blue Ribbon School by the United States Department of Education for its exceptional academic achievement. Over the past few years, Edgewater has also provided the base for sports success by winning district and state championships for basketball, volleyball, football, and baseball. Additionally, more than 200 alumni have been able to participate in college sports, while a number of others continue their studies at the collegiate or university level.

Nowadays, Edgewater is still known as one of Central Florida’s best high schools. It has gained a reputation for being a leader who is innovative in academics, sports, and other extracurricular activities. More than 60 years later, since it was founded, Edgewater High School continues to be a force for excellence while preparing students to be responsible citizens and effective leaders of the future.

Why Edgewater High School Is The Best

Edgewater High School in Orlando FL is the ideal school for students looking to do well academically and to prepare themselves for college. The highly-rated academic programs available at Edgewater will help students reach their goals in education, providing an extensive education that equips students with the abilities that they require to succeed following graduation. The staff and faculty make sure that each student receives a personalized approach that allows them to receive the personalized instruction they require.

The wide range of extracurricular opportunities that are offered on offer at Edgewater High School gives students the chance to explore their interests beyond the confines of the school setting. From teams of competitive athletes to clubs that are focused on art, music, and culture There’s something for all students here. With an array of activities designed to encourage the development of students and encourage exploration, they can develop their interests while learning essential lessons in team dynamics and communication.

The school’s dedication to security gives parents peace of mind when they send their children to Edgewater. With robust security protocols in place, The campus is continuously checked and visitors must comply with strict guidelines to be allowed on the campus. In addition to this commitment to security, Edgewater High School also has a zero-tolerance policy for harassment or bullying of any kind. This creates an environment that is inclusive, and that makes everyone feel safe and safe.

In Edgewater High School, students get access to numerous resources to help them achieve success throughout their education. From knowledgeable teachers to the latest facilities and technological advancements The school provides everything necessary to help students prepare for the college experience and even beyond. With a dedication to excellence and focus on the unique needs of every student Edgewater High School is the ideal option for anyone searching for their child’s next learning possibility.


Edgewater High School in Orlando, Florida is a vibrant school with modern facilities. The school’s campus features spacious classrooms, which are fully equipped with the most modern technologies and educational materials that provide a stimulating course of study. The school also offers modern facilities like computers and air conditioning which allow students to access the latest software programs. In order to promote an active lifestyle, Edgewater High School offers an array of leisure activities like tennis courts, swimming pools as well as basketball courts and even running tracks. They also have a huge field house that is used for physical education classes as well as intramural teams of sports.

The library located at Edgewater High School is arguably one of the most striking facilities. It has more than 22,000 volumes and spacious seating areas to ensure that students are able to work in peace. The library also provides access to high-speed internet as well as various resources for reference to aid in research.

The Edgewater High School cafeteria boasts freshly cooked meals that are made using locally-sourced ingredients. Students can buy breakfast or lunch from a variety of choices as they enjoy the social environment that is created by their fellow students. In addition, the nutrition team is making sure every food item is nutritionally appropriate. guidelines established by the government.

Finally, Edgewater High School has an auditorium that allows students to discover their creative side through theatre and music shows. The auditorium is a 500-seat venue that is home to regular drama productions and also performances for students as well as the general public. In addition, the auditorium is fitted with the latest audio and lighting systems which ensure that every performance is presented in the most professional manner.

All in all, Edgewater High School provides an extensive learning experience for its students with state-of-the-art facilities, numerous recreational activities, access to technology and reference resources, delicious meals, and an impressive auditorium. The school is dedicated to providing every student with an enjoyable and satisfying educational experience.


Edgewater High School in Orlando, FL offers a comprehensive curriculum that is designed to meet the specific requirements of every student. The school’s staff and faculty work to create a learning environment that promotes academic performance, personal development, and meaningful connections with both adults and students. Through this stimulating learning environment, students can anticipate acquiring the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that are essential for the success they will experience in college and beyond.

Educationally, Edgewater High School provides challenging coursework in all subjects. Students are able to be enrolled in honors classes and Advanced Placement (AP) courses in science, math social studies, English art, and language, as well as foreign languages, which include Spanish, French, and German-fine arts classes like the theory of music or production and physical education courses. Additionally, the school offers dual enrollment classes through Valencia College, allowing students to earn college credits while fulfilling the requirements of high school.

In Edgewater High School students are able to access numerous extracurricular activities and programs. They range from traditional teams of basketball, football, and track & field baseball to more diverse sports like robotics or student government club. There are also a variety of community service opportunities for those who would like to explore them.

Additionally, Edgewater High School provides students with a range of support services and resources designed to help them achieve academically and grow personally. This includes afterschool tutoring in key subject areas, special counseling programs for students at risk, as well as help with planning for college and careers. These programs are designed to aid students in their preparation for in the coming years by helping them master skills like time management, and goal-setting.


Edgewater High School in Orlando, FL is proud of its staff. Teachers and administrators are dedicated to ensuring that students receive the best education, and receive the assistance they require to realize their maximum potential.

The most prominent is the dedicated teachers at the school who do their best to ensure that all students are successful. They design stimulating lesson plans that are engaging and track the student’s progress. Teachers are also accessible after school hours for additional assistance, providing individualized instruction to assist students to achieve their best results.

The Administration team of Edgewater High School plays an important role in driving the school to the next level. They provide direction on key choices, ensure that the school’s policies are properly enforced, and provide a safe environment that is conducive to learning where each pupil feels secure and valued.

The staff of the custodial department of Edgewater High School also enables the school to run efficiently. They ensure that the school is clean and operational, making sure that students are in a safe environment to study. The staff who cleans the building is always on hand to assist students with smiles and a friendly attitude, adding an extra assurance of safety and comfort for all students who are on campus.

Staff at Edgewater High School, it’s evident that every aspect of the staff works together to create a supportive atmosphere in which everyone strives for excellence and meets their goals. With hard work, dedication, and dedication by administrators, teachers as well as custodians, students have every chance to be successful in their studies, while being encouraged along the way. This is the reason why so many families opt for Edgewater High School because they are confident that their children are in good care.

Student Outcomes

Edgewater High School in Orlando, Florida is a public school that offers students an outstanding education at a cost that is affordable. The tuition and fees for Edgewater High School are lower than similar schools within the region. Its tuition for the school year 2018-2019 was $6,943 for each student. That includes the Mandatory Students Activity Fee, which is $125 as well as technology fees of $75. There could also be additional charges based on the courses that you take. For instance, Advanced Placement (AP) classes are subject to a charge of $100 per class.

Transport to and from school is not covered in tuition, however, Edgewater High works closely with local transportation companies to offer transportation services at a reasonable cost for students who require it. Students living within a particular distance within the boundaries of Edgewater High are qualified for transportation services that are free However, students living outside the area could be required to pay the cost of transportation out-of-pocket.

There are a variety of expenses for education that are included in tuition fees. They include textbooks, as well as other educational resources, in addition to access to the Edgewater High School library for faculty. Students also receive uniforms as well as their physical education-related clothing for free. Additionally, lunch is offered for all students throughout the school day. However certain items of a special nature such as drinks or snacks might be charged extra.

Nearby Neighborhoods

The Edgewater neighborhood located in Orlando, Florida is a delightful and vibrant neighborhood that is home to a variety of schools which include Edgewater High School. The well-established neighborhood offers its residents a wide array of recreational and leisure opportunities which makes it a desirable alternative for youngsters and families. Within the community are many stores, restaurants, and other establishments that offer residents easy access to the necessities of life. The close Lake Edgewood Park serves as a popular place for outdoor activities, such as fishing and boating, swimming, cycling paths, and playgrounds.

The close-by Millenia neighborhood is situated right across Kirkman Road from Edgewater High School. This wealthy area is known for its luxurious shopping centers that feature a variety of high-end shops as well as designer shops. The adjacent Millenia Mall and Florida Mall offer access to a myriad of entertainment and dining options which makes it an ideal spot to enjoy your afternoon or evening with your loved ones.

Its College Park neighborhood is located near the north of Edgewater High School and features numerous schools that are highly rated such as The University of Central Florida. The walkable neighborhood offers a variety of activities like attending concerts at the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts or visiting the many art cafés, galleries, and boutiques. There is also delicious local food from restaurants like California Tacos & More and Square 1 Burgers & Bar.

In the final, the Conway region is situated to the east of Edgewater High School and is the home of a number of parks, including the renowned Bay Lake Park and Conway Chain of Lakes Regional Park. This bustling neighborhood offers numerous possibilities for outdoor activities including cycling g trails, fishing areas, and playgrounds. Apart from the many close-by tourist attractions, there are numerous stores and restaurants to explore in this diverse neighborhood.

What People Are Saying

“Edgewater is a great school. The teachers are amazing and they really care about the students. The environment is also very welcoming and inclusive.” -A parent

“I absolutely loved my experience at Edgewater High School! The teachers were so engaging and really cared about their students. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone!” -A student

“Edgewater High School is an amazing place! The staff is incredibly supportive and works hard to make sure every student succeeds. I would highly recommend this school to anyone!” -A parent

Address: 3100 Edgewater Dr, Orlando, FL 32804
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