Evans High School

September 7, 2022 | Laura Torrealba
Evans High School

Evans High School in Orlando, FL is an excellent option for high school students who want the highest quality public education. The school follows rigorous academic programs which prepare students to be successful in higher education schools and even beyond. The school offers more than 130 classes comprising a variety of Advanced Placement (AP) classes as well as a variety of extracurricular activities, including competitive clubs and sports teams. Furthermore, Evans High School provides specific training in fields like engineering, robotics, and business administration, with numerous courses.

The staff of Evans High School is warm and welcoming. They have many years of teaching experience. They have taught students who are academically advanced and students who require extra assistance in getting to their full potential. Teachers recognize that every student is unique and are devoted to helping them to succeed. The school also offers an excellent assistance program for parents and students. This includes counselors, parents’ advisors as well as college advisers.

Evans High School is located in a secure neighborhood that has many cultural sites within walking distance. Students have access to the numerous entertainment options in the city, including themed parks, museums theatres, and many more. Students also have access to a variety of job opportunities in the region that can be beneficial for people who are looking to get valuable work experience while in high school.

All in all, Evans High School is an excellent option for students looking for a top-quality public education. It has a rigorous educational curriculum as well as a staff that is supportive of the faculty and students It provides a solid base for higher education institutions and beyond. In addition, it has extracurricular activities that permit students to pursue their passions and offers a variety of possibilities for entertainment, job-seeking as well as cultural and recreational activities. In these ways, Evans High School is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to receive a top-quality education.


Evans High School, located in Orlando, Florida, is an open high school that has a long-standing history and a rich tradition. In 1956, it was founded as the first high school catering to African American students, Evans High School has been a source of support for generations of families in the area and continues to provide high-quality education to the surrounding communities.

The school was officially opened in the fall of 1956, having an enrollment of 1,300 students. Its first Principal was William J. Hargraves, the previous director at Jones High School, which was closed to make way for Evans. Through the years, with expansions and renovations, the capacity of students has grown to more than 22,000 students.

In addition to its dedication to providing high-quality instruction, Evans High School has an impressive athletic program. The football team of the school has been awarded four state championships, while the basketball team has won several conference championships. Additionally, a number of students have been professional athletes in a variety of sports.

Evans High School continues to establish strong connections with its alumni and community. It hosts a myriad of activities all throughout the year such as events for reunions and fund-raising. Alumni have made significant contributions to their fields of expertise, which range from business to government and entertainment. Evans High School prides itself in being the cornerstone of education within The diverse community of Orlando.

In the present, Evans High School continues to grow and expand. It is now one of the top school in Florida providing quality education that will prepare students for academic and professional success. Through its dedication to excellence and commitment to academic success, Evans High School is dedicated to the education of future generations of leaders.

Why Evans High School Is The Best

Evans High School in Orlando, Florida is an excellent option for parents looking to meet the requirements that their kids. The school offers a broad selection of facilities and opportunities for students to reach their academic ambitions. With its award-winning teachers and well-equipped classrooms, Evans High School provides a stimulating learning environment that encourages cooperation, creativity along with academic achievement.

The school has a range of exciting activities for students to pursue their interests including performing arts, athletics, honors classes advanced placement courses, as well as dual enrollment options. Extracurricular programs at the school offer students opportunities to be involved in worthwhile activities that promote civic engagement. Evans High School also promotes the safety and security of its school and provides a range of social services that can help students who are in need.

The staff at Evans High School, faculty, and staff are dedicated to helping each student achieve rigorous academics as well as comprehensive support systems. Teachers recognize how important it is to provide differentiated education in order to accommodate the unique needs of every student. In addition, the guidance counselors in the school offer valuable information for students to consider their career and academic options.

Evans High School is the ideal option for parents looking for an academically rigorous institution with numerous possibilities and resources that will assist their child in reaching the fullest potential. With a highly skilled teaching staff with well-equipped classrooms, a variety of extracurricular activities, as well as specialized support methods, Evans High School is an ideal choice for students who want to get the maximum use of the education they receive.

In the end, parents who are considering Evans High School in Orlando FL are assured that their child will receive a high-quality education and get access to the resources and opportunities that will assist them in their success. The faculty, staff, and administration are committed to providing individual instruction and assistance to ensure that every student meets the academic targets they set for themselves. Through its dedication to quality, Evans High School is the perfect option for parents looking for a high-quality educational experience for their children.


Evans High School in Orlando, FL is a great location for students to study. The school has a wide range of facilities for students, both academic and extracurricular which make learning enjoyable and exciting.

The classrooms are large and well-lit. They are equipped with the most modern technology, like projection screens, smart boards, and computers. The sizes of classrooms vary based on the subject matter, and classes are often split into smaller sections for more active instruction.

The library at Evans High School is filled with books both classic and brand new that can be borrowed at any point of the day. The library also has an internet-connected computer lab, which provides free online research tools including databases and references. In addition, the library has many different journals, periodicals, and newspapers for students to browse through.

Outside, Evans High School has many athletic fields for games like soccer, football, track tennis, baseball, and softball. There’s also a pool that is accessible all year for leisure swimming and for swim practice for teams. The school also provides various recreational opportunities including camping, fishing, and hiking excursions.

In general, Evans High School is an excellent school to study at. The school is well-maintained, modern, and welcoming. With its excellent academic opportunities as well as extracurricular pursuits, as well as various amenities to choose from It’s the ideal place for students to succeed.


Evans High School in Orlando, Florida is committed to giving its students an excellent and rigorous education. The school provides a wide variety of classes that cover technical, academic, and fine arts to satisfy the requirements of all learners. In addition to the regular lessons, Evans High provides special services of support for English learners as well as students with disabilities.

Its curriculum for Evans High School follows the same guidelines as many other high schools across Florida. The core subjects like math sciences, English, social studies, and world languages, as well as fitness, are covered in every grade. Alternative subjects include music, art drama, and technology classes for those looking to pursue more specific fields.

Career technical classes give students the opportunity to develop techniques that can result in future employment opportunities. Skills like tourism and hospitality as well as health science technology, information technology, sports medicine, automotive services, and preschool education is available. A lot of these courses include apprenticeships or vocational certificates in the field that can assist students in preparing for college or work following the completion of their studies.

Evans High School also offers Advanced Placement (AP) courses for students who want to pursue higher-level education as they are still in high school. The AP program lets students study subjects like calculus as well as chemistry, physics, and biology, and earn credit toward their college degree before they have even graduated from high school. To help students improve their academic experiences Evans High School also provides extra-curricular activities, such as music and athletics programs students’ clubs, and social activities.

Evans High School provides a range of educational opportunities to ensure their students receive the highest quality education that they can receive. They provide challenging academic classes, career technical classes, and AP classes to ensure that each student will find something that is suited to their interests and learning requirements. With dedicated teachers, a supportive staff, and a broad range of choices, Evans High School provides an ideal chance for students to attain their goals.


Evans High School in Orlando, FL is staffed with dedicated and hardworking teachers. Directed by principal Michael Martinez, the staff of Evans High School takes pride in their determination to provide an excellent education for their students. Teachers are highly skilled professionals who go over to ensure that each pupil has the chance to achieve their academic potential. They offer individualized instruction and mentorship to assist each student in developing abilities to think critically and learn new ideas.

The administrators at Evans High School work diligently behind the scenes to make sure that everything is running smoothly every day. From providing assistance for the needs of teachers to coordinating school-wide events they work tirelessly to ensure that all students are able to access all the resources they need.

Counselors for guidance at Evans High School play a vital role in helping ensure that students are able to reach their potential in academics and personally. From offering to counsel for challenging personal problems, to aid students in choosing the best career or college and career path, the guidance staff provides individualized support that is tailored to the individual requirements.

The maintenance and custodial staff at Evans High School help keep the school tidy and running efficiently every day. They take care of all common areas and classrooms and fix any damaged furniture or equipment; they additionally work hard to ensure that safety procedures are maintained all throughout the institution.

Student Outcomes

Evans High School in Orlando FL is an affordable choice for students in the local area as well as their families. The tuition for the school year for students at Evans High School is $3,200.00 which includes the curriculum, materials, equipment, and extracurricular activities. In addition, there are additional costs associated with the school, such as fees for registration as well as locker rental fees and technology access costs. All of these fees can be paid in installments throughout the semester, or one time during the registration day.

The lunch program that is offered daily at Evans High School is also extremely affordable, as it allows students to purchase meals cooked by experienced chefs at affordable prices, while also providing top-quality food choices. Parents have the option of making a prepayment on their children’s meal accounts online or paying in installments as they go.

Additionally, there are many after-school clubs and activities that students can participate in at no cost. They are also encouraged by the school to take part in sports teams like soccer, basketball, and swimming, or cheerleading. These activities enable them to get active while developing essential teamwork skills and understanding how to collaborate with others. Evans High School also offers students the chance to take part in a variety of clubs, including theater, debate, and art clubs all at no cost.

All in all, Evans High School provides an affordable education for families living in Orlando FL. The tuition costs are affordable and the other costs related to attending the school are affordable too. The school offers a daily lunch program and the range of activities offered after school, Evans High School is an excellent choice for students living in the vicinity.

Nearby Neighborhoods

It is located near Evans High School in Orlando, Florida is surrounded by an array of distinct neighborhoods. The first neighborhood close to where the college is College Park, a historic and vibrant neighborhood well-known for its lively nightlife scene and a variety of restaurants. This neighborhood is home to many of Orlando’s most famous artists and bands such as Lou Rawls, Johnny Cash as well as Etta James. Apart from having many tourist attractions, the area has a number of parks for residents to unwind or spend time with their families.

To the south of Evans High School is the Grand Avenue district, a residential area populated by historical homes that range from Spanish-style homes to stately Craftsman homes. It also has small businesses like art galleries, bookstores, and cafes. The district is known for its unique festivals and art fairs which make it a favorite spot for residents and tourists alike.

Further to the south to further south is the SoDo district, a dazzling mixture of traditional style and modern conveniences. This area has a broad selection of bars, restaurants, and shops catering to the needs of all. Its old buildings have been renovated in recent times to create a lively atmosphere that attracts fresh businesses into the neighborhood.

There is also Semoran Boulevard situated on the east side of Evans High School. The boulevard forms an ideal boundary that separates the College Park and Grand Avenue districts and has plenty of affordable eateries, boutiques as well as entertainment venues. The lively culture that is found in this area is perfect for students who wish to explore all that Orlando offers to visitors.

From the lively nightlife in College Park to the eclectic shopping experiences that are Semoran Boulevard, Evans High neighborhood is brimming with things to do that attract people from all kinds of. No matter if you’re seeking for an area to unwind or have a party there’s something for every person. The many neighborhoods surrounding Evans High School provide ample possibilities for exploring and fun.

What People Are Saying

“Evans is the best school in Orlando!” -A parent

“The teachers and staff at Evans are amazing! They really care about each and every student and go above and beyond to make sure they succeed.” -A student

“I’ve never seen a school with such passionate and committed teachers. They truly care about their students’ success.” -Another student

Address: 4949 Silver Star Rd, Orlando, FL 32808
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Tuesday 7:15AM–2:20PM
Wednesday 7:15AM–1:10PM
Thursday 7:15AM–2:20PM
Friday 7:15AM–2:20PM
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