Jones High School

September 7, 2022 | Laura Torrealba
Jones High School

Jones High School in Orlando FL is a great location for students to get a high-quality education. The school follows an extensive curriculum and offers numerous chances for students to achieve academic excellence. With dedicated teachers as well as staff members, Jones High School offers various courses, activities and programs that are designed to meet the specific requirements of every student. The facilities of the school are clean and well-maintained, and are equipped using the most modern technology to allow students to access education materials swiftly and effectively. Additionally, Jones High School also offers a range of extracurricular activities like clubs, sports teams and art lessons, classes in music and many other enrichment programs which allow students to discover their passions outside the classroom. In addition, Jones High School is an environment that is safe and secure with a staff that is committed to the security and well-being of their students. It also has an extensive anti-bullying policy that makes sure that all students feel safe and are respected.


Jones High School in Orlando, FL was founded in 1902 as the first high school in Orange County. The school was initially constructed on land bought from Mr. as well as Mrs. L.V Jones who donated their land to Orange County for education purposes. The school expanded and became an institution with an impressive academic record and an extensive athletic heritage. It was in 1918 that Jones High School was acknowledged by the state of Florida to be one of the first schools for secondary education that was four years old in Florida that year, and it graduated its first class the same year. Since its beginning, Jones High School has kept a dedication to excellence and has a primary focus on offering students rigorous academic programs that prepare them for successful careers or college following graduation.In the beginning, Jones High School was an all-white establishment that had African American students attending separate schools in the period.

In the course of time The school gradually started to integrate, and eventually became an early public secondary school to be integrated into Orange County to do so. In the last few years, Jones High School has undergone extensive renovations to modernize its campus and create a more conducive educational atmosphere for the students. The school also collaborates with local organizations and businesses like Disney World, Universal Studios Florida and SeaWorld Orlando who provide opportunities for internships and leadership programs. The present day, Jones High School is acknowledged as one of the best secondary schools across Florida which continues to be recognized as an example of excellent academic programs and extracurricular activities for students. With a strong dedication to excellence, and a long tradition, Jones High School has gained the distinction of being one of the most prestigious schools in Florida.

Why Jones High School Is The Best

Jones High School in Orlando, FL is an excellent option for the education of your children. The school offers a wide array of extracurricular and academic opportunities for students to succeed both inside and out of the classroom. Small class sizes along with a rigorous curriculum and the innovative way of learning to assure that every student gets individual attention and instruction that is tailored to their specific strengths and preferences. At Jones High School, students can pursue their interests with exciting classes in science, mathematics and language arts, as well as foreign languages, social studies, art history, engineering technology and computer science, among others. Through the exposure to a range of disciplines within each field subject, courses can broaden students’ perspectives as well as provide a solid foundation for more advanced coursework.

The school also provides numerous extracurricular activities like robotics, theater and sports that aid students in developing artistic, physical and artistic abilities. Alongside a broad academic program and a variety of extracurricular activities, Jones High School is dedicated to creating an environment that is inclusive and welcoming in which all students feel safe and valued. The school’s staff is diligent to ensure that each pupil has the tools they need to excel, from offering meals for hungry children in the morning, to providing after-school tutoring for additional help with their homework. There are clubs that are dedicated to raising awareness about social justice issues within the community that allow students to gain knowledge about their roles in creating the future of society.


Jones High School in Orlando, Florida offers a range of modern facilities to help students to excel in both social and academic. The main building houses classrooms, administration offices and guidance services, as well as cafeteria, library/media center gymnasium, auditorium, and cafeteria. The building also has an outdoor play space for recess and PE classes.The library offers access to a variety of reading as well as digital resources that are available in electronic format, or in print form through our school’s internet. Computers are readily available for research or general needs for work. The media center, which is state of the art, is equipped with Smart Boards as well as computers, which provide access to digital libraries of websites, books, as well as other educational tools.

The auditorium hosts cultural activities like concerts and plays as well as assemblies and other important school events. The gymnasium features a huge basketball court and equipment for exercise. There are sports fields outside for practice and games that are organized which include soccer and football and an athletic field for track field.The science labs are equipped with modern technology to facilitate interactive learning opportunities in all fields of science. In addition, the cafeteria offers hot meals, snacks , and drinks throughout the day, so students are energized as they study. These facilities create a setting which is conducive to learning and help Jones High School foster a community that allows students to reach their maximum potential in academics as well as socially during their school career.


Jones High School in Orlando FL provides a broad curriculum that is designed to meet the requirements of the diverse student population. The curriculum of the school is split into three major sections which are: Core, Applied, and electives. The core courses comprise Math, English Language Arts Sciences, Social Studies, and Health and Physical Education. These essential classes are required for all students, regardless of their career or college objectives. Students must complete these classes to be able to graduate from Jones High School. The Applied division comprises Technology & Engineering Education (TEE), Business & Information Technology (BIT), Visual & Performing Arts (VPA) and Career & Technical Education (CTE). Students who study these courses are educated about the practical applications of their study. For example, students in TEE are taught how to develop technological solutions for challenges that face us in the present. Students can also choose from a variety of electives. They are Art History, Psychology, Computer Science and Spanish amongst many more. The students are permitted to choose courses that are in line with their interests and capabilities to broaden their perspectives and prepare for college or for the work market following the completion of their studies.


The faculty of Jones High School in Orlando, FL is an outstanding group of professionals committed to providing an excellent education for their students. Teachers are skilled and educated in their respective fields and are determined to create the most stimulating educational environment for their students. Jones High School prides itself on its diversity of faculty and staff that represent diverse backgrounds as well as cultures and experiences. This lets students be exposed to different ideas and perspectives which can influence their personal outlook about life. Teachers are dedicated to providing the highest quality instruction for their students, and they always seek out ways to improve their skills. The counselor staff is ready to assist students through any challenges they might face at school. The support staff are committed to ensuring that every student is welcomed at Jones High School. Together, they make an impressive group of individuals who work tirelessly every day to ensure that all students get the chance for an enjoyable learning experience.

Student Outcomes

Jones High School in Orlando FL is a school for public use which offers tuition as well as free education. The cost to attend Jones High School depends upon the type of program or education chosen for the pupil. Students who enroll in secondary school, the tuition costs are around $7,446 annually. There could be additional expenses related to textbooks, course materials, and fees for technology. If students are struggling financially There are grants and scholarships available which may help offset those costs.For students who qualify for educational assistance, their school could offer additional help with the costs for textbooks, course materials and other technology. Students in Jones High School can access free lunches, which help to lower the cost of food. Students may also be qualified for loans and aid, based on their circumstances. For more information about fees for tuition and other costs that are associated with being a student at Jones High School, please call the school directly.

Nearby Neighborhoods

Jones High School is located in the center of Orlando, Florida. The surrounding neighborhoods provide numerous things to do and amenities to visit. The immediate neighborhood around Jones High School is Hunter’s Creek which is a community of residential homes that is characterized by the rolling hills and the winding roads. This neighborhood offers plenty of outdoor activities, including hiking and biking trails, picnic areas and playgrounds. There aren’t many large malls or big-box shops in the vicinity, residents can locate all the necessities they require in places such as Publix Supermarket and Walmart Neighborhood Market. Nearby to Hunter’s Creek lies Dr. Phillips, a posh neighborhood that is lined with trees as well as terracotta-roofed houses, as well as beautifully manicured lawns. The Dr. Phillips has a variety of dining and shopping choices, including The Mall at Millenia and the Sand Lake Road’s “Restaurant Row,” and numerous luxury boutiques.

To the east lies Downtown Orlando, home to some of the city’s most well-known landmarks. In Downtown Orlando, visitors can walk around Lake Eola Park, take an evening show in the Bob Carr Performing Arts Centre or take in a game in Amway Center. Amway Center. The neighborhood also has a variety of bars, restaurants and nightclubs. In addition, to the north to Jones High School lies Edgewood which is a diverse residential community with its own distinct appeal. This neighborhood is characterized by Victorian-style homes and bungalows as well as artisan shops and trendy restaurants. Edgewood has numerous outdoor activities including close-by walking trails, parks, as well as a golf course. In general, Jones High School is located in a range of lively neighborhoods that have the perfect environment for all.

What People Are Saying

“I love Jones High School! The teachers are so amazing and really care about each and every student. They make sure that we are all succeeding in our classes. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone!” -A.W.

“My experience at Jones High School has been amazing! The staff is always willing to help out and the campus is always clean. I feel safe at this school and I know that the security is top notch. Overall, I absolutely love Jones High School!” -M.D.

“Jones High School is an excellent school! The teachers are great and they really care about their students. The campus is also beautiful and it’s always kept clean. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone!” -J.S.

“I have had a great experience at Jones High School! The teachers are amazing and they really care about their students. The campus is also beautiful and it’s always kept clean. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone!” -K.M.

“I absolutely love Jones High School! The teachers are amazing and they really care about each and every student. The campus is also gorgeous and it’s always kept clean. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone!” -A.C.

Located at: 801 Rio Grande Ave, Orlando, FL 32805

Monday 8AM–4PM
Tuesday 8AM–4PM
Wednesday 8AM–4PM
Thursday 8AM–4PM
Friday 8AM–4PM
Saturday Closed
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