Carver Middle School

September 4, 2022 | Laura Torrealba
Carver Middle School

Carver Middle School in Orlando FL is an excellent school for pupils of all different ages. It provides a range of rigorous academic programs as well as extracurricular activities to aid students in their development into competent individuals. Carver’s school has a great ratio of students to teachers, which permits teachers to provide individual attention to every student. Carver provides a safe learning environment that is governed by strict rules to guarantee the safety of each pupil. In addition, Carver has top-notch facilities equipped with cutting-edge technology like interactive whiteboards, interactive boards and laptop computers for use within classrooms as well as labs.

Outside of the class, Carver is committed to giving an enriching experience for its students through numerous clubs and organizations including robotics, choir bands, chess clubs and many more. These activities allow students to develop important skills like collaboration, leadership communication, problem-solving, and communication. The participation in these activities increases student participation and involvement with their classmates. Additionally, Carver Middle School has an extremely significant sense of community, which is evident in its dedication towards diversity and inclusivity. The school recognizes the unique talent every student brings and strives to provide an environment that fosters an environment in which all students feel valued and appreciated.


Carver Middle School, located in Orlando, Florida, has an extensive and long-running background. The school was initially established under the name of The South Street Colored School in 1883, to serve African American students in the Central Florida area. In 1895, it was moved and changed its name to Carver High School after George Washington Carver and was open until 1929, when it was closed because of economic issues. The school was closed in 1938. Reopened in the form of an elementary school for black students and was in operation for more than 20 years. It was in the year 1959 that Carver Elementary moved to its present site at Colonial Avenue near downtown Orlando and changed its name from elementary school to an elementary school for juniors. It was at this time that it was renamed Carver Junior High School.

In 1965 the school was renamed Carver Middle School when it added classes seven and eight to the previous school’s grade structure of five through nine. At the time the school was renowned for providing high-quality sports, technologically-based educational opportunities, as well as a strong dedication to student success. In the 1980s, Carver Middle School adopted the magnet program, which continues to operate to this day. Carver Middle School has had many notable alumni over the years, including professional athletes such as famous NBA athlete Grant Hill who attended Carver before going to Duke University and playing in the NBA. Other notable alumni are Grammy Award-winning singer Toni Braxton and former Orlando mayor Bill Frederick. Both have benefited from their education experiences in Carver Middle School and have been able to make significant contributions to the local area.

The present day Carver Middle School is continuing to provide students with an education that fosters both academic excellence and personal development. It continues to provide new programs, such as their magnet program, which concentrates on science technology, engineering, as well as math (STEM) and the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program. With highly-qualified staff and faculty, rigorous classes, and dedicated students, Carver Middle School remains one of Orlando’s top educational institutions.

Why Carver Middle School Is The Best

Carver Middle School in Orlando, FL is a great school for your child. We provide a challenging and creative curriculum that is designed to be stimulating and relevant for every student. Classes are taught by skilled instructors who possess the experience and experience to help your child achieve their maximum potential. In addition, we provide many extracurricular activities that enrich the learning process in the classroom. In Carver Middle School, our students receive personalized attention from the faculty and staff to help them achieve success in all aspects of their learning experience. We also offer complete counseling and support services for our students to ensure that they can have access to the tools that can aid their academic progress. Apart from academics we also emphasize emotional and social learning as part of our overall strategy that helps to create an atmosphere of positive and caring for students.

Here at Carver Middle School, safety is our top concern. We have the most advanced security equipment in place to ensure our students are secure and safe when they are on campus. Furthermore, parents are actively involved with the school community and dedicated volunteers are available when needed. Carver Middle School is committed to creating an environment that makes all students feel welcomed and valued. We work to foster an atmosphere of respect and mutual respect for staff, faculty, and students so that everyone can achieve their potential to the fullest extent. In addition, we offer additional resources , such as tutoring after school programs and special events during the school year and a variety of clubs that help to foster the spirit of exploration and creativity.


Carver Middle School in Orlando, FL offers a wide array of facilities that can meet the demands of its students. The school is outfitted with state-of-the-art computer labs that feature modern technology that allows students to learn and explore new concepts and develop their abilities. Each classroom also comes with Smart Boards that allow teachers to teach using interactive multimedia components. The school is home to an impressive media center and library that has materials for both research and leisure reading. There are comfy seating areas for studies in groups or for individual sessions, as well as the use of computers for online research, as well as access to the most up-to-date information and reference resources. The media center is also home to author visits and other events throughout the year.

Students can use the full gym, which offers classes in physical education and sports teams. The facility is equipped with lockers and plenty of space to train and play volleyball, basketball, softball, soccer, tennis, and more. There are also fields for outdoor play for baseball, football track and field, and other events. Carver Middle School offers an auditorium that has a stage perfect for drama productions, as well as events throughout the season. There is also an eatery that serves lunch and breakfast every day and snack vending machines that are conveniently located on campus. The school is dedicated to providing a secure and safe atmosphere for their students and that’s why they have an onsite security team that is dedicated to the students throughout the day. The security measures consist of CCTV cameras in every area of the school and metal detectors that are employed in peak times.


Carver Middle School in Orlando, FL is committed to offering a high-quality education for every student. The curriculum at Carver Middle School, the program includes a broad base program that includes English mathematics, language arts science, and social studies. Students also have access to Foreign Language courses such as Spanish and French and business & Technology courses. Art classes are taught using various media, including drawing as well as painting, ceramics, and sculpture. Music classes allow students to experience the art of singing, playing instruments, and learning about music. Classes in Health and Physical Education teach students about physical fitness subjects that cover nutrition and lifestyle habits for being healthy. Other elective courses could comprise Family & Consumer Science (FACS), Robotics and Computers.

Carver Middle School also offers students a variety in extracurricular pursuits. They include clubs, organizations and sports teams which students are able to participate in. Carver’s athletic program includes Football, Basketball and Soccer, Softball, Track and Field as well as Volleyball and wrestling teams. Students are also able to join in the National Junior Honor Society and Student Council to develop leadership abilities. If you have artistic talent or interests, there are a variety of singing groups like the band and chorus for chorus members who perform or sing for ensemble performance. Carver Middle School works hard to help develop every student academically, emotionally and socially by offering teachers who are for their students’ achievement. With a range of class options and extracurricular activities students will have the opportunity to discover their strengths and learn in fresh ways. Each student is assisted in finding the most effective way to master their subject.


The Carver Middle School staff Carver Middle School in Orlando, FL is composed of a wide and committed group of teachers. The school has full-time teachers and librarians, guidance counselors and administrators, nurses as well as custodians and other support staff. Everyone on staff is dedicated to providing a high-quality education and an environment that is safe for learning for students of all ages. Teachers are enthusiastic about their job and work to provide their students with the best educational experience they can. They meet with each student individually and develop individualized lessons with specific goals that keep students in the classroom. The faculty at Carver Middle School in Orlando, FL works together to provide a stimulating learning environment for every student. Through their commitment and dedication towards education, they aim to provide each student with an outstanding learning experience right from the beginning to the end.

Student Outcomes

Carver Middle School in Orlando, Florida has a wide cost range for the school. The tuition is determined by the student’s academic level and the family’s income. Students in the 6-8 grade who are eligible for the free or discounted cost meals get tuition free. For students who are not in the range of being eligible for the free or discounted cost meals tuition costs are approximately $7,200 for the year. Along with tuition fees, students must pay additional charges that have to be paid before the start of school every year. The cost for registration is $25, the cost for technology of $50, and an activity fee of $55. Each must be paid prior to classes beginning each year. The cost of books and other supplies is an additional expense that could vary from a few hundred to hundreds of dollars based on the classes students take.

There are other fees that can be added for insurance for students in case of accidents ($12 each year) as well as parking permits ($45 annually) as well as field trip which may incur additional expenses. Transportation for buses is provided by the school, but students who prefer to drive incur an additional fee of $100 for parking permits. Carver Middle School offers several options for paying for tuition, such as making a full payment each semester , or making monthly payments during all the year. Additionally, there are scholarships that are available for qualified students to cover the expenses of going to Carver Middle School. The cost of going to Carver Middle School can vary according to individual requirements and family income nevertheless, it’s important to know the fact that resources are to make higher education more affordable.

Nearby Neighborhoods

Carver Middle School is located in the middle of Orlando, Florida. The neighborhoods surrounding it include both commercial and residential areas, with many housing options available.

Millenia is a popular neighborhood. Millenia neighborhood is among the most convenient and popular communities near Carver Middle School. Millenia offers a broad range of houses, from single-family homes to multi-family homes. The area also offers numerous amenities like restaurants, parks and shops as well as grocery stores.

Another area that is close by is Delaney Park. The area has a traditional appearance due to its numerous historic structures and more traditional structures. Although there aren’t any modern amenities in this region, it does provide residents with a peaceful, serene and tranquil atmosphere.

There’s also The Lake Davis neighborhood, which is located within walking distance of Carver Middle School. The neighborhood offers a wide range of single-family housing and apartments as with a variety of parks and recreation facilities. It’s also near several popular tourist attractions, including Universal Studios or Sea World.

Then, there’s an area called the South Orange Blossom Trail neighborhood with a diverse array of shops, restaurants and other amenities for residents to take advantage of. The houses in this neighborhood range from mid-century modern to more modern styles. There are numerous parks close by that provide great opportunities for outdoor pursuits like skating, biking or having a good time with your friends.

These communities all offer residents in proximity to Carver Middle School and the numerous facilities Orlando offers. No matter if you’re searching for peace and quiet or an urban setting in one of these communities, it is bound to be perfect for you.

What People Are Saying

“I love Carver Middle School! The teachers and staff are amazing and they really care about each and every student. My son has flourished since attending this school.” – Stephanie H.

“The best middle school in Orange County! The teachers are so caring and make sure that each student succeeds. The campus is beautiful and the students are great!” – Sarah M.

“Carver Middle School is an excellent school! The teachers are top notch and truly care about their students. The campus is clean and well-maintained. I highly recommend this school to anyone looking for a great middle school experience for their child.” – Jennifer P.

Located at: 4500 Columbia St, Orlando, FL 32811

Monday 8:30AM–4PM
Tuesday 8:30AM–4PM
Wednesday 8:30AM–4PM
Thursday 8:30AM–4PM
Friday 8:30AM–4PM
Saturday Closed
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