Memorial Middle School

August 29, 2022 | Laura Torrealba
Memorial Middle School

Memorial Middle School in Orlando, Florida is an outstanding school that gives students the opportunity to develop academically, emotionally, socially, and academically. The school has an academic program that is rigorous and that is based on the Common Core State Standards which helps students prepare for the success of the high schools and even beyond. All the teachers in Memorial Middle School are highly competent professionals who work to ensure that every student receives individualized instruction and assistance. They spend time to develop friendships between their pupils, to understand what they are good at and weak points and offer them the necessary resources to be successful as lifelong learners.

At Memorial Middle School, students can participate in a variety of clubs and activities like the choir, drama, robotics and student council as well as different sports teams. These programs offer students an opportunity to explore their interests and develop essential skills such as leadership and teamwork. Additionally, the school offers a range of classes for enrichment that foster imagination and critical thinking. The general atmosphere at Memorial Middle School is positive and welcoming. The staff is warm and compassionate to students and are always ready to help whenever needed. Parents can be confident that their children are in safe care at the school. In sum, Memorial Middle School provides exceptional academic opportunities in a safe environment that makes every student feel secure and valued.


Memorial Middle School in Orlando, FL has a rich story that spans 50 years. It was founded in 1965 as a school within the Orange County Public Schools system and initially served students from grades 6-8. Since it was founded, Memorial Middle School has evolved and changed with changes in the times, evolving into an educational institution that aims to satisfy the diverse needs of its students. Through the many years, Memorial Middle School has been praised for offering a high-quality education for all its students. The school’s mission is to provide an environment that is safe and supportive for learning, where every student has the opportunity to realize their full potential. To help achieve this goal, MMS provides a variety of curriculum and courses that are designed to meet the needs of each student’s specific requirements. They offer classes like Advanced Placement courses, honors classes and Special Education services.

In addition to its academic programs, Memorial Middle School also provides a variety of activities for students to participate in. These include activities such as drama, band students’ government, debate club robotics club, and many other activities. Memorial Middle School has also been recognized for its dedication to technological innovation and advancement. It was among the first schools within Orange County Public Schools to use an interactive whiteboard that was installed in every classroom. The school also has a brand-new 3-D printing lab as well as an advanced computer lab.

By focusing on offering a high-quality education and adopting new technology, Memorial Middle School has been recognized as a pioneer in the Orlando region for quality education. It is committed to helping students realize their potential to the fullest and remains dedicated to creating an environment of creativity and diversity. Memorial Middle School’s legacy Memorial Middle School will continue to expand in the years to come as it continues to provide an excellent education for every student. The school’s dedication to academic excellence and the integration of technology are certain to make a lasting impression in the coming years for Orlando.  With such a long-standing history, Memorial Middle School is bound to keep providing students with memorable experiences for many years to follow.

Why Memorial Middle School Is The Best

Memorial Middle School in Orlando, FL offers an unparalleled educational education for students. The school offers a top academic program, with rigorous courses that allow students to be prepared for further education and beyond. In addition, the school is committed to providing a secure and welcoming environment in which all students are able to thrive. From small class sizes to committed teachers who encourage the development of students, Memorial Middle School provides an enriching education experience that distinguishes it against other institutions in the region. The staff of Memorial Middle School are highly skilled professionals who are determined to offer individualized attention to every student’s requirements and aspirations. They not only strive to ensure that their students succeed academically, but they provide advice regarding how to best approach every challenge that they confront.

In the end, Memorial Middle School is committed to providing an enriching and varied learning experiences for the students. By focusing on interaction with the community at large The school provides a wide range of possibilities for pupils to acquire understanding of various perspectives and cultures. Through student-led service initiatives, cultural festivals and field excursions, students are able to discover their passions as well as gain a greater comprehension of the world that surrounds them. With its caring staff and faculty, an academically rigorous program, and a dedication to diversity and safety in the field of education, Memorial Middle School in Orlando FL is undoubtedly the school for your child.


Memorial Middle School in Orlando, FL is a state-of-the-art facility that gives students the chance to enjoy a world-class educational experience. The building itself has plenty of natural light thanks to large windows and modern classrooms for study and fun. The spacious classrooms feature comfortable furniture, interactive boards as well as access to technology for everyone in the school. The school also houses libraries that have a variety of e-books and books and media equipment that is used by students and teachers alike. Music rooms are outfitted with instruments, including drums, guitars, pianos, trumpets, trombones, violins, etc. Students have access to discover their musical abilities.

Outside, there’s an outdoor play area with ample space for physical exercise and sports fields for baseball, soccer and much more. The school has a cafeteria, which serves meals cooked fresh every day. Security for the children is of paramount importance for the students at Memorial Middle School in Orlando, FL. Security guards are in attendance both during school hours and after school hours to provide an environment that is safe for students. Additionally, the school utilizes keypad entry systems that control access to areas that are not permitted by the staff. Furthermore every classroom has emergency exits for swift evacuation in the event of an emergency.

Memorial Middle School in Orlando, FL also offers its students extracurricular activities, such as classes in arts and crafts as well as chess club gatherings, intramural sports teams, student-run groups, and other activities. The goal of these activities is to give students opportunities for growth and socialization as well as the chance to pursue their passions. In the end, Memorial Middle School in Orlando, FL offers an exceptional learning environment that fosters personal development and academic excellence by offering high-tech facilities as well as extracurricular programs. It is aiming to provide pupils with skills they require to be successful in their lives beyond the school.


Memorial Middle School in Orlando, FL offers an outstanding curriculum that is designed to meet the unique needs of every student.The classes at the school’s core provide a challenging and rigorous learning experience for every student, which includes classes in Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science as well as the Fine Arts as well as Physical Education.Technology is integrated into the classrooms to help students develop better and more efficiently. In addition to the classic disciplines, the school offers elective classes like Music and Visual Arts; World Languages as well as Health and Wellness Humanities and Financial Literacy; as well as Career Exploration.

Advanced Placement (AP) courses are offered at Memorial Middle School in areas such as English Literature & Composition, History and Social Sciences, Mathematics and Computer Science.Students can also opt for Honors courses within Language Arts and Mathematics, to get more challenging academic experiences. The school also provides extracurricular activities like debate and drama clubs and student government. There are also music and dance classes as well as sporting teams.Moreover, Memorial Middle School is home to an active Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) that helps improve the learning environment at the school.


Memorial Middle School in Orlando FL is managed by an extensive, knowledgeable and committed group of teachers. The school is staffed by a skilled principal as well as assistant principals, guidance counselors, teachers and personnel supporting them. Memorial Middle School has a vast staff of teachers who are experts in a variety of subject areas, including math sciences, language arts as well as music, social studies, physical education, art and technology. The instructors in Memorial Middle School bring enthusiasm and commitment to their respective areas of expertise with passion and respect for the individual student’s requirements in education. Staff members supporting the students of Memorial Middle School also plays an important part in the smooth operation of the institution. It has cleaning staff to maintain the cleanliness of the building as well as a cafeteria staff that offer quality food for students, as well as an office staff who assist with administrative duties. The entire staff works together to ensure the Memorial Middle School is a secure and comfortable environment for everyone who attends.

Student Outcomes

Memorial Middle School in Orlando, FL is part of the Orange County Public Schools system and provides an excellent education for students from grades 6-8. The school is situated in downtown Orlando and has a student population of about 1500 students. The tuition for Memorial Middle School costs around $7,079 annually for students who reside in Orange County Public Schools. This includes tuition for regular classes in addition to any fees that are applicable, such as book rental and other costs. For students who are not residents it is $10,126 for the year. Along with tuition fees, parents are required to pay a technology fee every semester, which is between $75 and $125 depending on the grade.

The school also offers additional charges that could be applicable to certain students. This includes a $145 orchestra/band fee for students in music classes as well as an additional fee of $25 for graduation for students in the 8th grade. There are also several after-school activities offered by Memorial Middle School which come with additional costs that range between $50 and $100 per event. In addition, the school provides numerous items for parents to purchase that they are able to buy for their child, such as excursions, T-shirts, or other items.

Nearby Neighborhoods

Memorial Middle School is located in the Windy Ridge neighborhood of Orlando, Florida. The community’s suburban location is in the form downtown Orlando and is located near various major highways for convenient access to all the city’s attractions. The community consists of condominiums, single-family homes and townhouses in addition to numerous restaurants, shopping, and entertainment choices.

Near the north end to Memorial Middle School lies Milano Park It is a huge outdoor area with walking trails and fields where residents can participate in activities like baseball or soccer. Residents also have access to the adjacent Sunset Lakes Community Center which has basketball courts, and tennis courts for recreation activities.

The area surrounding Memorial Middle School includes some of the city’s most desirable shopping possibilities, including two massive malls situated nearby. Millenia Mall and the Florida Mall and Millenia Mall each have a wide selection of high-end shops, restaurants and entertainment places. There are also smaller strip malls as well as large box stores nearby for every type of shopping requirement.

The residents living near Memorial Middle School enjoy access to great eating options, too. Sushi Tomi is an award-winning Japanese restaurant. Tijuana Flats serves delicious Mexican food. Additionally, many well-known chain restaurants such as Chipotle as well as Olive Garden are located in proximity to the school.

The Windy Ridge neighborhood offers its residents plenty of opportunities for recreation and easy access to Orlando’s most popular attractions. Activities in the park, from outdoor in Milano Park to shopping at two major malls The area around Memorial Middle School provides plenty of options for families living nearby.

What People Are Saying

“My daughter loves this school. The teachers are so friendly and helpful, and the staff is always willing to help when needed. My daughter has been doing well academically and socially since starting at Memorial.” -Linda W.

“Memorial Middle School has done a great job in preparing my child for high school! The teachers challenge her while still providing support and encouragement to ensure she succeeds.” -Mary E.

“I’ve had nothing but wonderful experiences with Memorial Middle School. The extracurricular activities are excellent and the staff really knows how to make learning fun!” -John B.

“My son loves going to this school every day, especially because of the engaging teachers who care about the students. The administration is also very supportive and helpful.” -Denise K.

Located at: 2220 29th St, Orlando, FL 32805

Monday 9:45AM–4PM
Tuesday 9:45AM–5PM
Wednesday 9:45AM–5PM
Thursday 9:45AM–5PM
Friday 9:45AM–4PM
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

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