Roberto Clemente Middle School

September 2, 2022 | Laura Torrealba
Roberto Clemente Middle School

Roberto Clemente Middle School located in Orlando, FL is the ideal location for students to receive an outstanding education. Highly trained, dedicated teachers as well as a secure and safe learning environment, as well as a variety of extracurricular activities, Roberto Middle School is a top-quality education.

They are teachers from Roberto Clemente Middle School who are committed to educating their students. They employ innovative methods of teaching to ensure that every pupil is engaged and challenged during class. Faculty members are also available during school hours for assistance when needed. Additionally, instructors have created an environment of respect and cooperation between their students and them.

The school does not only offer a secure and safe educational atmosphere for its students, but it also provides a variety of extracurricular activities. There are after-school clubs and sports teams for students to join. If it’s volleyball, basketball or chess club, or theater, Roberto Clemente Middle School offers something for every student.

In the end, Roberto Clemente Middle School is the ideal spot for students to receive an outstanding education. Highly trained teachers along with a secure and safe learning environment, as well as a variety of extracurricular activities This school has everything. If you’d like your child to receive a high-quality education, with a wide range of possibilities for development, then visit Roberto Clemente Middle School in Orlando now!


Roberto Clemente Middle School located in Orlando, Florida has a diverse and long-running timeline. It was established in 1972 and is the only school in the United States to be designated for Major League Hall of Famer Roberto Clemente. It was originally an elementary school that was located in what is now referred to as the Colonialtown neighborhood, which is located near downtown Orlando.

Over the decades, Roberto Clemente evolved into a middle school, becoming among the top famous institutions within Orange County. At its beginning, the school was home to over three thousand students from all over Central Florida who were attracted by its extensive academic program as well as the variety of extracurricular activities. The majority of the students were comprised of kids of Hispanic heritage, which reflected the large number of immigrants and refugees who had been settling in Orlando in the 1970s and the 1980s.

In the year 1990, Roberto Clemente moved to an entirely new campus located situated on Michigan Street in East Orange County. The move resulted in the expansion of curriculum and extracurricular activities that gave students a variety of options to discover their passions. Alongside traditional classes like English and Mathematics students are now able to select among Spanish classes as well as robotics, music theory, or computer programming.

Roberto Clemente Middle School has grown throughout the years, earning many distinctions for its academic excellence and athletics. It is still one of many of the sought-after schools in Central Florida with its diverse student body that includes more than twenty nations. In its dedication to providing high-quality educational opportunities, it frequently has guest speakers as well as celebrations of culture to honor its students’ culture. The school is still in operation today. Roberto Clemente Middle School remains an important component in the Orlando community, serving an upcoming generation of learners.

The past of Roberto Clemente Middle School has been one of achievement, growth, and dedication to excellence, which is still evident even today. The school’s alumni are proud of their accomplishments and carry the lessons the school taught them wherever they go. The legacy will be carried on for generations to come.

Why Roberto Clemente Middle School Is The Best

Roberto Clemente Middle School located in Orlando, Florida is an ideal option for your child of yours. It offers a fantastic academic program that lets students excel, and it offers a safe and nurturing atmosphere that promotes learning. Its teachers Roberto Clemente Middle School are professional experts who truly care for their pupils and ensure that they get the best education they can get.

The school offers a vast array of extracurricular activities available to students so that they can enjoy themselves while maintaining their academic goals. There are teams for sports and clubs like robotics and Chess, which gives every student the opportunity to discover something they love during their free time. The school also offers a variety of additional help classes for students who require assistance or are looking to improve their studies.

Roberto Clemente Middle School has an excellent security record, and it is dedicated to keeping its students safe. The school conducts regular training and procedures to ensure that all students know the right steps to take in the event of an emergency. Additionally, the school has an entry system secured with cameras and monitors at every door to ensure only those required to be there are able to access the school.

The personnel of Roberto Clemente Middle School goes beyond their means to ensure that every student is respected and appreciated regardless of where they’re from, or whatever their origins may be. A school is a place that is a place where diversity is appreciated and respected and can be extremely beneficial for your child’s early years of learning ways to communicate with various communities and individuals. At Roberto Clemente Middle School you can rest assured that your child will receive the highest quality education in a secure and safe environment.

These factors make it among the best schools for students seeking the best education. It’s a great option for the child you love. Roberto Clemente Middle School located in Orlando, Florida is the best institution for your child of yours. Your child will be in good hands thanks to its dedicated staff and an amazing selection of sports. Give your child the chance to be successful in the classroom and in relationships by offering them the chance to attend Roberto Clemente Middle School – it’s certainly worth it!


Roberto Clemente Middle School, located in Orlando, Florida, offers various facilities for students as well as staff. The school has two floors and is divided into three distinct wings – the east wing, which is home to libraries, classrooms, offices, and cafeteria, the south wings which house gyms, auditoriums, as well as locker rooms; The west-facing wing houses music classes, art studios computers labs, and other. Each of these wings offers plenty of space for various activities.

The grounds at the school have playing fields for basketball, soccer, and softball. There are the track areas that are outdoors that allow students to participate in recreational or invitational running events. The school also has its own sports complex that has bat cages, practice fields golf putting greens and an indoor bouldering wall.

The library of the school is filled with periodicals, books, and computers that can assist students in their research or study. The cafeteria serves breakfast, lunch, and snacks for students. There are vending machines located in the cafeteria where you can purchase healthy snacks like salads and fruit juices.

Additionally, Roberto Clemente Middle School offers numerous extracurricular activities to keep students engaged beyond the classroom. These activities include student clubs like robotics, chess club, art club, drama productions, and debate teams; intramural sports such as basketball, softball, and track & field; academic competitions at local, regional, and national levels; tutoring services; assemblies/performances by professional artists; and field trips. These activities are designed to assist students in developing their creative, academic, and physical skills within a safe and secure setting.


Roberto Clemente Middle School located in Orlando, FL offers a comprehensive educational experience for the students. The curriculum is created to meet the requirements of each student individually and to help them develop both academically as well as socially. Every student benefits from a rigorous educational program that encourages critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. The classes taught to cover all subjects of the core including mathematics, language arts sciences, foreign languages, social studies, and music, as well as physical education, art, and health.

In addition to the basic courses provided by Roberto Clemente Middle School, there are many elective courses that include technology-related applications and computing; more advanced mathematics classes like trigonometry and geometry, and special classes such as engineering design and robotics. These elective classes are designed to give students an array of educational possibilities.

Students are also able to participate in many extracurricular activities, including clubs, sports, and other groups. The school is home to several athletic teams competing locally in addition to a range of academic clubs and groups that encourage learning outside the classroom. These activities assist students in preparing for college and offer them the chance to discover their interests and build leadership abilities.

In Roberto Clemente Middle School, the focus of education isn’t just on what students take classes in. It’s also about helping them develop into more well-rounded and well-prepared to excel in the world. The program stresses collaboration, character building, and the ability to think critically. Through the many programs and classes offered students acquire the skills needed to be successful in college and beyond.


Roberto Clemente Middle School located in Orlando, FL is staffed by a team of committed and committed professionals who hold the best interests of the students at the forefront of their minds. The school houses an outstanding administrative team, comprised of an assistant principal and principal, and office personnel. The team is dedicated to creating a space that is conducive to learning. They are always ready to hear and accept suggestions from parents, students as well as teachers.

The staff of Roberto Clemente Middle School prides itself on its wide range of knowledge. From math and science instructors to social studies and language arts instructors, the school offers an array of classes for all students. Each instructor takes it upon themselves to make sure that their classes are entertaining, stimulating, and instructive. Each instructor is passionate about his/her area of research and strives to assist every student to achieve their maximum potential.

Support staff members in Roberto Clemente Middle School include counselors as well as librarians and nurses who are always on hand to assist students in whatever ways they’re able. The school counselor ensures students have access to tools that allow them to be successful academically and socially. The primary role of the school librarian is to ensure that the library is fully stocked with the right books for students of any age and with different desires. In addition, the nurse collaborates closely with administrators and teachers to offer health care services for all students.

Roberto Clemente Middle School also has a plethora of custodians who do their best every day to make sure the school is kept clean and safe for every student. They are always eager to help in any role that they are able to, be that in assisting with a repair or lending a helping to. The team is crucial for keeping the school operating every day and each of them is vital to the achievement and success of our school.

In the end, Roberto Clemente Middle School located in Orlando, FL staffs an incredible team of experts who are dedicated to providing the most enjoyable educational experience for the students. From teachers and administrators to custodians and counselors, every person plays a vital role in ensuring a safe and comfortable environment in which learning can occur. Together, they create the basis that this amazing institution can be proud of.

Student Outcomes

Roberto Clemente Middle School located in Orlando FL is an award-winning public school that provides high-quality education for its students. As one of the top Middle schools in Florida, Roberto Clemente Middle School is a great value cost structure. The total cost of tuition for the academic year is $6,800. This includes the cost of all fees, textbooks, and supplies. In addition, there are no other costs, such as charges for technology or activity fees.

The price of tuition at Roberto Clemente Middle School is fairly affordable when compared with other schools of a private nature within the area. While some private schools are charging as high as $20,000 for a year, however, Roberto Clemente offers its services for an affordable price of $20,000. Additionally, there are a variety of payment plans that allow parents to spread the expense of schooling over several installments.

In addition to tuition, parents are required to pay for registration and facility fees which allow access to all of the recreational and educational activities at Roberto Clemente Middle School. These costs vary depending on the other extracurricular activities and can range between $300-$500 each year. The school also offers transport for students, but there is a small cost for the service.

The overall price of attending Roberto Clemente Middle School located in Orlando FL is quite affordable when compared with other private institutions in the region. With its affordable tuition fees along with generous payment plans as well as additional charges for extracurricular activities, Roberto Clemente is a fantastic choice for families who want to provide their children with a high-quality education, without breaking the bank.

Nearby Neighborhoods

Roberto Clemente Middle School which is located in the town of Orlando, Florida, offers students a variety of opportunities for learning. Orlando has a variety of kinds of neighborhoods that are diverse near Roberto Clemente Middle School. Richmond Heights is one of them. Richmond Heights neighborhood, located within two miles of Roberto Clemente Middle School, is a suburb region that is renowned for its peaceful streets and family-friendly environment. This area is considered an ideal place to create a family due to its large sense of community and the availability of facilities like parks and playgrounds.

Richmond Heights is also near Roberto Clemente Middle School. Richmond Heights also provides easy access to downtown Orlando with its nearby shopping centers and eateries. Other neighborhoods that offer similar amenities include Baldwin Park and Millenia, both located within three miles of the school. Baldwin Park is a modern community that has lots of green space and convenient access to downtown Orlando and downtown, while Millenia offers city living in a rural area, just outside downtown.

If you’re looking for alternative options that are more urban, Parramore and Ivanhoe Village are both located within 5 miles of Roberto Clemente Middle School. Both have a vibrant lifestyle and a wide array of locally owned businesses as well having easy access to entertainment options in the downtown area of Orlando.

In the end, Roberto Clemente Middle School is located in a variety of neighborhoods that offer a variety of options for living and amenities near the school. If you’re looking for a peaceful suburban life or an active urban lifestyle there’s something for all residents near Roberto Clemente Middle School located in Orlando, Florida.

What People Are Saying

“This is a great school. The staff is so caring and attentive to each student’s individual needs. They make sure that every student has the opportunity to succeed.” -A parent

“The best middle school in Orlando! The teachers are top notch and truly care about their students.” -A student

“RCMS is an amazing place. I have 2 daughters that attend here, one in 6th grade and one in 7th grade. Both of them have had great experiences here.” -A parent

“I love this school because it gives every child the attention they need even if they’re struggling or excelling.” -A teacher

Address: 6000 Roberto Clemente Rd, Orlando, FL 32807
Monday 1:48PM–1:50AM
Tuesday 1:48PM–1:50AM
Wednesday 1:48PM–1:50AM
Thursday 1:48PM–1:50AM
Friday 1:48PM–1:50AM
Saturday 1:48PM–1:50AM
Sunday 1:48PM–1:50AM

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