Southwest Middle School

August 29, 2022 | Laura Torrealba
Southwest Middle School

Southwest Middle School in Orlando FL provides an exceptional educational experience and a variety of activities for pupils of all different ages. The school is geared towards offering a safe and secure learning environment as well as an educational program that is challenging so that students are able to achieve their highest potential. The instructors in the Southwest Middle School are highly skilled professionals who offer individualized instruction for every pupil. They concentrate on teaching the most fundamental academic subjects, including Math, Science, English, History, Social Studies Arts, Music, as well as Physical Education. Teachers also collaborate closely with parents and teachers to make sure that their children receive the highest quality education.

Alongside its excellent curriculum for academics, Southwest Middle School offers many extracurricular activities that help encourage the ability to think critically and creatively as well as fostering collaboration and respect for each other. The activities include school plays, sports teams and student councils, arts classes, music lessons, and trips to the outdoors. The school also offers students with a secure and safe learning environment that has strict security measures for the protection of every student. Staff members are dedicated throughout the day to offer guidance and support when they are needed. Additionally, Southwest Middle School has an active parent organization that facilitates the communication between teachers and parents and provides additional assistance for students in need.


Southwest Middle School in Orlando FL opened it’s doors to children in. It is located on a 27-acre campus, Southwest Middle School has provided high-quality education for over 70 years. It is among the most prestigious middle schools within Orange County and one of the longest-running public schools in the region. Through its long history, Southwest Middle School has been transformed from two structures to a complex of multiple buildings designed to aid in the students’ learning both in and outside. The school in 2015 went through major improvements that included replacing windows with more energy efficient ones and setting up air conditioning as well as renovating classrooms and creating a media center, and introducing the latest technology in the facility.

Students in Southwest Middle School benefit from many events and programs. They have after-school clubs classes for enrichment, team sports and science fairs, as well as performances and visual arts classes and seminars on healthy living, and much more. The school also has an initiative for peer mentors that assists students in developing more social connections with their peers, while also enhancing their academic capabilities, Southwest Middle School is a highly regarded school in Orlando and its surrounding communities. It continues to offer top-quality education for its students and is an illustration of what can be done when staff and teachers collaborate for the benefit of all.

Why Southwest Middle School Is The Best

Southwest Middle School in Orlando FL is a great school for children to go to. It offers an array of education opportunities and services. The school offers an intense academic program, which includes rigorous courses, highly trained teachers as well as the latest technology. The school also encourages students to participate in extracurricular activities like theater arts, athletics and leadership classes. The instructors in Southwest Middle School are committed to individualize the curriculum for every student’s individual needs and help them reach their best. They employ innovative methods of teaching which keep students interested in their studies while having enjoyable. They also work closely with parents, so that they are involved in the learning process and offer support in the event of need.

The school also offers top services for students, including counseling, nutrition and health classes, as well as the special programs. These programs ensure that every student has the necessary resources to be successful in their studies as well as in their daily lives. Southwest Middle School also focuses on creating a secure and welcoming environment where students feel safe being who they are. The administration works with teachers to ensure respect for all students, regardless of race and ethnicity, gender and sexual preference. The faculty is trained to create a positive learning environment by offering support whenever needed.


Southwest Middle School in Orlando, FL is a modern facility that offers top-of-the-line facilities. The school is split into two wings for grades and other special classes, making it easier to navigate through the halls to identify the classroom that is suitable for your needs. It was recently updated to incorporate brand-new classrooms equipped with smart boards and computers that allow students to engage in learning experiences that are interactive. There is also a library with magazines, books as well as computers and other sources that teachers and students are able to use for research or leisure reading. With comfortable seating areas, it is the perfect spot for students to unwind after classes or to study for exams.

There are a variety of playgrounds in the outdoors, including tennis courts, diamonds for baseball soccer fields and green spaces with plenty of space for students to play and keep active. Additionally, the school is equipped with a fitness center with state-of-the-art exercise equipment and weights, as well as a cafeteria offering healthy food all day. The school also offers a variety of extracurricular options, including orchestra, band and drama club, as well as other interest groups. With its lively culture, Southwest Middle School in Orlando is an ideal spot for youngsters to discover their interests and gain important life abilities.

Southwest Middle School also provides great technological tools for staff and students alike. Each classroom is equipped with the latest technology in devices and computers that are connected to a sophisticated network system that provides easy access to educational resources at any time on campus. The school also features the latest video conferencing technology which allows students and teachers to join classrooms across the globe. These facilities provide Southwest Middle School in Orlando an ideal learning space for all students.


Southwest Middle School in Orlando FL provides a broad curriculum for its students. The primary subjects are Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Other elective courses are offered for middle schoolers to discover their interests and acquire new abilities. Within the Language Arts program, students are taught about grammar, literature writing, public speaking, composition, along with creative writing. Math classes concentrate on problem-solving through algebraic equations and trigonometry and geometry. Science covers physical science subjects like physics and chemistry and the life sciences like biology. The course in Social Studies, students investigate the various branches of government as they explore the background of both the United States and Florida.

Through electives offered at Southwest Middle School in Orlando FL students will be able to study topics like music, art as well as foreign language, drama and technology. The courses are designed to get students ready for the next level of high school by teaching them important abilities that will help them when they go on to higher education. The faculty at Southwest Middle School in Orlando FL the staff strives to offer a broad and balanced education for their students , which encourages imagination and critical thinking. By focusing on this, students will be more educated for their future professional and academic endeavors. The school also has a comprehensive program for nutrition that is offered at Southwest Middle School which provides healthy meals for students every day to keep them engaged during the entire day. In addition, there are a variety of extracurricular activities, such as teams of athletes, after school tutoring programs and student councils, as well as groups and clubs. These activities aid students in developing leadership skills and teamwork while pursuing their passions in life.

At Southwest Middle School, the faculty recognizes that each student learns differently and therefore employs different teaching methods to ensure that every student is able to attain their maximum potential. The school provides individual instruction and makes use of technology as an essential element of learning, for example making use of online platforms for virtual classes as well as the use of project-based learning. The staff at Southwest Middle School also provides the students with a lot of support by providing guidance counselors with special programs for students who are struggling colleges, college preparatory courses and enrichment programs.


Southwest Middle School in Orlando, FL is staffed by an experienced and highly skilled group of teachers. The principal of the school, Mrs. Anna Lee Miller, has been employed at Southwest for more than two decades and brings an abundance of knowledge and experience to the post. She is determined to provide students with an exciting learning environment which encourages discovery and exploration.

The teaching team at Southwest is composed of highly skilled professionals from all fields – mathematics, literature, science as well as art, social studies, music, Spanish languages, and much more! They’re dedicated to providing stimulating lessons that foster higher-order thinking capabilities for their students. Every teacher has developed efficient techniques for managing classrooms to create the safety of their students for all students.

Alongside educators in the Southwest Middle School, there is a highly-trained support staff that includes nurses, counselors and guidance counselors, as well as librarians, social workers, and many more. Each one of them is a part of the goal that the school is able to provide students the resources and guidance for academic achievement. They also help students develop efficient study skills as well with problem-solving techniques that can be employed throughout their education journey. In the end, Southwest Middle School in Orlando FL has an excellent staff and faculty members who are committed to helping its students achieve their maximum potential.

Student Outcomes

Southwest Middle School in Orlando, FL, is part of the Orange County Public Schools district. The school is run on an annual operating budget that is about 10 million dollars. The budget includes costs for wages and benefits for staff, equipment and equipment for classrooms, maintenance of facilities technological development and upgrades and professional development, and various other operating expenses. Southwest Middle School has many fees that come with enrollment of students, including the enrollment fee ($35) and the tuition ($5 daily or 50 dollars for the semester) as well as the cost of renting a textbook (varying according to the grade). The school also has various extracurricular activities including athletic teams, which require additional charges for participation. The fees are based on the sport chosen. Additionally, Southwest Middle School offers an array of technological programs, such as computer access and programs which require additional charges for students who want to take part in these programs. The fees are all listed on the school’s website and are due prior to the start of any activity or program.

Nearby Neighborhoods

The neighborhoods around Southwest Middle School in Orlando, FL are diverse and lively. The neighborhood is famously known for its lush vegetation , which creates a tropical vibe. It’s the home of a variety of eateries, cafes, shops and parks catering to both tourists and locals alike. The majority of the residential area surrounding the school consists of single-family houses with lots of green areas close by. The majority of these houses have recently been upgraded with modern features such as granite countertops or stainless-steel appliances. The majority of homes come with a garage that can accommodate two cars or a carport with plenty of room for outside activities like barbecues and backyard sports games

Apart from the residential neighborhoods There are numerous retail stores that are located in the neighborhood. Drug stores, supermarkets as well as banks are easy to access at the schools. There’s also a huge variety of restaurants to pick from, with cuisines that range from classic American food up to Mexican and Cuban food items. The region surrounding Southwest Middle School has plenty of leisure activities to choose from and. The adjacent Walnut Park offers plenty of trails for walkers and joggers alike. Dickson Azalea Park provides an ideal location for picnics or gatherings for families. For those who love sports there are two public golf facilities within a 5-mile distance from the school. Additionally, numerous public pools are available within the vicinity of the school for those seeking to cool down during the scorching summer months in Orlando.

In general, the neighborhood around Southwest Middle School in Orlando, FL offers something for all. With its lush greenery and numerous amenities, this neighborhood is the ideal place to make your home. If you’re seeking an environment for families or a lively nightlife scene There’s something to meet your requirements.

What People Are Saying

“Best Middle School in Orlando!” -A Parent

“My child has been attending Southwest Middle School for the past two years and we have been very happy with the school. The teachers are great and they really seem to care about the students. The school has a nice, family atmosphere.” -Another Satisfied Parent

“Southwest Middle is an excellent school! The teachers, staff, and principal are all so caring and truly want what is best for each student. They go out of their way to make sure each student feels special and that their needs are being met. My daughter has flourished since beginning at Southwest and I am so grateful for all they have done for her.” -Grateful Parent

Located at: 6450 Dr Phillips Blvd, Orlando, FL 32819

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Friday 9:30AM–3:57PM
Saturday Open 24 hours
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