The Best Funeral Homes In Orlando FL

September 17, 2022 | Camila Salamanca
The Best Funeral Homes In Orlando FL

Our website is the most reliable guide for finding the best funeral homes in Orlando FL. We have a large directory of funeral facilities providing the services you need that are located in Central Florida. The comprehensive directory contains information about each funeral home, including full descriptions, contact information, and photos that are featured so you are able to take the right choice for your family.

We also offer detailed reviews of past customers on their experiences with each service. This will help you to gain an understanding of which funeral house might be the perfect choice for your budget and needs. Our website is simple to navigate and offers easy access to current information about funeral homes in the Orlando region. It is easy for you to search and compare funeral homes to ensure you find the one that is suitable for your needs with the minimum effort. Our customer service team is on hand to answer any queries or help you make an informed choice.

Additionally, our site offers valuable tools and resources that help users locate reliable funeral homes in the vicinity. From price comparisons to user reviews, we offer all the essential information to help you make an informed choice on a funeral home. With us, on your side, You can be assured that the funeral service will be conducted with respect and care.

Funeral HomeScore
Baldwin-Fairchild Conway Funeral Home4.5
A Community Funeral Home and Sunset Cremations4.9
Carey Hand Colonial Funeral Home5.0
Orlando, Newcomer Cremations Funerals & Receptions4.4
Mitchell’s Funeral Home. Inc.4.6
Pax Villa Funeral Homes3.9
Robert Bryant Funeral and Cremation Church3.8
Gail & Wynn’s Mortuary4.0
Baldwin Brothers A Funeral & Cremation Society in Orlando4.8
Compass Pointe Cremation Services, LLC4.9

These Are Some Local Options:

Baldwin-Fairchild Conway Funeral Home

Baldwin Fairchild Conway Funeral Home
Baldwin-Fairchild Conway Funeral Home

Located at: 1413 S Semoran Boulevard, Orlando, FL, 32807

Baldwin Fairchild Conway Funeral Home located in Orlando, Florida is the ideal location for those who value the customer experience and offer compassionate assistance during difficult times. Since the beginning of time, they’ve been offering quality funeral services that are able to meet the requirements of their customers. Their staff is professional and provides individualized guidance, ensuring that families receive support that is tailored to their specific needs and experiences.

The staff of Baldwin-Fairchild Conway Funeral Home in Orlando is committed to ensuring that every detail that is associated with funerals is dealt with. From beginning to end each step is taken care of in a manner that is respectful and compassionate. They’re equipped with the most modern technology in order to make sure the process of planning runs smoothly. They provide a range of services, ranging from planning funerals to helping with the ceremony or designing tributes to the deceased.

Staff members at Baldwin-Fairchild Conway Funeral Home in Orlando are highly educated and skilled in their area. Their caring and professional approach ensures that every family receives the best service and attention in this time of grief. They are available for assistance whenever required, providing peace and compassion for those who are grieving.

For those who are looking for an occupation that can make an impact on the lives of others and lives, Baldwin-Fairchild Funeral Home, located in Orlando Florida is the perfect option. There’s no better way of serving the community than to help people feel at peace during the most stressful times in their lives. With their dedication to the highest standards of customer service and caring, Baldwin-Fairchild Conway Funeral Home located in Orlando offers the ideal environment for rewarding work.

A Community Funeral Home And Sunset Cremations

A Community Funeral Home Sunset Cremations
A Community Funeral Home And Sunset Cremations

Located at: 910 W Michigan St. Orlando, FL 32805

An Affinity Funeral Home or Sunset Cremations in Orlando Florida is the ideal option for families searching for an appropriate way to remember the person they love dearly. The staff is welcoming professional, caring, and compassionate and strives to create an atmosphere that is comfortable during difficult times so that families can concentrate on the process of saying goodbye.

At ACFHSC they provide various services to aid families to remember their loved ones with dignity and respect. From traditional burial options to custom memorials and funeral packages ACFHSC provides something for all. They also provide preplanning options should you wish to ensure that families can be prepared for to be ready when the time comes.

The ACFHSC facility ACFHSC offers a stylish and cozy atmosphere in which family members can come together to celebrate their loved ones. The staff is always available to answer any concerns or questions families might have, and they will make sure that every family’s experience is as memorable and meaningful as it can be.

When it is time to end your journey when it is time to say goodbye, make sure that ACFHSC helps you. With the kindness of a family member and the expertise of a highly experienced funeral home, A Community Funeral Home and Sunset Cremations in Orlando Florida will make sure your loved one’s memory is treated with respect and grace. Whatever kind of funeral you select you can be sure that ACFHSC will offer exceptional service each step of the way.

Carey Hand Colonial Funeral Home

Carey Hand Colonial Funeral Home
Carey Hand Colonial Funeral Home

Located at: 2811 Curry Ford Rd Orlando, FL 32806

Carey Hand Colonial Funeral Home located in Orlando, Florida is the most prestigious funeral house for those who are looking for exceptional service and respectful care for their loved family members. With more than a century’s experience in providing caring care to families in their times of emergency, the staff at Carey Hand provides exceptional care and professionalism to ensure the individual wishes of each family are fulfilled.

Funeral homes have an established tradition of preserving their past and keeping up to date with the latest developments and technology. They provide a variety of funeral services, such as funerals that are traditional, as well as cremations or memorial services that are customized to meet the needs of each individual. The team of experts is well-versed in every aspect that goes into the planning process from choosing appropriate caskets and urns to helping you plan and organize an appropriate ceremony.

Additionally, Carey Hand Colonial Funeral Home also offers additional services like counseling, grief support, and items for remembrance. Funeral homes also offer various payment options to make the process simpler for families going through difficult financial times. Flexible payment plans allow families to fund the funeral of their loved ones according to the method that’s most appropriate for their budget.

Carey Hand Colonial Funeral Home understand that planning a funeral may be stressful and overwhelming and they work hard to make sure that you are comfortable and understand throughout the entire process. Through their compassion and attention to detail, people seeking for an elegant service ought to consider Carey Hand Colonial Funeral Home located in Orlando Florida.

Orlando, Newcomer Cremations Funerals & Receptions

Newcomer Cremations Funerals Receptions Orlando
Orlando, Newcomer Cremations Funerals & Receptions

Located at: 895 S Goldenrod Rd Orlando, FL 32822

Orlando Newcomer Cremations Funerals and Receptions is the ideal funeral house and crematory for those who are looking for caring and professional care within Orlando, Florida. The professional facility offers many different services that can be tailored to suit the individual family’s requirements. From traditional burials and cremations to more specific requirements like funeral obituaries that are secure online and video tributes, all guests can be assured of the most memorable experience.

The team in Orlando, Newcomer Cremations Funerals, and Receptions strive to ensure that all the details of their client’s wishes are thought of. From beginning to end the highly-trained team of professionals provides exceptional service and demonstrates a genuine understanding of the family’s grieving. Customers can trust them to deliver top-quality services as well as provide useful information that can help clients to make informed choices.

Orlando, Newcomer Cremations Funerals and Receptions provides a wide selection of services, including funeral planning options, memorials, along with other associated services. They also provide special packages like military honors and other special tributes. With an extensive selection of caskets, urns, and caskets the customers will find the perfect item for their loved one’s final burial site.

From beginning to end, Orlando newcomer Cremations Funerals & Receptions is committed to providing the highest quality service for every person they serve. Their dedication to quality and excellence is unparalleled within this Orlando, Florida area. From their extensive selection of pre-planning services to their knowledgeable and compassionate staff, anyone searching for funeral homes and crematories ought to consider this location within Orlando, Florida.

Mitchell’s Funeral Home. Inc.

Mitchell's Funeral Home Inc
Mitchell’s Funeral Home Inc

Located at: 51 Fairvilla Rd. Orlando, FL 32808

Mitchell’s Funeral Home, Inc. Mitchell’s Funeral Home, Inc. Orlando Florida is one of the most prestigious funeral houses in the region. The team at Mitchell’s is committed to providing exceptional service and high-quality service for their customers. They make sure that every family receives individual advice and compassion when it comes to making arrangements for loved ones.

Mitchell’s team Mitchell’s is well-versed and experienced in all aspects that concern funeral plans and funeral services. They’ll assist the family in creating a meaningful memorial ceremony that is a reflection of the beliefs and wishes of the deceased while respecting their legacy. They realize how important it is to create a peaceful atmosphere where families can grieve in dignity in a peaceful location. The facility was designed to create a serene setting that fosters healing.

The team of Mitchell’s Funeral Home, Inc. recognizes that certain families may not be at ease with traditional funeral services and can assist them in exploring alternatives that are meaningful, such as funeral services or an event to celebrate life. They’ll collaborate with families to make sure that all arrangements are made and will provide advice regarding how to honor your loved ones in a way that’s meaningful for all who is involved.

And lastly, Mitchell’s Funeral Home, Inc. is proud in offering superior service to every family they cater to. They work hard to ensure that each aspect of the funeral ceremony is dealt with efficiently and effectively. Additionally, they provide grieving support services for people who are in severe emotional pain following the passing of a beloved family member. In light of this, it’s easy to understand the reason Mitchell’s Funeral Home, Inc. located situated in Orlando Florida should be considered by anyone searching for extensive funeral services.

Pax Villa Funeral Homes

Pax Villa Funeral Homes
Pax Villa Funeral Homes

Located at: 1236 W Kaley St. Orlando, FL 32805

Pax Villa Funeral Homes in Orlando, Florida is a family-owned company that has been offering funeral and burial services for the Central Florida community for generations. The funeral home employs an experienced team of professionals dedicated to helping their clients deal with the loss of a loved one and create memorable funerals for the loved ones they cherish.

The funeral home provides different funeral options and services, which allows families to design distinctive memorials that honor their beloved loved ones. The staff is ready to assist during the entire process, from planning the ceremony itself to helping with grieving counseling prior to and following the ceremony. They provide compassionate assistance throughout the planning and preparation for the memorial ceremony.

The staff at Pax Villa Funeral Homes, are aware of the importance of honoring a person’s life. They have a goal to ensure families receive the best value the memorial services for loved loved ones. This is why they try to make every service an unforgettable and meaningful occasion for families and friends. The staff are attentive and customize services according to each person’s preferences so that all attending connect with the person who passed away.

Additionally, Pax Villa takes pride in being a part of the community, as they are active in local events across Florida as well as providing aid to charities. Their excellent customer service and dedication to establishing relationships with the families they serve to set them apart from other funeral houses. If you work in conjunction with Pax Villa Funeral Homes, families can be assured that their wishes are met with the highest level of attention and respect.

All in all, Pax Villa Funeral Homes located in Orlando, Florida is the best choice for families searching for skilled and compassionate funeral services. Their determination to find appropriate ways to honor loved ones and their commitment to providing top customer service makes them the perfect option for funerals and memorials. They aim to provide an unforgettable and lasting memorial and also provide assistance to families in times of the most need.

Robert Bryant Funeral And Cremation Church

Robert Bryant Funeral And Cremation Chapel
Robert Bryant Funeral And Cremation Church

Located at: 321 E Michigan St. Orlando, FL 32806

Robert Bryant Funeral and Cremation Church located in Orlando, Florida is a funeral home with full-service capabilities that will assist families in their times of need. Since the beginning of time, Robert Bryant Funeral and Cremation Church Robert Bryant family has provided expert and caring services to families who are grieving the loss of their beloved one. From traditional funerals to unique funerals, the Robert Bryant family are experts in helping families plan meaningful ceremonies that honor the loved ones they cherish.

The knowledgeable staff is passionate about providing personal service while making sure that all things are handled with respect and professionalism. They are aware of the emotional turmoil that accompanies this stressful period and is determined to ensure that every family’s tale is told in a unique and distinctive style. The church also provides planning services that allow people to arrange arrangements for themselves or their loved one prior to the time.

Robert Bryant Funeral and Cremation Church is located in the middle of Orlando and makes it easy for families to use their services. As soon as you step through the doors you’ll be welcomed by an inviting and warm environment. The staff has a wide assortment of cremation urns, caskets, and other treasures to help you remember an enjoyable life. They also provide counseling for bereavement to help those who are grieving during this time of grief.

If you’re searching for top-quality funeral services that are of the highest quality in Orlando, Florida then look for Robert Bryant Funeral and Cremation Church. With a staff of experts who are sensitive to the emotional burdens associated with loss. They are able to assist you in creating an appropriate funeral service that honors the life of your loved ones. When you’re pre-planning your funeral or are in need of immediate assistance they are able to provide caring and professional assistance. They will assist you with every step and make sure that your loved ones are taken by the right hand during this challenging moment.

 Through Robert Bryant Funeral and Cremation Church You are assured that the memory of your loved one will be remembered. The staff is prepared to help in a manner that is in keeping with your family’s desires and honors the life of your loved one.

Gail & Wynn’s Mortuary

Gail & Wynn's Mortuary
Gail & Wynn’s Mortuary

Located at: 1300 Bruton Boulevard, Orlando, FL 32805

Gail and Wynn’s Mortuary in Orlando, Florida is the ideal location for anyone to seek help in the midst of a challenging period. Their skilled staff is adept at offering professional and compassionate assistance to every family that comes to their door. They recognize that every family has their own unique needs, and they are dedicated to fulfilling the wishes of each family with respect, dignity, and empathy.

The space itself is large and clean. It is also a great place to hang out. It provides a variety of services such as pre-planning to allow loved ones to decide on the final arrangements for them before death is near. They also provide grief counseling for the families of those who have passed away as well as help in the writing of obituaries and funeral arrangements. In addition, Gail and Wynn’s offers options like the memorial website cast, tribute videos, and arrangements for flowers.

The professionalism of Gail and Wynn’s Funeral Home is unparalleled. Each of their highly skilled experts spends the time to listen and fully understand the family’s specific desires while offering compassionate support each step of the way. They have experience across all aspects of final care and are able to help families with everything from funeral services to funeral or cremation alternatives.

If you’re going through a difficult period, Gail and Wynn’s Mortuary located in Orlando Florida should be the top option for those who require funeral services. Their dedication to providing personalized service for families and individuals through these tough times is what makes their services stand out from other funeral providers. With a wide array of services, caring staff, and high-quality facilities, Gail and Wynn’s Mortuary is the ideal choice for anyone who needs funeral service.

Baldwin Brothers A Funeral & Cremation Society In Orlando

Baldwin Brothers A Funeral Cremation Society Orlando
Baldwin Brothers A Funeral & Cremation Society in Orlando

Located at: 1654 N Semoran Boulevard, Orlando, FL, 32807

Baldwin Brothers A Funeral & Cremation Society located in Orlando, Florida is an outstanding funeral home that provides many services for families who are dealing with the loss of a loved one. With caring and compassionate employees, Baldwin Brothers have been offering exceptional service throughout Central Florida since 2004. The funeral home’s dedication to providing meaningful ceremonies can be seen in every detail of its services. They provide traditional funerals as well as memorial services, cremations, and other services that are custom-designed to honor the memory of the deceased.

Alongside traditional funeral arrangements, Baldwin Brothers also provide funeral planning assistance to families so they are able to ensure their wishes are fulfilled at the time of death. Their highly trained professionals meet regularly with families to discuss alternatives such as caskets or urns, monuments, and funeral arrangements. They also provide counseling for grieving families to help families grieve the loss of a loved one.

Baldwin Brothers A Funeral & Cremation Society located in Orlando is known for the exceptional quality of their services. From the initial call to organizing funerals or memorial services, Baldwin Brothers provide comprehensive assistance for families throughout the course of their journey. Their dedication to individualized care includes a staff of professionals who are educated to understand the individual requirements of every client’s family. They are available to help with any questions that arise and offer guidance during difficult moments.

In Baldwin Brothers A Funeral & Cremation Society located in Orlando, Florida, families can expect an unbeatable degree of professionalism and compassion in this time of grief. With years of experience in providing excellent services for Central Florida families, Baldwin Brothers are dedicated to putting together memorable ceremonies that honor the memory of those who have passed away. They’re not only committed to providing the best services but also to assisting families at every stage of their journey. Through Baldwin Brothers, A Funeral & Cremation Society located in Orlando families can be safe knowing they will receive the best treatment during this time of loss.

Compass Pointe Cremation Services, LLC

Compass Pointe Creamation Services LLC
Compass Pointe Cremation Services, LLC

Located at: 743 S Orange Blossom Trl Orlando, FL 32805

Compass Pointe Cremation Services, LLC located in Orlando Florida provides outstanding services for those who recently lost loved ones. Their staff of caring professionals with a thorough knowledge of the sorrow that comes from the death of a loved one or close friend. They pride themselves on providing individual attention to every customer and work to ensure that every service is customized to their client’s specific needs.

One of Compass Pointe’s most important features is its transparent pricing structure, which lets customers know exactly the amount they’ll be paying for every single one of their funeral and memorial services. They have a range of different packages, with a variety of options at different prices, to allow families to select the one that best suits their individual needs. Furthermore, Compass Pointe understands the financial burden associated with cremation services, and they offer lower prices for veterans as well as their families.

Compass Pointe Cremation Services prides itself on offering exceptional aftercare services for its customers. They offer a broad selection of products for memorialization, including memorial jewelry, plaques, Urns, and other souvenirs. The team of Compass Pointe is always available to answer any questions or offer advice throughout the process. Additionally, they offer counseling sessions for grieving as well as support groups that can help those dealing with loss begin their healing process.

If you’re searching for an honest and trustworthy cremation service within Orlando Florida, then look at Compass Pointe Cremation Services, LLC. Their knowledgeable staff and straightforward pricing structure make them the perfect option for people searching for an affordable and reliable service during their time in need. Additionally the aftercare services they offer provide extra support for those who need it to continue their healing process. Through Compass Pointe’s Cremation Service LLC, you can rest assured that your loved ones will receive the love and respect they deserve.

Do I need A Funeral Homes

Orlando Florida is one of the most visited places to visit in The United States, attracting millions of tourists each year. The unfortunate thing is that death can strike at any moment and, when it happens, families require an experienced funeral home that can take care of all arrangements. Funeral homes located in Orlando Florida provide a variety of services for grieving families and provide support during this time of loss.

Funeral homes located in Orlando Florida provide a place for family members to come to remember the person they lost with respect and dignity. They can also assist in arranging the paperwork required for planning a funeral, such as the acquisition of death certificates as well as permits. Additionally, they work with crematory or cemeteries service providers to make sure that every aspect of funeral planning is handled.

Funeral home funeral homes located in Orlando Florida also provide information regarding legal matters like wills, estate plans, and other legal issues. They can help to make sure that the wishes of the deceased are honored in accordance with their desires. They also can assist in arranging funeral services, in the event that you want, and also other extra special things like flowers and catering.

A lot of funeral houses located in Orlando Florida offer grief counseling services for those who require it. This can be extremely beneficial for families experiencing grief and can help them deal with their grief more effectively. In addition, the majority of these services provide pre-arranged services to ensure families can arrange arrangements prior to the time of death instead of having to handle everything in one go when the loss of a loved one occurs. This could help ease any stress associated when planning a funeral, and make the process simpler for all affected.

If it’s handling legal paperwork or offering emotional support, funeral houses located in Orlando Florida play an important part in supporting families through this challenging time. They can offer reliable service and ensure that all the details are taken into consideration so families can concentrate on the celebration of the life of their beloved person. With everything these facilities provide, they are a must for anyone needing assistance with planning funeral arrangements for one who died in Orlando Florida.

Things To Consider

When you are looking for a funeral home located in Orlando, Florida, it is crucial to understand a few crucial factors. The first step is to decide if you would prefer a traditional burial or cremation. This will impact the kind of funeral home you call. It is also important to think about the type of products and services the funeral home can provide and the costs they charge. It is crucial to evaluate the prices offered by different funeral homes since prices may differ significantly from one place to the next. Also, ensure that the funeral establishment you select has competent staff who have experience and expertise in funerals and other related services.

Next, look up possible providers in your region. Check for reviews on the internet and ask your family or acquaintances for suggestions if they are able. If you’re researching a particular service check whether they are able to manage the logistics and paperwork that go along with funeral services. It is equally important to ensure that the person has the required licenses, certificates, and certifications that are required by law.

After you’ve identified possible providers, arrange an in-person appointment or phone them by phone to gain a better understanding of their pricing and services. In this meeting, you can inquire about the choices offered to you along with any additional costs for each one. Also, find out what sort of experience they have when it comes to funerals within Florida and if they offer additional services like support groups or grief counseling following the funeral.

Make sure to read the entire contract carefully before you sign anything. Be sure to know the details of the package as well as any additional costs. Request for clarification on any aspect that is unclear, or appears too expensive or overpriced. It is crucial to stay well-informed prior to making a decision to ensure that you make an informed decision that is most suitable for your needs. If you are aware of these factors you’ll be more prepared when choosing the best funeral house to choose from in Orlando, Florida.

Let’s Get To Work

Orlando, Florida is home to the top funeral houses in the country. It is the ideal location for those who are planning a joyful and meaningful farewell celebration for loved relatives who have died. The city provides a broad variety of services, from simple funerals to custom-designed ceremonies that are customized to the individual’s preferences and values. Funeral houses in Orlando are determined to ensure everyone gets what they require during one of their most challenging moments.

The best funeral homes in Orlando FL offer a wide range of personalized choices for families to plan the perfect funeral ceremony that celebrates the legacy and life of their loved ones. It could include choosing music, readings, or other special moments such as slideshows or displays of photos. The majority of funeral homes have knowledgeable staff available to assist families in making the best decisions.

Orlando funeral houses also provide an array of cremation options that are becoming more and more popular with those seeking a more affordable alternative to traditional burial. When it comes to opting for cremation or traditional funeral options, Orlando offers many options in selecting the right memorial ceremony to honor the legacy and the life of the person they love.

Funeral home funeral homes located in Orlando are proud of offering warm and compassionate assistance during times of sadness. From assisting with planning the funeral to assisting with paperwork following the funeral ceremony, these places are committed to providing exceptional service that truly honors the death that the person who died. With the abundance of amazing funeral houses in Orlando, families can rest assured that they will receive the highest quality of support and care in this difficult time.

People Also Asked…

How Much Does A Funeral Cost In Orlando?

Funerals in Orlando typically cost between $5,000 to $10,000. This includes the cost of a casket, funeral services, a grave marker or headstone, as well as other expenses. There are many factors that can impact the cost of a funeral. It is important to talk with a funeral director about all options before you make any final decisions.

Before you make any final decisions about the type of funeral that you choose, it is important to compare prices and shop around before you make any final arrangements. You can find reputable funeral homes in Orlando that offer quality services at an affordable cost. You can make sure that the final arrangements for your loved one are meaningful and affordable by doing your research.

What Is The Average Cost Of Cremation In Florida?

Cremation is usually less expensive than traditional funerals with burial. Cremation costs in Florida average $1,500 while funerals with burial cost $6,000. The cost of cremation can be affected by many factors, such as the cremation service is chosen and the addition of any products or services. A direct cremation, which is without any funeral service, will cost less than a full-service funeral with visitation and funeral. Ask funeral homes for details if you’re considering cremation, whether it is for you or your loved one.

Can You Get A Free Cremation In Florida?

While most people know that Florida offers a free burial, many don’t realize that there is an option for a free cremation. Because cremations are often less expensive and more convenient than traditional burials, they are increasingly in demand. Here’s something you should know about Florida cremations: Direct cremation can be a cost-effective option. Direct cremation allows the body to be removed from the funeral and the ashes returned to the family. This is a great option for people who don’t want traditional funeral services or who want to keep cremation costs as low as possible.

Is It Illegal To Spread Ashes In Florida?

It is illegal to scatter ashes in Florida without a permit. However, there are some exceptions to this rule. For example, ashes that are being spread at sea or on private property must be permitted by the owner. You could face a fine or even arrest if you are caught spreading ashes on private property without a permit.

This law was established because ashes can be scattered onto property or people, creating nuisances. Additionally, scattering ashes may cause damage to wildlife habitats or ecosystems that are sensitive. You will need a permit from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection to scatter ashes. It is easy and takes only a few days. You can scatter ashes in designated areas once you have your permit.

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