Buying a House in Doctor Phillips, Florida

February 25, 2022 | Jordan Silvola-Finch
Buying a House in Doctor Phillips, Florida

Doctor Phillips, Florida was developed by Dr. Phillip Phillips. It was set up as hundreds of acres of beautiful, fertile orange groves and now, it’s a mecca for entertainment, dining, and beautiful living. The neighborhood is home to Restaurant Row, the most famous eateries, and tasty delights. It’s also somewhere considered to be the number one place to go for date night! If you want to live somewhere close to the major theme parks, where there are adventures to be had and a close community, you’ll love living in Doctor Phillips, in Orlando, Florida.

Are you considering buying a house in Doctor Phillips Orlando, Florida? Let’s dive into the details with information you’ll need to know before you plan your next move in The City Beautiful.

Why Should I Live in Doctor Phillips, Orlando?

There are plenty of reasons you should choose Doctor Phillips, Florida to be your home. Orlando is known for its beauty, of course, but Doctor Phillips is the perfect place to base yourself whether permanently or for your vacations. The community atmosphere here is phenomenal and it welcomes everyone who lands here! From beautiful properties to dining options that’ll have you dribbling, Doctor Phillips is somewhere that should be on the shortlist.

You want somewhere safe to live with beautiful homes, wonderful educational institutions, and plenty of entertainment, and Doctor Phillips, Florida has that to offer you. Whatever your lifestyle or home buying budget, this is the suburban environment that has it all.

How Did Doctor Phillips Get its Name?

Doctor Phillips, Florida was named for Dr. Philip Phillips. He was an owner of the citrus groves in the 1940s and he was responsible for running the packing and processing plants for orange juice. He owned more than 5,000 acres of land of lush orange groves that you could be calling home. The groves actually stretched across 9 countries in Central Florida and while the land was sold in the 1950s, the name stuck.

Is Doctor Phillips a Good Place to Live?

Everyone has their own ideas of what a good place to live would be and Doctor Phillips, Florida is one of the most sought-after places to live in the entirety of the Sunshine State. It’s close to downtown Orlando, as well as world-class theme parks and attractions, and it’s a beautiful place to settle down, especially if you want to live a quiet, calm lifestyle just shy of the city. It’s located just in between the Sand Lake Chain and the Butler Chain of Lakes. 

Doctor Phillips is not a big city, but you don’t need that if you want a wonderful lifestyle. Gorgeous lakes, stunning golf courses, and award-winning schools are all on offer here. 

Whether you’re looking for a townhouse, a condo, or a huge home by the lake, there’s something to suit everyone. 

What Kinds of Homes are In Doctor Phillips?

The homes in Doctor Phillips start from the smaller condos selling for around $150,000 and go all the way up to the large, single family estates that top off at $2.5million. There’s a neighborhood to suit any lifestyle for any resident, and there are some out there that buy their condos as vacation homes. There are gated communities and community villages, and some of the most affordable neighborhoods are such as Clubhouse Estates and Sandlake Hills. Across the street, you’ll find affluent Bay Hill and it’s in the Butler Chain of Lakes. Living in this neighborhood affords residents the perks of The Spa at Bay Hill. 

At the very heart of Doctor Phillips, Florida, is Hidden Springs. The homes here are larger and have oversized lots for residents to enjoy. It’s near Restaurant Row, top schools, and theme parks. 

What is There to Do in Doctor Phillips?

There’s truly something for everyone in Doctor Phillips. Let’s look at a few things local residents enjoy doing.


We’ve talked about Restaurant Row and there’s a good reason for that. Some of the best restaurants in Doctor Phillips are found here. If you’re a foodie, you won’t be disappointed by what you find here and this is a 2 mile stretch of some of the tastiest foods, amazing restaurants, and upscale dining experiences you can have. It’s at the intersection of Sand Lake Boulevard and Apopka-Vineland Road. 

You can choose to eat at Slate, a locally owned restaurant that’ll lure you in with the light. The huge windows, stone floors, and gas chandeliers will have you drooling. The wood-grilled meats and pizzas in the wood-burning oven are going to have you coming back time and again. You also have Season 52, which is a fresh grill and wine bar. They have a seasonal menu that changes with the produce, which makes it one of the freshest places you could eat anywhere! 


Other than Restaurant Row, Doctor Phillips offers easy access to Orlando and its Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando. You can also be close by to International Drive, which offers a huge range of entertainment and amenities. From the ICON Orlando Observation wheel to the Pointe Orlando shopping center, there are plenty of options for shopping and entertainment here. The residents of Doctor Phillips, Florida often talk about the unique advantage that they have of being so close to all of the attractions without the tourist chaos – it’s one of the biggest benefits, especially as the theme park fireworks can be seen from most of the suburb. 

There’s also the Mall of Millenia, a very popular mall with a lot of great stores from generic to designer. There are luxuries here that you can’t find elsewhere, and you can use the valet services in the main entrances, too. With over 150 stores here, you’ll not need to go further if you don’t want to! There are world-class dining options and the chance to rest here, too.

There are also plenty of opportunities to get fit for residents with the fitness classes at the local YMCA, and you can get everything you would need to enjoy a healthier, happier life. From group classes to personal training opportunities, exercise machines, free weights, and more, you can feel on top of the world here.

Outdoor spaces

There’s also a huge range of parks in Doctor Phillips, with the largest Doctor Phillips Community Park on 80 acres of land near the Big Sand Lake. The park has been open since 2007, and there is a massive playground here with everything children could want, including a splash pad and water park features that are perfect for hot summer days. The fact that there are large green spaces here means that you can take in the beauty of nature while you enjoy the surroundings, planning your day with some of the prettiest areas in Doctor Phillips at your doorstep. Picnics and family days out are all the more possible with these spaces available to residents here, and you can even take the dogs – the dog parks are open for all!

For those who love to swing the clubs, the Bay Hill Club & Lodge is a private resort for golfers that has been owned by Arnold Palmer since the 70s. There are 27 holes here and it covers 270 beautiful, lush green acres for some of the most perfect games of golf you’ll ever have. Of course, there’s much more than just golf here, too, with a spa and fitness center and marina. You’ll need to be a member, and you will be able to have all of the benefits of the facilities and more when you are. If you love to fish, then the Big Sand Lake is the place to go with some of the best fishing spots in the state. 


In Doctor Phillips, Florida, there are a lot of options for events to enjoy, too. The Arnold Palmer Invitational is one, which is the annual professional golf tournament held at the Bay Hill Club and Lodge. The tournament happens every single March and it started in 1979. Along with this event, there’s also The Taste of Dr. Phillips. This event has been going for 12 years now, and it’s a good opportunity to meet your new neighbors! It’s attended by hundreds of business leaders and residents and it’s a place where the best of the best on Restaurant Row come together and offer samples to all. You can taste it all and add it to the award-winning wine of the regions, too.

Make the Orlando Neighborhood of  Doctor Phillps Home

Doctor Phillips Florida is in the heart of one of the greatest cities in the Sunshine State. If you’re looking for an Orlando home, consider one in Doctor Phillips.

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