Explore the Thornton Park Orlando Neighborhood

February 25, 2022 | Jordan Silvola-Finch
Explore the Thornton Park Orlando Neighborhood

Are you looking to live in an area packed with Craftsman-style bungalows? A place with a relaxed vibe? A place where you can walk the cobblestone streets to the sidewalk shops and live music eateries? Great, you’ll be right at home in Thornton Park, Orlando! 

You might be looking to live in a beautiful place that has stunning architecture, delicious food, and the right culture, and if so then you’re in the right place. Nestled closely along the eastern side of Lake Eola Park, you’ll find one of the trendiest and most friendly neighborhoods in the state of Florida. 

With every type of eatery you could imagine, indie shops, neighborhood bars with a happy welcome every time, you get exactly what you want from Thornton Park. It’s part of one of the Main Street Districts of Orlando, so no matter where you live in the neighborhood, you’ll be close to a block party. From the Art & Wine Walks every Thursday to the beautiful brownstones and condos, there is plenty to love about Thornton Park, Orlando. Let’s deep dive and learn all about it.

What Makes Thornton Park Special?

Did you know that Thornton Park, Orlando, is considered to be one of the classiest neighborhoods in town? You’ll likely hear music wherever you go, no matter the time of day, and you’ll find delicious food and drinks everywhere, too. 

If you want a neighborhood buzzing with festivals and shops, then Thornton Park is the right one. There’s a weekly farmers market, too, so you can get the freshest produce and everything you want for your home. It’s an ideal neighborhood for young professionals and as it’s one of the central street districts, you’ll find that there is always fun to be had. 

It’s special as a place to live because it’s ranked as the second-best neighborhood in Orlando. It’s packed with historic homes, luxury apartments and it’s just a ten-minute walk from the local business hub. 

There are brilliant public schools and plenty to see and do. For those who love food, visiting here is the best option and if you want to enjoy paddle boating on the lake, Lake Eola has you covered. You’ll enjoy the laidback nightlife, and that’s a contrast compared to fast-paced central Orlando. You can stand behind the camera and take photos that you could sell later! 

Living here means that you’ll have a life packed with music and it’s all easy listening rather than harsh rap. Living here is a special thing, and if you want to hit the clubs, North Orange Avenue and Church Street aren’t all that far away. 

What is There to Do in Thornton Park Orlando?

What isn’t there to see and do? Thornton Park, Orlando is packed with some of the best activities, places to see, and places to eat. Let’s take a look!


CityArts is downtown and it’s largest art gallery collective around. Both local and international artworks are found here and it doesn’t cost anything to look at from Tuesday to Saturday. Not all art is visual, of course, which is why the SAK Comedy Lab is one of the best places to go to see some of the comedy geniuses out there. 

The Lake

The biggest reason to check out Thornton Park, Orlando is the huge body of water in Lake Eola. Right in the middle of the city, it’s the landmark of the area and it offers a peaceful place to retreat to from time to time. It’s a beautiful place to walk and jog, and you’ll find plenty of yoga gurus here stretching and enjoying moving their bodies with those who want the same. There are swans to feed and picnics to enjoy and the farmers market is here on Sunday. 


There are masses of shops here, from the most basic stores to the designer lines stocked at Zou-Zou! You’ll find Rebecca Taylor, Ella Moss, and Tracy Reese here and you’ll be able to enjoy so much here.

What are the Best Restaurants in Thornton Park?

Oh, food is what Thornton Park does very well. From Tijuana Flats, you get giant burritos and Dave’s Gourmet Insanity Sauce. The hot sauce here is delicious, and you can’t get away from some of the most delicious cuisine in Thornton Park. If you want something a little more upscale, then head to HUE. You’ll find cocktails and cuisine here, but if you want something truly special, order the chocolate soufflé topped with crème anglaise and fresh berries in advance. It’s to die for! 

You could also try out Graffiti Junction or Island Time Orlando. Island time offers you the perfect neighborhood hangout where you can buy Caribbean flavors and Southern favorites and you can enjoy them in a relaxed atmosphere. The food and drink scene gives you the chance to have fun with friends.

What is the Art Scene Like in Thornton Park?

The art scene is incredible here, but it’s a photographer’s dream! The camera absolutely adores the Lake Eola scene here, and you can find footage and photos of the lake itself no matter which sports event you tune into. Just behind it, you’ll have the skyline of downtown Orlando, and it’s glittering, pretty, and magnetic in art and photos. 

Make Thornton Park Home

Did you know that Thornton Park is considered one of the safest neighborhoods day and night? Families live here, and love to call Thornton Park home. It’s an easy walk, and you can get to know your neighbors on a whole new level. You’ll spend weekends outdoors and lazy afternoons enjoying the sunshine. Head to the fountain on Washington Street and enjoy any number of alfresco cafes. 

When you choose Thornton Park as your home, you are going to have access to some of the best school districts in Orlando. The entire family will flourish and grow here, and it’s somewhere to set your future. 

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