Get Fit at the Best Gyms in Orlando

March 1, 2022 | Jordan Silvola-Finch
Get Fit at the Best Gyms in Orlando

Orlando enjoys summer weather practically year-round, which means it’s always time to work toward a summer body. No matter whether you want to look good in a swimsuit or just feel good from the inside out, you’re sure to work up a sweat at one of the best gyms in Orlando.

From traditional gyms with great equipment to yoga studios to boxing gyms, it’s easy to get and stay fit with so many options. Learn more about the best gyms in Orlando.

Best Gyms in Orlando

For most of us, the solution is lifting some weights, balancing that cardio, and working up a good sweat! So here’s a list of the best gyms in Orlando where you can do just that.

RDV Sportsplex Athletic Club

Best Neighborhoods in Orlando - RDV Sportsplex Athletic Club
RDV Sportsplex Athletic Club

RDV Sportsplex Athletic Club offers a flexible membership option that doesn’t require a lengthy contract membership. There are various options and you are certain to find one that works for you, and your partner or family if they’re embarking on this journey with you.

They offer state-of-the-art equipment, functional training, group fitness classes, regularly cleaned and sanitized locker room and changing facilities, an aquatic center, personal training, a rewards program, and a relaxation facility and center. If you upgrade your membership to “ALL-STAR”, then you’ll also get exclusive use of their workspaces – so you can spend less time on the road unless, of course, you’re running on it.

Find RDV Sportsplex Athletic Club at 8701 Maitland Summit Boulevard.

Power Strength Gym

Best Neighborhoods in Orlando - Power Strength Gym
Power Strength Gym

When you’re ready to kick your training up a gear (make that ten gears), then Power Strength Gym is the club that’s going to get you there. 

Focusing on hard training, weight, and powerlifting, and bodybuilding, the gym has a keen focus on highly trained specialist trainers that are committed to helping you achieve and exceed your goals with their custom approach to each client, personal nutritional guidance, in-person training, bodybuilding and powerlifting, weight-lifting and boxing as well as keeping you focused on fat loss and muscle gain, and when you’re completely ready to take on the best of the best – they’re going to get you competition ready as well.

Find Power Strength Gym at 730 W Sand Lake Road.

Barnett Park Gym

Best Neighborhoods in Orlando - Barnett Park Gym
Barnett Park Gym

Here you’ll find tons of outdoor activities for both adults and kids alike, and it gives new meaning to taking your workout “outdoors.”

Various basketball leagues, again for adults and kids, hiking trails, as well as bird watching, and other “outdoorsy” activities will keep you active and busy, while doing all the things you love you doing anyway. 

Getting fit isn’t always about lifting weights and running laps. It all depends on what you’re looking to achieve and if you’re just wanting to look a little better out of your clothes while not running out of complete breath while climbing the stairs, Barnet Park could be for you. But if you do fancy doing all of that other stuff, the gym will take care of that too.

Find Barnett Park at 4801 West Colonial Drive.

Downtown Orlando YMCA

Best Neighborhoods in Orlando - Downtown Orlando YMCA Family Center
Downtown Orlando YMCA

Offering a wide range of memberships, classes for individuals and groups, and classes for those of advanced ages, you’re sure to find the right kind of workout group at the YMCA for you. Personal training, school training, summer camps, aquatics, youth sports, group exercise, and nutrition advice are all on hand along with a variety of membership options. 

You’ll also find basketball, volleyball, soccer, and the Flag Football League. The YMCA team is all super friendly and qualified in what they do and offers a no-attitude, easy to get to know you kind of environment.

Downtown Orlando YMCA is located just north of the Lawsona/Fern Creek area at 433 North Mills Avenue.

Best Yoga and Pilates Studios in Orlando

If the gym isn’t your scene, consider getting in a good workout at one of Orlando’s best yoga and pilates studios. Inhale and exhale at one of these great Orlando gyms.

Orlando Power Yoga

Orlando Power Yoga offers classes for beginners to the pros and teaches the “Baron Baptiste” style of power yoga. This style creates a specific flow between traditional or “static” yoga postures and then connects these to dynamic poses in a unique, challenging, and whole-body yoga experience. This kind of yoga focuses on releasing toxins, keeping muscles supple, and joints moving smoothly and in good order. 

They have prices for “drop-ins” from $15 to annual memberships and special pricing for military veterans, students, first responders, and students. Find Orlando Power Yoga at 2415 East South Street, with a second location in Windermere.

College Park Yoga

Best Neighborhoods in Orlando - College Park Yoga
College Park Yoga

This Orlando studio has won more tham 21 awards for being the best Yoga studio in Orlando. The venue is classy and super “zen,”  with private lessons as well as group classes catering to all levels of abilities and experiences.

 They’re focused on teaching people about a whole new way of living that elevates the harmony within our bodies, minds, and spirits. They offer private lessons to anyone who may have issues with anxiety, nervousness, or injuries and are highly recommended.

Find College Park Yoga in College Park at 1837 Edgewater Drive.

Elevate Yoga Center

Best Neighborhoods in Orlando - Elevate Yoga Center
Elevate Yoga Center

Elevate Yoga Center calls itself a “full-spectrum studio” focused on helping students achieve, restore and maintain vitality as well as balance throughout their lives. They do this by teaching a combination of movement and meditation. 

The studio has a unique class structure that draws inspiration from the five elements of nature: earth, water, fire, air, and space. They offer various memberships, drop-in classes as well as annual passes, each with its specific pricing structures.

Find Elevate Yoga Center at 3150 South Orange Ave #202-204.

Inspirit Yoga

Best Neighborhoods in Orlando - Inspirit Yoga
Inspirit Yoga

Inspirit Yoga in Orlando makes mind and body health accessible. All Yoga classes start at $7, and they offer three different types of yoga:

  • Vinyasa: An “all-level”, mindful, therapeutic, and spiritual flow class, that’s according to their website, but is a great class for beginners and for anyone who hasn’t quite grasped the different poses and positions yet.
  • Ashtanga: this is a more vigorous form of yoga for more experiences and is practiced with a set sequence of movements and poses and is for the more devoted yoga practitioner, and finally they offer
  • Yin: This is a gentle form of yoga that is more meditative where postures are held for extended periods.

They also offer energy healing classes that are perfect for those seeking a more holistic experience. Find Inspirit Yoga at 7575 Kingspointe Parkway, just off West Sand Lake Road.

3 Best Boxing and MMA Gyms in Orlando

Looking for another way to work up a sweat? Consider letting it all out at one of Orlando’s best boxing gyms. 

The Jungle MMA & Fitness 

Best Neighborhoods in Orlando - The Jungle MMA Fitness
The Jungle MMA & Fitness

The Jungle offers a complete and comprehensive approach to martial arts teaching kids’ programs, adults, beginners, advanced, fitness classes, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu,  Muay Thai kickboxing, and MMA (mixed martial arts).

They have a range of friendly and highly experienced and accomplished instructors that work with each of their clients to design specific programs that deliver the best possible results. 

Find The Jungle MMA and Fitness at 1419 East Colonial Drive, just west of Park Lake Highland.

UFC Gym Orlando

Best Neighborhoods in Orlando - UFC Gym Orlando
UFC Gym Orlando

As you may have guessed from the name, this is where you’re going to get on the most professional training experiences around. UFC Gym Orlando’s MMA program will “train you as a champion” and the UFC MMA athlete can boast of being the best-trained in the world. They offer multiple disciplines and programs and memberships to suit individuals. They have personal trainers, a youth gym, and cardiovascular equipment to offer a comprehensive training experience. 

If working out with and against other competitors is your flavor, then they offer group classes as well. Find UFC Gym Orlando at 7649 West Colonial Drive.

Victory Martial Arts 

Best Neighborhoods in Orlando - Victory Martial Arts
Victory Martial Arts 

Victory Martial Arts offers classes for all ages levels from pre-schoolers to adults. Their trainers are top-notch and have all attained “master” status in their specific disciplines. They believe in going beyond mere physical fitness and self-defense, their philosophy is all about “shaping successful human beings – true champions.”

Find Victory Martial Arts across the Orlando metro area, including Dr. Phillips, Windermere, Apopka, and beyond.

Work Up a Sweat at One of Orlando’s Best Gyms

The best gyms in Orlando appeal to a wide variety of interests through many disciplines. With so many options, it’s easy to see why so many people love working up a sweat in The City Beautiful. 

However, there’s much more to do in Orlando than sweat. Downtown Orlando is full of things to do, there are world-class theme parks to explore, opportunities for outdoor recreation abound, and much more. Sign up for our home guide to learn more about Orlando and local real estate now.

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