Top Private Schools in Orlando

March 1, 2022 | Jordan Silvola-Finch
Top Private Schools in Orlando

Our site is the most reliable resource for finding the top  private school  in Orlando because we provide complete and current information on all the schools. Our user-friendly interface which allows users to swiftly browse through all choices available, and sort them by factors such as price, location and many others. Furthermore, every school profile provides detailed information about the school’s academics as well as extracurricular activities and faculty members as well as tuition fees as well as admissions requirements. We also have ratings by real parents who’ve had the pleasure of experiencing their children’s education there directly. Our reviews are authentic and comprehensive and are extremely useful in making the right choice between schools. Additionally, our customer support is available to answer any questions you have. On our site you’ll be able to find the top schools for private students in Orlando for the child of yours.

Orlando, Florida, is an ideal location for preparatory and private schools of all kinds. This is an excellent option in case you’ve recently moved in the vicinity and are in need of an alternative school for your kids, or you’re a resident considering alternative choices. The top schools that are private school options in Orlando offer a wide range of options from Christian academy schools to college prep schools. With numerous options available it is a matter of careful study to figure out the Orlando school is ideal for your child. Let us take the guesswork out of picking the best school for your child by reviewing some top Orlando private schools.

Private SchoolScore
Lake Highland Preparatory School4.6
Bishop Moore Catholic High School4.2
Windermere Preparatory School4.4
The First Academy4.1
The Crenshaw School4.5
Lake Mary Preparatory School4.8
The Geneva School4.5
Orangewood Christian School4.5

Lake Highland Preparatory School

Best Neighborhoods in Orlando - Lake Highland Preparatory School 2
Lake Highland Preparatory School

Located at: 901 Highland Ave, Orlando, FL 32803

Lake Highland Preparatory School in Orlando, FL is an ideal choice for parents looking for a top-quality educational experience for the children. Lake Highland’s rigorous academic schedule provides a wide range of extracurricular and classes to ensure that students receive the most effective preparation for further education. The faculty at Lake Highland is composed of highly educated professionals who are committed to helping each student reach their potential to the fullest. Here at Lake Highland, there are plenty of opportunities for students to be successful and develop. Students can take classes which include math as well as science, history as well as language and arts and numerous advanced classes, including international languages, as well as AP classes. This will ensure that your child will be prepared for college upon the time they graduate at Lake Highland Preparatory School.

The extracurricular activities offered at Lake Highland will also provide students with opportunities to discover their passions and form bonds. The school has a wide selection of athletics, clubs, music, and opportunities for community service that let students develop their skills and discover new hobbies. Faculty at Lake Highland is composed of people who are caring and strive to create a space conducive to learning. They’re dedicated to helping every student achieve their potential by offering stimulating instruction, individual care and assistance. Furthermore the school’s diverse student population offers a place where everyone is welcome and valued regardless of religion, race or the socio-economic level of their students.

Bishop Moore Catholic High School

Best Neighborhoods in Orlando - Bishop Moore Catholic High School 1
Bishop Moore Catholic High School

Located at: 3901 Edgewater Dr, Orlando, FL 32804

Bishop Moore Catholic High School located in Orlando, Florida is an excellent option for parents who wish to give their children an educational environment that is challenging and an uplifting faith-based education. In Bishop Moore, students are taught to explore and take risks. They also learn fundamental skills that will help for years beyond secondary school days. At Bishop Moore the teachers are able to go beyond the traditional methods of teaching by including technology into their teaching as well as making learning fun and enjoyable. They also focus on the real-world application of problem-solving by using interconnected activities, such as debates, simulations, field trips. This ensures that every student is given personal attention to help them achieve the academic targets they have set for themselves.

The course of Bishop Moore is college-preparatory and focuses on career and college readiness. The students are required to study demanding classes to help them prepare for academic success and in their future career. Advanced Placement courses are also offered to provide students with the chance to earn university credits prior to when they finish high school. At Bishop Moore the students are in a religious environment in which the fundamentals that are the foundation of Christianity are taught, and emphasized. The faculty strive to demonstrate Christian compassion and love for all the members of the community. They also base their teachings in Catholic principles. It is this blend of a high-quality academic program and an emphasis on morality that makes Bishop Moore the perfect location for students to learn, develop and flourish.

Windermere Preparatory School

Best Neighborhoods in Orlando - Windermere Preparatory School 1
Windermere Preparatory School

Located at: 6189 Winter Garden Vineland Rd, Windermere, FL 34786

Windermere Preparatory School in Orlando, FL is an excellent option for my children. The school has a full program that prepares students for academic success and beyond. Students are encouraged to think out of the box, investigate their interests and discover their strengths across all fields. With more than 50 clubs and events offered each year, there’s something for every student to get engaged in and help them develop new interests and sharpen their abilities. The instructors of Windermere Preparatory School were carefully chosen to ensure the highest quality education. They’ve received advanced degrees in education as well in professional development courses specifically designed to enhance learning opportunities that are tailored to the individual abilities and strengths. With a ratio of 12:1 teacher-student ratio the students get individualized academic support that helps them to build an underlying base for achievement.

Alongside a specialized and rigorous academic program, Windermere Preparatory School also offers various extracurricular activities that encourage the development of leadership, responsibility and creativity. With programs for visual arts as well as music classes and debate teams, as well as sports teams There’s something for each student to discover. There are opportunities for community service offered and the opportunity to explore the world on intercultural tours. Windermere Preparatory School provides an outstanding learning environment that fosters the development of students both academically and socially.

The First Academy

Best Neighborhoods in Orlando - The First Academy 1
The First Academy

Located at: 2667 Bruton Blvd, Orlando, FL 32805

The First Academy in Orlando, FL provides a unique educational experience for youngsters of all different ages. Its focus is on enhancing each student’s individual abilities and strengths, the First Academy provides an environment and curriculum that promotes improvement in academic achievement and development of character. The school is renowned for its strict academics and various extracurricular activities that ensure that every child receives the most comprehensive education they can. In The First Academy, students benefit from the small size of classes that allow for individual attention and instruction. With these programs, they are provided with the skills and knowledge required to be successful at college or on their preferred career course. They also receive Christian-based instruction that helps them develop spiritually and academically. Additionally, there are over a dozen advanced-placement and dual enrollment courses that give students the chance for college credits in high school.

First Academy also provides abundant extracurricular activities like athletic teams, fine arts performances, as well as public speaking classes. These programs are designed to aid students in developing abilities outside the classroom that broaden their perspectives of the world around them. Additionally, there are a variety of groups and clubs for students to be involved in, ranging from community service projects , robotics and cheerleading contests. The First Academy is a place where children can learn. The First Academy, your children will be provided with an education that provides both academic excellence as well as the development of their character.

The Crenshaw School

Best Neighborhoods in Orlando - The Crenshaw School 1
The Crenshaw School

Located at: 2342 Hempel Ave, Gotha, FL 34734

Crenshaw School in Orlando, FL provides a unique and enriching educational experience for children. It offers a learning environment that is caring, encouraging and educationally challenging. The school is well-known for its innovative educational strategies and dedication to student achievement. In The Crenshaw School, students benefit from smaller class sizes that allow for individualized instruction. In addition, the curriculum is designed to promote the ability to think critically, which aids in developing better problem-solving skills. The students are taught to work with other students and be imaginative in their approach to solving difficult challenges. This allows them to explore their thinking outside the box and to develop their own unique problem-solving abilities.

Additionally, the teachers also at The Crenshaw School strive to provide a learning environment that is both engaging and encouraging. They’re dedicated to helping students find their own unique passions as well as their strengths and capabilities. Crenshaw School also provides a wide range of enrichment activities, like music, art as well as physical education and the study of foreign languages. These opportunities allow for students to develop new abilities, establish friendships with other students and develop an appreciation of the world that surrounds them.

Lake Mary Preparatory School

Best Neighborhoods in Orlando - Lake Mary Preparatory School 1
Lake Mary Preparatory School

Located at: 650 Rantoul Ln, Lake Mary, FL 32746

Lake Mary Preparatory School in Orlando, FL is an amazing school for my children to develop and learn. It offers a secure, comfortable learning environment in which students can discover their interests and passions. The school encourages independent and creative thinking while adhering to the high academic standards. The faculty is committed to providing individualized instruction to each student’s specific requirements. The curriculum was designed to prepare students for college and focuses on fundamental skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving communication, self-direction, and collaboration. They also teach ethical decision-making, which will help prepare students for the future, no matter what they decide to pursue following graduation. Students are able to participate in many extracurricular activities like clubs and teams focused on leadership, community service and the humanities.

Lake Mary Preparatory School is committed to creating an inclusive and diverse learning community. This school is proud of their diversity by hosting activities like cultural festivals as well as performances, lectures, and workshops that offer students the opportunity to learn about their roots while gaining the opportunity to gain a global perspective of their education. Additionally, the school has solid relationships with the local community. Students can volunteer in the community as well as take part in national service trips, where they get to know various cultures across the globe. Lake Mary Preparatory School provides the perfect environment for my children’s education, helping them be well-rounded and equipped with the abilities and information needed for successful college and beyond.

The Geneva School

Best Neighborhoods in Orlando - The Geneva School 1
The Geneva School

Located at: 1775 Seminola Blvd, Casselberry, FL 32707

Geneva School in Orlando FL provides a unique education setting for pupils of all different ages. It is home to a highly skilled and dedicated staff who are committed to helping children achieve their potential to the fullest. The program is designed to offer an intense academic program, and also emphasize how important moral principles, tolerance and giving towards others are. At Geneva School, children are taught to respect others and moral values. Geneva School, children get the opportunity to be taught in small groups where they receive individual attention from their teachers. They can also receive additional assistance when they require it. Teachers are committed to providing exciting and engaging lessons that are based on hands-on exercises and critical thinking skills and the art of problem-solving. Students also have opportunities for physical activities that promote physical fitness and coordination, as well as teamwork and sportsmanship. One of the unique features of Geneva School has its emphasis on moral principles and the importance of service to the community. The school has the character education program which allows students to build their character through the study of virtues like respect, honesty and kindness.

Orangewood Christian School

Best Neighborhoods in Orlando - Orangewood Christian School 1
Orangewood Christian School

Located at: 1300 Maitland Blvd, Maitland, FL 32751

Orangewood Christian School offers an outstanding education for students who live in Orlando, FL. Not only are the instructors well-trained and experienced and experienced, they also offer an environment that is safe and secure that encourages growth and learning. The program at Orangewood is founded on biblical guidelines and high academic standards. This helps create values that last for a lifetime. Small enough for individual attention, but big enough to allow collaboration between students. In addition, the school’s focus on character development helps students to improve their social skills and their academic abilities.

At Orangewood my kids will be able to participate in many extracurricular activities, including robotics teams, musical and theater classes in art, as well as sports teams. The school also offers spiritual guidance and daily chapels that allow students to develop their faith. The parents and guardians of Orangewood students can be confident your children will be safe in the hands of the school. The school has an active parent-teacher association and a variety of volunteer opportunities for parents to be involved. Additionally, the school’s proximity to the city center of Orlando gives students a wide range of experiences in the arts while providing a secure and safe space for learning.

Things To Consider

If you are looking to select a middle school located in Orlando, FL, there are a variety of things to take into consideration:

The location is essential to choose schools that are conveniently accessible for the entire family. Think about the distance to the home as well as how convenient it is for transport if required. Also, consider access to public transportation or carpooling alternatives if needed. The curriculum: Schools offer different curriculums. Examine the education approach they employ and ensure that it aligns to your child’s interests and learning method. Find out if they offer advanced classes or classes that cover areas such as math and science, art music, technology and more.Extracurricular Activities: Learn about what kinds of after-school programs or clubs are available. Safety: Be sure to learn about the safety guidelines of the school you’re thinking of attending. Also, research the crime rate in the surrounding area of the school. This will ensure your child  is in a secure learning environment.

Class Size: Take note of the number of students each class usually has. Classes that are smaller could be advantageous because they will allow the students to have more space for personal instruction, and more attention by teachers.Teachers and Staff: Study reviews of the teachers at the school you’re interested in to gain an understanding of the kind of education they provide their students. Contact the current staff or parents for more information about the school’s curriculum.These tips will help you make an informed decision when you choose a middle school that is located in Orlando, FL for your child.


Orlando, FL is an ideal location for the child of yours to go to middle school. It is located at the heart of Central Florida, Orlando is one of the most beautiful and richly culturally diverse cities of Florida. With its famous theme parks, world-renowned educational institutions, and welcoming communities, there are endless opportunities to aid your child’s development in school and socially as they move into the teenage years. Orlando has a wealth of educational opportunities which are ideal for middle students. There are a variety of well-rated private and public schools that have strong curriculums and knowledgeable teachers that are in a position to guide your child’s development as they grow. Furthermore there are schools that offer extracurricular activities, such as clubs or sports teams which encourage teamwork and camaraderie.

Orlando is the ideal place for adventure and fun in the sun. From beaches to wetlands and lakes to forests Your child can take in the beauty of Florida’s natural landscape as they explore the city. It doesn’t matter if you’re visiting a local wildlife preserve or participating in an adventure in kayaking there are many ways your child can be exposed to nature and learn about it as they reside in Orlando. There are also plenty of thrilling cultural experiences which are guaranteed to capture children’s minds. From museums to theaters to galleries, there are numerous opportunities to explore their creativity and discover new perspectives while learning about the world that surrounds them. Additionally, Orlando is home to many of the most families-friendly communities in Florida. With vibrant, safe neighborhoods where kids can easily meet new friends and develop their individuality and explore their own interests, your child will enjoy an environment that supports them and makes them feel safe as they grow up through middle school.

People Also Asked…

How Much Does A Private School Cost In Orlando?

Private school tuition costs in Orlando vary widely based on the particular school’s offerings.Tuition for private school in Orlando can vary from a few thousand dollars per annum to more than $30,000 for certain famous schools. The costs for private students could be affected by other factors like tuition discounts, scholarships and financial aid programs offered by a particular school. The price of private schooling in Orlando is more expensive than the tuition at public schools, however, many parents feel that the benefits surpass the costs.

Private schools typically provide more individualized instruction, a more compact classroom with fewer distractions, and also access to higher-level courses. Furthermore they are usually associated with religion or have strong values which appeal to certain parents who want their children to grow up in a specific context. Alongside tuition, parents must also be aware of other costs related to private education like costs for additional activities and uniforms and other supplies as well as access to technology and transportation. These costs can be very different depending on the school’s offerings and therefore it is crucial to conduct research prior to taking any decisions.

How Do People Afford Private Schools In Florida

The residents of Florida can choose from a range of choices when it comes to financing tuition for private schools. While private schools are expensive for many families however, there are many resources to help fill the gap between what a family is capable of paying as well as the cost of receiving a top-quality education in an independent institution. One option for families to cover fees for private education is via grants and scholarships. A lot of private schools provide financial aid programs that significantly lower the cost of tuition. There are also numerous scholarships offered by local organizations and businesses and national foundations, such as The Children’s Scholarship Fund. If you do your research and plan parents might be qualified for financial aid that can help significantly in the educational opportunities of their child.

Another method to make private education more affordable is to use the tax credit and deductibility. There are numerous federals as well as state and local “tuition tax credits” that could reduce the amount of tax owed on previous income. In addition, many states in Florida provide tax-free savings accounts for tuition costs, including in private schools for K-12 students. Additionally, many families use tuition plans provided by the schools themselves. Private institutions have set up or sponsored credit unions, or bank loans to ensure parents can pay tuition in installments with interest rates that are lower than those offered by typical commercial lenders. Schools also have internal financing programs that allow families to spread payments over the course of the year without having to pay huge fees for interest.

What Is The Best School District In Orlando Florida?

Orlando, Florida has a vast array of outstanding school districts that you can choose from. One of the most sought-after districts are Orange County Public Schools, which offers students an intensive and stimulating education. The school district comprises 188 schools that include elementary, middle as well as high school. It has more than 200,000 students from central Florida. Central Florida area and offers special programs like International Baccalaureate (IB) and Advanced Placement (AP). With a focus on high-quality instruction, highly skilled teachers ensure that every student is given individualized attention that is tailored to their individual requirements.

Orange County Public Schools offers many extracurricular options for students to be involved in the local community. They offer band camps and groups of musicians as well as sports teams, groups and clubs such as field trips, clubs and organizations, and many more. Through these programs students are able to explore their talents, develop their interests and learn vital life abilities. The school also provides secure environments with a variety of assistance services, including counseling and tutoring that can aid students in their academic success.

Does Florida Help Pay For Private School?

The state of Florida provides a number of programs that help to reduce the expense of private school tuition. By participating in these schemes, families can apply for financial aid or tax credits to pay for the tuition costs as well as other expenses incurred by their children’s academic goals. The first option open to Floridians are that of the Gardiner Scholarship Program, which offers more than $9,000 annually to students who meet the requirements of an IEP or 504 programs in their district of public schools. The money can be utilized for therapy for education such as tuition payment, curriculum materials, and much more.

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