The Best Campgrounds Near Orlando Florida

August 29, 2022 | Erika Klamt
The Best Campgrounds Near Orlando Florida

Our site is the most reliable source for the best campgrounds near Orlando Florida for a variety of reasons. To begin, we offer specific information on every campsite in the region, including pictures, maps, and user reviews so you’re able to find precisely what you’re searching for. Additionally, we have a comprehensive list of amenities and other activities to think about when choosing an area to camp. Furthermore, our site lets you narrow your search according to features like pet-friendly campsites for RVs as well as tent camping options and many more.

Additionally, we provide current reviews from other travelers who have visited every campsite. These reviews are first-hand reviews of their experiences at various campgrounds that will be helpful when deciding on which campground to stay at for the weekend or even for longer.

The website is devoted to helping people make memories that last a lifetime as they enjoy their time outdoors. We’re committed to ensuring that everyone has a secure and enjoyable experience whenever they camp close to Orlando Florida, no matter how much money they have. With our extensive range of campgrounds as well as detailed information, you can be sure that we are the best source for finding campgrounds close to Orlando Florida.

Lake Breeze RV Park4.0
Story Park Campsite4.0
Orlo Vista Park4.4
Orlando / Kissimmee KOA Holiday4.6
Moss Park4.7
Orlando NW / Orange Blossom KOA Journey3.9
Yates Campsite4.8
Yellow Loop Campground South4.7
Fort Wilderness Recreation Area4.8
Stage Stop Campground3.9

Lake Breeze RV Park

Lake Breeze RV Park
Lake Breeze RV Park

Located at: 2040 Lee Rd., Orlando, FL 32210

Distance from Orlando: (7.4 miles)

Lake Breeze RV Park in Orlando, Florida is an ideal spot for people who like to soak up the sun and stunning scenery Florida offers. It is located on the banks of the Little Wekiva River, Lake Breeze offers a range of recreational activities, from fishing and hiking trails to spots, to paddleboard rentals and much more. If you’re looking to make the most of the beauty of Lake Breeze, a great vacation spent at Lake Breeze RV Park must include:

The first is early in the morning, a boat trip down the serene Little Wekiva River. Nature lovers can take in natural beauty while gliding through the river with canoes or kayaks. The tranquil waters of the river are perfect for swimming, and the abundant vegetation gives ample opportunities for wildlife viewing.

The afternoon is a time to relax on the lake or by the water. Lake Breeze is an excellent place for boats and fishing. using a boat rental service and a boat charter, visitors can explore its depths and benefit from its abundant fish population. If you’d prefer to take a break along the shoreline there are plenty of sunny spots to have picnics or take in the sun’s sunlight.

As the day draws to a close and the sun sets, nothing is better than taking a relaxing stroll along the park’s trails. When dusk is approaching visitors will be in awe-inspiring images of nature in all its splendor.

Story Park Campsite

Story Park Campsite
Story Park Campsite

Located at: 11333 History Ave., Orlando, FL 32832

Distance from Orlando: (17.4 miles)

Story Park Campsite located in Orlando Florida is a perfect getaway from the bustle and hustle of urban life. If you’re looking for a relaxing afternoon in Story Park, guests can enjoy the morning at the park’s clear blue waters, and explore the trails and rivers that wind through it. After a day of kayaking or swimming in the park, guests can enjoy a meal on the deck of one of the numerous restaurants on site. The campground is filled with things to entertain everyone all day long, such as volleyball tournaments, fishing tournaments, and scavenger hunts.

 The campers are able to enjoy a break from their outdoor activities by setting up an afternoon hammock or laying in one of the numerous chairs close to picnic tables and umbrellas for shade. Alongside the outdoor activities, Story Park also has several indoor attractions. In the arcade of the park, campers can play playing pool or go through thrilling rides. The center offers an educational and interactive experience for children and also a space specifically designed for virtual reality games. Visitors older than 10 can also enjoy many puzzles and board games at the library located on the premises or to a movie in The outdoor cinema.

When night falls the Story Park Campsite comes alive with excitement and amazing performances. Live music is performed in the open-air amphitheater, and entertainment for the juggling crowd is in front of their tents. There are many restaurants that are open late and serve delicious meals that everyone can appreciate. After dinner, there’s a fireworks show and S’mores and campfires.

Story Park Campsite located in Orlando Florida is the perfect getaway for long or short periods of time. With so many exciting things to do and amenities that are sure to make it an experience that will be unforgettable for everyone who visits. If you’re seeking for an afternoon of relaxation enjoying the sunshine or an exhilarating party, Story Park can provide everything!

Orlo Vista Park

Orlo Vista Park

Located at: 1 N Powers Drive, Orlando, FL 32835

Distance from Orlando: (6.2 miles)

Orlo Vista Park in Orlando, Florida, is the ideal spot to enjoy your day in the sunshine. It is located on Highway 408 and lies between lush trees and serene lakes. When visitors arrive in the area, they will be welcomed by vast open spaces that are brimming with natural splendor. Near the entrance is a long, winding route that winds through forests and meadows before reaching the stunning beachfront on the lake. On the route, visitors can take part in many outdoor pursuits like taking a hike, watching birds, or simply enjoying some sunshine.

As the sun begins setting, guests will find plenty of places to enjoy a relaxing time in Orlo Vista Park. If it’s relaxing in one of the numerous benches scattered throughout, or snuggling to relax on a blanket beneath one of the many shaded spaces, there’s no shortage of spots to stop and take in the beautiful scenery. If you’re who are looking for an exciting and fun experience There are a variety of play areas and picnic pavilions that can be utilized for parties for the whole family, or birthday celebrations.

As night falls, Orlo Vista Park truly is alive with its stunning display of stars glinting over the night sky. It also has various activities like shows and films that are enjoyed on a fire pit or campfire pit. As people make their way back to their vehicles and home, they can relax knowing that they’ve enjoyed a wonderful experience with their family at Orlo Vista Park.

The mix of activities, nature, and the night sky makes Orlo Vista Park a perfect destination for people of all age groups. From sun-soaked fun in the daytime to an evening of star-filled nights with the night sky, there’s something for everyone in this charming park located in Orlando, Florida. There’s no reason to wonder why it’s been voted as one of the top places throughout Central Florida!

Orlo Vista Park truly is the perfect spot to spend the day exploring the natural world and spending quality time with your family and friends. If you’re seeking an easy stroll along the lake or an exhilarating adventure that includes games, fires, and concerts there’s something for all to enjoy and take pleasure in. So, come out for a visit to Orlo Vista Park and create your ideal day today!

Orlando / Kissimmee KOA Holiday

Orlando / Kissimmee KOA Holiday
Orlando / Kissimmee KOA Holiday

Located at: 2644 Happy Camper Pl, Kissimmee, FL 34746

Distance from Orlando: (19.4 miles)

The perfect day begins with a delicious breakfast at KOA Holiday in Orlando. KOA Holiday. The tasty food and welcoming setting are the ideal opportunities to start an exciting day of adventure in the sunshine of Florida. After enjoying a tasty meal, guests can enjoy the various amenities the campground provides. From swimming pools to mini-golf courses there’s something for everybody!

For those who are looking for thrills, there are many options. Enjoy a zip line ride over Lake Tohopekaliga or try your play with bumper boats at one of the eight slalom courses. With its stunning nature trails and nature trail, cycling is an excellent way to take in the natural surroundings of the campground while exercising.

After an enjoyable day enjoying the sunshine, guests can take a break and soak in the ambiance of their camp. The campground provides a wide range of choices of campsites for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you want to remain within an RV lease an apartment or set up your tent, there’s something for all. Take a picnic lunch with family or friends, and take in the breathtaking views from your private campfire ring.

As the sun sets an unforgettable day in the Orlando/Kissimmee KOA Holiday, you’ll be certain to leave with lasting memories that will be remembered even after you leave Florida to go home. With its array of facilities and activities, the destination is guaranteed to give any visitor an unforgettable day. No matter if you’re on your own or with a group of friends, this Kissimmee/Orlando KOA Holiday is just the location to make your dream vacation.

Moss Park

Moss Park
Moss Park

Located at: 12901 Moss Park Rd, Orlando, FL 32832

Distance from Orlando: (21.4 miles)

The perfect day for Moss Park in Orlando, Florida starts when the sun rises over the water, bringing an ethereal glow across the park. The air is crisp and cool when visitors begin to explore the numerous trails and attractions that are part of this natural paradise. When you travel along your trails you take a look at the lush greenery and the animals that live in the park. The birds are singing and flitting from branch branches, while squirrels twirl in the underbrush.

One of the most memorable aspects of a trip to Moss Park is taking advantage of the numerous recreation opportunities. Visitors can stroll through the numerous trails, fish into one of the lakes, or enjoy a relaxing canoe cruise down the river. There are plenty of places for picnics for visitors to have an outdoor meal. After having lunch, it’s time to explore the informative Nature Center, where you will learn about the park’s plant life and animals.

When the sun is gone for the day, guests are able to enjoy the stunning sunset at the top of Lake Mary Jane. When the sun goes down the dazzling blaze of warm reds and warm oranges can make your day unforgettable. With plenty of spots to unwind and soak in the scenery, you’ll be able to relax here in Moss Park.

Moss Park is an ideal location for people who wish to discover the natural beauty of Orlando. With its variety of hiking trails, animal habitats, and leisure opportunities, Moss Park offers something for all ages, which makes it the perfect spot to spend the perfect day. You can go going for an afternoon stroll or are looking for some educational opportunities This park is certain to offer visitors numerous memorable experiences.

Orlando NW / Orange Blossom KOA Journey

Orlando NW Orange Blossom Koa Journey
Orlando NW Orange Blossom KOA Journey

Located at: 3800 W Orange Blossom Trail, Apopka, FL 32712

Distance from Orlando: (22.4 miles)

An ideal time at Orlando Northwest/Orange Blossom KOA Journey located in Orlando, Florida, would start bright and early with a delicious breakfast served at the cafe at the campground. Breakfast staples such as pancakes French toast and egg omelets can be served hot from the grill. After filling up on an energizing meal, guests can wander around the park with its numerous activities. Enjoy an ice bath in the water, fish on the water, or go for an excursion on the mini-golf course.

Afternoon guests are able to benefit from the close proximity of the campground to the best Orlando attractions. Explore close to Walt Disney World or Universal Studios for exciting rides and fun for the whole family. You can also take a stroll around The Magic Kingdom to explore all of its attractions. Then, guests are able to return to the campsite for meals at their own leisure. With events like live music, outdoor films, and more there’s something for everyone in this popular family-friendly spot.

The evening is the perfect opportunity to relax and enjoy quiet moments in natural. Enjoy a walk along the park’s tranquil nature trail and take in the wildlife. Then, sit around the campfire for hot marshmallows and coffee as everyone recounts tales about their day. At night guests can gaze at the night sky filled with stars and soak in the serene beauty of this area in Florida.

After an amazing day spent at the KOA Journey in Orlando’s Northwest/Orange Blossom guests are able to retire to their comfortable cabins or RVs. With comfy beds and lots of amenities make this the perfect spot to retire for the night and get ready for another day of sunshine in Florida’s paradise. An afternoon spent in this place is bound to be memorable!

Yates Campsite

Yates Campsite
Yates Campsite

Located at: Orlando, FL 32831

Distance from Orlando: (25.0 miles)

Yates Campsite in Orlando, Florida is an ideal place for campers seeking for an exciting day. With stunning landscapes of lakes nearby as well as lush forests, the campground has plenty to discover. The morning visitors will awake to the sounds of birds chirping and rustling leaves while sipping an iced coffee while enjoying the sights all around the area. After that, they can spend the day exploring local trails or fishing at one of the nearby lakes. When the sun goes down it is possible to take a meal that is hearty and delicious on an open flame while relaxing to gaze at the night sky dotted with stars.

If you’re feeling adventuresome, they’ll find plenty of things to enjoy on the Yates Campsite including kayaking, tubing, and swimming. The nearby lakes offer guests the opportunity to see the wildlife of many species, such as ducks, turtles, and a variety of vibrant fish. The adventurous can use the trails that surround the camping area for biking or hiking. After that, they can sit on the shores of the lake and take admiring its stunning beauty.

People who are looking for something to do after dark can find plenty of things to do at the Yates Campsite. The camp offers visitors the chance to sit around a campfire and share stories, cook marshmallows, and sing along under the night sky. You can also play playing volleyball along one of the beaches or shoot hoops on the basketball courts nearby. With plenty going on, there are plenty of activities that are fun that can be enjoyed at the Yates Campsite.

After a long day, visitors can have an unwinding night’s rest in their RVs or tents prior to embarking on a full day of adventure. With stunning landscapes and numerous activities, spending a perfect time at the Yates Campsite in Orlando, Florida is unlike any other. From kayaking and swimming to storytelling and singing around the campfire There’s something for everyone to do!

All in all, Yates Campsite in Orlando, Florida provides a wonderful place for people seeking for unbeatable outdoor adventures. It doesn’t matter if you’re exploring the local trail system, fishing at one of the lakes nearby, or enjoying the breathtaking views from a beach nearby Yates Campsite is a great place to find all the amenities a camper could ask for during a relaxing day excursion. With its numerous attractions and unforgettable views, Yates Campsite is the ideal destination for anyone looking for an unforgettable getaway in the outdoors.

Yellow Loop Campground South

Yellow Loop Campground South
Yellow Loop Campground South

Located at: Martin Andersen Beachline Expy, Orlando, FL 32825

Distance from Orlando: (25.0 miles)

Yellow Loop Campground South in Orlando, Florida is the ideal spot for an outdoor day of enjoyment and relaxation. It is located just 15 minutes away from the bustle and noise of downtown Orlando This campground provides an oasis of peace away from the bustle of the city.

The day could begin by taking a stroll through the grounds to enjoy the beauty of Central Florida. The park’s vast acres are filled with old oaks, dogwood trees that are blooming, and colorful wildflowers. In addition, there is wildlife like deer, turtles, and armadillos that make their homes in the park. After admiring the beauty of nature guests can take on various water sports in one of the two freshwater lakes on site The lakes are Lake Mystic or Lake Mayhew. Fishing, canoeing, kayaking, or even swimming can be available at these picturesque places.

As the day gets closer the campers are able to head into the fire circle for traditional s’mores-making and stories. Then, there’s an abundance of additional options to choose from, such as disc golf, horseback rides archery, or just enjoying a swim. Children can have a blast by playing in the parks and an outdoor movie theater situated right on site that plays family-friendly films throughout the night, especially during peak season.

In the evening, guests can gather around one of the numerous grills available for a delicious BBQ dinner under the beautiful Florida stars before retiring for an evening of peace and sleep. With plenty to see and do, Yellow Loop Campground South is the ideal spot for the perfect day filled with outdoor activities and relaxation.

Fort Wilderness Recreation Area

Fort Wilderness Recreation Area
Fort Wilderness Recreation Area

Located at: 4510 Fort Wilderness Trail, Orlando, FL 32836

Distance from Orlando: (21.1 miles)

A perfect day at the Fort Wilderness Recreation Area in Orlando, Florida would begin with a leisurely breakfast wandering through the paths and the animals that make up the vast natural area. From fishing to kayaking or birding, swimming to even a petting zoo, visitors will take their pick of things to begin their day.

In the afternoon guests can take a ride across to one of the Disney campsites, where they can take part in various family-friendly activities like riding horses or playing a round of mini-golf. There are plenty of stores selling souvenirs for purchase to take souvenirs of your trip to take home. After dinner in one of the eateries situated within this recreation zone, guests might wish to remain for the film under the stars at an amphitheater or two in the area.

In the evening guests can get more entertainment by going to Chip and Dale’s Campfire Sing-Along. In this venue, guests are able to cook marshmallows on an open flame and sing classic Disney songs as they enjoy the company of several new acquaintances. In the evening, guests can decide to walk around the area to take in the numerous sights like a model Native American village or one of the three lakes that comprise Fort Wilderness Recreation Area.

When the night is over, visitors who stayed the night in nearby campsites or cabins can sit around the campfire for songs and storytelling. When the darkness sets in and the stars rise while a full moon shines across the sky, creating an amazing background for an unforgettable evening at Fort Wilderness Recreation Area. A day like this will create unforgettable memories that guests are sure to never forget.

This is definitely one of the most unforgettable Orlando experiences! With plenty to do and see, it’s easy to understand the reason Fort Wilderness Recreation Area has been enthralling visitors from all over and far for many years. It has something for all ages – whether you are seeking for adventure or simply need to unwind in the natural There is something for everyone! The planning of your next trip is at the top of your list!

Stage Stop Campground

Stage Stop Campground
Stage Stop Campground

Located at: 14400 W Colonial Dr, Winter Garden FL 34787

Distance from Orlando: (15.4 miles)

Stage Stop Campground in Orlando, Florida is a perfect spot to spend the day outdoors. With stunning views and well-maintained facilities, it’s evident the reason why this camp is very well-known.

The camping area is full of shade trees as well as plenty of room for RVs and tents. The area is cleaned and maintained by helpful staff who work hard to ensure the cleanliness that the parks offer. The park also has facilities like barbecues, and picnic tables as well as bathrooms, fire pits, restrooms, and showers, which allow camping to be more comfortable and enjoyable.

If you are who are looking for some more adventure to do during your stay at Stage Stop Campground, there are a variety of activities that you can choose from. Fishing is permitted in nearby lakes and there are boats available for rent for those who want to explore the region. There are trails for walking, and biking trails, so people can take a trip to explore the natural beauty of the region.

There is an open fire ring at the campfire and lots of stars to gaze at in the night sky clear of. It’s the perfect opportunity to unwind and prepare for another adventure in the coming days. With its breathtaking landscape, a variety of activities, and friendly staff Stage Stop Campground in Orlando, Florida provides a perfect day of outdoor fun that will never be left behind.

Things To Consider

If you are looking to choose a campground in Orlando, Florida, there are a number of important aspects to take into consideration. The first and most important will be the area of the camp. Are you searching for an area that is near all the tourist attractions in the city or located far from the tourist trail? Maybe you’re looking for a spot close to the beach or lake for further recreational opportunities. It is important to thoroughly consider every option prior to deciding the best location for the camp.

The facilities offered at a campground must also be considered when making a decision. Are there bathrooms or showers, power, and water? Are additional amenities available like bike rental as well as food delivery? These are all crucial aspects to consider when choosing a suitable camping spot.

Security is another important factor when selecting a campsite. Are there enough lights within the campground? Are there security measures, such as cameras or locks that assure your possessions are secure? Are there any limitations on fires or other dangers? These are all to be considered prior to select the best location.

Cost is also a major consideration when it is to camping. Are the campsites affordable prices or do you need to pay more for particular services? Do you have to make reservations in advance or simply show up and be assured to be given a spot? Be sure to consider these costs prior to deciding on the best campground for your budget and needs. When you take into account all of these aspects carefully before making a choice you will be able to ensure your camping trip in Orlando will be enjoyable and unforgettable.

Go For It!

Orlando, Florida is a fantastic place for those seeking for an unforgettable camping experience. With its mild weather and a wide range in outdoor pursuits, Orlando has something to provide everyone. No matter if you’re searching for an unpretentious natural experience or a luxurious adventure, there are plenty of camping options in the region that are ideal for your requirements, here are the best campgrounds near Orlando Florida.

From national forests, and state parks to privately-owned Resorts with RV space, the options are virtually infinite in Orlando with regard to camping sites. You can pick from full hookup campsites with all modern amenities, or stay more rustic with basic camping in a tent or cabin. Many campgrounds offer games rooms, swimming pools as well as other amusements in addition to outdoor activities like hiking trails and fishing. There are some that offer mini-golf, bike rentals as well as other games for kids to keep them entertained.

The cost of camping in Orlando differs based on the kind of campsite you pick and the type of campground you choose, but it’s generally inexpensive. Costs range from nearly free for campsites with no amenities to hundreds of dollars for staying in a luxurious RV resort. There are also a variety of discounts that range from military discounts to monthly or weekly rates so make sure you verify these prior to making your reservations.

Whatever type of experience you’re searching for There’s certain to be the campground in Orlando that meets your needs. With its wide range of outdoor adventures and activities, there’s no reason to wonder why Orlando is an attractive choice for campers. Take your luggage and prepare for adventures in Orlando!

People Also Asked…

How Much Does It Cost To Stay In A Campground In Florida?

It all depends on your needs and preferences. With a little research and planning, you can find a fantastic campsite that suits your needs. There are many factors that can affect the cost of camping in Florida. Backcountry or primitive campsites might be free or very affordable, while campgrounds that have water and electricity hookups are usually $20 to $50 per night. The rates for state parks are generally around $15 per night. Private campgrounds might offer longer stays at weekly or monthly rates.
You can save money camping in Florida by visiting during the off-season, which is typically winter. Seniors, military personnel and AAA members can get discounts. To save money and get away from crowds, you might consider camping in a lesser-known or less well-known campground.

What Month Is Best For Camping In Florida?

It is not clear which month is best to camp in Florida. It depends on the type of camping experience that you want. If you want sunny and warm weather, March, April or May might be your best choice. March-April, These are the busiest months for Florida campgrounds because people travel from up North to escape the cold. These months have mild temperatures. If you prefer to be away from the crowds and have a peaceful camping experience, October or November may be better for you. It really depends on what you want from your camping trip.
There are some things you should keep in mind when planning your Florida camping trip. The temperatures will get warmer the further south you travel in Florida. If you’re looking for warm weather camping, the best place to be is in the south. The second reason is that hurricane season runs June through November. If you want to avoid storms, plan your trip either before or after this time.

Are Dogs Allowed In Florida State Park Campgrounds?

Yes, dogs are permitted in Florida state park campgrounds. However, there are some things you should remember when taking your four-legged friend on a camping trip. All dogs must be kept on a 6-foot leash while at the campground. Spending time outdoors with your pet companion can be a very rewarding experience. Your dog can reduce stress and improve your happiness. So don’t think twice and bring your furry friend along to the great outdoors.

What Are Some Pet-Friendly Campgrounds In Orlando Florida?

Tourists from all around the globe travel to Orlando, where they often bring their pets. There are many options for pet-friendly campgrounds and hotels near Orlando. Whatever type of camping experience you’re looking for, there is sure to be one near Orlando that will please you and your pet.
Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground was voted the best pet-friendly campground in the country. There are many activities for both dogs and humans at the campsite. Guests can bring up two dogs per campsite. You can also bring your dog along to the Doggie Day Care Center, where they can have fun while you’re exploring the parks.
Seminole State Forest, a short drive from Orlando, offers a rustic camping experience. The campground is pet-friendly and offers miles of biking and hiking trails. There’s even a lake where your four-legged friend can swim.

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